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Yeast Infection Cures

Yeast Infection Cures Can Anything Stop The Burning & Itching?

Yeast Infection Cures 300x168 Yeast Infection Cures

A yeast infection is never a fun experience, as it can burn, itch and become an all around uncomfortable time in a person's life.

A yeast infection is never a fun experience, as it can burn, itch and become an all around uncomfortable time in a person’s life. While these infections occur mainly in women, men can get them too under the right circumstances. You can get a yeast infection at any age, although they are more common as you age. If you ever get a yeast infection, you will likely hit the drugstore in search of a cure. While this is usually a good first step, there are some more natural ways of yeast infection cures. You will already have most of these remedies around the house, making it a much easier way to get yourself healthy again.

Yeast Infection Cures Include Good Bacteria

The first thing you should try is plain yogurt, as it contains a different type of bacteria, which will fight the bad bacteria found in yeast. You must make sure that it is unsweetened yogurt, however, as sugar feeds yeast and can actually make the infection worse. You can also make a yogurt starter at home, which can fight the yeast infection. This works well because you can use whatever type of milk that you wish, such as soy milk. You can use this yogurt both internally and externally, depending on the seriousness and location of the infection. One thing to remember is that leaving the yogurt on your body too long can have the opposite effect, so make sure that you wipe it away once it has done its job.

Yeast Infection Cures Include Garlic

Garlic is another thing that can fight yeast, as it provides almost instant relief from the itching and burning sensation that the infection causes. All you have to do is insert one tab of garlic into the vagina and it begins working immediately. You can repeat this process every few hours as needed, which will be whenever you begin to feel itchy again. Make sure that the garlic is all natural, as you would not want to add anything extra to the infection. Many people also eat a hold clove of garlic quickly, which can have a very similar effect. Garlic is considered a natural antibiotic, which is why it works in so many different ways.

Apple-cider vinegar can have some benefits, although you should avoid putting it directly on your skin. While it can kill your yeast infection, it can also burn you quite badly, which might end up feeling even worse than the yeast infection. The best thing to do is add a cup of it to your bathwater and sit in the bath for an extended period. This might not last long-term, but it will take some of the itch away. Using this method in conjunction with the garlic suppository works well because it provides relaxation while you get relief. Also, keep in mind that white vinegar will feed the yeast and, therefore, should not be used.

Water is the most effective and natural curing agent you can possibly ingest, as it cleans the body from the inside out. Drinking enough water every day does not only prevent you from getting a yeast infection in the first place, but it can also cure the infection once it arrives. Water causes you to urinate more often, which flushes sugar from your body. The faster you flush this sugar from your body, the less chance it has to feed the yeast and cause an infection. Make sure that you drink pure water, rather than water that comes with toxins. A simple water filter can eliminate many of the toxins found in our drinking water, but make sure that you research the filter beforehand to know it capabilities.

As you take any of these remedies, remember that a few other things can help you get rid of your yeast infection quickly. For starters, you should avoid taking birth control pills during this time, as they hinder your immune system. This makes it easier for yeast to thrive, since you need your immune system fighting it. Antibiotics have the same effect and, therefore, should be avoided. Make sure that you wear cotton underwear, as it breathes better than man-made materials. The less air that gets to the area, the better the area becomes for bacteria. The same can be said for tight fitting clothing and pantyhose. Both of these items make it easier for yeast to grow, which hinders your progress when getting rid of an infection.

If you have recurring yeast infection, it could be the sign of something more serious. For starters, it could mean that you have diabetes or are at a higher risk of getting diabetes. A yeast infection can also lead to a urinary tract infection, which is not a very fun experience to go through. The food that you eat has a major effect on yeast infections, as sugary foods can increase your chance of this recurring. Make sure that you never allow your sugar levels to get too high.

Many people who suffer from constant yeast infections end up on prescription drugs, although this is not an ideal method of treatment because patients can end up immune to the product. Many doctors actually recommend the natural treatments outlined here, since they can be applied directly to the infected area. You should also remember that many over-the-counter treatments only mask the symptoms, rather than curing the actual infection. While curing the symptoms might make you feel better for a short period, they will come back. The best way to truly get over a yeast infection is to try one of these yeast infection cures and wait for it to help nature take its course and make you feel better.

yeast infection treatment Yeast Infection Cures
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86 Responses to “Yeast Infection Cures”
  1. melmel12005 says:

