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Raspberry Ketone Diet is a Potent Fat Burner

Raspberry Ketone Diet is a Potent Fat Burner

Raspberry Ketone Diet 300x200 Raspberry Ketone Diet is a Potent Fat Burner

The "Raspberry Ketones Diet" is a product that uses a natural ingredient found in raspberries as a means of helping you achieve massive weight loss.

There are many weight loss products that you will find useful to help you shed unwanted pounds and get in shape. With the abundance of such products on the market today, it is difficult to know which ones will be the best for you. There are a number of such supplements and products that turn out to be damaging to your health, but being informed about the various health products on the market can ensure that you are able to make a wise decision about which weight loss and health supplement you should buy.

A new weight loss product that has just been developed is the Raspberry Ketone Diet, a product that uses a natural ingredient found in raspberries as a means of helping you achieve weight loss. This new product is taking the market by storm, and many people are interested to know what this weight loss product is all about. In the interest of cutting edge weight loss information for you, here is what you need to know about the Raspberry Ketone diet.

What is the Raspberry Ketone Diet?

Raspberry Ketone Diet is a product that uses a natural ingredient found in raspberries, known as Raspberry Ketone. This enzyme is a recent discovery from the berry that is already known for its many antioxidant properties, and it is proving to be a source of keen interest for many people in the fitness and weight loss world.

Raspberries have been used throughout history as a supplement, as well as in many medicines. Raspberries are known to be high in antioxidants, which help to keep the body functioning properly despite the advance of age. Raspberries have also been thought to help relax the blood vessels, which can help to avoid heart problems and other disorders.

However, the discovery of Raspberry Ketone has led to an interesting conclusion that raspberries may be a good source of nutrients that can help lead to weight loss. The Raspberry Ketone enzyme is believed to be a valuable counter to weight gain resulting from a high fat diet, meaning that it will play a vital role in helping to control weight loss and gain. The compound known as Raspberry Ketone has direct interaction with the fat cells in the body, and it is proving to be effective in helping to induce fat burning and overall weight loss in the human body.

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try it Raspberry Ketone Diet is a Potent Fat Burner

Advantages of the Raspberry Ketone Diet:

Raspberry Ketone 300x225 Raspberry Ketone Diet is a Potent Fat Burner

All of these extracts used in the Raspberry Ketone diet are completely natural. No artificial ingredients are used in the Raspberry Ketone products, only other natural ingredients like the Acai berry are combined with the Raspberry Ketone to make an effective product using 100% natural ingredients.

Raspberry Ketone is believed to be a powerful weight loss product on its own, but it is often combined with other ingredients to make it an even more useful supplement. For example, the Raspberry Ketone Supplement is often combined with African Mango extract to create a powerful weight loss supplement that harnesses the weight loss powers of both supplements. The Raspberry Ketone enzyme on its own is already fairly efficient and effective at helping to lose weight, but combined with these other ingredients it is appearing to be one of the most effective methods of losing weight naturally.

Here are some of the advantages of the Raspberry Ketone diet and supplements:

  • The diet supplement has been tested through a number of clinical trials, and the results shown through the Japanese tests on mice were astounding.  The Raspberry Ketone enzyme helped to reduce the weight gain effects of a high fat diet, and actually decreased the fat that tends to accumulate in the liver when on a high fat diet.
  • The combination of the various superfoods used in the Raspberry Ketone products make for an excellent supplement that is proving to be effective in promoting weight loss. Not only does the Raspberry Ketone Supplement work for weight loss, but the African mango extract and other superfoods added to the product increases its effectiveness exponentially.
  • All of these extracts used in the Raspberry Ketone diet are completely natural. No artificial ingredients are used in the Raspberry Ketone products, only other natural ingredients like the Acai berry are combined with the Raspberry Ketone to make an effective product using 100% natural ingredients.
  • Seeing as everything in the supplement is 100% natural, there are no side effects. Aside from an unlikely allergic reaction to the Raspberry Ketone, Acai berry, or African mango extract, there are no side effects that can damage your health when taking the Raspberry Ketone products. This means that you are guaranteed a virtually risk-free weight loss using this natural product.
  • All sites offering the Raspberry Ketone products are guaranteeing the effectiveness of the product by offering a 30 to 60 day money back guarantee. Having this guarantee helps give people confidence in a product, as it shows that the vendor is confident that his product is effective.

