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What Causes Snoring

What Causes Snoring & WHY Is It SO LOUD?

What Causes Snoring 291x300 What Causes Snoring

If you are sleeping with your partner who has a bad case of snoring, then you are probably having sleepless and restless nights.But before you start getting mad and asking your partner to sleep in another room, you must look for information on what is causing his/her snoring.

If you are sleeping with your partner who has a bad case of snoring, then you are probably having sleepless and restless nights. But before you start getting mad and asking your partner to sleep in another room, you must look for information on what is causing his/her snoring. A person’s snoring can be caused by a number of things. To be able to prevent the snoring, you should first know what is particularly causing the snoring of your partner.

 What Causes Snoring, Well it’s All About How They Breathe

Generally, snoring has something to do with how a person breathes. The normal breathing pattern is inhaling and exhaling air into and out of our nose. But when a person is asleep, the breathing pattern changes slightly. The back of the throat is narrowed, causing a smaller passageway for the air to pass through. When air passes through the small opening, the surrounding tissues tend to vibrate which causes the horrible snoring sound. There are many causes of snoring and here is a more detailed description of each of them.

Narrowing of the Nasal, Mouth and Throat Passageway

Usually, people breathe through the nose but if there is something obstructing the nasal passages, the person switches to breathing through the mouth. People who are experiencing a bad case of colds, sinus infections, nasal allergies as well as nasal septum are advised to breathe through their mouths. Mouth breathers are more prone to snoring loudly compared to nose breathers. This is because when the person is asleep, the mouth tends to be more open, making the vibrations in the throat tissues to be heard louder.

Tongue and Uvula

The uvula is the small flap between the soft palate and throat. If it is longer than usual, it will cause snoring. This also goes the same for the tongue, if back of the tongue is large, snoring will occur. Nonetheless, snoring mostly occurs when the tongue is relaxed and is rested on the uvula. Once the tongue is rested, narrowing of passages will take place. This is why some snoring devices aim to restrict the movement of the tongue.

Sleeping Position

When a person sleeps, one would normally prefer a sleeping position over the other. For people who like lying on their back, they are more prone to snoring compared to those who sleep on their sides. This is because when a person is lying on their backs during sleep, their tongue, throat, soft palate and tonsils are being pulled backwards by gravity. Once this happens, the air that is passing through the narrow passageway will cause tissue vibration. That is why when snorers receive a nudge or a jolt when sleeping, they stop snoring for a moment because the position of the tongue, tonsils, palate and throat goes back to their original positions.

Alcohol and Medicine

When a person consumes alcohol, the mind tends to be drowsy, causing the person to have a deeper and a more relaxing sleep. Medicine that also promotes drowsiness adds to the relaxation of the throat muscles, which causes the air passages to be narrow. Furthermore, the tongue will also be relaxed and have the tendency to fall back, thus, limiting the passageway more.


Most often, people who are overweight snore loudly and continuously. This is not really concerning their weight, rather, the extra fatty tissues that are located in their throat. Because of these fatty tissues, the passageway of air becomes narrower which causes the snoring for most overweight people. Also, the tissues tend to be less firm than normal, which makes the vibration to happen easier. Moreover, overweight people tend to be lazy and sleep lying on their back most of the time. This position further adds to their terrible snoring.


If a person smokes, he/she has a high tendency of snoring during sleep because the smoke irritates the air passageways. When the passageway gets irritated, it will narrow which causes the snoring.


A stuffy nose is one of the well-known causes of snoring. This is because the nose is stuffed and clogged with mucus, making it hard for the air to pass through. Because of this, the person will breathe through the mouth instead. The extra force of pulling the air into the mouth causes the snoring.


People who have asthma are more likely to snore during sleep. This is also because their passageways are constricted and irritated, making the air passage narrower. To add to this, people with asthma are also prone to getting colds more often, another contributing factor to their non-stop snoring at night.

Sinus Problem

For people who suffer from sinus problems, the airways are probably clogged, which is causing the snoring. Sinus problems are characterized by drying of soft tissues in the nose as well as the throat. In this situation, the adenoids, thyroid glands and tonsils are enlarged because of the irritation and inflammation brought about by the allergy. When these glands are larger than normal, the air passageway will be limited, causing the person to snore.

Age, Sex and Physical Conditions

These reasons are really out of your control but they contribute to the causes of snoring. As a person ages, the throat grows narrower and the throat’s muscle tone decreases. This is why older people snore very loud.

Males tend to snore more often than females. This is because males are genetically born with thicker necks, which makes them more prone to snoring.

What Causes Snoring, Medical Issues

And lastly, abnormal and irregular physical conditions can also cause a person’s snoring. The person might have a slightly different jaw alignment, bigger tonsils, enlarged thyroid glands, larger adenoid, longer tongue, longer uvula and a thick soft palate. All of these irregularities contribute to the snoring of a person.

With all these causes of snoring, surely, you will be able to pinpoint what is causing the snoring of your partner. As you can see, it can be genetic, or it can be caused by sickness or weight problems. When trying to prevent your partner from snoring, it is best that he/she uses safe and right snoring devices to ensure that you both have a good night’s sleep, because you figured out What Causes Snoring.


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  1. stop snoring nz says:

    My husband has asthma problem therefore he snores all the night. I am looking for something effective to stop his snoring. Is there any useful device or remedy to stop his snoring?

  2. Faye hollencamp says:

    Im so embarrested what can I do 2 stop this snoring I am overweight and a mouth breather

  3. Catherine says:

    i am so frustrated. I am female, not over weight, I exercise regularly, I have snored since I was two years old and it is really started to impact my relationship. I don’t know what to do. I have tried sinus strips, sleeping on my side, belly etc. I have had a sleep study, didn’t sleep much during it but they said I don’t have sleep apnea…. so I am out of luck…. Any suggestions?

  4. Madison says:

    I am a girl and I am 13. I spend the night often with my cousins and sleep with my mom. They say I snore extremely loud, and have even recorded me. I sleep on my side and sometimes on my cousin. I have really bad asthma and suffer from longtime sinus problems. I just want to know a remedy to either make it less loud, or to make it disappear. I am afraid to spend the night with friends because of this. Please help!!

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