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What Is The HCG Diet & Why You Should Try It

What Is The HCG Diet & Why YOU Should Try It!

What Is The HCG Diet 2 What Is The HCG Diet & Why You Should Try ItIt takes years of intense study of the human body to realize the balance of metabolism, fat cells and side effects that can result in weight loss while staying healthy. The HCG diet was discovered quite by accident by Doctor A.T.W. Simeons over 50 years ago as he worked to cure malnutrition in underdeveloped villages.
HCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin is the hormone that Simeons discovered in pregnant women. While observing healthy women during their pregnancy, he noticed that as soon as the child was born, the health of the mother began to deteriorate. There had to be a reason and this is when HCG was discovered. This naturally occurring hormone is created by the body to nourish and protect the fetus by taking the stored fat reserves and changing to nutrition for the placenta. If this new discovery could actually drain fat cells and transform to positive natural energy, it might actually help people with obesity.

What Is The HCG Diet & Why It’s Good For You

There are three different types of fat found in the body. Structural fat is found nestled between the skin and organs and is necessary as a protective layer. Normal reserve fat is the layer that supplies the body with energy when calorie intake is too low. The abnormal fat is what forms as extra fat in hips, waist, thighs and buttocks and is not used for anything. This is the only fat that is consumed by HCG. Many ask why a low calorie diet would not lead to the same results. The facts are simple. By starving your body of protein and vitamins, it will take whatever is needed from any type of fat, including structural and normal reserve fats. This is why once you stop a low calorie diet, not only are lean muscles destroyed but the weight comes back with a vengeance as abnormal fat. Nothing was really accomplished except for redistributing the fat.

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The HCG fat release program consists of three different phases. The first phase consists of building up your fat reserves by eating as much as you like for two days while beginning the treatment of HCG drops. After this, phase two is started. For the next 23 to 40 days, a 500-calorie diet consisting of vegetables, fruits and two meals of 3.5 oz. of protein are followed while taking the HCG. Phase three is the maintenance part of the diet and a new way of living. Each as much as you want as long as starches and sugar are eliminated.

The reason for Phase 1 is to get the HCG circulating in the body before the regiment begins. After two days, the brain will have had ample time to know that the release of fat is to start. Adding to the fat reserves during this period is crucial by signaling the HCG of what process needs addressed. As you enter into Phase 2 of the program, an average weight loss of 1-2 pounds per day will be seen. You continue for the amount of days that it takes to get to a desired weight. Going into Phase 3, continue on the 500-calorie diet for two days to allow the HCG to completely leave your system. No more treatments should then be needed.

Clinics and physicians have used the HCG protocol successfully for many years. Measured injections of this hormone in combination of a strict lean diet have brought about life changing results in many people that have tried several different diets. But this was a very expensive way to lose weight. Laboratories have now been able to create a homeopathically prepared natural medicine that can be used without the medical supervision once required. Through manufacturing small quantities of HCG and diluting, once toxic side effects have been eliminated.

What Is The HCG Diet and What Are Benefits?

There are many benefits found in the HCG diet that are not found in fad diets.

· Testosterone levels are slightly elevated and metabolism is increased
· A redistribution of fat is realized and one notices a decrease of flabby fatty areas
· There is no starvation from lack of calories because the body is
· naturally fulfilled
· Fat burning without compromising muscle is produced
· An increased libido in both men and women have been reported
· A decreased craving for sweets
· Inexpensive and simple program to follow

Most people find that by using normal diets, even in combination with exercise, it is a chore to keep useless fats from reappearing. The constant battle of trying to produce energy may lead to diet protein drinks and spending more money just to keep from feeling fatigued and tired. The time tested HCG protocol lets you enjoy naturally induced energy while reaping the benefits of weight loss. Your unneeded fat stores will be released into the blood stream and eliminated without a tinge of hunger.

Homeopathic HCG products have been approved by the FDA for treatment of regulating menstruation and as a conception aid but have not been approved specifically for weight loss. As time progresses and more studies are completed, weight loss may be added to the list of assets. Always check with your physician before beginning any type of diet to make sure there are no underlying medical problems. It has been determined by medical specialists that the HCG diet does not have an adverse affect with any medications, including birth control.

For more information on the research conducted by Dr. Simeons, you can read his book titled Pounds and Inches that was published and released in the 1970s. The HCG diet makes sense and is a natural way to lose weight without losing muscle, protein and vitamins. Designed for both women and men, you will realize your potential for healthy weight loss and how to control in an amazing short amount of time. What Is The HCG Diet.

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Healthier Comments
539 Responses to “What Is The HCG Diet & Why You Should Try It”
  1. Free Diet Source HCG Diet says:

    I know many who have used the HCG Diet and have had success. This diet has it’s share of sceptics, but users swear it works. Even many high profile professionals say the diet needs more research before people can jump to conclusions.

    • Darrell says:

      I’ve been on the hcg diet for several weeks and have lost 35 pounds. I’m very pleased with the results and there’s hardly any hunger pains at all. It’s great. Can’t explain HOW it works, but it does.

      • Rich Armstrong says:

        the general concept of this diet is to balance the testostorone and estrogen and reduce the gylcemic load of every meal thereby keeping insulin in midrange, by staying away from high gylcemic loaded food such as bread and pasta, wheat and grain products etc and raising protein you reduce the work load for insulin etc this will give you sustained weightloss , this is pretty much of an adaption of the zone diet

        • Cindy says:

          Um this information is false. It is all about re-calibrating the hypothalamus. Please do not lead people astray here…

          • Anita Kumar says:

            Have you tried this product – You cannot dream without trying – my daughter is on this diet now and working well —– Anita

          • Erica B. says:

            Same here. I have a thyroid issue and this has been the only thing that has helped me lose weight. I tell EVERYONE about it and if they are skeptical, I just tell them to look at me now.

            • Pat K. says:

              Did you stop takiing your thyroid medication while on the diet? I have been on a natural hormone for many years as my thyroid is nearly non-functioning and am reluctant to stop although the book says to do so.

              • Kassie says:

                I was able to stay on all of my meds while I was on this and it did not affect me. I didn’t feel too good the first 2 days like I had the flu but it went away and I felt great for the rest of the diet. I lost 14 pounds with 1 round and I’m doing another once I get back from vacation.

              • Pam says:

                I take natural thyroid too and just did a 26 day round of hcg. I lost 19.2 lbs. You don’t have to stop your medication.

            • angelina says:

              heyy i havee a thyroid issue too, where did you get you HCG ? i want it so bad but dnt know which one to buy :/

            • crystal says:

              i am just starting the diet and was wonderingf if you could help me with the start… are you supposed to take your drops in water?? or just on the tongue 20 drops twicw a day?? are you alllowed to split it into 10 drops 4 times a day or just the strict twice??

              • Georgina says:

                You take the drops underneath your tongue, not in water. My drops are 20 drops twice a day. I would stick to what is recommended to be safe.

          • Peggy says:

            You are right and the general public is easily led astray. Everyone is looking for the quick fix miracle. The truth is that sensible eating and exercise is the answer and will always be the answer. This is a gimic and the people who swear by this diet will find out down the line that the quick weight loss was not sustainable. This diet is not new. It’s just repackaged with supplements that will be sold to make millions for the people pushing it. Dr. Oz is making lots of money advertising this diet. He should be ashamed of himself. It’s about money. IT’S ALWAYS ABOUT MONEY.

            • Rebekah says:

              Hey…regardless of whether these people gain it back or not…everyone that has ever lost weight no matter how they lost it runs the risk of gaining it back if they choose to go back to their old eating habits…right? So Peggy, don’t rain on everyone’s parade here so fast.
              You are assuming that everyone who tries this will ultimately gain it all back…we know what assuming does. Whats more unhealthy…50lbs of fat choking the heart or losing it quick and then working to keep it off? Dr. Oz is still all about informing the public of the pro’s and con’s of any thing. It’s all okay… we all must do our own research when it comes to trying anything. Everything is mostly about money…but that don’t mean it can’t be beneficial.

            • Jill says:

              I am not sure who is feeeding you the wrong info, but it is not about money, not! People with health issues need tools and HCG is a tool set that is very effective and has very little risk of adverse reactions, So be quiet until you know your info better

              • Larry says:

                I agree, the HCG diet isn’t just some gimmick. It’s been working for so many people. Of course it doesn’t substitute diet and exercise but it definitely starts you off to the road of weight loss.

              • lisese says:

                I know that’s right :-)

              • Crystal says:

                I agree with Peggy….it’s always about the money. Sorry Jill, that is just a fact of life. Diet Pills, Drops, Injections are NOT THE ANSWER. Here are the facts:

                If you want to lose weight, remember these FIVE FACTS first and you’ll be on your way to success:
                1.Eat fewer calories (if you eat less, you’ll burn more)
                2.Exercise daily: an activity that keeps up your heartbeat and respiration.
                3.Eat fewer carbohydrates because carbs that are not used are stored as sugar and fat.
                4.Think about health first, weight second.

                In other words, it has to be a lifestyle change!! Hope this helps you JILL

                • Low Carb Master says:

                  I’m sorry, but please do more research before you state something as a fact. This doesn’t address what regulates adipose tissue. Hormones are responsible for storing or releasing energy. The main hormone involved in storing energy is insulin. Foods that cause an insulin response activate another hormone on the surface of the cell called lipoprotein lipase. This stores energy in the fat cell and bounds them to a glycerol molecule that holds them trapped as fat. The only way to let fat out of the cell is to lower insulin levels to the point where your body isn’t in fat storage mode anymore. Target the foods that raise insulin and reduce them, don’t reduce food all together!

                • jennifer in savannah says:

                  This is not 100% correct but a great rule of thumb, especially for people under 30. However after 35 hormones play a huge role in weight loss, energy and overall health. Im not obese by any means but have suffered a 25 pound unexplained gained after my 40′s. HCG has been a great help and I continue on a low calorie diet filled with yoga 5 times a week. Whatever helps people lose weight is a beautiful thing.

              • Crystal says:

                YOU BE QUIET JILL!!! Go back to your bacon, grease and ice cream. All you gotta do is pop a little hcg and you’ll put out all the fat. WOW- what a miracle!!!! You should go inform all the doctors and gym instructors that you’ve found the cure after all these years…..a few hcg drops. I bet you’ll become a millionaire overnight after you break this revelation. In other words, you are pathetic. Go EXCERCISE!!!!!!!

                • tiffiny says:

                  hold up all yall wait a min. how many times have u guys gone to the store and spent money on non-sense think about it stuff u dont even need ow many times have u gone to mcdonalds and spent 20 for food for u and the kids so what harm is it going to do u to go to walmart and buy this product all u have to do is try when slim fast came out everybody was buying the shakes and shittin all the time less ass wiping on this one ladys i say lets go for it bathing suit here i come, tank tops here i come bye bye gurdles lol

              • Low Carb Master says:

                This diet is a gimmick. I agree that people shouldn’t say anything if they don’t have any info. Not many people go back to the roots and mechanism behind fat storage. This diet suppresses appetite and that makes people consume less calories, right? So what is it that they’re eating which is causing a hormonal response that signals the body to store energy instead of releasing it? Education and research is the tool, not some gimmick that is there to make money.

            • Lucy says:

              Oh Peggy, quit raining on everyone’s parade and get off this forum. If you are such an expert with weight loss, why are you trolling around on this site? Looks like someone needs to lose a few lbs and is VERY unhappy with their own life…just saying.

              • gordy says:

                porky peggy you fat ba****d get some big macs.

                • Crystal says:

                  “GORDY”…..REALLY??? Please do us all a favor and go crawl back under a friggin rock in the desert somewhere. When you hear the ice cream truck you can come out, ok GORDY!

              • Crystal says:

                Miss Lucy- Were you a BULLY in school??? Leave Peggy alone. She has a right to post on her as well as you do. I’m thinking Peggy is probably sitting on a beach somewhere right now in her size 6 bikini wondering why LAZY people like YOU want to take HCG drops to keep yourself out of the refrigerator and keep you away from the Dairy Queen!! Crystal- my advice to you is practice self control and I don’t care if you asked for my opinion or not sweetie. Good luck in your weight loss! Remember: SELF CONTROL!!!!!!

              • Crystal says:

                Lucy- You pot-smokin, obese, lazy, pathetic little oinker. Go get some help for your drug problem before it’s too late. If not, there’s always rehab (again). Maybe third time around will be a charm. Good luck Lucipher!

                • Becca Lou says:

                  Goodness gracious Crystal, why are you so angry? I myself is on the hcg diet. I am diabetic, and very active, but because of my age and disease I am unable to lose weight like I use to. Hcg has been the answer for me. I am not starving and still excercising everyday with no problems. I needed this 15 to 20 lbs lost to jumpstart my lifestyle change. So, I have to disagree with your rude comments about fat, lazy people that want a quick fix. This diet may have saved my life.
                  And incidentally, I didn’t cause my diabetes it chose me.

            • Skylar says:

              Piggy Peggy is pigging on this forum to act like she is better than everyone!!!

            • Lorry says:

              I started HCG last July and have lost 50 lbs and have kept it off for 6 months now. It works like nothing else I have tried. I have more energy now and feel and look great. I have also been told I look younger too! That works for me :)

              • Jackie says:

                Im just starting hcg today and had a few questions that I was hoping someone could answer?

                After the drops is there a time period to wait until you eat or drink?
                It says 10 drops 3 times a day, morning , lunch dinner?
                And is it your protien and 1 vegtable.

                Thank You

                • J says:

                  That is different from the one i have. I take two drops morning and evening and must wait for ten minutes before eating or drinking anything.

                  I can eat 1 fruit, 2 vegetables, and 2 3.5 oz of protein, 1 breadstick or melba toast in 1 day.

                  • april0619 says:

                    It is permissible to have three doses of the drops daily? or just two?

                    • MMM says:

                      It depends on the brand you are taking. Take as directed on the bottle. It should say how many times to take it a day anyhow many drops to take. There should also be a VERY specific diet guide included to let you know exactly what you can and cannot eat and how much of each you are allowed to eat. If you do not follow the instructions, you will not lose any weight!

                  • jazzy says:

                    J ithink i hav the same as you mine says to put i under the the tonguetwice a day i dont understand this what does yours say to do?? X

                • Ron says:

                  My drops say to wait 30 minutes before you eat anything and they say to take the drops twice a day.

              • Karen says:

                I think that is absolutely awesome……. I have had the same success and feel like a million bucks!!!

                Cheers to all that have succeeded on this!!! And if you havent its by your own will. It can be done!!

            • KiwiDawnie says:

              I will tell you, this process is neither EASY or a GIMMICK. I am not paying an exorbitant amount because I am going through my doctor. It’s not drops and it’s not homeopathic. Peggy – If you’ve never tried this or gone through the process, you truly don’t have the grounds to state that it’s a gimmick or that people will “see down the line”. I’ve been off it for 4 months and I am eating more and not gaining an ounce of what I lost, which was 50 pounds. Before you make a judgement call, please make sure you have all the facts. I will say that the only way I would recommend is Doctor supervised.

              • Crystal says:

                Don’t worry Kiwi. You’ll bloom back out sweetheat. Just a matter of time. The judgement call that Peggy was trying to make was justified and definitely her right to do. KIWIDAWNIE- you do not control this blog or any other blog so learn how to get along with others and accept that we all have our own opinion….which we are certainly justified in doing so. Live with it baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                • Cameron says:

                  Geez, get off this forum Crystal. You’ve been criticizing everyone on here and no one wants to hear any more of your negativity.

            • oleta says:

              This HCG diet is truly miraculous. I have a very large amount of weight to lose. My program called for a minimum of 21 days and a maximum of 40 days. The first round I did I lost 43 pounds in 40 days.. The second and third rounds less but thus far I have lost 99 lbs. I felt dramatically better from the first week. skin issues cleared up, sinus issues dramatically improved. Even cleared up dandruff. I was delighted to find how easy it was to maintain the loss after losing it. It is important to go to a high protein regimen immediately after doing the drops and get a minimum of 1500 calories. There must be adequate waiting time before beginning again. It is important to only use Stevia or Saccharine as other sweeteners cause carb craving and increased appetite. Another friend did the program with me. She had extremely irregular periods and they became regular and has stayed that way since. Many people have received benefits in addition to losing weight. It varies but if people have trouble losing weight HCG is well worth looking into. I use homeopathic drops and as long as I stay on trac I only experience normal hunger at meal times.

              • Larry says:

                I have been on the HCG diet for 50 days under medical supervision. I have lost 40 lbs. During the 50 days I also received vitamin supplements along with thyroid medication to improve my weight loss regimin. I am a professional healthcare administrator and was skeptical. Whether its the HCG or the 500 cal a day that helped me lose the pounds is really unimportant to me based on the results I benefited from. If you decide on this diet I recommend you go to a clinic or Dr. who specializes in this diet. In my case labs were routinely run to make sure everything stayed in balance which I am sure eliminated any danger. I am now starting phase three to establish my set point. This works, but is not for someone who is not totally committed to following to the letter. Good luck to all. I am satisfied it has been my success.

                • Larry says:

                  If you are buying HCG from a health food store or internet you are not ngetting a RX dose of HCG. In order for this to work you need prerscription HCG and should be under medical supervision to make sure supplements are given to make up for the loss of important vitamins and minerals which the body doesn’t store. This is important to your wellness and should not be overlooked.

