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Unusual Ways to Lose Weight

The Most Unusual Ways to Lose Weight

sensa 300x235 Unusual Ways to Lose WeightFinding unusual ways to lose weight can turn something supremely boring into something that can actually be a lot of fun. If you want to lose weight the healthy way, the idea of spending hours enclosed in a stuffy, overheated gym is no doubt very unappealing. Why not try new things, things that few people have ever tried? You’d be amazed by all of the unusual ways to lose weight that there are around the world!

Unusual Ways to Lose Weight: Fun and Unique Exercises

Baby-cise –­Got a newborn baby that you have to take with you everywhere? You can see baby as a burden, or you can see the cute little bundle of joy as a perfect tool to use for exercise. As you put baby in the car, use it as a workout to hold your core muscles. Jog around the park holding the little one, or spend half an hour holding the little critter above your head. Hold the baby out at arm’s length, and do squats with the infant strapped to your back. You’ll find that your muscles will get stronger as baby gets older, and the number of calories you’ll burn will increase with each pound baby gains. It can be a lot of fun for you and the little one both, and you’d be amazed by how many calories you can burn just adding a few exercises into your daily baby-centered routine.

Kissing Calories Goodbye – Did you know that kissing can burn a few calories, up to 5 per minute. That may not seem like a lot, but why not spend an hour or two in an intense make-out session with your partner! Not only will it help you to burn a few hundred calories, it will do wonders for your relationship as well. Not surprisingly, the number of calories burned increases as the kisses get more intense, which segues nicely into our next trick for losing weight in a fun, unusual way.

Sexercise -- Sex is a huge part of life, but how much exercise does your sex involve? You may not want to get crazy and do Kama Sutra every time you make love to your partner, but you should throw some exercise into it on a regular basis. Try and do a few active, straining sexual poses every week, poses that will force you to hold yourself up with your arm, leg, back, or core muscles. Not only will it be a lot more fun for you to have more sex, but you can get a great workout at the same time. Rest assured, the time you spend holding those poses will fly by in one of the most enjoyable occupations known to man, and you’ll be doing yourself a favor by making it more athletic.

Unusual Ways to Lose Weight: Going the Food Route

Eat Spicy — Many Oriental cultures have discovered that spicy food is the key to weight loss. To begin with, spicy food usually contains lots of spices, which are excellent at speeding up your metabolism. All chili peppers contain capsaicin, which will give your metabolism a boost and target fat loss. Finally, spicy food helps you to eat less. After all, if your mouth is on fire, you will have to wait until the burn subsides before taking the next bite. The hot and spicy food will help you to eat more slowly, which means you’ll eat less.

Muesli – Muesli is a Swiss breakfast porridge that is guaranteed to promote weight loss. It’s much lower in calories than granola, but it contains all of the healthy nutrients that you’re looking for in a good breakfast. The soluble fiber in the oats will help to eliminate waste, the insoluble fiber will help to keep your digestion working properly, and you can throw in nuts, coconut flakes, raisins, and seeds to make it the perfectly balanced, well-rounded meal you need. When you finish off your bowl, you’ll be so full that you won’t want to eat anything else for a good few hours. It will reduce the amount that you eat, and it will end up almost burning more calories than it provided.

Rice and Beans – The “poor man’s meal” may not be your ideal dish, but it’s one of the best if you’re trying to lose weight. White rice is a bit hard on your body, as it’s solid carbs that will be processed too quickly. Brown rice, on the other hand, makes a great source of complex carbs, and will promote weight loss effectively. Adding the high-fiber, high-protein, low-fat beans will make this a meal for champions, and one that costs you about $4. It will be a meal to help you fill up, but it’s very low in calories – not to mention excellent for weight loss!

Time Your Bites – This sounds silly, but counting to 20 between each bite can actually help you to eat less – and more slowly. If you count to 20 between each bite, you’ll find that you have a lot more time to talk with those around you. You’ll also slow down the pace of your eating, as you’ll have to wait to take another bite rather than being able to shovel the food into your mouth. It will help you to slow down, take the focus off the food, and make it much easier for you to reduce the size of your servings. Use an egg timer if it helps, and make it a family rule that you’ll all wait until 20 before taking a bite.


These unusual ways to lose weight can make things very interesting, and you may find that your weight loss will be much easier if you make things fun. They may take time to get used to, and you may not see results right away. However, the fact that they’re not the “same old” boring things you’re accustomed to is what makes these unusual ways to lose weight so effective!


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6 Responses to “Unusual Ways to Lose Weight”
  1. Carlie N. says:

    This is a fun and informative article! :)

  2. Linda says:

    I would have to do alot of kissing!

  3. Kim says:

    This is great! I notice I eat less when I have spicier foods also!

  4. Kevs8897 says:

    I do notice a difference when I eat spicy foods. My trainer says that it puts your body in a state of elevated body temperature so you do end up burning more calories. It’s like when you sweat when you eat spicy foods, that is good because you are sweating all of the calories out!

  5. jamie says:

    I heard that there is a new product called deer antler that can help you lose weight . It’s new so there’s not much about it out yet but I think I’m going to try it and be the first one to lose weight and share it with my friends!

  6. Claudia says:

    I have also noticed when I eat and take my time eating like when I am out with my girlfriends, I get full faster and eat less…. :)

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