Raspberry Ketone Diet Supplement Ingredients

Aside from the main Raspberry Ketone Diet enzyme used to create the product, there are a number of other essential ingredients in any Raspberry Ketone product:

  • The African mango extract is an effective supplement to help stifle hunger pangs, control the appetite, and help the body burn food faster. The African mango extract helps to speed up the metabolism, which ensures that food and fat are turned into energy faster than the body can store it as fat.
  • The Acai berry is used to provide the body with all of the antioxidants that are needed for proper functioning.
  • Reservatrol is included as another weight loss product, as the benefits of this grape extract is also rich in antoixdants and fat burning enzymes as well.
  • Apple cider vinegar has long been known to promote weight loss, and it is used in the Raspberry Ketone Diet products to help shed the pounds.

raspberry ketone diet 1 Raspberry Ketone Diet is a Potent Fat Burner

Raspberry Ketone Diet

Healthier Comments
389 Responses to “Raspberry Ketone Diet is a Potent Fat Burner”
  1. stefi says:

    This is the first time I’ve heard about Raspberry Ketones. Has anyone heard of this or tried it?

    • Don says:

      Yeah, I’ve heard about it a little on TV but seems like the products are not mainstream until they appear on a major show like Dr. Oz. There is a lot of info on it online if you search for it. You can check to see what’s good and what the side effects are. Hope that helps.

      - Don

      • june says:

        They just talked about it on DR oz and it got a thumbs up!

      • Kristen says:

        I just saw Raspberry Keytones on Dr Oz yesterday, that is what made me look into this a bit more.

        • Nancy says:

          Yeah he just re-aired that same episode. I figure if he runs it twice it has got to be good stuff!

          • mca8089 says:

            Be careful of imitators and other brands out there that claim to be “all natural” and “pure” Make sure you do your homework and buy from a reputable company that is selling a good product and who is looking for your best interest instead of just trying to sell you something! I have been burned and I’m glad I found all of the posts on Healthier Post about their product.

        • katy says:

          they really do work! i’ve been taking them for over a month and i’ve been losing consistently. i hope to lose more and keep the weight off :)

          • Star says:

            may i know what is the brand n how the bottle looks like? Did u have any side effect?

          • Shirley says:

            Are you still taking them and how’s the weight?

            • Sami Siegel says:

              We have been taking the 100% Raspberry Ketones for one month. I am 53, and was 222 lbs as of the first week of December. Now, I am 206 lbs. My boyfriend has lost 18 lbs. I can not praise this product enough. Being physicialily disabled, due to arthritis, this product has played off.

              • christi says:

                Sami, what brand do you use and where did you purchase?

              • michelle says:

                congrats on weight loss can i ask afew questions 1) do you only take the rasberry keytones ? just i was told to use colon clense and aciberry with them too 2) do you just take x2 a day. 3) were do you buy them i was going to use my local holland and barrett thanks hope the weight loss continues michelle

          • sarah says:

            how much weight did you lose in a month

    • Sonia says:

      I’ve been taking this for 2 weeks now. They seem to be helping with my cravings and I don’t get hunger pains anymore. I’ve lost 4 pounds so far. Excited to see what’s to come!

      • Jnh says:

        i was just wondering what brand you used?

      • Amy says:

        Where did you buy it?

      • Kendra says:

        are you exercising and taking raspberry ketones or just taking the pills?

        • Tyler says:

          You have to exercise and eat well while you are on this supplement in order to see weight loss. Even though it attacks your fat cells and helps to reduce their size, you still need to help you body by exercisng and eating well in order to lose the weight. There are no miracle pills out there- just supplements like this one that can help you get there naturally with your help of a sensible lifestyle.

          • ms. penny says:

            Yes, I agree with Tyler. There are no miracle pills and you have to eat better and exercise if you want results. Anything that says that is not required is not the real deal. I took healthier raspberry ketone lean for 2 months, did the adkins diet with it and exercised twice a week and I lost 23 pounds. The supplement definitely helped me burn the fat but I wouldn’t have lost the weight without my part of exercising and eating better.

            • Joy says:

              How much of exercise is ENOUGH?
              I’ve been trying to lose weight for the longest time but nothing seems to work
              and I am very very tired :(

              I will try this Raspberry Ketone, couple with exercise ….. wish me luck!

      • Cindy says:

        I just bought this product and the other day I took one with breakfast, then another at 11:30. About 1 hour later I got a bad stomach ache and balloting. Do you know what is the best way to take it…empty stomach or with food?

        • Debi says:

          Just bought it yesterday you take it with breakfast 100mg they recommend increasing it to 300 mg a day I’m going to increase it slowly and see how I feel

        • Sheryl says:

          @Cindy, I take mine with a light breakfast like toast and I’ve been doing fine on them. I’ve been stepping up my walking and am even doing 20 minutes of cardio twice a week. I feel a lot more energy already so I hope they are working!

        • Jamie says:

          Hi Cindy, I would recommend taking your pills with food. I got an upset stomach too when I took it on an empty stomach but now I just take them with my cereal in the morning. Make sure you drink lots of water too through the day.

        • stormie says:

          Cindy.. the instructions say to take with food and to take them 6 hours apart.. Also do not take 5 hours before bedtime..

          • Karen says:

            Didnt get any instructions with my order of Raseberry Ketone Lean. Can anyone tell me how to take the 2 capsules a day. With or without food, best time of day to take them. Thanks

      • Stacey says:

        Are you also dieting?