              • Jessie says:

                Can you help me out where to buy this stuff? I have heard there are quite a few knock offs out there and would like to try, I have a thyroid issue and have tried everything to lose weight! Diet excersice and everything, I am sick of struggling and not getting anywhere

                • chelsea says:

                  Hi Jessie, I’ve had success with the drops from Healthier Post. I did 2 rounds of it and was able to lose 38 pounds total. The diet was hard and I did fell hungry sometimes but I stuck to the plan and I am so glad I did. Losing the weight has changed my life and I am finally happy with my body and self image. They carry a great product and I am happy to share my story of success with you on here :) If you have doubts or are scared, don’t be. Just give it a chance and you will see the results for yourself.

                  • grace says:

                    Chelse, you mention you used hcg bought from heathier post what is the difference from the Rx? Also price wise

                • Manuel says:

                  Nice article indeed and very informative.Am still wondering though that if hcg increases testosterone production,wouldn’t it cause females to have male characteristics?I came across a condition called HIRSUTISM…won’t hcg use in females cause a similar effect?

                • Richie says:

                  This is awesome !I hadn’t heard of this before.I think it’s a better way of losing fat but the cost of the hcg regimen might be too high to be affordable in third world countries.In developing countries also, resorting to a chemical agent to solve health problems is usually the last option especially in isolated comminities. Some religious groups like SDAs also prohibit use of drugs /chemical agents.So yes it is a good method but not the most popular.

                • Richie says:

                  This is awesome !I hadn’t heard of this before.I think it’s a better way of losing fat but the cost of the hcg regimen might be too high to be affordable in third world countries.In developing countries also, resorting to a chemical agent to solve health problems is usually the last option especially in isolated communities. Some religious groups like SDAs also prohibit use of drugs /chemical agents.So yes it is a good method but not the most popular.

            • jennifer in savannah says:

              Peggy, the people who gain it back did not follow the maintenance program. Just like with any diet. You have to change your lifestyle. There is direct protocol of HCG once you gain 2 pounds, if this is not followed your body does not learn to set it own weight. Everyone’s body does this. Also, statistics show most people gain back their weight loss regardless of what diet. Please dont knock people trying to better their lives.

            • androleah says:

              hey…..I am sorry but your statement is not always true. there r people out there who have better diet and exercise regimens than you or follow what you have commented and can not lose weight. I truly believe that hormones effect your weight ….when they adjusted my thyroid medicine….I gained 15 lbs in 4 days ….AND my diet and exercise program DID NOT deviate. So making generalized comments is really not cool.

            • Kelli says:

              I lost 40lbs 2yrs ago on the hcg diet kept it off and lost another 21lbs on my own! ANY weight lost you run the risk of gaining back. If you choose to return to poor eating habits. This diet isn’t for everyone, and I would recommend you speak with your doctor before begining any weight loss plan. But I am living proof that for some hcg DOES work.

          • Jenelle says:

            Peggy- you must not know how it feels to have tried everything you can to lose weight with no success. Not everyone is lucky enough to be normal with being able to lose weight with just proper eating and sensible exercise. I was born with a thyroid issue and I have struggled my whole life with my weight. This diet has been the only thing that has helped me LOSE the weight and I have been able to KEEP IT OFF. It truly has been a miracle for me. And for your remarks at Dr. Oz, he is a very well respected HEART SURGEON. I’m sure he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to what is good for our health. He also has a very successful show so he does not need the money. You should really do more research before you make unintelligent and judgmental comments.

            • georgia says:

              i agree with both sides. peggy is corret in the sense that weight management ias a science. expend more than you consume calorically speaking. i will say as a mother with a 5 year old the last 20 lbs have been almost impossible to get off. I run 6k every other day, resistence 3 times a week and rollerblade about 30 k a week at a rate of 25km an hour lol. I am a work out queen. BUT! i also like food. I will try this diet to get off the last 20 lbs as summer si coming and 5 summers later I D REALLY LIKE TO BE IN MY BIKINI COMFORTABLY AGAIN but peggy is correct also. I realize that it is easy for everyones back to go up but guess what? as an avi athlete with a lifetime in competitve sport…. it take commitment to lose weight. if eevryone here commited to exercising EFFECTIVELY as much as you are commited to eating 500 calories a day…. yowould lose the wieght and feel incredible forever. SO point is: sure use the diet but then… make sure you exercise and eat well after as a lifestyle change. quick fixes are fun. but all you talk to me in a year when the weight is back on PENDING that you have no started exercising or wating a low gi food index consistently. I know how its done. doing it is the issue lol. so. i will try this out and continue to exercise as i do.that is the ultimate way to do it all… good luck to all of you a nd me too lol

          • Cheryl says:

            Read up on it and study it before you claim to know what your saying. It actually does re-calibrate your hypothalamus and it is a FACT.

            It has helped me to get off of 3 very long term harmful DOCTOR prescribed drugs. I have been able to bring my cholesterol level safely down to normal and my heart arithmia is none existant as a result. I did 1 full year of study and reasearch and doctor visits, bloodwork, medical write up and examination of all fluids, organs, etc. in my body. My doctor is facinated with the results (and I might add, not the doctor that prescribed quick fix meds for me). Unless you have factual results, please do not knock it.

          • Luellen says:

            Just did 2 round of healthier hormone free hcg and lost 37 pounds. I am SO happy with my results and I will make the lifestyle changes needed to keep the weight off!!!

          • Dana says:

            This is my second time doing this diet. I lost 18 pounds in the 3 weeks, and 3 more as I was phasing out. I kept most of it off during the year. I gained 6 pounds back and that was over the holiday season, plus 2 birthdays and a recent anniversary vacation. I never used the hormone either. Im on day 2 of my second time of this diet without the hormone. It works, and I still dont filled starved. IF and only IF I start feeling hungry, I chug a glass of water and it temporarily sustains the hunger. Why do you say it doesnt work? As long as you follow the diet, you can make delicious meals and lose weight. My boyfriend even eats the same dinner as me without complaint and fills up and is fine. No fillers.

        • Nursing Unit Clerk says:

          You’re an idiot…

          I have done the zone diet before… this is definitely not an adaption..

          Typical zone for someone who works out 5 d / wk and 2 h per session

          a 13 unit day.. consisting of a protein, carb, and fat and dairy

          breakfast.. smoothie..
          snack 9 almonds
          lunch 4 oz protein, and veggies
          snack tofu
          dinner 4 oz protein, 4 cups broccoli, 2 cups zuccini, and some olive oil..

          its around a 1200 cal. day… so the hcg diet is definitely not an adaption of the zone.

          • beta says:

            I think he is just trying to say that there are similarities. I think every diet out there has similarities nowadays. This is just actually works.

        • Kathleen says:

          That is wrong. The HGC diet is about two things. 1 burning abnormal fat, not muscle tissue or vital fat needed for body structure, and 2 resetting your brain so when you come off the diet, you metabolic rate resets at healthy level for your normalized caloric consumption, so you do not gain all the weight loss back.

          • Adele says:

            i have just recieved my hcg. When in the day do you recommend i take them.

            • yvonne says:

              Adele, there are no instructions of when to take them but I take them first thing in the morning before I drink anything (about 0730hrs) and then again at about 1500-1600hrs and they seem to work well on that.

              • Stephanie says:

                Yeah that is about the time i take my drops as well. Seems to work well throughout the day when its the first thing you do, then you ingest the again to stave off hunger in the nighttime.

              • Lorry says:

                my instruction manual says to take the vitamin b drops when you get up. then take the hcg drops after no drink 20min after taking drops. have fruit around 10. then around 12-1230 take drops 20 minutes before eating or drinking, have 2 veggie & 3.5 oz protein lunch. then around 2-3 have 2nd fruit. dinner around 5-7again 20 minutes no drink or eat before or after taking drops (this is for both meal times). have 2 different veggies & protein. no eating after 730-8. I have not experienced any hunger at all remember to drink lots of water helps the toxins leave the body.
                so 10 drops 3x a day, no sugar, alcohol, starch, lean meats only no tuna or salmon
                hope this helps

                • sheri says:

                  why cant have tuna or salmon tuna would make so easy for me

                  • darlene says:

                    I read in the protocol that canned tuna and salmon were all in oil back then so they were left off the list of what you can eat since oils are not allowed. They say that now that they are packed in water, you can have them but it was never added to the protocol. I would stick to what you can have listed in the diet guide to be safe.

          • angel says:

            thank for the info kathleen. i get so mixed up with different people saying different things and i think your comment is correct out of all the articles i have read on it.

          • Henry says:

            I take my drops twice a day- one dose in the morning and one late afternoon. The main thing is to remember to wait 30 minutes after taking the drops before you eat anything. Good luck!

            • Heather says:

              Do you recommend the 2 drops a day or should I be taking more?

              • Henry says:

                It’s 20 drops twice a day.

                • jennifer in savannah says:

                  I’m Dr supervised and mine is 10 drops and wait 15 minutes before drinking or eating. I drop first thing in the am and them before dinner. Read the bottle instructions, might depend on potency. My Dr warned not to take too much because your body builds a tolerance to it and can eventually inhibit your weight loss. good luck

      • Walidah says:

        CAn you tell me where you purchased your hcg drops? I hear some manufacturers are selling junk? I am ready to buy just don’t know from whom I should purchase. Thanks.

        • lori says:

          I got my drops from here: I just did one round and lost 24 pounds. I have 30 more pounds to go but I am really happy with the results so far. I’m not even hungry anymore!

          • Zanib says:

            Hi how does it affect you and when did you realise you was losing weight ,I’ve just got mine today and feel excited what do I need to do different should I exercise as its not something I’m able to do as I’ve got a bad back

            • lori says:

              No, it says to not exercise while you are taking the drops. No cardio, just toning and walking. You don’t want your body to go into starvation mode.

              • Lauren says:

                I am a regular gym user, can I not train at all :(

                • Jennifer says:

                  My doctor told me to go ahead and continue any exercise that I normally do. (I speed walk.) He said not to start any kind of new routines, but if it’s something my body is used to, I should be fine. He also said to listen to my body. If I feel more hungry than on days I don’t walk, I may want to cut back a little. I just started my drops from a compounding pharmacy yesterday. I’m very excited!

              • Lorry says:


            • joanne says:

              with a bad back, you can swim or even pool walk. and believe it or not the water aerobics programs are really good, and give you a good work out.
              I am starting on the hcg, i do exercise, but will cut only some of it. (i don’t want to lose the stamina, strength i have already built up) but like several others on this site, there a a few pounds i have not been able to lose, despite exercise and watching my diet. So for me this is a last ditch effort to lose the weight!

              • sara says:

                I thought you are not supposed to do cardio? I was told that it will put you into starvation mode? I’m getting ready to start so if someone can clarify this for me, I’d appreciate it!

                • Gloria says:

                  Yes, you SHOULD NOT do cardio as it will put your body in starvation mode. Just start slow like doing more walking.

          • lori says:

            Just make sure you follow the 500 diet plan and what you can and cannot eat. Drink plenty of water and get plenty of rest and you will do great :)

          • Melodie says:

            How long is one round?

        • Claire says:

          Hi I Bought hcg drops here, I lost 20 lbs in 3 weeks last September and still keeping it off, its the best discovery I ever made .

          • Meghan says:

            Do the hcg drops curb the appetite?

          • Claire says:

            Yes, the drops curb your appetite and help you stay full even though you are only eating a 500 calorie diet. I read that it then burns off stored fat on your body for fuel. However it works, it’s amazing.

          • Cassie says:

            I am so excited to post that I have been on it for 7 days so far and have lost 13.4 lbs. I feel great and I’m not hungry between meals. This stuff is awesome!!!

            • Hank says:

              Yeah my appetite has been curbed drastically. I thought going to the 500 calories a day would drive me mad, but so far I am not uncomfortably hungry at all through the day.

              • Kimberly says:

                My husband and I started this diet 2 weeks and 2 days ago to be exact. My husband needs to lose about 25-30 lbs, me….not so much, but since I was going to “help” him by doing all the cooking and pre-fixing his meals, I decided to do the drops as well as I didn’t want to send my body into starvation mode. Today, I am 10 lbs lighter and my husband is 18. I’m still kind of a skeptic, but the pounds have certainly come off. And it’s been such a pleasure to see my husband excited to weigh in every morning. I have read Dr. Simeone’s manuscript, talked with our physician AND contacted a relative who teaches at Stanford Medical School and they were all encouraging. My Dr. actually sells an HCG cream, but I told him I was more interested in a homeopathic approach and he said, “go for it”. So… side effects either. I have eaten more portions than called for, since I didn’t want to lose more than 10 lbs. so now I’m just trying to sustain for the remaining week. I’m very encouraged…also, just FYI – my husband and I are in our 50′s and I have low thyroid.

                • frank says:

                  How are these drops taken? Do you put them in your food?
                  Also do you have any problems having to run to the toilet?
                  And do they cause problems if you are on medication for heart and depression?
                  Thank you

                  • Leonard says:

                    The drops are taken orally directly under your tongue. They do not make you go to the bathroom at all as there are no laxative ingredients. The brand I take is all natural and does not interfere with any of my medications as I checked with my doctor. Best of luck to you.

            • Amelia says:

              Hi Cassie, congrats on your success! I just got my drops today and I was wondering if you did anything different or specific that is not listed in the protocol? If so, can you please let me know of any secrets? I want to make sure I maximize my weight loss and do it right. Thanks for your help! :)

              • Cassie says:

                @Amelia I just stuck to the diet plan to a T. It was HARD at first but after I saw the pounds drop, I was able to do anything! Follow the diet plan, don’t cheat, walk and drink plenty of water and you will have the same success :)

            • Aline says:

              Hey Cassie:
              I am starting today and that sounds so exciting. Do you take your drops 2 or 3 times a day, and 20 minutes before you eat.

        • taylord says:

          A good one at GNC for 69.00. It will be the big bottle

      • keshia says:


        I am thinking about doing this diet myself are you on a 500 calorie diet? and how have you maintained on the diet? Do you get hungry at all?

        • Angie says:

          I am currently on this diet. Yes you get hungry, but its mostly the times you are supposed to be eating. I just started taking the drops on Sat, 2/19/12. I started the restricted calorie intake on Monday and by Wed am I had already lost 5.4 lbs. It does work!

          • Kelsey says:

            Hi, I’m looking to start the hcg diet and have been reading all the success stories on here (including yours) and it makes me want to be on it even more. I’m from Canada and know you can only get the “real” drops from the states, however, I don’t know a good site to order them from, any suggestions?

            • Gertrude says:

              I ordered mine through Healthier Post. Their product arrived quickly, and the actual product was amazing. I lost a good amount of weight, that i don’t think i could have by myself!

          • gary says:

            I started this diet on Feb. 26th. I did the 2 days of fat loading (yuk). Never had poor eating habits for most of my life, it was hard to eat fatty stuff for breakfast, lunch, supper, snacks, but with the help of a spoon, I packed ‘er down. Now (Mar. 3rd) I’m down 8.5lbs. I’m following the diet regimen like a military operation. 6X12 drops per day, every 4 hrs. I even get myself up in the middle of the night. I’ve never been a “large” person, but as I’ve aged (now 49yrs old), I’ve noticed some weight gain. Always athletic, but still the weight was creeping on. My healthy weight is 190lbs, but it crept up to 240lbs. I’m exercising (spinning & weights), drinking loads of water & not overly hungry. More than anything, you have to be dedicated. There is no “cheating”. Prior to the diet I watched my caloric intake, was exercising & just staying @ 237lbs. In early Feb. I even did a cleanse. Within a wk, I’m gonna be down ~10lbs. I’m a sceptic, but it’s working.

      • kim says:

        hey darrell where did you get it ?

      • Sarah says:

        Hi I have started my drops today but I have had no info about what I can eat? Is it just no sugars or carbs?

        • Linda says:

          No, it’s a very strict 500 calorie diet and only lean proteins are allowed (chicken, white fish, etc.) and only in certain portions. You need to get a hold of the diet guide that should be included with your drops.

      • Helen says:

        Any one eating just 500 calories a day will loose weight never mind the HCG

        • Mark says:

          Yes, but you would starve to death and not be able to do it. I’m so sick of all of the skeptics that troll around on these sites and bring people down. Get off this site Helen and get a life. No one cares about your opinion.

      • MB says:

        So can you give a daily run down on how you take your hcg? How many times you take it? How many drops you use and how long you hold it under your tongue. My instructions were super vague. Thanks!

      • Wendy says:

        Can you please tell me how to order the drops? I have ordered it once through a bogus websites.. not happy!! can someone help.


    • kfishnrod says:

      HCG is the most incredible thing I have ever seen. After having my second baby at 40, I thought I was destined to have a flabby belly and no energy. At 55, I have lost 12.5 lbs in 15 days, lost about 7 inches from my belly and my thighs are shrinking on a daily basis. I have more energy than I have had in forever and my skin looks amazing not that I am not putting the bad food in my body. This has absolutely turned my life around and I couldn’t be happier!!!

      • Patsy says:

        I am going to be starting the HCG diet and i was wondering how many drops do you take? You cannot mix your veggies, fruit or protein?

        • adama says:

          no, you cannot mix any group so if you chose to eat lettuce, that is all you can have for dinner and not another vegetable. this is the same for fruits and proteins. i’ve been on this for 14 days now and i am down 12 pounds! love it and i will be ordering more.

