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Saffron Extract

How Saffron Extract Suppresses Your Appetite

Saffran crocus sativus Saffron Extract

Saffron is a spice derived from the flower of Crocus sativus, commonly known as the saffron crocus. Crocus is a genus in the family Iridaceae.

Many people are looking for ways to lose weight, and the truth is that weight loss is actually surprisingly hard for many people. So many of those that try to lose weight are unable to avoid eating more than they should, not to mention all the emotional eating that happens when you’re sad, tired, or just need a boost. Trying to lose weight gets a lot harder when you eat more than you should, so finding something to help suppress your appetite is a great way to go. The fact that saffron extract can stop you from being hungry means that it’s one of the best things you can use to prevent overeating!

The Skinny on Saffron Extract

Saffron is a flower – known as crocus sativus – and it is a fall flower. It blooms with bright purple flowers, and it’s one of the most beautiful flowers to bloom this late in the year. It is a plant that is found in many parts of the world, and it has been used in herbal and natural remedies for centuries due to its unique ingredients. About 70% of the world’s Saffron is grown on family flower farms in Spain, and it is most common in Western Europe. You will find that it’s a very interesting flower, but for the purpose of weight loss, it’s surprisingly effective.

The extract from Saffron has been shown to help reduce cravings, which is something that is very common among those that are trying to lose weight. The extract will stop the cravings from being as strong, which will make it possible for you to be able to avoid eating the foods that you shouldn’t. Those that are trying to lose weight will know just how hard it can be to stay faithful to a strict diet when you are so hungry you can’t think, so you can see why the Saffron extract has garnered such popularity.

how it works arrow Saffron Extract

The interesting thing about this extract is that it doesn’t come from the entire plant, but from a very specific part. The extract is taken from the female parts of the plant, and these are actually some of the smallest parts of the Saffron plant. This means that it’s very costly to take Saffron extract from the flower, which makes it a very costly supplement. You will find that it can cost as much as $300 for a single ounce of the extract, and this is because it can take as many as 75,000 flowers just to make a single pound of Saffron extract.

Why Does Saffron Extract Work?

There are a number of reasons that Saffron extract is a very effective supplement to help you to lose weight. It combines a number of unique properties that will be very successful when working together, and you will find that weight loss will be much easier thanks to this unique extract. If you want to know how Saffron Extract works, here are some of the things that it can do:

It cuts down on cravings

Those that are trying to lose weight will know just how hard it can be for you to lose weight if you’re always hungry, and cutting back on your food intake will usually lead you to be hungry most of the time. If you are hungry while trying to lose weight, it will be much more difficult for you to avoid those things that you should not eat – not to mention limiting the amount of food that you eat at each meal. The extract of Saffron contains satiereal, which will stimulate your brain to produce the chemicals that are produced when you eat. This chemical is usually produced when you eat food as a result of emotions, and you will find that it will help to mimic the feeling that you get when you satisfy a craving. However, you will be doing so without actually eating the food, thus making it easier for you to keep your calorie consumption limited.

It promotes emotional stability while dieting

If there is one thing that will cause you to gain more weight than lose it, it would be emotional eating. People with hormonal and chemical imbalances in their brain find that depression is one of the many things that they try to treat with food, but it doesn’t work to treat the problem – it just acts as a Band-Aid or a temporary fix. Emotional eating floods your body with chemicals that make you feel good, but those chemicals won’t really do anything to help improve your mood for longer than a few minutes. However, saffron extract will produce those same chemicals, but without your needing to eat. The extract causes your body to produce less serotonin, which will help you to control your need to eat when you feel emotional. By taking the supplement, you will reduce your risk of eating when you shouldn’t.

It fights sugar cravings

Sugar cravings are directly tied to emotional eating, and they are also directly linked to weight gain. Sugar gives your body a boost of energy, which can lead to a slight elevation in your mood and a feeling of wellbeing. However, this sugar rush is only temporary, and it will usually lead to a fairly strong crash once the sugar has been processed. Your brain tells your body that it wants sugar, but really what it wants is the chemicals that are produced when you eat the sugar. The saffron extract will actually produce those chemicals, and it will satiate your body and prevent you from eating the sugary foods that your body wants. Your sugar cravings will be much less severe, making it easy to focus on dieting and eating healthy foods.

What are the Results of Taking Saffron Extract?

By taking the extract from this beautiful purple flower, you will be making it a lot easier on yourself when it comes to dieting. You will be preventing your body from craving food that you think you want, food that your brain tells you will make you happy. By dealing with this emotional need for food, you will ensure that you can eat the plainer, leaner foods that you’re focusing on while trying to lose weight. The sugary and fatty foods are the ones that your brain tells you that you want, but your body needs the food that is lean and sugar-free. By taking Saffron extract, you will be able to fight those cravings that would make you eat food that you just shouldn’t be eating.

By doing this, you will basically ensure that weight loss is guaranteed. One of the main things that prevent weight loss is snacking, emotional eating, and cheating on your diet. Most of these things happen when you get a craving for some food, and you will find that eating when you think you want it will be one of the worst things that you can do if you’re serious about weight loss. You will find that controlling your eating habits will be much easier thanks to the Saffron extract, and the fact that you can control your desire to eat means that you will control what you eat – the end result of which is easier weight loss.

Are there Risks of Saffron Extract?