        • Sonia says:

          Yes, I am eating healthy (lean proteins and LOTS of fruits and veggies) and also doing zumba twice a week. I feel that really helps me to jump start my diet and keeps my energy up.

          • Betty says:

            Yeah, even after a long day at work when i ordinarily wouldn’t feel like going to my Zumba or Yoga classes, the raspberry ketone supplement helps keep me energized so I never miss a class. Worth the low price that HP sells them for as well!

        • Jess says:

          Hey, I have only been taking it for 4 days now but I run burning about 800 calories and I eat about 2000 calories of HEALTHY foods. I hope to lose 10 pounds in 2 months. I feel better already!

        • Rafael says:

          Yes, I cant emphasize that enough, dieting is a must!

          • Denise says:

            Yup, and if you work out also with it, you will lose the weight even quicker! I just do toning and cardio twice a week but on different days.

      • Laura says:

        How many are you suppose to take a day

        • Florence says:

          I am 5’2 in tall and I weight 214 lb How many pill sure I take a day.

          • jody says:

            seen your post about the raspberry ketone a month ago. i want to know how it worked for you.

          • Nurse Cindy says:

            You should take 250 mg twice a day. We have patients with various health issues and we have been monitoring them on this supplement and they are having success with weight loss with the supplement at that dose.

          • Allison says:

            You still take the same as everyone else, I got mine at walmart and it is the Pure Health brand. I take 2 a day which is 800 cal a day. I have just started taking them today but I weigh 218 and am 5’1 so I am optomistic.

        • dominique says:

          Dr. Oz recommends at least 200 mg a day so check to see what mg yours is.

          • shawna says:

            dr.oz said to take 100mg at breakfast and IF it doesn’t work to take another hundred at lunch. Not to take at least 200mg a day. get your facts straight before you post something online

          • Anton says:

            Caution needs to be exercised when going for this product as a lot of imitating brands are available in the market as well. These fake products proclaim how natural and pure they are. Consumers need to ensure they have conducted a background research before purchase to guarantee buying from a renowned organization. The company in question should have customers interest at heart besides the money making motive, creating a cordial a lasting relationship between consumers and the entity.

        • BG says:

          They recommend at least 250 mg a day if not more in order to see weight loss. You have to check how many mg each one of your pills have.

        • Louise says:

          I take 500 mg a day, spinach and egg white omelet for breakfast, grilled ck salad for lunch with olive oil and vinegar and grilled salmon with broccoli for dinner. I’ve lost 15 pounds in a month.

        • Jonathan says:

          I take 250 mg twice a day with a protein shake. Got mine from healthier and am down 7 pounds already. I need to lose the fat and start building muscle.

          • pk says:

            you should be able to do both ..lose weight and gain muscle..I have been lifting for over 1 month and have been taking ketone for approximately 3 weeks and i gained weight..But I Must say..i did not control my eating or drinking of alcohol over the holidays!!! opps…i also take a recovery drink after lifting that helps the muscles, I’m now back to eating pretty healthy.. and i take any were from 750-1000mg of ketone a day..I read you are to take 1000mg a day? but I’m reading on here you only need to take anywhere from 250mg…what am i missing.

            • Cheri says:

              pk…you say you gained weight when taking it? I have been taking for 1 week and I don’t have a scale, but notice if not gained weight, so bloated I can’t even zip my pants! And it doesnt’ go away….And I have been watching what I eat and walking 30 minutes a day….Are you still gaining?

      • Wendy says:

        Sonia, what are your results today, March 28th, 2012? I just saw Dr. Oz segment about them.

      • Fatima says:

        What product are you using?

      • Star says:

        Did you get any side effects?

    • monica d says:

      it was on the dr oz show and he callled it “miracle in a bottle” so it must work right?????

      • Renee says:

        YES, I love this stuff! I’ve been taking it for over 2 weeks now and I feel so awesome. I have so much more energy and I hardly eat much for lunch or dinner. It has also made me want to walk more and take my dogs out for walks. I feel the difference already and even though the scale in only down 3 pounds, I feel great and my clothes are feeling more loose. I would recommend this for anyone who is thinking about trying something natural to give them energy and to help them lose weight.

        • Joy says:

          Sounds good, but the energy it gives you is what I am concerned about. Is it like taking caffene where your heart races, etc?? How would you describe the “energy” you get from these pills?

          • Renee says:

            No, I DO NOT feel jittery and I know how that feels. It’s the worst feeling in the world and I felt that way when I tried Hydroxycut. This gives you the energized feeling without the jitters and the “cracked out” feeling.

            • cprincess says:

              same here, i have been losing weight without side effects, i think it’s from the quality product and from me eating fresh foods and drinking plenty of fluids.