    TEA TREE OIL!!!!- I have tried everything, garlic, douching with probiotic yogurt, taking excellent probiotics like bio-k, taking oil of oregano, and other yeast preventative vitamins, etc. You name it, I’ve done it. The fastest relief I have ever gotten was last night when I used 100% tea tree oil.
    I am a chronic yeast infection sufferer, and haven’t really found anything to knock a yeast infection out fast. I am 27, and I have done all the over the counter and prescription medications recommended by doctors. Yeast sucks, esp. when you have a great, steady boyfriend who you try and hide it from. Like I said nothing I tried above has ever really worked. In a few days or weeks, the familiar yeast tickle would return. If I was lucky, I would get a month or so of relief. I have a low immune system which makes yeast come back all the time, especially during stressful times like right now in the middle of my law exams.
    Anyways, what I did after reading up on the internet and contemplating what to do since I’m a broke law student who can’t really afford to pay for or make time for a doctor’s visit right now is to try tea tree oil. I started off by shaving down there and then showering, cleaning the area as well as I could and drying off VERY well.
    I shaved because hair holds in moisture, odors, and who knows what else. You don’t have to do an extremely close shave, just make sure its not a bush. I showered and used johnson and johnson’s natural hypo allergenic baby wash to lather up and wash away any access hair. Then I dried off really, really well with a fresh towel!!! I wanted to make sure I did everything I possibly could to make the treatment work before applying the oil.
    Then, I got a hand held mirror and some oil in a dropper, sat on my bathroom floor, and put a drop on a portion of the outer area that was itching. Instant relief, after a second, it felt good and tingly. It did NOT burn like crazy like the time I tried apple cider vinegar, witch hazel, alcohol, boric acid, and even garlic. I continued applying and rubbing it into the outer skin of my vagina that was irritated, inflamed, red, and itchy. The tingle felt good, and the aroma made me feel fresh. Then, I got my dropper and put a little more than an inch worth of the oil into it and inserted it vaginally. The access oil on my hands I just rubbed into the rest of my skin and even put a little in my hair because tea tree is good for hair and skin.
    Then I hopped into my bed with a towel under my bottom in case the oil leaked. NO UNDERWEAR!!! In fact, I think I slept nude, with my legs open so the area could breath, and continued studying for a while before going to sleep in a position with my legs open. Things got a little intense, and really tingly like cool air was blowing down there I didn’t care, it felt like it was working, so I let it do its thing.
    I was just glad that I was NOT itching at all anymore internally or externally. That was what mattered to me at the time. I was already amazed with the oil, but after a while, I got tired and went to bed. In the morning, all of the symptoms were gone!!!! I checked on the floor with my hand held mirror again, and the red irritated skin was gone, and NO ITCH!!!
    A miracle, the fastest relief EVER!!! Ladies, please try this!!! It works!!!- trust me, I’ve tried it ALL!!! and the best part is its 100% natural.
    I am going to do it again tonight, and probably every night for the rest of the week because me and yeast are very familiar with one another, and I know it loves me as a host. It likes to come out at night and party down there, but the tea tree oil has given me control with all its extreme and magical anti-fungal properties.
    As I said before and can’t stress enough, this IS the fastest, most effective treatment I have ever experienced!!! I am also going to take oil of oregano, sola ray vitamin’s yeast cleans which has an edible version of tea tree in it (I called and asked) because it isn’t good to ingest tea tree oil, a spoon full of coconut oil, my daily women’s vitamin, and zinc (about 50 milligrams) also as a back up immune system yeast fighter for a while till I feel more confident my ph is in balance down there again.As I said before, I am such a good host for yeast since I have a weak immune system because I am border line diabetic.

    I have tried the diets, which don’t work!! No normal person can do them forever- because everything is made out of something yeast can feed off of!!! Plus, as soon as you stop with the strict diet, yeast comes out of its dormant phase and falls in love with you as its host again.
    So, use the tea tree oil ladies!!!!- it is the BEST, CHEAPEST, FASTEST, MOST NATURAL THING!!!- it doesn’t sting, and it smells and feels kind of nice while it is treating you. Its not a big mess like monistat or anything else!!! It really works!!!- TRUST ME, I wouldn’t lie to you!!!- even though I am a future lawyer!!!

    • frustrated_lady says:

      Hi melmel, I just wanted to say ur message has been a god send. I have had thrush (this time round – I get it several times a year) and its been driving me fri**ing mad all week. I got to the end of my tether last night following a week of using cream and 3 days following a pessary, which said the itching should be disappearing by 2nd/3rd day, but no, actually seemed worse. I really had had enough last night and decided to google natural options and came across ur message. Promptly flew down the shops and bought some Tea Tree Oil and then both dropped and injected some into my vagina. Admittedly, it was stinging a little but not burning like the cream. I daren’t even try cidar vinegar, and especially not garlic as burnt myself quite bad with that trying to rid a verrucae recently. Anyway, the temptation to itch was still rampant so decided to go to bed and sleep. I am so unbelievably pleased to say that went I went for a wee this morning, the itching and burning had drastically diminished.

      Ironically I went to the docs this morning and didnt bother getting another pessary and cream, seems pointless. Instead I got another bottle of Tea Tree Oil from the chemist and for the next few nights am going to repeat the process of last night.