        • Esther says:

          Your drops should have come with specific instructions on when to take them and what you need to be eating during the get. Make sure you follow that or you will be wasting your time and money.

    • Scott says:

      This is a joke anyone who eats 500 calories a day will lose weight but the wrong kind. Not one person will keep that weight off for a year. Get off your ass stop looking for a quick fix and put some work in. Nothing else woks permantely!!!!!

      • brenda says:

        scott – have you tried the hcg diet, or researched it at all? have you tried every other diet, including exercise, to try to lose weight, with no success? please don’t tell me to “get off my ass…and put some work in” when you don’t know my story! this is the hardest diet i’ve ever done but i lost 30# in 6 weeks and have lost inches in places that i’ve never lost before. i’m in the 5th week of the maintenance phase, eating “normally” again and have kept it off – even lost 1.5 # more.

        seeing results quickly was so encouraging and boosted my confidence – an awesome way to start and then keep me motivated. and the change in my eating habits will remain a part of my lifestyle – the hcg diet does come with great education on how to eat. this is NOT a joke.

      • Mark says:

        Why are you on this forum then? No one needs ridicule or critique from a fellow fatty who thinks they are better than everyone else!!!

      • Rachel says:

        I have lost 40 pounds and have kept it off for two years with HCG! I have just started again to lose my last 40 pounds. So instead of being a downer get off this site and find yourself a life!

    • paula says:

      hi maybe silly question but bit confused. I have just bought this product and am unsure what is meant by two drops in morning and evening because i am told the bottle i have should last roughly 15 days however, i have been taking literally two drops form the dropper for 5 days now and not only have a not seen a differece in weight lose but also the bottle is almost still full !!!! so i am wondering whether i am supposed to be taking two whole (full dropper) amount and not two drops from the dropper in the morning and evening??????

    • kathryn says:

      I am interested in trying this but not sure what brand and where to purchase it from

    • Karen0 says:

      Hi, I m Karen

      I tried the HCG Oral Blue Drop
      It worked nicely to me and now I feel better about my health.
      If you want you can also try this.

      Thanking you

  2. Valerie says:

    The hcg diet does work if done properly. Healthier hcg helps people use the HCG Diet to lose weight. I used it and it worked. I invite you to check out the information they offer and other articles like this one they have to offer and see if the hcg diet is right for you. It’s more about a lifestyle change than a diet…

  3. John says:

    Either way of the HCG Diet, shots or drops will help people, really. It works.

    • Susan says:

      Do you reccomend one over the other? I know the injections are very expensive.

      • Gina says:

        Just do the drops. They are about 1/3 of the price and you get the same results. One of my co-workers did the injections and she paid $1,000 for it! She had to go get the injections everyday and she said that they hurt. She lost 30 pounds from it but I just did the drops and followed the diet guide on my own and I lost 32 pounds as well. She was kind of upset when she found out that I only paid around $100 for 2 rounds of the drops. They both work and do the same thing but one is much easier to use and cheaper!

        • Sinead says:

          How do you take the drops?

        • annetriss says:

          Gina I was wondering where you got your drops at there are so many out there

          • Gina says:

            I bought my drops from healthier post on here. Just click on the shopping portion and you will see the drops. Good luck to you!

            • Marc says:

              Hi Gina,

              Can you comment on the fact that the drops that this web site sells ( and many others) have no hormones whatsoever? It says so on the bottle.

              Don’t get me wrong, i want to believe the product will work as it’s suppose to. I just find it strange that no one seems to be asking this question.

              Best regards,


    • Srapamr says:

      I found a sight that sells the hcg in a spray. Does anyone know if this firm of the hormone work?

  4. Jenny says:

    hi I wanted to let everyone know that I’ve been using healthier hcg drops for about 2 weeks and already lost 12 pounds. I’ve been following the healthier hcg diet guide and taking the hcg drops daily. It really does work and I don’t even have to exercise. Your healthier hcg product is the best, thanks!

    • Vivian says:

      Right. Great. Because dropping that much weight that quickly, not exercising, and taking in dangerously low calories, as in not enough to support basic metabolic and organ function is healthy. Great. Skinny is not necessarily HEALTHY, people, really – think!!

      • Selena says:

        I went on the HCG diet over a year ago and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. I felt great when I was on it and lost 35 pounds. I’ve been able to keep the weight off and it has completely changed my life. I feel healthier than I’ve ever felt before. Nothing worked for me before and I’ve always exercised and eaten healthy foods. This product can really change your life so I would not be so judgmental if you do not know what other people are going through.

        • Angie says:

          What did your day of food consist of?

          • Kyle says:

            It’s very lean proteins (2 oz per serving) and only certain veggies like lettuce, asparagus, cabbage. No oils, sugar or anything like that other than stevia and lemon juice. It sounds hard but once you are on the drops, you body no longer craves the bad foods you normally eat. The protions seem small but you are full on the 500 cal diet.

      • destiny says:

        finally, someone with common sense here. I’m not dissing the diet drops, but daily exercise is important to everyone’s health no matter who you are. I’d rather be fit and strong then slender and weak.

        • kfishnrod says:

          I disagree. Because you have so much energy, you are naturally more physical on the drops. Excercise will be much easier once the weight is off. Healthy, Happy and stronger than ever!

          • Erika says:

            Obviously this is for people that are lazy, I’m sorry but I lost 50 pounds dieting and exercising. If you don’t learn how to you’ll just gain it back. Working out isnt supposed to be easy! Your supposed to challenge yourself. Lets see what happens to everyone thats taken this diet in the next couple decades… then we can say it works in a healthy way…. but until then 500 calories is considered anorexic. And its sad it promotes it .

            • Shauna says:

              Good, for you Erika. Why are you trolling on this blog then? You must be interested in trying to lose weight again from the 50 pounds you “lost through dieting a exercise.” Don’t judge until you have tried it.

            • Leanne says:

              Actually Erika, I do eat very healthy and exercise as much as I can every day, but I can’t lose any weight. I have struggled my whole life and this is my last resort. Don’t be so quick to judge people because I am far from lazy, I barely have time to sit down in a day!

              • Jennifer says:

                I agree Leanne!!! I have struggled my whole life and some of us have sluggish metabolisms because of genetics. I have exercised and eaten healthy all my life. That in itself is not always the answer to an ideal comfortable weight. Some of us need an extra something to make the fat dissolve.

            • Susan says:

              Oh Erica I was young and fit once too. But then I had kids and age took over. I have tried and tried to lose the baby weight but I every time I get on an exercise plan I injure myself. Im hoping that by starting with hcg I can drop enough weight to be able to move around more easy and thus start up the exercising.

            • Pita says:

              Whenever you have 6 rounds of chemo and gain 50lbs from it you can tell me that it’s easy to lose the weight. Unitl then SHUT UP!!

            • GW says:

              Erika – I’m sure it’s easy for you to sit behind your computer and call people you don’t even know lazy.

              Well Erika I, too, lost over 50 pounds through only diet and exercise (you aren’t the only one who knows what hard work and dedication feels like, you know….) after my second son was born 8 years ago. I notice you want to see “what happens to everyone that’s taken this diet in the next couple decades….” why? You think all their weight will come back since they had the help of HCG instead of intense cardio/working out? Let me tell you from my own personal experience – working off 55 lbs with diet and exercise does NOT guarantee that it will never come back. To believe so is done with ignorance. Due to genetics as well as my development of gestational diabetes in my last pregnancy, I recently developed diabetes a still young, physically active mother who was always in great health and eaten well. Despite all my activity and good diet, I still put on 20 pounds because of my body’s new inability to effectively manage glucose. And your statement that “500 calories per day is anorexic” is also spoken out of ignorance. I only have eaten slightly more than that every day for the past six months in small portions of raw, whole, healthy foods, and I still put on weight. So while you may be young enough and in good enough shape to be blessed that your weight hasn’t come back yet, who’s to say it won’t next year? Or three years down the road? It did for me, and it may for you, too. And I will be trying these drops as my research shows they will be good and helpful along with my new diabetic diet. It’s not for you to knock what works for someone – as everyone’s situation is different.

      • Sharon says:

        Neither is obesity!

      • Catherine says:

        the reason you only take in 500 calories during the time you are on the hcg diet, is because the hcg hormone is making your body release abnormal fats, which by themselves nourish the body. during the time you are taking hcg, it’s not necessary to eat an average diet of 2000 calories.

    • keshia says:


      did you go to a clinic and use the shots as well or did you just recieve yours in the mail? I am gathering my information now I am really considering trying the hcg diet

  5. lily says:

    If you went on a 500 calorie a day diet would you not lose weight with or without the hcg?

    • Ruth Costin says:

      You would, but the exciting thing that Doctor Simeons discovered about the hCG Diet is that it burns off your stored fat while keeping you feeling full, while leaving your healthy fat and muscle in place. So you are burning off the “abnormal” fat, which is the fat that none of us want.

      The hCG DIet also resets your metabolism so you burn more calories when you return to your normal diet.

      Here is some more hcg reading for you. Healthier hCG Diet

      Let me know if you have any more questions.

      - Ruth

      • Luis says:

        Yeah, you would be so hungry if you just ate 500 calories without taking anything. No one would be able to do it. The drops help you to stay full and burn the excess fat off of your body.

        • Laura says:

          I am compelled to leave a little note here referring to your comment that no one can eat 500 calories without taking anything. It just so happens I have to eat gluten free which means no bread, pasta, gravy, cereal, cakes, pies, cookies..etc. I’m also lactose intolerant and I pretty much can’t eat anything out of a box and this has been going on for 3 years. I also can’t eat greasy or fried foods as it makes me deathlly sick so that leaves protein and veggies. I have religiously only ate white meat chicken, some burger, white turkey, veggies and lots of salads and have gained weight! I am noW 250 pounds. I’ve had my stomache stapled as welland I have still gained weight. I do everything right and keep my calorie intake at 500-700 calories a day…for almost 3 years. So yes, it can be done and I haven’t lost any weight.. I drink water and one cup of coffee a day. No soft drinks, alcohol or fruit juices. My body is in constant starvation mode but there isn’t a thing I can do about it so out of desperation I will try HCG. I also use a treadmill 5 days a week and have been jogging a little at a time. I walk briskly 1-5 miles a day.

      • Brenda says:

        Does it make you feel like your heart is bouncing out of your chest?

        • kelly says:

          No….there aren’t any side effects from the drops. There are some slight side effects like headache for the first week or so from the sugar and starch withdrawls. I started Monday and have lost 9.4 lbs since then. I think its great if you are ready to commit to it and plan to keep the healthier lifestyle changes. Obviously not staying on the 500 calorie diet or going back to your old habits. Healthy living with diet and exercise are a must for everyone who wants to keep the weight off.

        • Larry says:

          No, this is not like other diet products that are laced with caffeine. It’s an all natural hormone so you will not feel jitter or have your heart race.

      • Jean says:

        How come nobody gives you any type of a diet when you purchase te drops I have been looking for a guild line as I have the drops but cna’r find anything Help would be appreciated. thank you

      • Kelsey says:

        I’ve heard and researched great things about this diet, however, I’m from Canada and can’t get the “real” hcg drops up here.. Any suggestions of websites to get them from?

        • Deb says:

          @Kelsey, Is that true? I just bought a bottle in Canada from a clerk at a health food store who just lost on the same drops. I haven’t heard that the drops we buy aren’t “real”. Has anyone else heard this?

      • Carolyn says:

        I’ve got the HCG drops and am ready to get started. What do you eat on a typical day?

    • mkayk says:

      1,600 a day would do it. Drink plenty of water, too. We can do this, and it doesn’t have to cost us 25.00 a Drop!

      • leticia says:

        I’ve tried dieting my whole life and nothing worked for me. I tried MANY diets, ate healthy, drank lots of water and exercised frequently but I was never able to lose more than 10 pounds when I needed to lose 60 pounds, I was told that I have a slow metabolism by my doctors and I gave up dieting. I’m on my 2nd round of HCG and I have already lost 45 pounds. This has been the only thing that has worked for me- it really works! I have 15 more pounds to go and I am confident that a 3rd round of HCG will help me achieve my weight loss goal. I bought the drops on Healthier Post for $44.56 each- it only costs 50 cents per drop. If you ask me, it is well worth the money. I hope this helps anyone who is looking for something that will really work and change their outlook on dieting and their life. Best of luck to all of you who are on this path of finding weight loss tools that work!

        - Letti :)

        • norma says:

          thx for the motivation. i’ve had a thyroid problem my whole life and i’ve always had issues with my weight. glad to hear that there is something out there that can work for people like us.

        • Tasha Garcia says:

          I have thyroid problems, heart issues and PCOS (Poly-cyctic Ovary Diease) do you know if this will be much risky or safe? I have been struggling with my weight after pregnancy for 4 years. I went from 130 to 210 within the pregnancy. I have tried healthy eatting, pills, diets, exercise, etc to lose weight and I’m still at 200. I’m looking into this for help, but unsure if my health will be in risk and scared to ask dr since he been screaming bout my weight. Thanks

          • Veronica says:

            I was diagnosed with PCOS over 2 years ago because doctors could not find out what was wrong with me. I had all of the classic symptoms- acne, balding and thicker skin on the back of my neck. It took 2 different gynos to finally diagnose me. At my highest, I weighed 220 pounds. I checked with my gyno and she said that this diet was safe so I tried it. I did 3 rounds of it and lost 70 pounds. I have never felt happier. If you are considering trying this, do it. You will be so happy that you did. I’m not going to lie but the first few days were hard on the 500 calorie diet. I felt very weak and kind of dizzy but it went away after 3 days. It’s probably because my body was used to getting 3,000 calories a day :/ This diet is safe and it has changed my life. I’ve gone up a few times since stopping but I just ordered another bottle to hopefully get rid of this last 20 pounds once and for all :)

            • Tracy says:

              Hi Veronica. I have just purchased 2 bottles and about to start the HCG plan. Are start weights are about the same and I wanted to know exactly you did the plan. Also did you wait with time in between before starting a new bottle?

              • Veronica says:

                Hi Tracy, I didn’t do anything special. I just followed the diet guide religously and I did not cheat once the whole time. It took a lot of self control but I was willing to do it to lose the weight. I waited the appropriate time the product recommended before I started a new round. Good luck to you Tracy and may you lose just as much if not more than me! :)

          • Vero says:

            Do you have type 2 diabetes as well? I have PCOS but I also have type 2 diabetes. I want to try this diet but I am also unsure about how this will effect my health. I read that it is safe and natural but I want to know if anyone like me has tried this diet?

            • Myrna Vega says:

              Losing weight is great for sure but in a week I’m off my insulin. Insulin makes you ravenously hungry and makes it very hard to lose weight. What a great scam! Seeing is believing!

        • pat c says:

          Have you had any problem with hair loss? I did one round of the hcg diet very successfully and now 3 months later ready to do another round, buy my hair keeps thinning and I have probably lost at least 40% now. Thank you

          • Rita G. says:

            I have PCOS and I have hair loss as a part of the condition to begin with but I did not lose any hair while I was on the hcg diet. I read in the manuscript that hair loss is a side effect but that after you are done with the diet, your hair will grow back and go back to normal.

          • Janet says:

            Yes, I did a round of hCG and lost 30 pounds but I did notice that my hair was falling out. I would say I lost about 20%? But after I finished the diet, my hair started getting thicker again and it was no longer falling out. It’s been about 2 months since I completed the diet and my hair has gone back to normal.

            • Diane says:

              If you will buy some Biotin, by Soloray and take 10 to 15000 mgs per day your hair will come back thicker and much more quickly!!!!! If you repeat the HCG take the samge dosage while on the diet!!! This makes a HUGE difference in hair loss!!!!! Best of luck, Diane

          • Marina says:

            Did anyone try taking biotin along with the HCG to compensate for the hair loss problem? Just curious because my hair is already fine and falls out with a decent frequency due to always having to put my hair in a tight bun. I’m trying to fix the problem and dont need to mess it up now when its just starting to work for me :S

          • Mary L says:

            Does anyone know someone who has a Lap Band, gained weight back and tried HCG to loose weight again?

        • keshia says:

          thanks Letti,

          I think I will go for it and try the hcg diet

        • Tiera says:


    • kat says:

      The HCG diet works. I am not sure any one can follow a 500 calorie diet without some help. The HCG not only helps you burn the bad fat without exercising, you will not be hungry on this diet. There are times you will need to force yourself to eat the 500 calories. I went on this diet for 40 days and lost 30 pounds; have kept it off!

      • Robin says:

        I agree. I thought a 500 calorie a day diet was absurd but you really do not feel hungry at all and you have a lot more energy. I also did mild exercise while I was on this diet and it really helped to melt away all of the pounds. I did 1 round and lost 29 pounds. Super happy with the results and I would recommend this to anyone looking for something that works.

        • Brenda says:

          If you portion everything out, pre-cook it and store each meal in individual packs, you will do great. Just remember that the first few days will be hard but after you cross that bridge, it will be a breeze. Make sure you stay strong and stick to the diet for the entire time. You will not be disappointed and you will be so glad you did it once and for all!

          • kIM says:


            Im actually within my BMI but i have gone up 2 dress sizes within 2 years. Im looking at losing 1/2 – 1 st, i run 3 miles 5 days a week, swim and do weights circuits but i never seem to lose weight or drop the dress size and i still have flabby areas. I just want to get to my comfortable size where i can fit into my jeans and bra’s etc withought leaving red marks all over me!