            • nachomama says:

              I agree. I’ve only just started the pills and feel they have a mood elevating property. I equate this with increased energy. I take 5HTP for depression but I’m not really sure if it makes much difference. On the other hand, I’m taking the raspberry keytones for weight loss (TBD) BUT it is only DAY 2 and I feel noticeably more calm, focused and motivated. Interesting.

              Forget weight loss. I’d be happy just to maintain this mood effect. I have no hunger or cravings. Love that it works immediately. That’s rare for a natural supplement which often must “build up” before desired effects are achieved.

          • nichole says:

            I have not felt jittery at all. And I have an easy stomach for to miuch caffine it jus makes u feel very energized. I work out and eat right and in one week lost 9 lbns

      • Ricardo says:

        Yeah, I too saw the Dr. Oz special on it. I really hope it works too. I ordered mine from Healthier Post, so I will keep everyone up to date.

    • Jennifer says:

      Just appeared today on Dr. OZ!!!!!

    • Crystal says:

      yes i have been using them for a while now they do work make sure u drink plenty of water tho,and have a small snack a lil before u take them because u might not hold them down at first ,well at least i always have that problem with stuff,but anyways they are really a good thing i watched it on dr oz and they are very affective ,i have lost inches around the waist by using them and yes u do feel fuller like they said on tv it will be different for a lot of people i know but they do feel me up fast dont take over 2 in a day just a lil piece of advice

      • Jennifer says:

        How much have you lost to date from raspberry ketones? I just started on them and just now am finding out that there are some side effects if you have high blood pressure or are on anti-depressants. I’m so confused. Should I take them?

        • don says:

          I’ve heard that they do raise your blood pressure even though it is all natural so people with high blood pressure or people on anti-depressants probably shuld not take them.

          • suzanne says:

            Yes I also would like to know if ketones raise blood pressue or effect anti depressants ????? or insuline in anyway ???

            • Carl says:

              They do raise your blood pressure if you have high or uncontrolled BP. If your BP is controlled, you should be fine. I have high BP but I am on meds and mine is controlled. Been taking this for 2 weeks now and I haven’t had any issues with my BP. Not sure about how it effects anti-depressants……

        • simba's mom says:

          They make me poop a lot more which can be a pain sometimes when your out traveling. I’ve been on them one week and I have yet to lose even one pound. Yes, I power walk 3 to 4 times a week and do eat well for the most part. But it’s true that they seem to curve your appetite. I am older and I know it’s so much harder to lose the weight that has settled around my middle but was hoping I could lose a few inches at least but so far, nothing.

          • douglas says:

            maybe you need to drink more water. i was stuck on a plateau on these after 2 weeks but after i stared to drink more water with them, the weight stared to drop.

    • lori says:

      if you want to pull it up dr oz highly recommends it. show aired 2-07-2012

    • amy says:

      Dr. Oz just promoted this product on his show this week. It was highly recommended by him and another doctor he had on the show.

    • lily says:

      my name is lily- and i am 130 pounds and im 13 years old…….
      i really need to lose some pounds and i was wondering what other superfood to put with raspberry ketone to make it more effective.
      also, i was wondering how long does it take to work?
      thank you people of the world i dont know!
      bye :)

      • Patti says:

        Hi Lily,

        I’ve been on them for over 3 months now and I am down 14 pounds. You do have to take it for a while for it to start working. You will feel a difference within the first week of taking them but you do have to give them time. Remember, nothing can help you to lose weight is you do not change your eating a exercise habits. Try eating healthier or going for a walk and you will definitely help your body with losing the weight.

        Cheers! :)

      • Jerusha says:

        How tall are you lily? 130 is really not a bad weight!

      • Tara says:

        Lily how tall are you. You better be careful because wanting to lose weight at 13 and being only 130 lbs can become a problem. Before you start taking anything please ask someone what a healthy weight is for your body type. Just exercise and eat correctly first. Make sure you know the difference between healthy weight and obesity.

      • Lori says:

        Hey Lily I just started taking raspberry ketone so really not sure yet but I do have a great shake to have I have it every morning you can have it for lunch and have a small healthy dinner with a protein
        1/2 a pear, 1/2 a banana, 1 orange, about 10 green grapes, 3 red Kale leaves (it’s a lettuce) and water about 1 cup maybe a little more it looks like crap but it’s yummy freeze your banana’s it’s better hope you like it

      • simba's mom says:

        honey, you are too young to be on them! Eat a lot more veggies and fruits, stay away from fats such as deep fried foods and foods/desserts which are high in sugars. And get out there and exercise as often as you can. Even 30 -40 mins a day would be very good. Also, there is no guarantee on if you’ll lose any pounds at all. There too much hype and seems to be just too good to be true. I’m not saying one can’t lose some weight using the ketones but it’s not a miracle pill.

      • ShelleyG says:

        Lilly if you feel that you need to lose some weight then have your mom, or dad take you to your pediatrician to get you started on a healthy lifestyle of eating and exercise. Don’t start taking pills like this because THERE IS NO MAGICAL PILL!! Love yourself for who you are no matter what weight you are and go from there!