      I cannot tell you how grateful I am for finding your post. I’m sorry to hear you suffer so bad with it but I am also pleased for you that you discovered this better, faster and more natural solution. Thank you so much. This will save me so much frustration in the future.

      I also wanted to say thanks for the other helpful information given in your message.

      Thanks again :-)

      Just need to change my name to no_longer-frustrated_lady !!! :-)

      • JAE says:


      • missy says:

        I tried it for the first time and i am on fire i really hope this works

        • Skylar says:

          I’m 15 years old. I’ve had a yeast infection for about a month now. My parents don’t know. I’m afraid to tell them. My yeast infection bleeds. It burns and I always end up scratching it when I go to the bathroom. It hurts even more when I scratch it. I tried to wash it with soap when I take a shower but it hurts EVEN MORE. I cried, prayed, shaved. I just want this to be over with because I sort of want to loose my virginity with my boyfriend. I’ve been with him for two years. I don’t think he’d like the fact that I have an infection. I’m going to try the tree oil thing. I jujust want this to be over with IMMEDIATELY.

          • Cera says:

            Hey girl, First of all this is something you do need to talk to your mom about even if you are nervous or embarrassed. Trying the tea tree oil is a great start but since you have bleeding as well you could have waited to long and the infection can be doing horrific damage to your ovary s and kidneys at this point you may also need to go to a doctor for the bleeding to make sure things are still working properly. Trust me as well when I say EVERY woman goes through these, and your mom might give you some of the best advice ever and it could make her feel great that you needed her help (trust me dads don’t want to know and they would love to not even know about it), I just wouldn’t mention you are wanting this fixed to gain confidence to lose your virginity status to your mom(nothing wrong with having sex if you feel its right for you, Just moms wont be willing to help if they know that’s the reason). Keep the topic on you wanting confidence in your health down there. Good luck! :)

    • Amy says:

      I just wanted to know how you found out your borderline diabetic? I’ve ask my doctor so many times if I needed to get tested and they just say no your not diabetic. But why am I getti g so many yeast infections!

      • Kylie says:

        If yeast infections are your only symptom, I don’t know that it’s necessarily diabetes. If you have any other symptoms like extreme thirst, frequent urination, and so on, you should definitely ask another doctor about getting tested for diabetes if you haven’t already. I have had Type 1 for 9 years now and my grandmother has had Type 2 for around the same amount of time. It was obvious when I was diagnosed since I couldn’t stay in class more than 10 minutes without getting a drink of water or having to use the restroom. But for my grandmother, she kept asking her doctor about it when she had some symptoms and they kept telling her not to worry. Not too long after she got Type 2. So don’t always listen to your doctor. It is better to be sure.

        Also, I have had a yeast infection for about a year now and my diabetes definitely makes it difficult to deal with. It will be especially uncomfortable when your blood sugar is higher. And diabetes can lower your immune system, which also makes getting rid of yeast difficult. So, if you really are concerned that diabetes could be the issue, you should get a second opinion.

    • farheen says:

      omg thankyouuuu melmel. Iam just 17 and iam dying. The yeast has torn my life apart, iam always so frustrated and miserable because it keeps coming back. Tried medicines, tried topical creams but seems like tea tree oil is the way to go. Omg i hope it works because i too have a very weak immune system. Thankyouu hope you become an awesome lawyer and and wish thaat the yeast just leaves us ladies the fudge alone -.- iam done being their party house >_<

    • Mary says:

      Thank you for sharing this, as I have suffered from chronic yeast infections for years.

      Diet is a big factor for me, and the more I avoid certain foods, the better it gets. Yes it is hard, but if you have problems with blood sugar you should be on a special diet anyways.

      Please ladies, always do lots of research before taking someones advice. I want to try this, but decided to do more investigating because I understand essential oils somewhat. You need to dilute it in order to ensure that you do not kill your good bacteria or damage your tissue. Read the website below for other natural alternatives and instructions:

    • Ebony Trigg says:

      I am Ebony, I’m 18, and just graduated high school. For a whole year after having sex and going through the stupid smoking and drinking phase because of my insecurities. Soon after i quit all those things I was left alone and ashamed, and stuck with no STD’s or pregnancy’s so thank God Almighty in heaven. But there was a fishy smell that came from my vagina. and I knew because I used to be around people and they would say eeww something stinks. Funny as this sounds they would sometimes say it smells like fart. I didn’t know who to turn to so I went in search by my self because I know for a fact the doctor are trying to kill me! Haha no JK! But whatever they prescribed worked for a second and then little yeast, smelly whatever came back. So I started using my index finger with enough TEA TREE OIL to cover a thin layer around it and inserted it up my vagina. Rubbed it around a bit and then took it out. NO burning, NO itching, NO discomfort, NO pain, NO smell except for the aroma of the tea tree oil took place. I did this for a couple of days now. and I feel a whole lot better than any other day or time that I have tried to get rid of this …. I cant even say it cause it makes me so angry! But please from the bottom of my heart , the inner mist being of who I am, and even though you don’t know me. please trust and believe I have been using Tea Tree Oil to help the issues.
      Also Let me say that I am going to buy and try Goldenseal Root because it is used to fight infection and can be used as a vaginal douche, for fibroid tumors, infected tubes, and vaginal discharge. ALSO, Dong Quai It has been used for: Bronchitis; Emphysema; Energy; Exhaustion; Female Problems; Frigidity; Hormone Balance; Hot Flashes; Infertility; Menopause; Parkinson’s Disease; Prostate Problems; Sex Stimulant. Find it and try it compared to all these multivitamin crap which has done nothing for me. Ugh ! I’m tired of lies, so I tell the truth, Give it try ladies cause I know your tired of it too! Please believe me when I tell you this, I care about all the women out there because I know the pain you go through and I know you just want it to end.