            Would HCG diet help me lose the fat in my thighs, bottom and waist??

      • kay shelton says:

        but what IS the hcg diet…where is the diet on the website?

        • Bill says:

          The HCG diet is taking the hormone that pregnant women have naturally that allows your body to eat while still losing weight.

      • Mary says:

        I just started the drops and I am so hungry. When does it decrease your appetitie. This is my first day after the 2 pig out days. Also, how many drops do you use and do you hold them under your tongue for a while. How long after the drops do you drink anything. Is my appetitie supposed to have decreased by now or does it take a while? How can I stay faithful to 500 calories if I am so hungry now?

        • will says:

          I was really hungry and felt weak during my first 3 days on the VLCD but it went after shortly after that. You need to make sure you take the drops and wait 30 minutes before you eat anything. I drank a lot of water during this phase and that helped with my hunger. Also try flavored stevia drinks or tea with stevia in it. Sometimes you think you are hungry when all your body is trying to tell you that you are dehydrated. Hope that helps and good luck to you!

        • Lev Seven says:

          The two loading days are crucial for not feeling hungry. You have to load up on fat, not sugar and carbs. The pig out description made me think you might have missed the point. These aren’t cosy days. The goal for each days is 250 g of fat. That’s difficult to eat, but doable with the help of avocado, icecream, and cheesecake.

    • LORRAINE says:


  6. donna says:

    Do you really need to use oil free shampoo, conditioner, and deodorant?

    • Ruth Costin says:

      No you don’t need to use oil free products. Just make sure to rinse out your hair completely. A crystal rock type deodorant is recommended though.

      • Cindy says:

        I know someone who did it recently and said that oil free everything was a MUST. Even hair products.

        • Julia says:

          I read the manuscript and it says that oils from shampoo can seep into your pores but it said it was OK if you used a little and rinsed it out right away. I guess it’s better to use oil free everything and be safe than sorry!

  7. Kayleigh says:

    What happens if you do eat/drink the things you are supposedly not allowed, such as alcohol, sugar, fats, etc?

    • jams says:

      I have done multiple rounds on this diet, and have lost 100 pounds…

      • Camille says:

        How many rounds did you have to do to lose 100 pounds? I’m trying to figure out how many rounds I have to do to lose 40 pounds.

        • Pam says:

          I would say 2-3 rounds to lose 40 pounds. You could lose all of it in one round but it’s all up to how it affects your body.

        • Patty says:

          I lost 30lbs in one round…then another 10 on the maintenance phase. I’m getting ready to start my second round to loose my last 20lbs.
          I’ve tried everything and this one is the easiest to maintain. The 500cal is very restrictive, but I just told myself I can do anything for 30 days, and I did!

          • peter says:

            were you hungry while you were on this diet? i’m just afraid that i will be starving on it…..

          • carla says:

            I was not hungry when I was on the diet. I was for the first few days of the VLCD but after that, it was a breeze. The weight loss really gave me a renewed sense of confidence and I felt great losing 1-1.5 pounds a day. I love this product and I have recommended this to all of my family and friends who are over weight.

          • Amy says:

            I am so excited I start this tomorrow. I am worried about the phase 2 of the hcg diet protocol with only 500 calories. Do I only eat what it states to eat or just stay within the 500 calories with no sugars?

            • KayBee says:

              YES, follow the directions and DO NOT CHEAT! It is not worth it and if you follow the protocol, you will not be disappointed :)

      • Vicki says:

        Good for you!!!!

      • Tracy says:

        I just brought the drops, can you give me the instructions on this diet and also do you wait a specific amount of time before starting a new bottle?

    • dennis borsuk says:

      trying it, lost 22lb. 1 month. need to lose 20 more.

    • Martina says:

      I cheated while I was on this diet and I hit a plateau where I just stopped losing weight. It was pretty frustrating because I was losing half pound/a pound a day before that. But after 3 days, I stuck to the diet and started losing again. You have to stick to the diet if you want to keep losing and not hit a plateau. I learned my lesson but at least I didn’t gain anything back!

      • sean says:

        is there something you have to do if you cheat? i just cheated yesterday and now i have stopped losing weight. i’m not sure what to do, help!!!!!

        • Tori says:

          Yes, I believe you can do a mini steak day and apple day. This helps if you cheat or if you hit a plateau with your weight loss.

    • Sandra says:

      If you cheat, you will not lose weight and you will just hit a plateau. You could even gain some weight if you do this. I would definitely not recommend cheating as you are only cheating yourself and your wallet- not worth it. Stick to the diet, lose the weight and you will be very happy!

      • Deborah says:

        I stuck to the 500 calorie diet 90% of the time and did 700 calories on some days and I still got amazing results. I did 2 rounds and lost 37 pounds. I probably could have lost more if I did not do the 700 calories on some days but I just wanted to see how a little more food would affect me during the first round and I found that I was still losing a lot of weight so I continued it. You really do not feel hungry at all when you are on the drops and that part was crazy for me because I love sweets and anything fried.

        • Robyn I. says:

          So you can modify the diet to what’s right for you? My friend said that you have to follow everything to a T but I’m just scared about not being able to eat any carbs! I love bread and pasta so I’m not sure if I can do this?!

          • Jamie says:

            No, you are supposed to follow the diet to a T to get the maximum weight loss. I did and it was hard for the first week I’ll admit, but after that, it was really easy. I’m sure seeing all of the weight drop helped a little ;) My friend did this also and she ate 700 calories a day on it and still lost weight so I’m not sure how that works but I were you, I would definitely just follow the diet to a T to be safe.

  8. curiousman says:

    I am curious to see what chemicals are in hcg and what are the side effects, since no one is talking about that in these discussions. How can something help lose weight without exercise? Isn’t that bad for your heart and arteries?

    • melissa says:

      All reputable companies only carry pure HCG. The drops would only contain HCG, which is a natural hormone, and a few amino acids that help with the absorption of it. The side effects that I’ve found are nausea, weakness on the first few days of starting the diet and some leg cramps. Dr. Simeon’s book explains how this natural hormone helps you stay full while it burns off excess fats stored in your body. I think mild to moderate exercise would help with this diet and would help you stay healthy.

      • leilani says:

        is there a certain amount we should look for in the product?

        • sheri says:

          Not a certain amount but you want to make sure it is pure hCG and that it is manufactured in a FDA approved facility. There are many companies out there that claim they have hCG but their products are laced with other ingredients and not produced in an approved facility.

      • Cindy says:

        The side effects are not a result of the HCG itself but rather the result of the toxins that have been stored in your fat that are being released. Releasing toxins always makes you feel like shiznit (nausea, weak, flulike etc…)

      • haley says:

        I do a lot of exercise, running 3 days a week. I read that you should only walk during Phase 2… can anyone tell me if they have run throughout Phase 2??

        • Jennifer Potts says:

          I did the elliptical during phase 2 but I toned it WAY down. I normally do 1 hour a day on it at level 8 but I just did 15 minutes every other day just to be safe. I still felt really good and I didn’t feel weak. I would suggest to start slow to see how your body feels.

        • PG says:

          Walking or lite toning is the most that you can do without messing up the hcg diet. I have read that you need to increase calories anywhere from 500-800, if you exercise. My first round I lost 39 lb. I also walked almost everyday for about 40 minutes, but this is something that I do anyway. I walk the beach with my dogs. I am doing a second round presently and actually have increased my protein on some days and have tried a couple of things not on the Dr. S’s list. (minimal amounts). I have had no ill effects. I am only off .5 of a lb. from my first round. I kept good records of weight and diet to compare rounds.
          I have been able to put fat free half n half or milk in my coffee with no change in weight loss. I also have used all my same shampoos, conditioners, and facial creams with no problems.
          After my first round, I noticed about 3-4 months later that my hair had stopped growing sometime near the end of phase 3. I never lost large amounts of hair or had bald spots. What happened was that I noticed that my hair was getting very thin all of a sudden and it was just horrible. It went back to its normal rate of growth about 1/2 inch a month and it is finally looking better. This time I am taking supplements. I hope I do not go through this hair thing again because it is awful. This is why I have increased my protein a bit too. I understand that if you lose weight rapidly and in large amounts in a short amount of time it can cause stress and your body will seek extra protein too, thus hair growth slows or stops. Good luck to you.

          • lindsey says:

            what vitamins are you taking for the hair loss? i heard that there are many supplements you cannot take while you are on this diet. any advice you have helps!

    • Mindy A. says:

      The side effects I’ve read about are weakness, fatigue and nausea when your body is adjusting to the diet. I’ve also heard of some women having issues with hair loss but that is very rare. This diet allows you to eat very healthy lean proteins and vegetables high in nutrients while it keeps your body full. Your body then burns the extra fat deposits that it has stored for years to use as fuel while you are on the diet. It does not affect your arteries or anything like that. If anything, it helps your heart health by burning off all of the stored fat you have in your body.

      • Jan says:

        You say here that hair loss is very rare. According to the blog, there are mutiple entries with women saying they had hair loss. What is your refrence point. how do you know its very rare? Just because some reading material with the product says so? Is it worth the hair loss to someone that already has hair loss to take the product and endure the emotional pain of more hair loss or the emotional pain be fat?
        It’s a toss up to me.

        • Lori says:

          I did see some shedding when I was on this but it stopped after I finished the diet. I lost a total of 40 pounds and I am beyond ecstatic. It is totally worth it to me because any shedding I had grew back and now I am finally where I’ve always wanted to be!!!! :)

      • Garrett says:

        I’m just now about to start this diet plan and I’m hoping to lose around 20-30 pounds but would the weight loss work faster if you exercise like running or walking mile a day?

        • Kevin says:

          NO, only walking and toning is allowed while you are on the diet. The 500 calories cannot sustain activities like running a mile. You will not be feeling well if you do that. Just take the drops and walk and you will see that you will feel great with just those.

        • Jim says:

          No, if you exercise rigorously, you will put your body in starvation mode instead of burn off fat mode. Just follow the guide and take the drops as directed and you will loose the weight with no exercise

    • Kallau says:

      You can exercise. Brisk walking is recommended and you can lift light weights to help the lose skin from losing the weight. Just no cardio. If you do cardio workouts your body will go into starvation mode because you won’t have enough calories (food) to substain the workout. If your body goes into starvation mode it will not shed fat. I stores it!

    • bjbridges says:

      Hi, all I can say, is when in doubt, leave out. Did you know insulin is the substance that tells the body to put on weight:. So if you have all that stuff that nutritionists tell you to leave out of your diet, like white bread and sugar. Even orange and apple juice are high in sugar. Leave these things out of your diet and your body will love you for it. Cheers:-)

      • Joy says:

        Just wanted to ask as you mentioned insulin, I have type 2 diabetes, and am on prescribed metformin, I am about to start on theHCG diet, but am not sure if I should continue to take the metformin whilst on the diet, as these have insulin regulating effect, so am not sure about the interaction of the two chemicals?? Any advice from type 2 diabetes sufferers.

        • Myrna Vega says:

          I am off all my diabetes. meds after 1 week ..but. your body will tell you…if your sugar keeps dropping you’ll know to starting to cut bank. I was taking 55 units of latus insulin a night and had to keep cutting back because I’d wake up with the shakes and have to cheat & drink some orange juice. Tonight no insulin. But be sureyou keep checking your sugar. I’m not a doctor.

  9. sally says:

    Has anyone with diabetes tried the HCG diet.. It sounds too good to be true I have been trying unsuccessfullly to loose weight but e ither my age or the meds I am taking for my diabetes (type 2)
    are proving weight loss to be near impossible.. Do i dare try this diet???????? My doctor is a big fan of the just ” just eat less diet” but of course he weighs about 150 pounds..

    • mike says:

      started drops end of may weighed 274 pounds my suger counts were mid teens have a medical condition ( bone marrow cancer) asked my hemotologist if i should try it he agreed lost a total of 60 pounds and feel great blood counts are great no need to take diabetes pills stopped taking drops for two months weight stays off really works thank you HCG

    • sara says:

      My dad had two months to get his diabetes under control or the doctor was going to put him on SHOTS. He is now on NOTHING for his diabetes and doing so good. It’s awesome and I myself after having four babies really wanted to get rid of those few 10lbs after each baby leftovers and I did using the hcg diet and Im so happy about 30lbs in 40 days. And Im still keeping it off and eating whatever I want with walking and not eating the whole pie but SMALL amounts of whatever…Loving it..

      • dustin says:

        So you are able to keep it off by eating smaller portions and exercising? Do you restrict carbs or anything like that?

      • Dean says:

        Does he have type 1 or 2? I really want to try this and I have type 2. I really need to lose this weight…

        • Angela says:

          Using drops for 15 days and I have lost 21.6 lbs. Need to do 3 or more rounds. My insulin requirements have already reduced by less than half. I am considered a brittle diabetic (adult onset) who was put on some expensive insulin as I was resistant to my old. Lots of energy. Feel great and with the good results to start it gives me the motivation to keep going until I reach goal. I am around food constantly due to family and work, does not cause me to cheat. Anyone can do it if I can.

          • lacy says:

            That’s amazing! I am on day 7 and I have lost 3 pounds so far. I hope to get the same results as you. I was feeling hungry on day 3 and 4 but now that has all subsided. I have 30 more days to go…Thanks for the motivation! :)

            • Linda Prinster says:

              Something is not working properly. Typical weight loss should be 5-10 pounds the first week and then slows to an average of .5 to 1 pound per day. Things to consider: not good hcg, not following protocol, interference by medication with side effect of weight gain or similar, creams, etc. 3 pounds for the first 7 days is NOT right.

        • Tasha Garcia says:

          My father has type 2 diabetes and has been on the hcg shots that dr gave him he has been loosing weight he was almost 500lbs and is now under 400lbs.. Hope that helped

  10. Kit says:

    You have two types of fat. VAT- Visceral Adipose Tissue Which is belly Fat. IT Deposits around your organs and make it more difficult for them to work. This is why persons with an Android or Apple shaped body are more prone to Heart Attack, Diabetes, and other Obesity co-Morbidity. Your other fat SCAT- Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue are what we as humans developed as fat stores over the time of our evolutionary process. These were used in the time of famine as energy sources, your body turning the fat into ATP to give your brain and other organs an energy source. They are more prevalent in women, because they are more important for the survival of the species as classically they can only carry one fetus and rarely two fetus at a time (you only need one healthy male specimen to fertilize a group of females).

    That said , since you can “target” VAT fat stores, with the hcg diet you can in essence get rid of the bad belly fat deposits and lose weight.

  11. Elizabeth says:

    there is no chemicals in this stuff.. its just a pregnancy hormone… and im guessing it would work since im 20 weeks pregnant, eat like its going out of style, and only gained 3 lbs, which is definitely going t my boobs (size 36B to a 36D in like, 2 weeks). if you want, go ahead and try it. or ladies, just have a baby (:

    • shauna hill says:

      I need some of that!

    • Samantha says:

      Amen to that!!!

    • Srapamr says:

      If hcg is what makes u lose on this diet how do u explain my immense weight gain with each one of my pregnancies when my body was full of hcg?

      • Robin says:

        I have the same question…in each of my 4pregnancies, I would gain about 20 pounds in the first trimester…even though I was so sick i kept nothing down…

        • Tasha Garcia says:

          I know its interesting because I went from 130 to 210 in my pregnancy, but I had pregnancy diabetes

          • Lourdes says:

            Me too. I went from 125 to 190 and I developed gestational diabetes as well. It went away after I had my baby but this weight has stayed with me since. How come I didn’t lose all the weight?

        • Madelyn says:

          What were you eating when you were pregnant? The HCG diet only allows lean proteins like chicken breasts and fish and the vegetables allowed are also very healthy like asparagus and cabbage. You will not lose weight if you are eating starches, sweets or fried things. That’s probably why you didn’t lose any weight during your pregnancies,

      • Sampson says:

        The diet only works if it is done in conjunction with a 500 calorie diet (VLCD). There are certain foods that you can eat and other than what you can eat and the proper portion of them, you cannot have anything else. So if you were pregnant, you body was full of the hormone but you probably were not following such a strict diet to supplement the hormone, hence you will not see any weight loss. It’s been studied and it really works if you following the strict diet regimen that is recommended.

      • Kallau says:

        You probably weren’t on a 500 calorie eating program!

        Eating only 500 calories when your body requires 3000 a day means your body will use stored fat for energy.

        The HCG just makes you feel full so you can survive the 500 calories a day.

        Otherwise if you were just eating 500 calories a day you would be hungry and grouchy and you probably wouldn’t/couldn’t stay on the diet long and then gain anything you lost back right away.

        This does work, but you have to have the right mind set to start and stick with it. We are all ready when we are ready.


    • Bridget says:

      Interesting… I have been seaching for answers to why I lost weight and felt so well during my pregnancies and it all goes to the dogs after…. While pregnant with my 2nd son I gained 6 kgs and had a 4 kg baby (9lb 3oz) so in the month after his birth I was 10kgs lighter than when I first got pregnant! brilliant! But while breast feeding, eating and exercising exactly the same as when I was pregnant I gained an average of 1 kg a month – 10 months later I am back where I started. I am really excited about the HCG diet especially if it does target the right fats like I have been reading- I only heard of it for the first tme today and there is some one in NZ who is importing the product. Amazing what a small amount of time on google can achieve!