      • Shannon says:

        Hi Lily,
        Just saw your post. You are 13, 130 lbs. I don’t know how tall you are, so I would not know if you are overweight or not. Either way, you should speak to an adult in your life that you trust regarding how you want to handle your weight. This is the time in your life you create habits that will last for what is likely the next 70 years. Work now, learn good nutrition, not just supplements, and exercise and you will prevent a lot of stress and weight issues in the future.
        That said, raspberry ketone may still work for you. But definitely, get your parents, doctors or another adult who can provide you with this information.
        Good Luck.

      • Mandy says:

        Dieting at a young age can be dangerous if you don’t get the proper advice from a doctor or nutritionist. I started dieting when I was 16, and it quickly led to an eating disorder. I’m 33 now, and I STILL have issues with my weight and food in general. I am rather thin, but I still obsess aobut what I eat and what the scale reads.
        Please tell your parents that you would like to lose weight, and ask them to take you to a doctor. It is a good idea to ask your doctor to recommend a nutritionist. Doctors deal with many health issues, but a nutritionist only deals with food.
        Your weight is only a number. The goal should be to have you life a healthy lifestyle. No matter what the scale says, you will only be happy if you love yourself for what’s inside.
        I hope this helps you.

      • caitlin says:

        Hey lily! I was your weight too when I was your age! But try bananas, carrots, and green beans are all very low in calories as long as they aren’t seasoned. Grilled chicken is really good for you too! Hope it helps. But i would talk to someone about taking them because you aren’t supposed to take them under 18. But it doesn’t say anything about any side effects so I don’t really see the problem. Good luck!

      • comment says:

        I think that you should only try it if you had tried exercising and if that didn’t your. You should also talk to your doctor before a 13 year old goes on a weight lose pill.

      • Geo says:

        This product is not safe or made for anyone under the age of 18…please read the warnings that come with the product.

    • Kathy says:


      Anyone a diabetic and using raspberry ketones? I saw Dr. Oz last week and have read alot of positive messages about the RK. I’m hearing mixed messages about Diabetics using it.

      • toni says:

        @Kathy, im type 2 been on raspberry ketones for 2 weeks my blood sugars have been more stable i like it

      • Christine says:


        I am a non-insulin diabetic and have been using raspberry ketones for over 4 weeks. My glucose is definitely down, but I have not lost any weight. I have been reading that the amount used in the study was 1000 mgs per day. I have increased to 400 mgs but that has not worked for me yet. However, my glucose levels have been in the 100′s and 110′s most of the time. However, if you don’t take them, your glucose level is up again. Interesting stuff, tho.

        • Shirley says:

          I also have read the amount whould be 1000 mgs. per day and I haven’t weighed but have taken for two weeks and feel fabulous!

    • sandi f says:

      i saw it on the show the doctors yesterday….they said it really does work im getting some

    • jen says:

      this stuff is awsome, not hungry or jittery, i have lost 10 pounds in 1 week so fare on it, yes i do the treadmill 20 min. a day also, but i love it an it gives me so much energy!! its a must try

      • simba's mom says:

        Jen, I’m sorry but I find it hard to believe that you’ve lost 10 lbs in just ONE week. That seems impossible and even if it’s true, that is very, very dangerous to lost that much that soon. Losing 2 -4 lbs a week is healthier and less dangerous. Any doctor would agree, including Dr. Oz

        • Chris says:

          10 pounds in a week is completely possible. I’ve lost 10 pounds overnight. It’s called waterweight. Yes, fat can be lost there, but weight loss that fast is usually mostly water. So I say again, 10 pounds in a week. No problem.

          • comment says:

            i don’t believe that you lost 10 pounds overnight. It doesn’t seem possible

            • Marcus says:

              Yup, it is possible. We fluctuate up to 5 lbs. a day just from water weight. That is always what is the first to go when you start losing weight so 10 lbs. in a week is very possible.

      • Dan says:

        it is most likely water weight… lots of people who start eating healthier and or working out tend to lose a lot of water weight their first week… but if this weight loss continues you need to discontinue use and consult your doctor… I have seen drops like this before but normally 350lbs + persons… a safe weight loss number is 2-3lbs a week

      • Heather says:

        Lucky! I have been on it a week and going to the gym and lots of excersize and I havent dropped even 1/2 a pound. I feel heavy and bloated, and now my pee smells bad and cloudy..I hope this didn’t give me a kidney infection! Yikes!

        • lupita mmm says:

          what brand are you taking? it could be that you are not getting enough of the extract or you are not taking all natural extract. check the ingredients list and make sure you are getting at least 250 mg a day and that it is all natural.

        • Darrius K. says:

          Do you have underlying kidney issues? It sounds like you are not getting enough water an that is the reason your urine is cloudy and you are bloated. Go check with your doctor if these symptoms persist for more than 4 days.