Now, it’s important that you understand that there are risks to Saffron extract, just like there are risks to every other supplement and natural remedy on the planet. When you take too much of any remedy, you will find that it can become a problem. Even healthy nutrients like Vitamin C can cause problems if you get too much, as the overdose of these healthy nutrients can actually poison your body. The phrase “too much” really means “more than is healthy”, so avoiding taking TOO MUCH of any supplement is important.

There is the risk that the Saffron extract will poison you if you take too much. You may find that you feel very dizzy, you get headaches more frequently, you will vomit and have bloody diarrhea, and you may even suffer from regular nose bleeds as a result of taking too much of the extract. Granted, this is the case only in cases where you take extremely large doses of the extract, but it’s important that you know what to expect if you take too much.

You need to follow the instructions on the bottle of Saffron extract if you’re going to take it, as you may end up damaging your body if you take too much. Taking insufficient doses will usually cause only minimal results, but you want to be certain that you’re not overdoing it. It’s always best to check with your doctor before taking a supplement like this one, as they will be able to tell you if your body can handle it. The supplement can have negative interactions with your body if you’re pregnant, and it can lead to a miscarriage.

You need to know that taking more of the dosage will not increase the effectiveness of the supplement. This is something that many people try to do in this age of instant weight loss, instant health, and instant everything. You will find that taking only the recommended dosage of saffron extract will be healthy, and taking more will do your body more harm than good. Make sure to read the label carefully, and follow the instructions on the bottle to the letter. If you do, you will find that it can be one of the best supplements to take to help you to lose weight.

Other Ways to Control Emotional Eating

If you are going to diet, controlling emotional eating is a very important thing to do. Emotional eating will cause you to snack and eat at the wrong times, as well as on the wrong foods. It will make it a lot harder to lose weight, so it’s important to control your emotional eating. Here are some things that you can try:

Talk yourself out of it – The internal self-talk is what’s going to make you want to eat, so you should try and self-talk yourself out of it. Internally emphasize to your mind that the food it wants you to eat will do more harm than good, and you need to stay on a strict regimen in order to have the weight loss results that you want.

Get physical – If there is one thing that will stop you from emotional eating, it’s physical activity. Exercise and physical activity increases the amount of positive chemicals in your body, and they will make you feel a lot better. It can also take your mind off your need to eat emotionally, which will prevent you from eating when you know that you shouldn’t.

Get rid of it – If there’s nothing in your kitchen to eat, there’s no chance that you can snack. If there’s no vending machine in your office, you won’t have anywhere to get your snack. Do whatever you can to avoid snacking, and get rid of anything that will tempt you to eat when you know you shouldn’t.

Eat Right – Eating the right amount of food will give you no excuse to allow yourself to eat when you know you shouldn’t, so it’s important that you eat as much as you should. Don’t deprive yourself of too many calories, but make sure that the food you eat is as filling and natural as possible. The result will be a conviction that you’re eating right, and this will eliminate your need for snacking.

Get help – If you have a problem with emotional eating, get others to help you. You can work with family and friends to curb your problem, or you can even visit a psychologist to help you deal with it. It is something that you should get rid of, and you need to put food in its proper place in your life.

Doing these things can help to prevent emotional eating from getting out of control, and will put you firmly back in control of your life and eating habits, along with Saffron Extract!

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7 Responses to “Saffron Extract”
  1. gold account says:

    What is Satiereal Saffron? Satiereal Saffron is a natural extract from the same plant as the spice saffron. For centuries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, saffron has been used as an aid to improve mood and relieve stress. Europeans discovered that along with these benefits, it can be used to aid in successfully losing weight and keep it off. Scientists have recently been confirming these findings that Satiereal Saffron is able to increase the feeling of being full with less, and assist with the development of better eating habits.

  2. Kammy says:

    Has anyone tried this yet? I saw it on Dr. Oz but I’m a bit skeptical. I want to try it but I’m wondering if anyone has tried it with success? Any info will help!

  3. Geri says:

    Just bought my first bottle. Will let you guys know if it works.

  4. Ann says:

    I just purchased a bottle on Monday … today is Wednesday. I’ve been taking it for 3 days, and it does indeed do ALL of the things it claims. I bought it for the sole purpose of breaking a sugar craving cycle that had been brought on over the Christmas holidays with high sugary foods, too many cookies, breads, candy (fudge), etc. For the past two years, I have eaten very healthy 90% of the time (absolutely NO frozen dinners of any kind, 6-7 servings a day of combined fresh fruits/veggies, fish at least 3 times a week, only whole grains, and very little saturdated fats). Christmas did me in and it began a cycle of reachng for something sugary every day since Christmas After three days of taking Sateireal Saffron (88.5 mg twice a day with food), I can report that I do not crave sugar or even snacking, my thoughts of food cravings are gone, and when it is time to eat my healthy meals, I am hungry, but not ravenous. So far, I am very, very pleased with this product and it is doing all that it claims to do.

    • Sharon says:

      Hi Ann, Would you tell me where you bought the saffron and tell me how you’re doing with it now. I see it’s been almost two months since you started taking it. I read the side effects and they scare me. It says not to take too much of it or it will poison your body, but I don’t know how much too much is!! Tell me how much to take and how you’re feeling. Do you have any of the side effects it mentions. Thank you very much, Sharon

  5. Jokos says:

    The best solution for lose weight

  6. Samantha says:

    I have found saffron extract to be the first supplement that actually works, I have lost 23lbs so far, only another ten to go. I did find for the first few days I suffered from a slight headache but it passed and now I take it twice a day and no side effects.

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