    • Teresa says:

      Thank you so much for this information! I am recently fed up with doctors and their meds. I got my recent yet infection from taking an antibiotic they gave me for a sinus infection I didn’t have. Anyway I am going straight to the bathroom and grabbing my tea tree oil and then to gnc for some of the vitamins! Thank you for sharing and helping all of us!

    • meg says:

      OMG…I read your post last night just after I had gotten out of the shower. I got a yeast infection, which I don’t get often, but I think I got after a little bit of rough sex a few days ago. It was already day 2 of doing the Monistat 3 day which works fine for me or has in the past. I don’t know why, I think maybe I over-soaped while showering, it felt good at the time as the water was running on me, but when I got out of the shower and toweled off, the entire area downstairs started burning so badly I could’ve cried. I began a search read a bunch of suggestions for immediate vaginal burning. The burning was so bad I actually went and took a prescription strength ibuprofen hoping it would ease the pain, even ate plain yogurt as a late night snack, anything I could do at 2:30 in the morning. After reading your post, the following day, I went to my local health food store and took your advice and bought 100% Tea Tree Oil, even though the burning was no longer as intense as when I went to bed….
      …All I can say is, WOW and THANK YOU. Instant relief! Better than anything you can buy at the pharmacy. i only so far applied a little on the outer areas, but I feel a lot more comfortable now. I will try the full treatment before bed tonight. Thanks again for sharing your story!

      • michelle says:

        hi. i have had yeast infections for a good year and everytime i use a pessary the infection comes back within a few weeks

        i live in the UK and was wondering which tee tree oil you recommend, i definitely want to try this treatment and get rid once and for all. It is driving me nuts ad the smell is ruining my life! well not as bad but i dont want to get sexual with a guy as im scared he will smell it.

        please help!!!!

    • Brit says:

      Does it get rid of the smell too? :$

    • Taylor says:

      YOU ARE THE MOTHER OF GOD, you have completely saved my sex life from going down the tube!!

    • Kim Hutcheson says:

      Thank you !!!! See my post below. Going to do this NOW

    • Anna says:

      what about the odor? does it help get rid of the odor as well or just the itching?

    • L says:

      You should not hide this from your boyfriend. He can harbor the yeast infection with no symptoms and pass it back and forth to you.

    • tami says:

      I hope your right getting some tea tree oil tonight! It sounds like it has worked for most everybody else. Ive tryin to get rid of this thing for a week. At first I didnt even realize I had it, I thought it was a rash, and then the discharge finally came. And I was like dang it! Not another one of these things again! I spent $150 bucks at the doctor like a month ago trying to get rid of this. And honestly I bet it never got rid of it.. So I am thankful that I stumbled upon this site and saw these postings! Thank you sooooooo much :]

    • bamboo says:

      You should have your boyfriend tested too if you suffer from chronic yeast infections. It mayb due to you passing it to him and then he passes it back to you.

      Great treatment advice though

    • Needsacure says:

      What kind of tea tree oil did u use??? The kind you buy from Walgreens or from the hair store??? And does it stop the discharge??

    • Nicole says:

      Thank you so much! I am a 17 year old chronic sufferer of uti’s which result in yeast infections almost always. I have good hygiene and usually go to the doctor or get over the counter treatment like Monistat or the generic miconazole when yeast infections occur, but that wasn’t an option this time around. I just want to thank you, as tea tree oil is by far the most soothing and quick option I’ve tried! It’s wonderful and worked instantly for me :) I’ll definitely be doing this again if I need to.

    • Marzipen says:

      Lol this comment is a godsend. Can you get the tree oil from like any grocery store or is there a specific place to get it from?

    • Cristie says:

      I don’t know if you know or not but men can spread a yeast infection and not even no they have one. It could be that you and your boyfriend are passing it back and fourth and he would never know.