  12. Elizabeth says:

    and im not quite sure what would be a side effect… nausea? morning sickness? its jus a pregnancy hormone.. the exact one that is detected on a pregnancy test you buy at the store. thats all it is. to be honest though, I’ve never felt healthier beforei was pregnant than now in my 2nd trimester (:

    • kat says:

      The side effects; after being on the diet for four weeks, you will be weak; but that’s only if you choose to not exercise while taking the drops.

    • Carol says:

      I hope I feel like that when I start the diet. I’m planning on starting this weekend. I’ve never been pregnant before either so this will be all new to me. Wish me luck!

      • Tracy says:

        I can’t find were it said how many hcg drops and how often to take them. Can someone help me with that? Thank you for your support .


        • Ashley says:

          It should say on the bottle for the suggested use. Some say 10 drops 3 times a day and some are 20 drops twice a day. Mine say 20 drops twice a day. Hope that helps.

  13. Elizabeth says:

    Once you’ve lost weight after being on HCG Drops, what then? Do you continue to be on the Drops? Is it a lifetime thing?

    • kat says:

      After finishing the HCG diet, I went on three weeks of adkins; gradually adding in starches and sugars; continued monitoring my weight daily; if I gained weight, I knew what food triggered my weight gain and just stayed away from that food. The diet really works, but you need to make life style changes to keep the weight off.

    • sheri says:

      No, after you have achieved your weight loss goals and stop the drops, your metabolism is reset so as long as you eat sensibly and exercise, you should be able to keep the weight off. I lost 60 pounds on this diet and went a little nuts last Christmas and gained 15 pounds back. I just did another round of it and was able to lose the 15 plus 5 more and I’ve kept it off since then. This time around, I’m going to eat smaller portions of ham, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole and apple pie and not go nuts!

    • Cindy says:

      Please people. Read the instructions for the diet. It does not end after phase I (the 500 calorie portion). There is a very specific and detailed plan that you MUST follow post diet for SIX WEEKS in order to properly finish. Without following the plan to a “T” you are at a high risk of gaining the weight back.

      • Allan says:

        You’re right. You must follow the directions especially during the maintenance phase where you start to slowly integrate carbs, cheeses, etc. back into your diet. You must follow all of the instructions in order to get the maximum weight loss and maintain your weight.

      • Trish says:

        What if you want to exercise, can you? I do ZUMBA for 3 hours/week currently and don’t want to give it up.

        • Dawn says:

          You probably want to do a little higher calories if you do ZUMBA, that way your body won’t go into starvation mode.

        • Blake D says:

          I was able to exercise when I was on it but I definitely toned it down because I did not know how it would affect my body. I went from 1 hour of cardio 3 times a week to 20 minutes of cardio 3 times a week. It worked well while I was on the 500 calorie diet and I did not feel weak or tired at all. If I kept my normal exercise routine, that may have been a little too much for my body to handle.

  14. Sammy1021 says:

    I’ve been taking this for 2 weeks and have lost 15 pounds so far. I like that I do not have to excercise with this. I really didn’t think it would work. Does anyone know if HCG is containdicated with any diseases? My mother in law wants to start but she has hypothyroidism.

    • Jean says:

      I was just diagnosed with hypothyroidism, and I just started hcg. THe same dr. who diagnosed me also put me on the diet, so he obviously thinks it is ok. Have her check with her doctor.

      • Sammy1021 says:

        Thanks for that! I’m sure she will be excited to try this. Can you please let me know if you experience any side effects and how your weight loss is progressing? Not sure if it will effect her differently because she is on meds for it and I haven’t had any side effects but I don’t take any meds. Thanks again! :)

      • MJ says:

        I have hypothyroidsm and my doctor gave me an ok to do the HCG diet. Hope it will work…keeping my fingers crossed! I want to lose 10 pounds by Christmas… :)

  15. Judith says:

    People get really scared about the 500 calorie diet but they don’t understand that when you are taking the drops, you do not feel hungry. I’ve heard from some people that even the 500 calories feels like too much for them because they feel full and do not need the extra calories.

  16. John says:

    When I did it, I did a 7 day cleanse before I started the drops. The cleanse helped me clean out my system before starting on the diet and I felt refreshed after it. I believe it helped me lose more weight than if I did not do the cleanse. I’ve been off my last round for over 5 months and I’ve been able to maintain my weight.

  17. sandra says:

    My friends are trying this. So far so good. Sounds almost too good to be true! Maybe it will work for my husband! Thx!

  18. linda says:

    would this interfere with birth control? Would it be unhealthy to take if i just want to loose 10 pounds?

    • danielle says:

      I checked this in Dr. Simeon’s Manuscript and he does allow oral contraceptives! Nothing is said about other methods of birth control but it does say you can take the pill. I would probably check with your gyno first anyways. Good luck! :)

  19. Tita says:

    does birth control interact with hcg drops?

    • christina says:

      i have a question, me an my mom will be taking the hcg injections with in the next week an i had a question about the depo shot… if it had any side effects or any dangers with mixing them, i have to get the depo shot every 3 months, but i didnt kno if there was anything that can cause any danger to my body….! any blood clots or something serious, im really scared about taking the injections cuz of me being on the depo… any answers, id like to kno :) thkx

      • Pat says:

        hCG is not contraindicated with any medical conditions or medications so you should be OK but I did not see anything about the depo shot being OK to be used with it in Dr. Simeon’s manuscript. You should ask your obgyn and the doctor who you are getting the injections from if it is safe before you start.

  20. Jenny says:

    I have been on this diet for 11 days and i have lost a total of 10 pounds. it really does work..

    • Adams says:

      Jenny, i heard it is really strict. is it easy if you have a 9-5 job?

      • Leah says:

        I work full time as an admin assistant at a doctors office. What I do is buy all of the proteins in bulk and portion all of the 2 oz portions out and cook all of it on the weekend along with the veggies. I bring my 2 portions with me to work, along with any snacks I am allowed (apples, bread sticks) and LOTS of water and flavored stevia. I just pop my already cooked proteins and veggies in the microwave at work and it has worked out great. It was hard at first because we get a lot of Pharma reps who bring fatty lunches to our office but I just eat my lunch at my desk. I’ve been on the diet for 3 weeks and have already lost 19 pounds! So worth the extra effort of prepping everything on the weekend and just heating it up at work during the week.

        • Dorinda Parmley says:

          Leah , your situation sounds just like mine. I work in a clinic and the same thing with drug reps bringing food in. I just take my lunch with me and let the rest of the coworkers have my part of the drug rep food. I have been on the HCG since Jan 2nd and lost 12 lbs in 14 days. I plan to finish!!

          • Leah says:

            LOL, it was hard at first to walk away from all the food but I just eat my lunch at my desk instead of in the break room ;) Congrats on your success so far! You are going to love the results when you are all finished! :)

  21. Adams says:

    I want to lose weight but not THAT much. While I would love to return to a size 12, I have no desire to be “skinny”. On the other hand, I have delt with menstrual irregularity and am curious if the weight loss would help in regulation. Not a fan of birth control at all! Looking for more natural remedies. Any input?

    • sophia says:

      You can try 1 round of it and see how it effects your cycle. I found that it decreased my flow when I was on it but when I stopped the diet, it went back to how it was. I’m sure it effects each person differently.

    • rachel g. hammond says:

      I did this diet to lose 10 pounds and I did. I did stay on it for the full 30 days but I have lost the weight and have been able to keep it off. Seems like this product adjusts to how much weight your body needs to lose to be healthy.

  22. Heather says:

    I am very interested in this diet. I’ve read that it’s fine to take birth control with it but do the HCG drops make the birth control less effective? Also, what kinds of foods are the best to eat during phase 2? My concern is I work at Panera and usually eat there the days I work and it’s not exactly the best for you and I HATE salads. Thanks!

    • Cameron says:

      Hi Heather, I’ve read that hCG does not effect the efficacy of birth control pills in particular. I haven’t been able to find any info on any other methods (the shot, the ring, etc.) For the food, you’d be surprised with what you can and cannot eat. I ate a lot of proteins like chicken, fish (which I love), veggies, toast and crackers. I hardly ate any salads either because the diet is really strict on what types of dressings you can use. Mainly just vinegar and lemon juice. But this is not a “salad or veggie only” diet. Just cook all of your meals at home the day before and you will be fine. Eating out everyday at work is probably why we all have extra weight we need to lose! I’ve been off the diet for 3 months- lost 30 pounds and I’ve been able to keep it off.

  23. tracy says:

    Can you drink any alcohol during the dieting phase?

    • guest says:

      No, you can’t drink any alcohol during this diet.

    • aubrey says:

      i wish! it was so hard to go 30 days with no drinks for girls nights out! i was the only one who was not able to drink and have a good time :( i brought my flavored stevia drinks everywhere with me. BUT, now i am 30 pounds lighter and i would not trade it for anything! we just had a girls night out celebration for me and i was finally able to drink! i had vodka tonics with lime juice and they were delicious! (and low cal) ;)

  24. jen says:

    losing slowly because i am eating but eating less. lost 5 pounds in 6 weeks. Can i continue to use hcg drops and continue to eat less and loose slowly. Any problems with continuing the hcg drops beyond 43 days?

  25. Cindy says:

    I am curioius as to how this works when you stop using the drops and go back to normal eatting. I am a very picky eatter and don’t like a lot of vegetables. How can I be sure that the weight won’t come back? As well, I run 3 miles/day how will these drops affect this?

    • Julianne says:

      If you follow the diet through the different phases, you will be able to integrate your normal diet back in without gaining the weight back. If you binge afterward and eat a ton of unhealthy foods, you will probably gain all of the weight back, This diet gets you to the weight loss you want to be at but you need to be willing to make the lifestyle changes to keep yourself there like exercising and eating healthier afterward.

  26. Heisy7 says:

    I am realy interested in try it but I don’t know how many drops shout I take per day

    • Stu says:

      The drops I purchased say 10 drops 3 times a day. Not sure if they are different with different brands.

    • heather says:

      My drops say 20 drops twice a day. I split them up into into 4 doses (10 drops) 4 times a day. And sometimes if I feel hungry or a craving, I take an additional 5-10 drops and they go away. These drops are seriously amazing. I am so impressed with my weight loss so far.

  27. Heather says:

    My mother did the HCG diet with the consultation of her physician. She had them run a series of tests, like cholesterol, bmi, weight, BP, ect. the day before she started the diet. She stuck to the diet, religiously, and she lost 15lbs, which was her goal weight loss. At the end of the diet she went to her physician and had all the same tests run again for comparision. Everything was outstanding except her good cholesterol got worse and her bad cholesterol got better. Her doctor said this was due to lack of exercise. After her weight loss she started a regular exercise program 4 days a week for 1 hour and her cholesterol returned to normal levels. It has been one year since her diet and she has gained 5 lbs back, because she discontinued the exercise program about 2 months ago. We are thinking of starting the HCG diet together.

  28. One says:

    I did the HCG diet protocol and lost 20 lbs. in about 40 days (in spite of cheating 3 times). Nothing else worked for me and I tried a lot of different diets. I think you need to fully research it before you try it and follow it as closely as you can. If you have a lot of weight to lose, it’s the way to go.

    I don’t see how it could be harmful because the food you eat is very healthy and it makes sense that you can live off your stores of fat for awhile, especially if you are very overweight or obese. I didn’t feel weak, nauseated, light headed, headachy, ravenous and awful like I do when I cut back to 1,200 calories a day. I did get a rash on my chest after the first couple of days but it soon went away. I was told it was “the toxins” leaving my body.

    • Stan says:

      That is really strange because that happened to me too. I woke up after day 2 and I had a rash all over my chest. I put some lotion on it and it went away after 3 days. I was also told that it was the toxins leaving my body. Wonder if I just have too much built up in my body from all the processed foods I used to eat!

  29. Jacqueline says:

    Hi, I’m preparing to start the diet in the new year and was wondering if anyone knows of an appropriate substitution for the Melba or bread stick? I have a gluten intolerance and although I can handle small amounts, for obvious reasons I’d like to avoid it at all costs. Anyone else in this situation?

    • Aurora says:

      I have gluten intolerance too and I have not been able to find a substitute for the toast or bread stick. I’ve just been swapping the calories for the toast and bread stick for an apple or vegetables. That was the only option I found. I just finished and I lost 20 pounds after 1 round.

      • Judy Reginaldi says:

        Hi Jacqueline and Aurora,
        My daughter is glucose intolerant also, so I thought I might be able to answer your questions about a substitution for the bread sticks and Melba toast. You could try a half or a quarter piece of tapioca bread depending on the calories, fat and sugar make up of the bread. It is safe for the gluten intolerant and can be purchased at health food stores or Krogers.

      • Kelly says:

        Jacqueline & Aurora – they have gluten free crackers now – Maybe you already know about them as this post was from last year – they’re called “Nut Thins” by Blue Diamond.

  30. Kean says:

    I weigh 380 pounds, I’ve dieted my whole life due to my “XXY” syndrome which destroys your body’s ability to produce it’s own Testosterone which in turn causes weight gain no matter what unless you can afford the insanely priced medication at over $500.00 for a 5 millimeter bottle which I might add you have to inject it directly into you muscle with a very large needle once a week for the rest of your life!
    I am going to try HCG out because it say’s it will increase your testosterone levels, I hope this means I can thin out my testosterone usage and save money, I hope this works, wish me luck!

    PS, if I lose just 1-2 pounds a month, I’ll be the happiest man in the world!
    And for those of you who think I’m not trying hard enough, why don’t you try living on just 600 calories, 2 hours of excercise and 8 glasses of water a day your whole life. Simply put, I live a vegan lifestyle and so far I gain the slowest weight that way. Boy I could just go on and on.

    • kassandra says:

      I understand your struggle and I applaud you for sharing this. Some people just do not understand how lucky they are to be “normal.” I’ve had a thyroid problem my whole life and no matter what I did, I would always put on weight. Every diet I tried, I would lose 2-10 pounds and once I stopped, I would gain all of the weight back. This is all while I was eating only 800 calories a day of salads, lean proteins, lots of water and 1 hours of exercise a day. It bothered me that everyone thought that I was just lazy or not trying hard enough. I challenge them to live one day in my shoes and I’m sure they will feel differently. I am also going to try this diet and hopefully I will get the same results as everyone on here. Thanks again for sharing your story. It’s nice to see that there are others like me who share the same struggles.

  31. Simon says:

    I’m from Ireland, Dublin and in Donnybrook we have one private wellness clinic they start doing Hcg weight loss recently. I went for a consultation with them and start the course and I already lost 3kg i think its amazing.

  32. Ann says:

    Where did you get the hcg from?

  33. Callie says:

    Hi everyone :) I’ve been exercising 3days a week now for close to two years and have yet to see any real results but a little toning. When I was in high school I was always skinny. But then I joined the military and they get you on a eating schdule-and even after four years I still struggle.The eating and the no alcohol is what will be a big problem with me. I wont deny that i’m a little scared and a little skeptical about this product and also the price. But I can at least do a little experiment for three months and see how it works. This will hopefully lead into a life chage on my eating habits :)

  34. William says:

    My girlfriend used it for 30 days and i noticed maybe 10 pounds lost. and she said that was about right. so even while following the diet restrictions, it always depends on your own metabolism. so you cant totally say you can loose 20 to 30 pounds while on the diet. to me thats a flaw.

    • toocheeky says:

      it probably adjusts to how much fat each person needs to lose. one of my friends took this for a month and lost only 12 pounds but she weighed 140 to begin with.

  35. need to lose 35 says:

    I am curious how losing 30-40 lbs so quickly may effect the skin by making it sag or look older. I have gained weight in the last 2 years since I had a broken ankle. I’m only 51 but I know the skin can sag if a person loses weight too quickly. My hope is that I haven’t been overweight long enough for it to be too bad. I’m thinking that maybe it is better to lose only 10-15 lbs at a time so the body can adjust and a person can work out to prevent this. Does anyone have any feedback on this

    • Need to lose 40 and am 50 says:


      Did you get any answers to your question as I have the same question/concern. Thanks and good luck!!!

    • Mandy says:

      I’m a personal trainer and most of my clients have the same question. Your skin will actually be fine after you lose 30-40 pounds. You’d be surprised as to how flexible it is and how it will shrink back to fit your new figure. Your skin is afterall your largest organ and it can do some amazing things. You would only have to worry about cosmetic surgery if you lost 100 pounds or more. Hope that is helpful!

  36. Katy says:

    I really need someone to answer my question truthfully. I have a hard time keeping off weight not because I can’t stay away from food but because I’ve been diagnosed with Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome after I gave birth to my son/ I haven’t been able to have regular periods and losing weight is a struggle. I’ve gained 60 unwanted extra weight. I’ve been exercising and eating well but it seems like my body produces extra insulin and it’s not helping me lose weight and also preventing me from having regular periods and ovulating. My doctor knows about this and has prescribed me some Metformin to help with my insulin levels, by the way I am not diabetic although I am slightly HYPO Glycemic. My question is, will HCG work for me even with my diagnosis? Will it help me lose weight? I don’t have a problem with being active..I just need something else to boost weight loss. I also have a pretty good metabolism. Thanks!

    • felly says:

      I was also diagnosed with Poly-cystic ovarian syndrome….. I am on the HCG diet and i have lost 13lbs in 2 weeks…. it works…

    • Nicole says:

      Hey did you ever get an answer or go ahead and try? I have the same problem but really want to try this!! It just seems like I continue to gain and gain!!! :(

    • Bethany says:

      YES, it works. I have PCOS too and I did one round and lost 32 pounds. I am on my 2nd round and I’ve lost 4 pounds so far. I would definitely say, go for it!!!

