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What Do Raspberry Ketones Do

What Do Raspberry Ketones Do to Promote Weight Loss?

raspberries 2 300x225 What Do Raspberry Ketones DoDo you know the answer to the question, “What do Raspberry Ketones do?” While most of us are familiar with the weight loss benefits of the supplement, you’d be amazed when you find out all of the other amazing things that ketones can do to help keep you healthy. It’s more than just a weight loss product – it’s a product for a healthier life!

What Do Raspberry Ketones Do: Weight Loss Benefits

First and foremost, raspberry ketones are a product designed to help you to lose weight. While it does have many other benefits, it was originally conceived as a fat burning, weight loss supplement.

Adiponectin – Adiponectin is a nutrient that is produced by your body, and it makes it easier for your metabolism to burn up the carbs and fat you have in your system. It will process carbs more quickly than normal, and will give you a quick boost of energy – without giving the glucose time to be turned into fat cells. It will also target the fat cells in your body, making them easier for your body to burn as it needs a steady release of energy. You’ll find that your body will be much more easily able to burn up fat, as the adiponectin will ensure that your metabolism can process that fat and turn it into energy more easily.

Leptin – Another huge benefit of the ketones is that they will help to suppress your appetite. When you consume the raspberry ketones from the supplement, they cause your body to release more of a hormone called leptin. Leptin is one of the appetite hormones in your body, and producing more of it will help you to feel full. Not only will it be a feeling that your stomach is full, but it will actually make you feel satiated and content – just like you do after a meal that you really enjoyed. By taking the supplement, you’ll make it easier to resist the temptation to have another serving of food that you know you shouldn’t be eating.

Thermogenesis – The final weight loss benefit of raspberry ketones lies in their ability to turn up your body’s internal thermostat. Those that have low body temperatures will usually have a harder time burning fat, but turning up the core temperature will make it much easier for your body to turn fat into energy. You know how grease hardens when it gets cold, but it turns into a liquid when it gets hot? The same is true with the fat inside your body, which is why the term is “burning” fat rather than “freezing” fat. It’s the heat in your body that turns fat into energy, and turning up your core temperature can help to process fat much more quickly. Thanks to the thermogenic effect (raising the core temperature) caused by the supplement, fat burning is much easier!

Wow, so it’s a pretty awesome supplement to take, just for the weight loss benefits alone! If you take it, do regular exercise, and follow a low-fat diet, you’ll find that your extra pounds will almost melt away. It seems like magic, but it’s simple science and lots of hard work on your part!

What Do Raspberry Ketones Do: Other Benefits

Don’t think that the benefits of the ketones are limited only to weight loss, but there are a number of other wonderful uses for this amazing supplement:

Fight Cancer – The ketones are believed to have properties that will kill off carcinogens in your body. It is these cells that are causing cancerous cells and tumors to form, but the antioxidant properties of the ketones will stop the cells in their tracks. They will prevent them from spreading, and will actually fight free radicals – the cell that can cause the formation of carcinogens in your body.

Improve Hair and Skin –Raspberries are great for your skin and your hair, and the ketones contain the same nutrients that you can obtain from the fresh berries. The nutrients in the ketones will help to increase the presence of elastin in your skin, which will make your skin much more elastic and healthier. It can also stimulate your scalp to grow hair, and it will protect the hairs from damage from the environment, pollutants, and other toxins.

Deal with Diabetes – Thanks to the supplement’s weight loss benefits, diabetes is a problem that will diminish as you lose weight. The adiponectin produced by your body thanks to the supplement will actually control your blood sugar levels, and will prevent spikes – thereby eliminating the need to produce insulin that your body will develop a resistance to. It will keep your liver healthy, and will reduce your risk of your glucose levels getting too high.

Improve Heart Health – If you are overweight, you’ll find that your arteries are likely clogged with cholesterol. This doesn’t just raise your blood pressure, but it can cause all kinds of life-threatening heart problems. The ketones will help to lower your blood pressure to a more normal level, and it will eliminate the cholesterol that’s clogging up your arteries. Thanks to the ketones, you can have a healthy heart once again.

Fights Inflammation — Those with joint problems will know how painful swelling can be, but the ketones will help to reduce swelling in the body. They will work just like aspirin and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, but they are natural and healthy.

Provides Omega-3 – Omega 3 fatty acids are needed for your body’s overall health, and they play a huge role in healthy brain function. If you want to stay healthy, getting more Omega 3 fatty acids is the way to go. While ketones aren’t as rich in these acids as fish oil is, they still provide your body with enough to keep you healthy – provided you are getting enough in your diet.


Now do you understand how amazing these ketones are? By answering the question, “What do raspberry ketones do?” you can see just how beneficial the supplement can be for your body!


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  1. Helen says:

    I love Raspberries, glad they are healthy for you too!

  2. Caroline @ Lose Weight in 2 Weeks says:

    I’ve heard and read so much about Rasberry Ketones but never had all the info in one place. Thanks!

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