    • Joanne says:

      Thank you, thank you, thank you for your suggestion about using tea tree oil.
      I have had my YI for almost two years. I’ve tried so many things to help cure myself, but nothing has helped.
      I was to the point of “going crazy” with the itch/burn. I couldn’t sleep at night as I was soooo uncomfortable.
      I had read about using a sizt bath with Braggs vinegar. That is very soothing.
      I used the sitz bath first and then applied tea tree oil mixed in coconut oil to my vaginal area.
      Last night I slept for the first time in many nights. I was sooo excited.
      I shaved my public area as the hairs seems to irritate. Much better.
      I don’t wear any underpants to let the air get through better day and night.
      I am taking several supplements to help fight the Candida and I’m on the no gluten,no sugar, no dairy diet, plus I drink a lot of water.
      It was wonderful to know I was not the only one suffering this terrible, mind boggling, itch/burn, as I thought it was just me with this horrendous problem.
      I realize it will take a while to be healed, but I have hope that my body will heal itself.

    • Alliey says:

      Hi melmel, where would I be able to find the tea tree oil? I have been dealing with this for almost a week & I’m SICK of it!

    • joi says:

      LOL girl!! Im’ma be a law student too someday, but now i’m still taking up political science yet! and thank you, thank you! you are an angel sent from Above! i’ve been looking for cures and stuffs and it so many i’m confused! well, never tried this but i will now! i hope it works for me! >x’( this YI is really killing me!!, and btw, i’m virgin, what should i do? You mean, I still should put the stuff inside my vag even my virginity would be at risk??! :’O

    • Maggie says:

      Hi ladies, I just read this lady’s comment and I do have to say the Tea Tree Oil is the best. I’m very much into Melaleuca, a tea tree oil based product company which I have been using for many years. I am so impressed with this product that I started selling it and I’m a realtor who does not have time for much else than my real estate business. Melaleuca has a pure tree tree oil that I’m sure will work wonders for yeast infections.

      If anyone is interested, please call me at 678-908-7095 and I will order it for you if you want to try it. Now I’m off to try it myself. I myself have yeast problems. Maggie

    • Amb says:

      Please let us know!! Does it get rid of the cottage cheese-like discharge!?

    • debs says:

      OH THANK YOU!!!

    • Azucena says:

      I am considering doing this treatment. How long do it do it for? How many times a day?

    • Lori says:

      I caught a yeast infection I’ve haven’t used garlic or anything they are saying use on this site. I would like to try Tea Tree oil. I don’t know what that is, or where you can find it. Do you use it when it starts itching and burning, or do you use it on your food.. I really need your help. I’ve had it for a little while now. I’ve been drinking cranberry juice but that dont’ work.

      • ellie says:

        You can buy tea tree oil at any health food store. You probably won’t find it at a regular grocery store though. It’s also available at some pharmacy’s. Definitely DO NOT consume it. That would be very bad. And when you use it to help with your yeast infection, make sure it’s diluted significantly. Try mixing a cap full with about 2-3 cups of water. It’s only been mentioned once on this tread that using the concentrated form would be bad for your vagina as well. Ladies, dilute!

    • Trisha says:

      Thank you so much!! This really was instant relief! I cleaned off really good inside and was grossed out by all the cottage cheese crap that was hanging out in there. I knew that was part of the itching problem. After I cleaned off I applied the tea tree oil!!! Amazing! no more itching!! I thought I was going to go crazy! This is the first problem I have ever really had with a bad yeast infection. I don’t know how you ladies handle it. My hat is off to you. I brought this on by a couple days of fruit smoothies and ice-cream :( . Back to a healthy diet! I just wish my husband was on board and stop buying all the crap food!

    • Deb says:

      Thank you so much for posting this. I felt like I was dying due to the intense itching from my current yeast infection. Have been on OTC meds for two days and the results had been so painfully slow. The tea tree oil is FANTASTIC! The cooling/mildly burning sensation is sheer heaven compared to the unbelievable itching. I only applied the tea tree oil 30 minutes ago, so don’t know if it will ultimately get rid of this current infection…but the relief I’m experiencing is thanks to your post, “melmel12005″!

    • emily says:

      So im just a teen and well I just got my first yeast infection and I just started my period and so far the over the Counter crap that was recommended isn’t helping at all and right now all I can do is cry because I hurt so bad …. and idk what to do..

    • Micell says:

      Hello. I am 15 years old (I AM A GIRL, DON’T BE FOOLED BY MY NAME) and i just found out today that i have the symptoms of a yeast infection. This is driving me so crazy right about now. The itching, burning and the discharge creeps me out. I would really like the itching and burning to stop and the yeast to go away. I have been browsing the internet all afternoon and i have just come across some really sad stories about women all around the world who has been living with yeast infections for years now and haven’t found a solution. I just hope that they take your advice and it works for them.
      I am about to go and buy this Tea Tree Oil in the morning because i would just like to get rid of this burning and itching. My prays go out to all the women and men out there suffering with yeast infections and can’t get any solution until now.
      I haven’t tried this treatment yet but i am praying to god and crossing my fingers that it works.
      Thank You So Much…i would keep you up to date on what has happened.
      -Micell (:

    • kotta says:

      ummm I have a really bad yeast infection and a uti at the same time its terrible its so bad that I have sores from the itch. I just started college and I just got a new job im super embarrased I told my boyfriend he is very understanding I just really want this to go away becaus I cant work and it hurts me to go to school im in so much paing please help

  2. stacey says:

    Ive never tried the garlic thing, but i dont think putting garlic inside your vagina is a good idea. && I would imagine your vagina would smell AWFUL for at least a week .