  37. Jeyjey says:

    I had a baby 7 months ago . Is is ok to use hcg while breastfeeding?

  38. Jeni says:

    I have borderline to high blood pressure. How will this affect me. Will it help to lower it or is it like other weight loss things that say if you have high bp not to take it? Please let me know because I have been attending boot camp for six months, changed my diet and the way I eat and have only lost 5 lbs. I used to be thin and want to get back to that. I need to lose about 80 lbs to be at my desired weight. I thought exercising would make the weight fall off quickly although that is not the case.

    • Jay, Physiotherapist says:

      It took years for you to put the weight on – why do you assume it would “fall off” quickly? Keep at your exercise and proper and the weight will come off and STAY OFF – slowly but surely. Everyone just wants a quick fix. Doesn’t work like that.

    • garth says:

      My blood pressure and cholesterol levels actually lowered after I finished the diet. I lost 40 pounds all together and did 2 rounds of it. It did take years for you to put on that weight but this is the only product that I have found that has worked for me. I’ve kept it off for 3 weeks now.

    • leslie says:

      hCG is a natural hormone so it will not affect any medical conditions you have or any medication you are taking. I have high blood pressure and I have been taking it for a week now and I’m down 16 pounds. I’m going to get a panel done after I finish to see if there is any improvement with my blood pressure.

  39. Mel says:

    I successfully lost 25 pounds and it’s been about 20 days and I’m wondering if I have to wait the recommended 6 weeks to start my 2nd cycle. I’m so anxious to get back on the program and lose the last 20 lbs.

    • troy says:

      Yes, you should wait the recommended time before you start the 2nd cycle. I always find that following directions is always best to be safe.

  40. Teela says:

    I want to know if this affects your heart, liver or kidneys? I have a fatty liver and have not been able to lose much weight. The only time I have lost a decent amount of weight was in the first couple months after having my babies. Its hard to lose weight when I have a f/t desk job, evening classes and of course spending time at home as a mom.

    • leslie says:

      HCG is a natural hormone. When you are on it, it is basically like how your body was while you were pregnant with your baby. It does not affect any of your organs or your health. It’s hard for some people to look at it that way but it is just like being pregnant (even for men!) :)

  41. Agirl says:

    I saw a family member at christmas and was blown away with how good she looks. She has always struggled with her weight… and I have as well. She lost 32 lbs her first run at the hcg diet and swears by it. Said she never feels hungry and still has her energy… even more than before because she is now weighing less. Seeing her results after only 24 days makes me very excited to try it.

    • Ms Reed says:

      I started the drops 1 week ago and am very excited about the results…however unlike some of what you guys are saying I stay hungry. So I was wondering what I may be doing different or wrong from what you guys are doing. I’ve lost 10lbs in 7 days so for me its definately worth it…but I must admit I do have periods of being hungry.

      • Dawn says:

        Check to see if you have any sugary things in your diet, could even be sugary veggies, sugar will make you feel hungry. It may also be phycological. I know people that have food addiction and they feel hungry when they really are not.

      • Joanne says:

        I have been on the hcg diet for 7 days today and lost 4.4kg. I am on the 20 day cycle. I was a sceptic to begin with
        and did not believe that I wouldnt be hungry but decided to try it because I knew a number of people who had tried and lost heaps of weight. I hated water but kept at it because thats what the book said and it really does work. My goal is to lose 15kg and each day I cant wait to weigh myself to see how much I have lost.
        Like you Ms Reed Im excited and will look at doing another round if I dont reach my goal weight.

      • susie says:

        try drinking plenty of water. i was hungry too for most of the first week but drinks lots of water helped me fight off any hunger pains

        • AJ says:

          I smoke & hv HBP. I’m thinking about trying this. A friend of mine is doing the hcg diet & has lost 10 pounds in less than 2 weeks. I think I’m going to check w/my dr first but does anyone know if this is ok to take while your taking blood pressure meds, acid reflux meds, Lexapro & cholesterol meds too? LOL I’ve got a long list….

          • Sue Ellen says:

            Yes, HCG is not contraindicated with any medications or medical conditions as it is all natural so you will be fine. Checking with your doctor first is always a good thing :)

  42. AO says:

    Anyone still use tobacco while on the hcg diet and have adverse effects? I know it is bad but it helps suppress my appetite, and then hopefully I can quit while this diet is completed.

    • Aaron says:

      You still feel hungry on the drops? When I take them and eat the 500 cal, I don’t feel hungry. I’m sure it is OK but it’s probably best that you do not smoke while you are on this diet because doctors tell women who are pregnant to stop smoking. Hope that helps.

  43. Stephanie says:

    Having just started this diet, I must say, my fiancé and I are both very impressed. I am 25 & when I started 5 days ago, I weighed 148lbs. I have lost 2 pounds everyday and can actually see my tummy getting flatter. We both took before pictures so it’ll be interesting to see the results when we have completed the 21 days! We were instructed by a nurse (who has already done the diet once, and now has started again) to get a good multivitamin so we got centrum. I’m not sure if it was my body reacting to the diet or the vitamins (I also took a calcium pill) but I vomited. I STRONGLY suggest you get lots of sleep and water! We both have had headaches for the last two days. HCG Diet works, just be good to your body…we can survive without food, we can’t survive without water!

    • jasmine says:

      yes, lots of water and flavored stevia helped me get through this diet. i was really hungry at the beginning but drinking a lot helped me feel “full” during the beginning and helped me get through it. i’m down 24 pounds and this was so worth it!!!

  44. Olivia says:

    How much does a “cycle” of hcg treatment cost?

  45. Marsha says:

    I was skeptic at first, but thought hey why not! I had tried everything else, nothing worked long term! So I ordered the HCG drops!! I was only going to do it for a short period of time! 23 days! I started the diet and in the first week I lost 13 lbs! I am not kidding!!! Very serious people! What you have to understand is that I am not your average size women. I stand at 6ft 3inches, and in the beginning I weight 358! At the end of my 23 days, I was floored! The scale showed 332.8! With that, my doctor was pleased and he was able to cut down on my medications! (you can’t weigh 358 without complications of high blood pressure and diabeties). I am now on the maintenance phase and cant wait to strart the next round!! My goal is to see another 25 pound drop! My advice, research, research, research!! The more you know the better you’ll achieve your goals!! There is a lot of false info on this HCG journey, but you have to research and find whats best for you! And you have to be able to listen to your inner self and be honest with yourself! This journey will force you to reevaluate yourself in alot of ways because this journey is very unforegiving! I am no expert but I will be honest about this because out of all the things I have done and considered, this was theonly thing that worked for me!! And this is coming from a true “BIG GIRL”! Much success to you on your journey!

    • Olga says:

      I am going to start the HCG diet through a clinic on February 4th and am so excited about this, I have tried many diets to no avail. I have to loose 80lbs and hope to continue the rounds until I achieve my goal. I am so thrilled to find this website with such encouraging stories. I cannot wait to start my journey. I hope one of you could be my buddy on this journey.

      • Carolyn says:

        Hi, Olga! I’m ready to get started and would love to “buddy up” with you. I’ve been reading all of these posts and still don’t quite understand what I can and can’t eat. How is it going for you? What do you eat in a typical day?

    • heather says:

      thank you so much for sharing that… its a real motivation to me(and other larger people i am sure).. I started 8 days ago and am 12lbs down… I do have times when i am so hungry i could chew off my arm, but it soon passes and so far i have been able not to cheat( which is a first for me being as i always have on much higher calories than this before).

  46. Jacqueline says:

    Hi, I’m starting my loading phase right now and I had a small concern that I realized only today: moisturizing. I am an avid moisturizer, and pull out the heavy duty vitamin E oil for the cold winter weather. I know that it is recommended not to use moisturizer or even lip products or it can stop the weight lose for up to a week. That being said, has anyone found an alternative to moisturizing that hasn’t affected the diet? A more moisturizing face cleanser? beeswax lip products? Anything?

  47. Laurie says:

    My mom introduced the HCG diet to me. At first I was skeptical but as I watched the weight melt off my mom in a week, I started to believe and decided to give it a try. I did my first round of HCG drops on the 40 day program from October to November 2011. I lost a total of 25lbs and kept it off through the holidays managing to lose another 2lbs! I lost weight during the holidays instead of gaining! Absolutely amazing! I found a lot of the foods I used to love are no longer so appetizing. I did cheat here and there on my first round but, I am pumped up for my second round and looking forward to sticking with it 100%! I am determined to lose a pound a day this time!

  48. Abbey says:

    Is this diet only for overweight people? I am interested in it because I have been trying to lose some pure fat-weight. I have a BMI of about 20–am I an O.K. candidate for this diet?

    • Jacqui says:

      I went on this diet and my goal was only to lose 15 pounds. I just wanted to get back to how I was prior to my baby and I was able to lose most of the weight by exercising and eating healthy. I tried every diet out there and exercising but I just could not lose the 15 pounds. I did 1 round of it and was able to lose it. I think it’s very strange that some people lose so much weight on 1 round but I just lose the 15 pounds I wanted to lose. I think it adjusts to what your body needs to lose and for some people, they may need to lose 60 pounds but it’s really neat that it did that. I’m just happy that I was able to finally lose this last 15 pounds. You should try 1 round of it and I’m sure you will lose the fat.

  49. Amanda says:

    I would love to hear from anyone that this diet has truly helped them. I am concerned, cause i have a friend who has thought about trying this, but im are concerned due to the fact that she is considered morbidly obese, and afraid if it will work for her. Has anyone who has been in that category tried this and had positive or negitive reaults id love to know. Any help you guys may have would be greatly appreciated, and any all other info would be amazing too. Thank you and gl to you all on your diets!!!

  50. Mrs.K says:

    I just want to loose about 10. Is this a good diet for low number goals?

    • stevie w. says:

      i did the diet and lost 12 pounds. that is all i needed to lose and i did with 1 round.

    • Miss G says:

      I have the same question. I weigh 128 but am about 10-15 pounds heavier than I’d like, especially since I’m apple shaped and have the dangerous abdominal fat. I’m in my late 40s and think I may have some hormonal issues that are impeding my efforts at weight loss. I wonder if one round would work for me? It seems most people on this board have extreme amounts of weight to lose. I think losing 20-30 pounds would be dangerous for me.

  51. Lore A. says:

    I am a type 2 Diabetic who has over 200 lbs. to lose. I’m on 2 types of insulin. My biggest problem is I have limited mobility. I have osteoarthritis in both knees, and torn Achilles tendons. I get out of breath easily. Would these drops work for me and would it be safe?

  52. Kellie says:

    Hi I was wondering about the hcg hormone. When we do tests for pregnancy it’ll be positive if there is any hcg detected. Will taking this product give false pregnancy tests?? And if by some chance got pregnant during the diet would it have bad effects on the baby?

  53. Stephanie says:

    How are people maintaining this weight loss? Do people gain the weight back the instant they reintroduce any carbs or sugars? I’m not worried about the losing part… It’s about the part after. I obviously don’t plan on gorging after losing weight but I want to know if I’m going to have to eat like a rabbit forever to keep these results.

  54. Bruiseviolet says:

    I have used the hcg drops successfully and lost over 70lbs!

  55. Helen says:

    I’ve done the hcg diet 3 times. First time I did it sublingually, next time I did it with the injections and the next time I did it with homeopathic drops. All 3 ways seem to work the same and when followed exactly the diet gets the weight off and keeps it off. However, I found that after the first few days of loosing quickly the weight loss slowed down to about 1/2 lb a day and I never lost more than 18lbs. I have kept about 30 lbs off over the last couple of years but the last 18 keep coming back. I’m about to try again but I’m wondering how effective it is after a few tries and if your body can become immune.

  56. Cindy says:

    I am soon to be 55 years old, am 5’4″ and weighed 250 lbs. I began this diet 7 days ago and have already lost 11.5 pounds. Ihave felt light headed for several days at work and wonder if this is going to continue?

    • Hilary says:

      Yeah, I’ve been feeling light headed and weak for over a week now. A friend recommended that I take a multivitamin because she says that it can be caused from lack of vitamins. I’ve been taking nature’s multivitamin for 2 days now and I have noticed the symptoms are going away. Hopefully that helps you with feeling weak. Aside from that, I can’t complain about all the weight loss!

  57. kerry shepherd says:

    I do not like or enjoy salads could i have vegs inplace of the salad. thank you

    • jerseygurl says:

      Yeah, not sure where you are seeing “salads” from but you do not have to eat that on this diet. There are many vegetables that you can choose from on this like spinach, lettuce, asparagus, cabbage, etc.

  58. Yogi10ir says:

    I have been using HCG for 10 days so far I lost 4 kg and what I did is reduce my diet to around 800-1000 per day
    so my Not bad so my question is; How am I feeling sharper that before? Because usually when I have low calorie I got very bad headache or feeling tired. How can it keep me sharp? In addition, it is possible to use that for other occasions? (ex. 10 Drop Go for meeting)
    Thanks in advance

  59. Rose says:

    Has anyone done the hcg diet while being on blood thinners? When they took me off Premerin because I got blood clots in my lungs I gained 25 pounds. I need to lose weight but have tried everything!

  60. Kasey says:

    How are you keeping it off after you get off the diet? And when you say you did one round how many days is one round?


    • Sasha p. says:

      The protocol is broken up into different phases and phase 3 helps you to reintroduce normal foods back into your diet. If you follow all of the phases, you will be able to keep the weight loss off. One round is typically around 21-30 days.

  61. tanya says:

    I was just looking up the hcg diet, there are so many bottles out there with hcg on it. How do I know which one is the right one to purchase?

    • anya says:

      I did a lot of research online and I kept coming back to Healthier Post’s drops. I am on day 14 and I’ve already lost 16 pounds. They are a reputable company and their customer service has been very supportive as well. I called a few times when I first started this diet and their customer service reps were always very friendly and helpful. I called some other companies I found online and their customer service people were very short and rude. Seemed like they just wanted to take my order and move me on. I would definitely recommend Healthier HCG drops to anyone looking to lose weight with a good product and a great company. I ordered the 3 bottle pack and got a free cleanser:

      • Janet says:

        Hi, I bought my HCG here too and got the free cleanser. But I didn’t receive any instructions on how to use them or a lost of foods to eat. Do you have any suggestions. Did you get any of this. Also, I get low blood sugars will this help or make that worse since I don’t get much food?

        • Steph says:

          I ordered from here too. I called asking for the guides and they gave me the password to download them. Just go and download the instructions from the healthier vault.

          After following the instructions for 10 days, I’ve already lost 9 pounds. I’m a fan of the hCG Diet. :)

  62. Angie says:

    I am 52 years old, post-menopausal and taking Tamoxifen to prevent breast cancer recurrence. Does anyone know if the HCG drops cause an increase in estrogen production? I have been trying to lose 20 pounds but cannot seem to take it off, despite excercise and dieting. Would like to try HCG drops, but don’t want it to interfere with Tamoxifen. I am otherwise in excellent health. Any light shed would be welcome.

    • Kate says:

      You need to check with your doctor. It is a hormone and does affect my hormones. Some rounds i needed to take hormone replacement and other rounds i didnz’t need them. My doctor (a DO) is competent with the HCG protocol but most doctors don’t know much about it. She tests my blood levels frequently and we make adjustments.

  63. Anita Kumar says:

    This is really fantatics – my daughter in only 16 yrs old and she really wanted to loose weight – we tried few shakes and GYM did not work well. in Dec 2011 I was introduce to this HCG diet through a friend who lost 12kg – as a good friend she recomended for my daughter. After lots of eating in x-mas and new years she started in this diet and in two weeks she lost 10kg – very very surprised, she is still on it now and wants to loose another 10kg.
    Im extremely happy – with result and I have recommended all the families – DO NOT LISTEN TO ANYONE TRY IT BY YOURSELF AND YOU WILL BE HAPPY IT IS NOT A MONEY WASTE BUT SOMETHING YOU WANT TO PAY MORE

  64. Jan says:

    Has any one requested their 100% money back gaurentee because they were not satisfied?

  65. Yoshimi says:

    I think that this sounds good for people who have trouble losing weight. However, if it is just because you are too lazy to exercise it probably isn’t a good plan. You will lose weight but if you aren’t even doing any exercise too keep yourself fit and in shape, you aren’t doing yourself any good. At least keep yourself healthy and keep your cardio up by getting physical activity in there instead of letting the drops to all the work while your muscles turn into limp noodles.

  66. Jen says:

    Does anyone know if this interferes with trying to get pregnant?

    • Lisa says:

      I would probably not take this if you are trying to become pregnant because you could get false positive pregnancy tests. Do it after you have a baby or lose the weight then start trying.

  67. Anita says:

    I am starting the diet today. I did my two days of gorging! And I defiinitely hope the diet works but I feel horrible and guilty after gorging! So stay posted for more results from me!

  68. Leti says:

    Does this really work for extremely overweight people like me (270 lbs.)?????

    • Luke says:

      YES, if you are a skeptic, you need to TRY it before you make up your mind. I have lost over 70 pounds on this and it has been a GODSEND for me.

    • Kate says:

      Absolutely! I was 220 and have lost 50 lbs easy peasy. No more high blood pressure! Feel wonderful! Lovevall my new clothes!!