    • Keri says:

      Has anyone using Raspberry Ketone tried hCG and if so, which gave you better results quicker?
      I was planning on trying hCG but the comments here are so positive now I am confused.

      • Sidne says:

        Hi, Keri
        Did one round of the HCG it works. I lost 26 lbs in 40 days. But, I didn’t do another round because of a financial things so I have gained some of the weight back. If your going to do HCG go through it all the way otherwise you gain the weight back.
        Good Luck and hope this helps.

        p.s. I’m doing the PINK Method that was on Dr. Oz prefer it better because you have regular food and exercise combined. I have added the Raspberry to help.

        • ronda says:

          I lost 55 lbs on Hcg 2 years ago….I changed jobs and now have an office job…I just after 2 years gained 7 lbs…so I’m doing Hcg again for 2 weeks. My point is…I know for myself…I can’t go back to the same old ways of eating…

        • betty lou says:

          I also did 1 round of HCG… I’m 5’4 was 160 and went down to 112. I have gained some back. Im at 128. But this was almost 2 years ago I did it.

          I know 2 other people who did HCG.. and one being my mother.
          She did several rounds of it and lost well over 100 lbs. She stopped and was told she had stage 3 breast cancer. The other person stopped and was told she had pelvic cancer.

          Be careful with this. As with any diet… many companies want in on the BIG $$ maker. And they start throwing all knds of crap in a bottle…

      • Beth says:


        I was on the HCG diet and lost 32 lbs in 46 days. I have been off it now for a month and have not gained the weight back. Mainly, cause i dont eat the crap that I ate before I went on the diet. If you go on the HCG diet you CAN NOT cheat. If you do, I can tell you you will not lose weight…. you must follow the diet to get results. I did the diet during the holidays. I plan to do it one more time and then i will be done. I did notice that my hair is a little thinner.

        • lydia garzon says:

          hi, just want to know what is hcg? i wanted to start taking rasberry ketones but now that i hear it raises blood pressure im not sure……….. i have high blood pressure and am not sure if i should take them im dissapointed i was looking foward to taking them for weight loss i have been having a hard time loosing weight nothing works.

        • Curlee says:

          Can you please tell me what brand of HCG you have.

          • Cierra says:

            I tried the HCG diet and by the next week i had to get my appendix removed. i dont know if the HCG triggered this but after that im afraid to try those again. i just got the rapberry ketones im on day 4 , no results yet though…hoping it kicks in soon :)

      • kara says:

        I finished a round of hcg 3 weeks ago and i lost 30 lbs in 40 days. I had zero side effects and felt great the entire time. I have successfully maintained my weight and plan on doing another round in three weeks. I just bought the raspberry ketones to take in between my phases, and I may even add it in when I’m back on hcg and see how it does.

      • crystal says:

        i did the HCG diet and lost 30 lbs. in 30 days. It is a very strict and hard diet to follow but the results are amazing.

      • Kimmy says:

        HCG for sure. I lost the weight fast and didn’t have nay side effects. Bought my drops from here under shopping and now I am taking the acai cleanse to maintain my weight.

    • Tobyholic says:

      I just started taking it and wondered if anyone else has had problems with the aftertaste coming back after you take it.

      • Sheila says:

        Yeah, I find that I burp up raspberries! But I actually like the way they taste so I don’t mid it. Try drinking more water and you shouldn’t get the burps :)

    • Aunt Shizzle says:

      Yes I am using them now. And I have gotten a lot of my friends using them. They really work with the mango extract is best. But it’s not an overnight cure. Hey u can try it and if u don’t lose at least 3 pounds a week send it back and you’ve lost nothing.

    • low says:

      Yes, I have heard of this and yes I am using it and YES it works well.

    • Janet says:

      I’m trying it, but I also drink the rasberry tea, which is good for the bladder and urinary tract.
      I would like to lose 60lbs, hopefully I will.I am doing some exercises and horseback riding. So together
      i will lose.

    • Nita says:

      Yes i just got some and I just got started and I will see how it works. It smell great and no problem so far.

    • Amber says:

      It does work. I was stuck on my weight loss, started taking rasberry keytones along with my normal exercise/diet routine and I lost 2 pounds in 3 days. Dont know if there’s a connection but i will keep taking it for sure. I also noticed I stopped having a problem with being cold all the time, as odd as that sounds.

    • anne says:

      Just started raspberry ketones yesterday – took 500mg – this morning I’m down4 pounds. I’m going to stick with it. Recentlt lost 62lbs on weight watchers can’t get off the last 10 – hopefully this will work.

    • sandra says:

      tried it- gained 4 pounds the first week. Bloating, too!

      • Denise says:

        What brand are you taking? Is it all natural Raspberry Ketones extract? You may want to check into that to make sure you are taking the real stuff.