  3. justdischarge says:

    Foes the tee tree oil work to ease the yeasty discharge? I get chronic infections but it doesn’t itch constantly. I just want the discharge to go away!

  4. erin says:

    When you use the tea tree oil, does it get rid of the nasty thick discharge? Its putting a damper on things between me and my boyfriend.

  5. erin says:

    Does the tea tree oil get rid of the thick nasty discharge? Its embarrassing.

  6. prc says:

    where do you buy the tea tree oil ?

  7. Trisha says:

    I have been fighting a yeast infection for MONTHS because of antibiotics from chronic sinus infection! I don’t have any itching, burning, redness, smell or major discharge. However, after my husband and I have sex, his penis has creamy white clumps on it. I don’t want to have sex any more because of this. It’s embarrassing. It’s like the “yeast” just stays in the walls of my vagina. I’m now having to insert my finger inside me while in the shower to clean myself out. I’ve done the Monistat thing over and over again. Tonight and the next few nights I will be giving the Tea Tree Oil remedy a try. I sure hope this works.

    • L says:


      I think you should check out creaming. If you don’t have a yeast infection, this might be your vagina lubing up. I know it sounds weird, but go check it out. I think this is totally normal and happens to me sometimes too when I am having really good sex.

  8. itcy says:

    Does this really work? I started drinking antibiotics..and bam! my first ever yest infection.. I’m so frustrated with the itching! And really embarassed because I can’t have sex with my boyfriend.. someone help!

  9. itcy says:

    I tried the tea tree oil.. and it burned so much! is it really supposed to burn that much?

    • Same Problem says:

      Im kinda in the same boat. It felt like i put menthol in my Vag. AND i would like to know if it gets rid of the discharge

      • tsb says:

        I think you’ll find its much better to use diluted tea tree oil – no stinging!!
        I have used diluted tea tree oil twice, so far it is helping a lot!
        its really difficult to get onto the drs here so it better work.

        • Kim Hutcheson says:

          WOW! I am going to give this a whirl~ Currently the yeast is around my mouth and under my breast due to antibiotics, and I JUST KNOW it will head “south” soon….. so, what I am going to try is this:

          I started probiotics tonight, as well as oregano oil (4 drops in a capsule and taken quickly as the oregano oil will melt capsule) AND I am going to DILUTE the Tea Tree Oil with some olive oil so that it won’t be so potent and rub under my breasts, and put some of this concoction around my mouth as well. And, if it does happen to show up in the “south” quadron I will do the same :)

        • leze says:

          Wow tnx a lot guyz tea tree oil help me I slept well last nyt no itching and I saw a Doc todae so ill b 5n and also take care of myslf tnx mcwaaa

    • pain says:

      I agree!! Just used it 100% tea tree oil…tonight for the first time and I’m on fire!! Dies it get better??

  10. wilma says:

    for a yeast infection you say to insert one tap, but how far into the vegina do I insert it and will I be able to remove it with eas.?

  11. Vicky says:

    It’s not about only hygiene that can precipitate you from having a yeast infection. It is also trigger by foods that are highly preserved such as cheese and other preserved foods.

  12. Jus says:

    I never knew garlic can be a natural remedy for yeast infection. Must know!

  13. confused... says:

    I had sex about 3 weeks ago, and never noticed any burning or soreness until about 2 days ago, I don’t know if this is a yeast infection or not can someone tell me some symptoms and what causes the yeast infection please :) x

  14. Anna says:

    I’ve been having the yeast infection for the last four months now. It is really frustrating. At first, I ignore the itchiness thinking that it will go away eventually. Sadly, it didnt. The level of discomfortable escalates in time. So here is my experiences and treatments with the infection;

    1. I use three sets of 7 days M. cream. –> It does not work. Once your body gets use the medical, nothing is going to work.

    2. I take the anti-yeast infection pill starting with “F…” something. –> At first the symptoms seem to go away but they come back faster than the speed of light.

    3. I try four sets of 3 days M. cream – I increase the dose thinking that this can kill the yeast. It seems to help a little bit similar symptons, but I still have the discharges.