  69. Amy says:

    I was looking into doing these drops and I was wondering about bad side effects? Are there any like harmful side effects later in life and what if I am on birth control can I still use it?

  70. Vanetta says:

    I had my thyroid removed and I still have trouble with my weight because of slow metabolism. Tried various diets and exercise routines,no success. I see that some people with thyroid and diabetes use the HCG drops. How many drops actually come in the bottle and for those that completed a full bottle how have you been able to maintain your weight loss?

  71. Michelle says:

    I messed up!!! For some reason I thought the loading phase was supposed to be 2 WEEKS instead of 2 DAYS. I am only 2 days into the next phase! So now I am left wondering if it’s ok to keep going or if I should start over to get the best result??

  72. Sarah says:

    I’m pretty sure HCG isn’t a hormone. I believe it is an amino acid. Just saying…

  73. Daphne says:

    I started the HCG drops and diet 1 week ago. My weight loss the first week was great-8.4 lbs. I have stuck with the regime but this week my weight gain daily is minimal , only 0.4 lbs the last 4 days. Getting discouraged and starving. Any suggestions?

    • Janet says:

      Have you read the section in the protocol for if you hit a plateau? There are 2 options for you to try if your weight loss plateaus and they are supposed to get you back on track with your weight loss.I believe one is doing a mini steak day. Check out the section on that.

      • Judy says:

        The steak day is only for phase 3. Not for phase 2. If you hit a plateau in phase 2 you might try an apple day. An apple day consists of eating (at the most) 6 large apples and consuming as little water as possible from lunch time on one day to lunch time the next day.

  74. Kirsty says:

    What would happen if you drank alcohol during the diet? Im in the military and have to exercise will i still be able to do this? Gotta say I’m quite nervous at the prospect of just 500 cals

    • Guy says:

      If you drink alcohol on it, you will not lose any weight. You have to follow the entire protocol in order to see the weight loss. I exercised while I was on it and I was fine but I definitely did not do my normal routine. Just make sure you follow the instructions and you will lose the weight and be happy that you did.

    • Marina says:

      Hey Kirsty,
      I emailed a CAPT over on medical from the nutrition center (shes one of the experts on fad diets and diets in general) and she says VLCDs are ABSOLUTELY NOT authorized for military members of any branch. It is dangerous and extreme for military members. This diet was originally designed for people that are mostly sedentary. (why do you think they only use it for very obese people?)
      If you still insist on taking the drops, (which she says in the studies turn out to be a very good placebo) to intake about 60-70% of your BMR, (many calculators for this are available) 1500Cal avg, and to exercise about 60 mins (40 min cardio intervals, 20 circuit training) at least 5 days a week. And you may still follow the diet as far as foods you can and cannot have if you so choose, but take a multivitamin (GNC Vitapaks-Active works the best). My own research- The *average* female (5’4″ 163 lbs) will lose ~2 pounds in three days following the above regimen, which would be the same amount that same female would lose on the VLCD/HCG diet AND it wont mess with your metabolism or routine/PT schedule. I was all gung ho about starting this diet -believe me, but I wanted clearance to proceed. So like I have said its bad juju, and there could be consequences by the military. You could potentially collapse during PT and get the ringer, or if you died and they discovered you were on the diet, more than likely your family will not get your SGLI. I just want you to know this is serious, and if you started the VLCD to up the calories to the recommended percentage. Be safe, and godspeed

  75. Mandy C. :) says:

    I just heard about the hcg diet today… I need to lose 100 lbs… how does this work? Do you recommend anywhere specific to get the drops? My biggest areas of weight are my stomach and butt and thighs (ugh)… will it work there and how soon before I see results? Are there any side effects? And, I keep reading something about not using shampoo with oils? Why? What will that do? And, what does everyone mean by rounds? How long is a “round”? How many rounds would I need to lose 100 lbs? Does the fat actually disappear–not like other diets where your skin sags after? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! :) Mandy C.

    • jilian says:

      I also had 100lbs to lose. I have been on the hcg drops off and on for about 4 rounds and have lost a total of 72lbs. Its amazing the transition your body makes in the process. Some mornings I would get up and weigh myself and I would be 4lbs lighter. As for the sagging, I did notice some on my stomach once I hit the 40-50lb mark, however it rectified itself after a while so now I dont notice anything. Your skin is elastic enough to take the weight loss.

      Ive been obese my entire life and have tried so many different things, but I found this diet to be restrictive enough to keep me in check. A less strict diet or “moderation” would never work for me. Basically a round of hcg is 28-30 days and then 28-30 days of stopping the drops and upping your caloric intake, while eating the same types of foods. I havent noticed any side effects. Hunger initially was the only one, but that subsided after a few days. The main thing to do it keep with it past that mark and you will be fine.

      As for the oil free shampoo issue, the diet says you need to completely restrict oils and sugar intake, and using a shampoo with oil, your body will naturally absorb oil from the shampoo. Yes, its thats strict, however after losing 72lbs its a small price to pay for getting your life back. I’ve never felt better.

      Hope this helps! Good luck!

  76. Amy says:

    Just wondering if anyone has lost 150+ lbs on this plan? How long did it take?

  77. Marina says:

    Question my fellow female friends who have taken on the HCG diet already… Do you lose weight in the bad places? Like in the breast area or the butt area? My new birth control gave me D’s and I’ve had a big-booty-for-a-white-girl my whole life, so I’d really like to keep them… :S

  78. christie says:

    For those of u that have lost weight, where r u purchasing your drops, I was told u have to be careful because some products are rip offs and don’t really contain much of the hcg hormone. I have seen the drops at Walmart and gnc and I see them online. Any suggestions as where the best place to to purchase them is??

  79. Theresa says:

    Is HCG good for aperson with cirrohsis of the liver?

  80. Sinead says:

    Is this for real??

  81. Cathy says:

    I have been on HCG for 2 weeks now and feel amazing. I am 46 and prior to the diet I was sluggish and had almost no labido, even though I was working out everyday. Well now I have a ton of energy, labido back and feel human again! I have lost almost 9 pounds, leaving me 16 to go. My question is this, what is going to happen once I stop the HCG? Will I go back to feeling crappy again?

  82. Janet says:

    I purchased my drops from the healthier post site. I got 2 rounds of drops and a free bottle of cleanser. I DIDN’T HOWEVER receive any instructions on how to use them nor did I receive a list of the foods I can eat and when to eat them. Could anyone help me with this. Also, I frequently get LOW BLOOD SUGARS and I was wondering if this would make them go lower or will it help?

  83. genevieve says:

    Hey; it looks like the 500 calories per day is key to this program…Anyone would loose weight on this! Do you know anyone with a very active lifestyle (ski, run, bike) that has sustained this diet?

  84. Marilyn says:

    Can you chew sugarless gum while on HCG diet?

  85. Maria says:

    Do they send a diet plan with the drops or do you have to figure out the type of foods and calories? Apart from the fact that you know that oils and fats of any kind are not allowed.

  86. Sheila says:

    Hi….. I am thinking of trying the hcg diet. My question is, I have twin girls who are 14. Would this be safe for them to try? One of them is being harrassed by her doctor constantly about her weighing 179lbs. (She is around 5’8″ and weighs maybe 120lbs. soaking wet). I realize this is too large, but I also know how she doesn’t eat hardly anything compared to her sister. She exercises and eats healthy to no avail. I too eat around 1000 calories and walk constantly and have always had problems with my weight. Her twin weighs about 140 and their doctor wants both of them to be around 115. I was completely shocked at the way he put down and embarrassed both of them but mainly the heavier twin. She already has low self esteem but to me it is ridiculous to start yelling at a girl going thru puberty and telling her she stuffs her face when she should be exercising!!!! He didnt even ask me about her eating habits, and we dont have chips and cookies and ice cream every day as he accussed her of. I dont buy that crap. I sell Vegetables for a living and thats what we eat!!! What is even worse is he told me I should be sooooo proud of myself for being morbidly obese and raising my daughters to be the same!!( I have had 8 children and have a 1yr. old now andI lose weight during my pregnancies since I dont eat alot, then when I have my child I blow up like a balloon for a couple of years) I am looking for a new doctor. So now I have a beautiful daughter who thinks she is a fat pig because of an ignorant doctor calling her that. She is starving herself now. Which we all know is the worst thing she can do. So for me , I am hoping this could help her so I can get my happy, fun loving daughter back instead of her being so depressed shes crying herself to sleep. Doctors should know that you cant do this to a child and expect them to respond favorably. She is in a downward spiral and this can only lead to eating disorders if we cant stop it now. Your help in this will be greatly appreciated. Sorry I went on a rant but I feel like I’m losing her. I have always been on the heavier side and have been depressed over it for 30 years plus!! But I also have Low Blood Pressure, Extremely low cholesterol, and super low blood sugar!!!!! Now explain that one to me!!! ( I weigh 284). It’s like a kick in the teeth that I have such great stats but am, as the doc said, Extremely Morbidly Obese!!! I would love to see this doctor eat what I do, and explain why I am so fat…..

    • Marina says:

      1.) I’m no Doc, but it sounds like a possible thyroid issue. Get some blood work done to test for this.
      2.) I hope to god you filed a complaint against that doctor with the details you have discussed here. The doctor has a right to ask what she is eating and how much, but not to pass judgement to either you or your daughter before having those details. I also hope you threw that in his face and didn’t just not say anything. Some people really just need to be put in their place.
      3.) Consult a REAL doctor (nutritional-specialist) about your daughter. If you end up having a thyroid issue, or other some such issue, its very likely your daughter has the same.
      4.) My little sis had similar problems with her weight due to teasing. Surround your daughter with loving support, and resources. Get a food pyramid and put it in the eating area. Fitness magazine was a fav of mine and always has excellent advice for girls. you can encourage her that she is doing thing right using these resources (Like, “see? you’ve been eating all the right servings” or “look! you just achieved this exercise goal” or, “youre right on track!”) it will build up her confidence in her heath and encourage all the right behaviors. My mom bought a nice pogo stick and hula hoops to encourage activity in play so all my lil sis wanted was to go outside after school and play with these than play with her toys or watch her shows.

    • Darla says:

      Just got my HCG and going to start right away, my daughter also has problems with her weight even though her sister is skinny. She is so depressed that I have been thinking of letting her use HCG as well to lose weight. She is seventeen so I think she will be okay. I am sorry to hear about your ignorant doctor, I would change doctors immediately and not put myself or my children through verbal and psychological abuse. LIFE IS TOO SHORT!!! All the positive feedback that I have read on this and other websites has really motivated me. GOOD LUCK to you and your daughters.

  87. christie says:

    So these drops do contain the hormone? Because many I have found are hormone free.

  88. ami says:

    i just had a baby about 2 months ago, will it work for me too? i dont want too lose too much, maybe 40 at the most…. how do i do this? also i heard it will make you fertile and it will make your breasts swell… is that true?

  89. Heather says:

    I have been doing the drops for a week and lost 7 lbs. But I worriy since I have not been eating the 500 cal that it will slow down. I fins myself not being able to eat that much with the libations but I am also not that hungry?

  90. jaebeth says:

    I have been on the HCG diet for 9 days, I have stuck to the diet and feel great. To this day I have lost 14.4 lbs and several inches, I still have 115 lbs to go and I will continue to do it with this diet as long as it continues to work. I am very satisfied.

  91. john says:

    My name is John And I have personally taken HCG drops for weight loss. I started last February at 354 lbs. I had sleep apnea, blood pressure so high i could not donate blood any more, borderline diabetic. Within 45 days I lost 53 lbs of abnormal fat and went in to my doctor to have all of my levels checked to see what shape I was in. My results were in and the doctor said I was one of the healthiest patients he has seen in years, “his words not mine” Whatever you are doing keep doing it! After 100 days of being on HCG i lost 87 pounds of fat. Within two months I stabilized from 260 lbs to 280 lbs. It has been one year and I was at 289 before my second round of HCG drops. I have managed to keep off the weight and did not exercise during diet because of a knee operation. I am now losing a pound per day and am not hungry. Don`t believe all the negative hype. This thing works and you will do a maintenance program when done with this diet. I know people who only wanted to lose 15 pounds and ended up losing 30lbs of fat and have kept it off for good. All my best and I hope to hear from you. Best of luck.

  92. Durte says:

    I just heard about this on the evening news and saw a public figure that was once well known as a very large man, looking fit and he attributed his new figure to HCG and the regimen that he went through.

    I, am a large man, so of course, I am curious and eager to try, but my concern is that I work with food for a living as I’m a chef and a large part is testing/tasting on an ongoing basis to make sure everything is at a high standard. Any educated guesses out there as to how I can make this work while keeping my job and the weight off?

    • Billy says:

      Im a chef too, 43 and 215 lbs right now, I will be trying it starting this weekend. You must do exactley what they doc’s say, no tasting sauces or compound butters or fancy deserts, you may have to guess what your food tastes like for the next 23 days lol!! The success is all in doing exactly what the doctor sais, cant be stressed enough, good luck man!!

  93. v-nessa says:

    Can you still have children after using this product or concieve?

  94. Suze says:

    I just received my drops but I can not find anywhere one how many drops you are to take and how often? Can anyone please tell me where you find the info. Nothing came with the drops except a packing list?

  95. Suze says:

    The vault tells you nothing about the drops. No instructions are with it. How many drops do you use and how? What and where did everyone find true set directions for this diet. I just received mine and the bottle tells you 1 ml dropper for 60 servings. Where do you place them ect…. The diet looks great but better instructions should be at hand. I have looked everywhere for them. Please help

    • Ruth says:

      Hey Ruth, if you read the bottle it says to take 20 drops 2x daily. I follow the directions thar are on the bottle and then use the hcg diet cookbook that you can download in the vault. HTH

  96. sandy says:

    I am interested in giving this diet a try. Which hcg drops are the drops to use? Also, I have super natural curly hair…. where can I find oil free mousse and gel for my hair???

  97. nl says:

    ok so just so everyone understands, anybody who starves at 500 cals will lose weight,, thats a gives. if t works for you that is wicked. but if you dont work to build lean muscle then you wont look good. no sense in loseing weight if all your left with is loose skin everywhere. what scares me id that on that diet yoou are not supposed to exercise so you cant build that muscle. i have no bad opinion weither way, but worrie about not having any muscle mass when im done. which no matter how much people tell you that it wont happen, it will happen that way..
    be safe everyone

  98. Sheryl says:

    Hi Suze, my bottle says take 20 drops 2 times a day underneath your tongue. I went to the vault and downloaded the HCG diet guide and the cookbook. The diet instructions are located in the HCG diet guide. Hope that helps you.

  99. gina says:

    what times of day do you take your drops if you are taking 20 drops twice a day?

  100. gina says:

    If you are taking forty drops a day what times a day are you taking them?

  101. Alicia karol says:

    Hey, so i am just wondering if you guys are real :) I really want to try this stuff but who knows if you guys are real or just people whose job is to comment on this stuff.. lol.. Yes i am serious.. could somebody add me on facebook? pleeeaaaseeee. i dont know anybody who has tried this ive seen alot of advwertising for the african mango but not this one and this one looks better and appearantly i live in an area that i can pick it upo from so i dont even need a credt card which is awsome! :O anyways sum plzz search me on fb and tell me ur story!! ;; alicia karol. bumblebeezzz at msn dot com

    • lindsey says:

      hey these drops seriously do work my sister has always had a problem being 50 to 60 pounds overwieght and after she had her baby she weighed more. she tried these drops and now shes like 140 and in a size 6/7 it really honestly does work and if you try it reply and let me know your results cause i know you’ll love em(: oh and it works fast too!

  102. lisa says:

    I am goin to pick up my drops tomorrow…it worries me that u only take in 500calories……….I mean if u take in only 500 calories a day even with out the hcg drop don’t u think u would lose weight anyway? I love food and that combined with 2 kids within 13 mnths of each other really bumped my number up…I really hope this is worth it

  103. Luce says:

    Ive been wanting to try this diet, but I was wondering if it makes you lose your butt???

  104. Luce says:

    Does it make u lose ur butt??

  105. lau123 says:

    I’m losing weight steadily (working out, permanent eating changes and addressing emotional triggers). I’m not interested in HCG, but I’m curious about different weight loss methods. My questions are: If this is the hormone that a woman’s body naturally produces while pregnant, what are the long term effects of this hormone in un-pregnant females? Have there been any long-term (10+ years) studies done on the affects of this synthetic hormone? After reading all of these comments, this product really seems to mirror the affects of gastric bypass. Call if skepticism, or maybe intuition, but this just doesn’t seem completely healthy. Furthermore, would a person who’s using this program ever be able to exercise normally (an hour or more)? However, if people are finding success with it, I say good for them. Just please be careful.

  106. Michelle Stewart says:

    Can I lay in tanning beds while on hcg?