      • Jersey says:

        Me too! I took it for a week and gained 3 pounds. Then I read the back of the label and there was only 100 mg and it didn’t even say pure mixed in with all these other chemicals that are hard to pronounce. Went and got a refund and ordered some from healthier post. Hopefully they work and I can update my post.

    • T says:

      I’m interested in the raspberry ketone. But I need to know if it affects my birth control pills? Cause I know a lot of diet pills interferes with bc pills. If I do buy it I need to make sure it’s from a reputable company. Please someone let me know if it affects birth control pills! Thanks!

      • Sylvia says:

        @T, the supplement does not affect your birth control pills. I checked with my OBGYN before I started these and he said it was safe for me to use with no interference. I am on the pill Ortho Trycyclin Lo. I’ve been taking them for 3 weeks now and I’m down 17 pounds. They are awesome! I ordered mine from Healthier Post and they are a very reputable company. I received a free cleanser with my order which I did for a week before staring the supplement. Hope this was helpful and good luck to you!

    • Jacqueline says:

      I am 13 years old 5′ 3 and weigh 140 pounds how mjch can i lose taking this for a week.

    • nikki says:

      yes i have been taking them for 4 days and ihave already dropped 10 lbs. i hae a low carb diet and i go to the gym 3 days a week to ride the bike for 6 mils or a mile on the eliptical.

    • Sue says:

      I started this a week ago and have lost 5 lbs. what I found interesting is that I am not hungry. I make myself eat something in the AM and dinner time But eat less. So far I am pleased. There are no ill side effects except that it definitely works for me, I will continue it until I lose at least 10 more pounds.

    • Nina says:

      This is by far the best weight loss supplement I’ve tried. I took healthier RK and lost 20 pounds. It was not hard at all and I just took them in the morning with a full glass of water. It gave me energy and kept me full all day and I was enjoying eating healthier. If you want a great weight loss supplement, you need to try it. Give it some time though because I didn’t see results until 3 weeks in.

    • Steff says:

      I too have also been looking into raspberry keytones.. Specifically “l-carnitine plus raspberry keytones”. Was wondering if this can affect birth control pills?

    • Krystal says:

      I have been taking them for about 2 weeks and the only thing that I can speak for is that I do have more energy and I don’t need my morning coffee every day now. I dropped 1.4 pounds the first week. Nothing major but I’m not looking to drop major weight fast.

  2. Debbie says:

    I see this ingredient in many diet supplements that are on the market but only in small amounts. It must work if it is in all of those products. I would think that it would be very effective for weight loss in larger amount by itself.

  3. Megan S. says:

    Raspberry Ketones are a great way to get antioxidants. With cancer at such a high rate nowadays, we need all the antioxidants we can get.

    • Lucy says:

      Is this better for antioxidants or Acai berry? I’m trying to figure out what is the difference between the 2.

      • Michelle says:

        I believe Acai has more antioxidants but Raspberry Ketones are awesome for weight loss. This is going to be huge in a year when everyone finds out about it.

      • simba's mom says:

        Lucy, what I do is take the raspberry ketone but I also drink the herbal teas with Acai berry in them. I drink two cups of the hot tea a day or 2 8oz glasses of the ice tea a day. But I’ve only been on the ketones for one week and have yet to lose any weight and I do exercise a fair amount a week and eat fairly well.

      • Aunt Shizzle says:

        There isn’t much difference try the raspberry with Achi, and Mango that is really good.

    • Janet says:

      You are so right , I am a cancer survivor of melanoma. As I said previvously I drink alot of
      rasberry tea, the one I drink is Rasberry Zinger, Celestial Seasons. I drink it in form of
      ice tea. It’s good.

    • Yee says:

      They are great for that and as a part of my daily vitamins. I love them but you need to make sure you are getting a good quality one from a reputable company.

  4. RobynA says:

    I’m not an extremely healthy eater but I exercise regularly…I’ve tried other weight loss pills but the Detox seems to give me the best results. It made me far more active and happy in general. I lost 15 lbs within the first 4 weeks…. I took them as directed. No physical side effects either. Thumbs up.

    • alicia says:

      did you change your diet while you were on this? like cutting any specific foods out? i just received mine and i want to make sure i cut certain things out of my diet if i have to.

      • Aunt Shizzle says:

        No I don’t think u really need to cut anything out, I have found that I just don’t want as much food as I used to. But use ur head and I think you will love this stuff.

    • Tom says:


      When you say you use the Detox, what do you mean? Is that something you buy over the counter? Please help.



    • patty says:

      i guess i am skeptical on the 15 lbs within the firs 4 weeks. can you give me any more info on this product. i read positives and then the negatives. they think dr. oz is just trying to make a buck, i dont believe he is not genuine because he already make alot of bucks. i think he is an honorable person and i like him. at least he is promoting all natural products and foods. dont think he is a pill pusher. i really believe in him and hope my purchase of 2 bottles of raspberry ketones in not in vain/;.