    4. I take the anti-yeast infection pill again – This time the medical does not even work anymore.

    5. Now I am using the garlic treatment.

    day 1: I apply a garlic clove, cut it in half and apply it at night. Somehow it does not burn or feel any kind of discomfort; It stops the discharges rapidly. I notice a small amount of yellowish discharge, but that is it.

    day 2: I apply a full clove. This time there is no more yellow discharges with minor itchness and no soreness. somehow the clove did not stop the internal discharge since I check when I take a shower

    day 3: I use two cloves. No yellow discharges, no itchness, no soreness, also with internal discharge.

    day 4: I plan to use three cloves and will continue this amount for a week treatment. I will update the result in a day or two.

    I also go on a low-sugar diet. – That really helps ease the itchness and the soreness in the vaginal area.

    drink tons of water.

    sleep with underwear, this reduces the mositure of the external vaginal area.

    avoid checking the vagina internally. This helps the vaginal recover to healthy environmental state.

    some say that yogurt works for them. It didnt work for me.

    • Cassafrass says:

      I have suffered from chronic yeast infections for over a decade. I can self-diagnose, self-medicate, but can not cure! I have type 1 diabetes, and my blood sugar levels are non responsive to foods, exercise or insulin…Needless to say, I am out of control. I have experienced the burning after sex. Just recently, a “YI” as I call it crept up on me after my husband and I tried to use a condom during sex. I am looking for more homeopathic way of dealing with the infections. I am too tired of creams and inserters and pills and itching and burning andloss of sexual desire. Please do not have sex if you have a YI. you can transfer it to your partner and he can resubmit it to you. I always discard my underwear that I am wearing when I first notice symptoms because yeast can remain in your underwear even after washing them. Always wear pantiliners, especially when you are symptomatic. It prevents discharge from making contact with your underwear. Yeast infections can possibly be a sign of pregnancy or diabetes, but if you have never had one, do not self diagnose, because it may be something else. I am going to try the garlic as an oral addition to my diet because I know it has natural antibiotic properties and I will experiment with the tea tree oil. Things really cant get any worse than what they are now. I sleep nude with my legs wide open hoping for some relief. I can’t use perfumed body wash (down there), and I make sure my husband is completely clean (genitals, fingernails, etc.) because any bacteria will set me off. Thanks for the data, I shall start my experiment tonight.

    • JA says:

      Did You Just Rub The Garlic On You’re Vagina Or Put It In Side..?

  15. John says:

    I can imagine a more insightful article regarding the yeast infection subject than this. Truth is, yeast infections are known to damage self-esteem leaving misery and frustration as they tend to recur. Most people are tired from trying out topical creams and other medicines. The tea tree oil seems to the way to go. Hope the yeast infection goes easy on the ladies allowing them to leave the house and avoid boring stays indoors.

    • John says:

      I can not imagine a more insightful article regarding the yeast infection subject than this. Truth is, yeast infections are known to damage self-esteem leaving misery and frustration as they tend to recur. Most people are tired from trying out topical creams and other medicines. The tea tree oil seems to the way to go. Hope the yeast infection goes easy on the ladies allowing them to leave the house and avoid boring stays indoors.

      Had to repost,had omitted the word not in the first sentence>>>>>typo

  16. nana70 says:

    THANK YOU!!! I am going to give the oil a try, here I lay in pain, burning and itching with an ice pack between the legs. i have tried way to many creams and spent way to much money on stuff that has not ever helped me. Right now all i have for even a little relief is an ice pack, it’s soothing but not a cure, work is unbearable, I cant sleep, I have been lucky to get 2 hrs of sleep the last two nights. I’m looking forward to trying the oil tomorrow, will update on how it works for me in a few days….much love and blessing to all…

  17. Alyshia says:

    hello melmel i read what you posted and i am dealing with constant YI and it sucks i have tried almost everything (dont even dare on trying garlic i eat it but wont insert it) but ii havent tried Tea Tree Oil…i plan on going to the store tomorrow to get it and give it a try and i know its not diabetic related cause when i told my aunt last week about it she took my sugar and it was 102 (normal) but could that be a sign for hypoglycemia as well? cause both diabetes and hypoglycemia runs in my family

  18. MichelleBelle says:

    After a 21 day course of antibiotics for cellulitis, I have the most painful, burning yeast infection ever! I spent my family’s grocery budget on meds this week and none of it helped. I took the one day pill that came in a pack with e thermal cream and “soothing” wipes. Those wipes were HORRIBLE! The external cream feels like putting acid on my skin and the pill? Nothing.

    I just found a bottle of tea tree oil with a few drops left. I’m about to see what I can do with it and I will report back tomorrow. Here goes nothing! (Fingers crossed)

    • MichelleBelle says:

      Well, it wasn’t a magic overnight cure, but it certainly did work and it let me get a good nights sleep for the first time in a week. I did a couple of things that I’ll share.