  107. Joan says:

    My doctor absolutely refused to discuss this diet when I asked her about it saying she didn’t believe in it. She told me if I insisted on doing it I would have to find another doctor. That made me nervous so I kind of backed off the idea. I continued my working out four days a week, doing Zumba three days a week and eating very little and continue to gain weight! I’m 59 years old, retired four years ago and run my own business, so I am active.
    Now I am more convinced than ever that I want to do the HCG diet to lose 40 pounds. I would like to have my doctor’s supervision along the way, but I can do it without her. The 500 calories makes me a little nervous but my real concern is keeping the weight off. Wish me luck!!! :) )

    • Kimberly says:

      Joan, I read Dr. Simeone’s manuscript, talked to my Dr. and a person affiliated with Stanford Medical School and neither of them had any problem with it. My husband purchased his drops here on this site and has really done well. He’s 57. I decided to do the drops as well, since I would be cooking for him, I’m 54 and i’ve only lost 10, but I’m not fat. I am eating more than 500 calories and so is my husband….generally between 600 & 800…..on the suggestion of my Dr. We generally eat healthy as I own a gourmet food mfg. comany….but he has put on about 35 lbs as he is an athlete who did every sport and is now an avid golfer and financial guy. He works out twice a week with a personal trainer, so he’s flexible and fit….but NOTHING was able to help him shed these extra lbs. I believe he has lost and gained the same 12 lbs for the past decade. He is currently down 20 lbs after 2 weeks and 4 days.

      Maybe you SHOULD find another Dr. Good Luck.

      PS – I was very sketical and have read everything I could get my hands on….the good, the bad and the ugly. This works

  108. Sally says:

    Started HCG drops on Saturday, March 3, and have lost 9 lbs. this week. AMAZING for someone who has tried it all and just slowly gone from 10 lbs. overweight to 45 lbs. overweight. All the negative comments are probably from people who have never experienced the mental anguish of being overweight. I have high expectations and will continue with HCG.

  109. CINDY says:

    Are the drops purchased thru healthier post have the hcg hormone in it? I’ve checked into purchasing them through GNC but apparently they don’t contain the hormone?

    I’m confused


  110. Marc says:

    In the doctor Oz video, he mentions that the real Hcg drops or injections contain hormones, but most sites, including this one, sell hormone free drops. What gives? I have read most posts here. Are most of you certain of the ingredients in your product?

  111. Marc says:

    ok, does anyone want to comment on the fact that the drops that this web site sells ( and many others) have no hormones whatsoever? It says so on the bottle.

  112. missc says:

    come on, an average size woman is recomended to stick to approx 1400 calories a week. so anyone living off only 500 calories a day will lose a significant amount of weight, drops or no drops. UTTER GIMIC!

  113. Lisa says:

    Surley if you are only consuming 500 calories a day your body will go into ketosis which starts using stored fat, but also gives you a feeling of fullness, do you really need HGC drops?

  114. Joy says:

    ABSOLUTELY the best diet I ever went on, I did the HCG diet under doctor’s supervision. Lost over 20 LBS in one month, and NEVER felt hungry.

  115. Chona says:

    Is it available in the Philippines

  116. Cassie says:

    I have a question for anyone who knows, can you make the recipes that are from the Healthier HCG Gourmet Cookbook during phase 2?

    My only concern is, for example the Meatloaf, the recipe calls for Ketchup ( and know there’s an HCG version which contains tomatoes) to be added to the meat and onions. According to what I have read, you can only have one vegetable per meal. How does it get away with allowing tomatoes and onion and garlic in the recipe?

    Thank you for any info you can share.

  117. Dawn says:

    Can you take the drops when you ae menstruating – I am getting conflicting answers (and I thought I as in re-menopause)

  118. Kim says:

    I am wondering will the drops work if you eat more than 500 calories a day? Maybe just slower weight loss?

  119. Aya says:

    Hello, i’ll be getting my drops next week, i’ve been dying to loose 20 kg, would it help me. Cuz i know that 20 pounds = 10 kilos and what i really wish for is to loose 20 kilos. so would it help if i go to the max and eat maybe only one time per day and excercice three times a week? im totally excited and just can’t wait to loose weight :( . the drops i ordered ar for 40 days.

  120. Skeptic says:

    Soooo the weight loss is due to the HCG and has nothing to do with eating a 500 calorie diet?? Pumping yourself full off pregnancy hormones is just stupid, especially if male. Additionally if these drops had a high enough concentration of HCG to affect your body then they would most likely be prescription only. All that aside, a super effective diet discovered 50 years ago, sounds great, I’m SURE they had superior science back then. Save your money, a 500 calorie diet alone will give you the same results.

  121. M.Patir says:

    Hello There,
    I was on HCG drop diet program for nearly 2 months.The percentage of fat in my body was %16.4 .After the diet , it came down to % 13.2…I have lost 10k and felt great !!!! I did put 3k back on cos I went back to my lovely sweet habits which is my fault. But however I am starting again and now I now what NOT to do : )

  122. Katie says:

    i’m 17 & i’m on cue with my BMI but i’m not happy with my body at all. i want to lose weight but it’s more about been in shape for me. would you recommend this? thank you.

  123. Lei says:

    So I just ordered everything and I can not wait to start. I have read all of the materials in the vault but I am confused on some things.
    1) it says to take the drops for 6 days then 1 day off so you don’t get immune. Is everyone doing this?
    2) how many drops a day are you taking the drops and when?
    3) how long do you take the drops for ? 40 days?
    4) am I correct that the last phase maintenance is for 3 weeks?
    Just a bunch of information is supplied and I want to do it correctly.
    Also, if you don’t have a George foreman grill can I assume that we can just cook the protein on the BBQ, frying pan, oven?

    Also, anyone just starting this that wants an hcg buddy? Where we can start the same day and e-mail each other for updates and results?

    Thank you soo much for any help, I greatly appreciate it.

    • Joy says:

      Hi Lei, i just ordered my drops and was wondering some of the same questions u asked. Did you find out how many drops per day are to be taken and how long should they be taken for? Thanks

  124. Rob says:

    The HCG Diet plan is a good plan if followed and with the proper evaluation before beginning with your physician to ensure your healthy enough to begin this or any other diet plan.

  125. Hester says:

    Good Day

    Do you ship to South Africa?

    Kind Regards

  126. Faye says:

    Does anyone know if this work if you have an IUD?

  127. kate says:

    It’s great people are losing weight using HCG, but.. as others have mentioned, committing to a drastically reduced diet, absent carbs, results in weight loss.

    There are two issues with taking HCG. The first is how long lasting the results are–does the weight stay off after..1 year…2 years?

    The second issue is risk. This is a hormone; studies show there are risks associated with taking hormones. Probably the best known example is the Women’s Health Study conducted among thousands of women over several years. The study’s conclusion that hormones result in increased cancer risk was groundbreaking– overnight it changed how doctors prescribed hormones. Post-menopausal women went from a lifetime on hormones to no more than two years of safely taking hormones. Hormones are also the first thing oncologists take patients off when cancer is detected.

    So, yes, the desire to lose weight is powerful and understandable.. but, just know the risks going into it.

  128. yoram says:

    Hello There,
    I was on HCG drop diet program for nearly 2 months.The percentage of fat in my body was %16.4.After the diet , it came down to % 13.2…I have lost 10k and felt great! I did put 3k back on because I went back to my lovely sweet habits which is my fault. But however I am starting again and now I now what NOT to do : ).

  129. Roammy says:

    hi, have just bought my hcg drops
    am sceptical but willing to give it a try
    something got me wondering though, many on here seem to have put on weight while pregnant, when the body is full of hcg, so wondering why they put on weight at this time if hcg is the new miracle weight loss hormone?
    just wondering, anyone have any ideas?

  130. Claudia says:

    Do you have a simple and easy tips to be followed? Anyway i feel something interesting in here, i want to try this kind of diet tip and see if it is effective or not. Is this safe?

  131. Stephanie B says:

    Love HCG, it works very well. I have an underactive thyroid and spent $$$$ in the past couple of years and had no luck at all!! I started this diet 8 days ago and lost 9 lbs, its amazing!! Do not add salt to anyhing, i used a little yesterday on tomato and today there was no change, you will retain water and see no change on the scale if you eat any added salt. HCG is by far the best decision iv ever made.

  132. Robby says:

    I will be starting this soon, I believe this is like Bernstein Diet. You will loose the weight but the issue is maintaining the weight. This is not a healthy lifestyle to live the rest of your life. I think you need to bee careful not to eat the same as before. The way I see it is eat what you want in Moderation, if you eat crap 7 days a week you will gain it back.I decided that after I do this diet, In will follow Paleo diet Monday to Friday and indulge on the weekends plus workout every day.

  133. Christina says:

    I’ve been wanting to try some of these drops I just recently found out about. However…all my friends are sceptical about me taking them. I’m 5’6 and weigh 185…..and recently discovered that I have siatica. Doctor says It will benifit to lose some weight. Can you eat any sort of goodies if in moderation? Can I just eat healthy and sensibly and be good to go on these? So curious as to how this will work out for me If I choose to take these drops….

    • taylord says:

      No! This is a very restrictive diet. You have to follow the instruction exactly to the letter for success, or you will fail. You cannot eat the things you want while on this kind of diet, until you have completed the whole process, as directed. Those instructions should come with the drops you buy. It should also, include the food list.

      I know because I’ve tried it and it works!

  134. Edie says:

    I’m on day 2 of eating whatever u want before the 500 cal diet tomorrow, and i was wondering, does anyone here go against what they advise about not exercising(other then walking)?
    If you have exercised while on this plan, may you please answer,
    what type, how long, and how it affected you while on HCG diet plan?
    I do 1 hour yoga every day in my life routine and was wondering if i can still do that. Also was wondering why they tell you not to? All answers much appreciated! God Bless everyone on your journey!

    • Edie says:

      one more thing..i bought the chocomint oral drops…i read somewhere that you have to take it
      UNDER THE TONGUE for it to work…what do you do? under the tongue or simply injest?

    • jilian says:

      I have been on hcg for about 4 rounds and have lost 72lbs. On the second round I started walking outside and on the treadmill. Then I started running. Not much just a couple of miles 6 days a week. I didnt notice any weakness or dizziness at all. From the info i got with my drops, it says you can exercise for about 30 mins a day if you want. I didnt start to exercise to lose extra weight (i didnt need to after the results i was getting) but mostly because i felt so good i WANTED to, which was a new concept for a former couch potato like me. The diet gets a bum rap but i’ve never felt better.

  135. Marion says:

    So I read all the positive reviews on this and I am close to ordering. I know 2 people on it that swear by it. I have 2 questions tho
    1. What is the point in the high fat splurge the first 2 days? If we have enough fat already shouldn’t that be substantial enough?
    2. I been seeing people say that they have kept the weight off. Is this on the drops or just going to eating better and exercising?
    I work in a warehouse where the temp now gets up to 95-100 all day, so drinking plenty of water won’t be a problem, plus I am ALWAYS moving, walking, lifting things for 9 and a half hours so I think I got the exercise part down :)

  136. Mollie says:

    Of course you’re going to lose weight if you’re only eating 500 calories a day, or am i missing something?
    Would like to try this if it actually helps with FAT loss.
    Thanks for any replies.

  137. Jenn says:

    I know nothing about the drops to take with the diet, but anyone should easily see that going from regular high calorie consumption (average or over for each individual) and dropping to a 500 calorie diet of fruits and veggies…well of course you’re going to lose weight. You’re tricking your body’s metabolism into working harder by switching calorie amounts, as well as you naturally digest fruits and veggies much faster then other foods. It’s not rocket science. You will continue to lose before simply maintaining, and by then you’ve cut out more from your diet, hence the ability to lose more. Plus, many fruits and veggies contain natural ‘diuretic and laxative’ affects helping everything move along quickly to be able to maintain loss of water weight and bloating.

  138. Brit says:

    I’m a 15 year old girl and I weigh around 220 (i know :/) and I have seen people saying that you can excersize just not running. Well, i have marching band coming up in about a month and we run a lap or two before practice and the marching and be pretty fast too. Will there be any trouble?

    • Andrea says:

      Brit, My step daughter is on this OWLDiet Dr Carter O Abbott.M.D. SShe works in the heat all day in a sunflower field and has lost 7 pounds already. I and my husband did this 2 years ago.I lost the 10 I wanted too He lost 20. We have been great and no problems with regaining .BUT He runs I do work out. Also you can not go back to eating Junk. Good luck.

  139. Tricia says:

    How does your brain and body function with only consuming 500 calories. I work full time and need to be alert and functioning. I have heard that you are not to walk much in the begining. For how long?

  140. Karen Boyal says:

    What do you recommend for vegetarians? What sort of protein?

  141. Marrie says:

    Hi guys, I have try the HCG weight loss program and I lost 35 pounds for 30 days. I am 198lbs. now I am down to 163 lbs. I am so happy with the result!!!!! God knows it!! And I want to share this happiest moment ever, ever since I was soooo fat. Now, I slowly gaining confidence while I’m losing more weight. Thank you guys for reading! Happy Slimming.

  142. Carin says:

    Wow ladies! I am starting my HCG diet today and this forum started out great right at the top. But then you all got really nasty and between all the fighting, the forum lost its informative nature. I’ll search for help and ideas elsewhere. It is just SAD!

  143. ivor says:

    I am a South African. Went to visit my cousin in NZ on 8 Aug 2012. Her son weighed 125kg. To us as a family that is normal as most of the family are big/overweight. I almost got a heart attack when i saw him. He looked fantastic. After our obvious discussions he told me about HCG and how he followed it religously. And the good news after 48 days….. Jody now weighs a whopping 85kgs!!! i know nothing about medical but he is a living testimony. I started today weighing in on 132kg. Chat to you again after 43days.

  144. Gerald Duncan says:

    Hey my name is Gerald D. and i’ve tried the hcg diet drops and iam on it as iam writing this and yes it does help with losing weight and i’ve loss 15 pounds in a month and 20 days and I feel great, just wanted to add this for any one thinking about trying hcg drops.

  145. Tracy says:

    I started the diet on December 2nd. I have to admit i was skeptical it was going to work because I have been tryiing to lose weight for a very long time. I lost 13 pounds my first week.. Started at 220… now at 207. I can’t wait to see the new smaller me in the new year. I originally signed up for 23 days i’m going to extend to the 40 days. I am so excited about getting out of the 200′s forever!!!! Reading the post on here was very inspiring for me! Thank you for the positive post!

  146. Lionel says:

    Most obese people are either at a risk of having TYPE 2 DIABETES MELLITUS or already have it.From your article, I derive that HCG raises blood sugar through mobilizing fats .Is it true? and if yes, how do you advice use of HCG in known diabetic obese individuals?

  147. King says:

    I disagree that this method should even be considered. Why can’t we just do it the natural way? -exercise-aerobics for example can be very efficient .It is clear that this method has some side effects. On the other hand, all you get from exercise are benefits -improved blood circulation, increased tolerance, discipline, increased body immunity …the list is endless.

  148. Janice says:

    This is an eye-opener for me. I know many of my friends who haven’t come to terms with the fact that they are actually obese. Some of them wouldn’t dare exercise in public. It feels so bad and really stabbing to have to watch other ladies with nicer curves and looking volumptous staring at you as you do your morning or evening jog ..
    yes, just a jog but it means alot more to an obese. This would be a good sustitute.

  149. Steve says:

    What is the approximate value of this HCG regimen? I would like to recommend it to some friends. They have been trying to put up a regular exercise schedule unsuccessfully for a long time.This will work for them, am only worried that they wont be willing to pay the price. Please advice.

  150. Khan says:

    Hi, my BMI is 26.Please advice me on the best method of cutting it down to normal. Does the hcg protocol have any restrictions as per the BMI?If I start on this protocol now, within how many days will my BMI be normalised?

  151. amos says:

    HCG food work. Myself, I have used them for the past two months and since then I have lost a considerable amount of weight. I wonder why there have been skeptical expressions forms several people. However, as a nutritionist, I am in the view that if you do not fully trust the food you intend to take, you should consider avoiding it. I am sure the HCG food works and if you doubt me, send me an email requesting for more proof. However, this is not a marketing issue so, if you need HCG, go for HCG and if you do not need it, avoid it. I also have not had any side effects related to HCG food consumption.

  152. elize mccarroll says:

    hiya ve just had total hysterectomy 5weeks ago n have piled on weight i would like to lose about 45ibs is it safe for me to use hcg when im using hormone replacement patches

  153. Nico Lehman says:

    Never buy drops on line or from Walmart. The on line ones are fake. Buy from a reputable source such as a natural path or
    Nutritionist Be smart. Don’t think Walmart mart ones are ligit eather but you never know.

  154. Javier says:

    The HCG diet works but do not buy from Walmart (do yourself a favor). It is true that good habits is the best choice but that applies for everything right? If you are going to do this HCG diet make sure to follow the protocol to the T. Many will disprove this diet but what do they really know and why are their facts. The Hcg I know many are having positive results is from but do not always believe what people that have never used the hcg are saying.

  155. naiomi says:

    Everyone who is skeptical or confused about the diet,and want to try it,please read Pounds and Inches by Dr. Simeons (the one who created the HCG diet) all of the questions you guys are asking are in the book you’re not gonna get the complete understanding of it from people over the internet….and the people who dont agree with the diet,keep the opinion to yourself,no one wants to hear about how you feel about a diet you havent tried. Everyone has to experience it on their own….

  156. Mary says:

    can you take the HCG drops while taking protein shakes.

  157. Shuggie says:

    lost 10 lbs 1st week ,only 3 2nd week starting week 3 very hopeful

  158. Josie says:

    I just ordered the drops, I need to loose 30lbs to reach my goal. Hopefully this will help!

  159. Lindsey says:

    With any “diet” they help you drop weight quickly, its then up to the person to build muscle and have a change in lifestyle to maintain the weight loss. I have done a different “diets” and lost the weight and mainteined the loss until I got pregnant. Its not hard to maintain the loss, but it can be difficult to drop the initial weight. Thats where this seems to be helping people.

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