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Ways to Detox Your Body

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Looking for new ways to detox your body like you never have before? Sick of all those detox diets that limit your food consumption to a thick green slurry three times a day? If you want to detoxify your body effectively, here are 10 radical ways that you can do so:

Detox Your Body: Eat Weird Greens

There are many strange green plants on the planet, and just the idea of eating them will be completely unappealing. However, did you know that the green plants all contain lots of chlorophyll, which helps to detoxify your body? Spirulina, chlorella, and seaweed are just three of the weird greens that you can try, but they will all be surprisingly effective at getting rid of the toxins floating around your body. They don’t actually taste too bad, so try adding them to soups, salads, and other foods. They’re highly useful!

Detox Your Body: Try Herbal Remedies

If you want to detoxify your system, you may find that trying a number of herbal remedies will be just the thing for you. Milk thistle, for example, will help to flush your liver out, and the liver is where most of the toxins in your body are stored. Burdock root is a useful remedy to help improve your circulation, and better blood flow means easier elimination of toxins and other wastes. Dandelion roots and leaves are a powerful diuretic – it makes you pee – and they will help to flush toxins out your body through the elimination of the waste materials your body has accumulated.

Detox Your Body: Breathe in Deep

Those looking to detox their bodies should try spending some time in the fresh air, away from all of the pollution of the city. A lot of the toxins that you get in your body come in via your lungs and your skin, and getting rid of these toxins can be tough if you come in contact with them every day. If you can get away from the city and spend some time hiking, walking, fishing, or just sitting in a forest, the mountains, or anywhere else in the middle of nature, you will find that your body will detoxify itself much more easily.

Detox Your Body: Try Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is a wonderful natural therapy that will help to promote skin health, proper circulation, and detoxification of your skin. It may seem silly, but why not give it a try? Simply stand in the shower, letting the hot water run over your skin for about 5 minutes. After this time has passed, quickly turn off the hot water and let the cold water flow. After 30 seconds, turn it back to hot, and repeat this process two or three times. Take a nap once you’re done with this hydrotherapy, and you’re guaranteed to feel good as new!

Detox Your Body: Drink Up

Water is one of the best things for detoxifying your body, as it will promote healthy elimination of wastes. If you don’t get enough water, your body retains all of the water already floating around inside you – water that is full of the toxins from the day. Drinking more water signals to your body that you’re going to continue filling it with life-giving liquid, and so it is easier able to eliminate the waste already inside.

Detox Your Body: Go For Fiber

Everyone knows that fiber will be a powerful weight loss tool, but did you know that it will promote detoxification as well? Fiber basically acts like a sponge, and it soaks up all of the fat, cholesterol, sugar, and toxins floating around your body. When it absorbs these particles, the body can’t absorb them, and thus they have to be eliminated. Foods that are rich in fiber include beets, quinoa, radishes, barley, artichokes, and broccoli, but almost every other vegetable and grain on the planet have plenty of this essential nutrient.

Detox Your Body: Sweat it Out

Remember that a lot of the toxins in your body enter through your skin, but sweating can be a great way to get rid of those toxins. Sweating will cause the water stored near your skin to be eliminated, along with all of the toxins that has been collected. The more you sweat, the more toxins your body eliminates. Try and sweat for at least 30 minutes a day, though longer is always better. Combine regular vigorous exercise with a sauna visit or steam bath a few times a week, and you’ll feel so much better!

Detox Your Body: Go Organic

You may not think that the food you are eating will have a lot of toxins in it, but you may be wrong. Most of the artificial, processed, canned, and frozen foods that you eat will contain some kind of chemicals, and those chemicals are turned into toxins by your body. You should switch to organic foods, as they contain no chemicals – and thus no toxins.

Detox Your Body: Keep Your Bowels Regular

Surprisingly, your bowel movements are the best eliminators of your waste, including your toxins. If you are irregular, you will find that the toxins will back up in your body. For this reason, fiber is so highly recommended – both in soluble and insoluble forms.

Detox Your Body: Detox Regularly

During weight loss, you’ll find that the fat cells you’re burning are storehouses for fat cells. For this reason, it’s important that you try to detox your body on a regular basis, especially if you’re trying to burn fat.

Detox Your Body: Drink the Green Shakes

You may not like them, but the green slushies and shakes that are so popular for detoxing your body really can be effective at helping to get rid of the toxins. Even if they don’t taste fantastic, they’re still a good idea to add to your menu. Even if you just have one a day, you’ll find that they’ll promote healthy elimination – and will be one of the best ways to detox your body!

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  1. Gina L says:

    Detoxing your body every couple months will help you feel better! Makes you think about all that crap you put inside your body.

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