      First, I went to my kitchen and pulled out the organic coconut oil that I have. It has a low melting point. I put a couple of tablespoons in a small glass bowl and warmed it in the microwave just barely to melting point. In its liquid state, I added about 15 or 20 drops of pure tea tree oil and mixed them together. After it rehardened, it could be used as a topical ointment. You can also dig out a lump of it and use it much like the ovules that have the medication in. I wouldn’t insert it very far, but it does melt very, very quickly from body heat.

      Second, I mixed some of the teatree oil with olive oil (or you could use grapeseed etc) and put a bit of it on the toilet paper whenever using the toilet..

      I hope you all have success. If you’ve searched and found this thread, it’s probably because you feel as desparate as I did last week.

  19. erica says:

    Start drinking apple cider tastes like crap so plug your nose and down it. About 1/2 tablespoon diluted with water once or twice a day. Even adding some lemon juice is good too. Drinking ACV makes your body less acidic and more alkaline. Yeast thrives in acidic bodies. Drinking it also helps with UTI’s and helps to prevent gallstones. Do some research online about the benefits of ACV. The best type to get is Braggs apple cider vinegar. Most health food stores carry it.

  20. Roxanne says:

    hey, I am completely new to this whole “yeasty” life. This is the first time i have ever gotten anything like this and it is driving me NUTSSS!! The discharge was the first sign for me since originally I didn’t have any itching or irritation..went to a not too great doctor who gave me something that seemed to make it worse -___- and now it is soooo uncomfortable that walking to class and sitting down is a task. I was just prescribed Canesten for the itching and it’s my first night using it so I hope it works eventually…but i will try this tea tree oil if it doesn’t come through. What proportions did yall use to dilute it with the olive oil though? Because I have very sensitive skin and I think it would burn :/ Thanks sooo much for your advice and input though guys! :)

  21. Dacey says:

    Come Clean Toy Cleaner by Pure Romance works wonders. It also works on diaper rashes. It might sound crazy but it works!

  22. Amb says:

    Someone PLEASE answer… Does it get rid of the discharge?!

    • ellie says:

      Eventually the discharge goes away as the infection goes away… if you’re using garlic, tea tree oil, and any other remedy discussed above, eventually the discharge will subside as the infection diminishes and things are back to normal down there. The discharge is a result of the infection. Cure the infection & you’ll cure the discharge.

  23. Sara says:

    I have found an all natural product that helps with yeast infections and helps get your bodies pH levels back on track so the yeast infections wont come back….

  24. Norrah says:

    It feels like I need to pee 24/7 is that normal?

    • Froggystyles says:

      Frequent peeing can be a uti, diabetes, pregnancy are one of many other things. Yi do not cause frequent urination or the feel that you need to.

  25. Angelmess:/ says:

    I am tryng the Tree oil today for sure!! I wanna see of this help, I’m tired of this itchy feeling….:(

  26. Walter Mackey says:

    Spot on write up about this! Yeast infections can be a troublesome experience. Thank you for the excellent information that has been provided!

  27. nenepap says:

    I am so glad I decided to google my symptoms. The itching & burning was driving me crazy. Hadn’t really slept in days. Well, I bought the tea tree oil and used it last night. OMG!!!!! It burned like all get out but I was able to sleep, finally!!

    • Trisha says:

      i diluted my tea tree oil with grapeseed oil that is a part of my essential oils kit! It didn’t burn and is amazing. It stopped the itching!

  28. first time-girl says:

    I used a COLD WET PAD. It worked instantly(.I was
    In tears about my itching.)
    Depending on the type of pad
    If it super absorbent like always, it won’t work at all make
    sure its soft on the part that goes on your vag.
    It CANT be plastic on that part
    The pads that absorb well suck up all the cold water meaning
    no water it getting to your itchy area&
    This won’t work.
    I kept it on all day .but then I ran out of the soft ones & tried always
    I think it irritated it even more .
    FEELING itchy …couldn’t hurt to try.
    I wore a bathing suit with it to have an excusefor my dripping cooch
    Lol, trust me if you’re in tears about that irritating itch try it !

    • Blainke says:

      Oh my gosh! I am thirteen and have had it for almost a year it is so bad the I cry or just put on undies and then itch through them till it hurts please help me I’m crying the tea tree oil makes it burn and itch more!!!

      • ellie says:

        Make sure to dilute the tea tree oil. One small cap full to about 2-3 cups of water before putting it anywhere near there! Try mixing a drop or two with coconut oil as a topical solution for the itchiness… You can ice the area too to help with the burning, just make sure to put a washcloth around the ice. Add some of that diluted tea tree oil solution onto the washcloth, so it’s a double whammy. That’s what i’ve done and it definitely helps. Good luck & hope you’re better by now.

      • neka says:


  29. Danica says:

    1: Stay Dry and Loose

    Yeast organisms like warm, moist conditions, with little or no oxygen.

    2: Practice Good Hygiene

    The organisms that cause yeast infection produce secretions that are irritating to the genital tissues.

    3: Avoid Harsh Soaps and Feminine Hygiene Products.

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