      • Wendy Veliz says:

        dr oz does not endorse any brand! He recommends to take raspberry ketone sup but doesnt tell you which brand or sell it on his website so hes not making $$

      • Aunt Shizzle says:

        Hey anything that works and is healthy for u can’t be all bad. Yes doctor Oz. has lots of bucks, he tries to find healthy solutions for problems his followers write or e-mail him about. You should only really listen to things that apply to u, for instance I don’t cook any more so all that don’t work for me. But the raspberries have worked great so far. But I don’t know how much u will lose cause every one is different. I figure 3 pounds a week average any more I am a happy camper. And I am..

    • EvellaMarie says:

      How many times did you workout per week? Have you lost any more weight?

      • danielley1001 says:

        I’ve been working out with these- 2 times a week. You need to do something if you want to lose the amount of weight. I am trying to eat better too, like healthier and smaller portions. You just have to re-train your brain to not want super sized portions of food.

        • NewRaspberryTaker says:

          You will need to work out more than 2times a week for any workout to be effective. I workout regularly every day (20min cardio) and I have been taking Raspberry Ketone for 4 days now and has already lost 2 pounds. I feel absolutely wonderful i can tell my metebolism has changed. Only suggestion do not take the pill before you go to bed, I did not sleep very well last night because I had a burst of energy that I could not settle. Take it at dinner but no less than 2 hours before you go to bed.

  5. Valarie W. says:

    I took this a few months back after hearing about it from a co-worker. She lost 30 pounds on it and was raving all about it so I tried it. I lost 25 pounds total and I was so surprised that it actually worked. It made me feel good every morning and I was excited for the day- excited to exercise if you can believe that. Before that, I was always sluggish through the day and I always felt tired. I stopped taking them after I was happy with how much weight I lost but I would definitely recommend that you check it out if you are interested in losing weight in a safe and healthy way.

  6. Lisa says:

    I just ordered a bottle today and I’m anxious to try it. I have 15 pounds residual from my last pregnancy and I’ve tried everything but I have not been able to lose it. Hopefully this will work for me!

  7. victoria says:

    when I took the supplement, I was really surprised with how much energy I had and how my appetite was suppressed. I was nervous about it because I have taken products like Hydroxycut in the past and they were horrible! I was so jittery and I seriously felt like I was going to have a heart attack. I only took it for 2 days and I threw them away. With this Raspberry Ketone supplement, I just feel refreshed and I am not hungry all the time like I am normally. I’ve been taking this for over a week now and I’ve lost 2 pounds. I haven’t done anything different- no exercise or diet changes. If it continues to make me feel this good, I’m sure I will lose a lot more.

    • rob says:

      yeah, i took hydroxycut too and it was horrible. i was working out with it and i had protein drinks and energy drinks and i had to stop because i felt like i was going to have a heart attack. there are so many diet pills out there that are just stimulants and they just make you feel jittery and horrible. this raspberry ketone supplement has helped give me energy and i haven’t felt jittery yet. i’m on day 4 so hopefully it will continue to be good.

  8. Sandra Palumbo says:

    I love this product because not a lot of people know about it yet. I heard about it from my sister in law who was told by her nutritionist about this. I’ve been taking this product for 3 months now and I’m down 31 pounds! I’d like to lose another 15 but even if I don’t, I’d still be super happy. All of my friends and co-workers as me what I am taking or doing and I just tell them it’s a secret for now. Once I get to my desired weight loss, I will let them all know that the only changes I’ve made is taking this supplement and eating a low carb diet. I love this stuff and I love that I am one of the first people to know about it! :)

    • robin says:

      what is the dosage of raspberry ketone you took everyday and did you exercise.

      • SP says:

        I got my raspberry ketone here and I took 2 capsules a day. I take my dogs for walks everyday so I would say I was walking for about 30 minutes a day? Other than that, there was nothing else special that I did.

    • kyla says:

      are you taking the plain raspberry ketone or the raspberry ketone lean like on this site???

    • Boopay says:

      what dose/ how many pill do you have to take per day? I have a lot to loose. Thx

    • moni says:

      are you not being selfish? why don’t you tell people? being overweight you know how hard it is to lose weight. you could be helping others and in doing so helping yourself.

    • Patty says:

      What is the dosage that you take.
      How do you know how much to take? :)

      • Hilary says:

        My bottle’s suggested dosage says 500 mg a day (250 mg in the morning and 250 mg before lunch). I would try and start out lower and see if you need more. It affects everyone differently and some people will need more, some less.

    • Lori says:

      Sandra what were you before you lost 31 pounds ? I’m really hoping to see these results that I’m hearing just started today so will see keep you posted I would like 10

      • SP says:

        @Lori, I weighed 185 so I’m now down to 150. I’d like to lose another 10 but I’m happy at where I am now if I don’t lose any more.

        • Heather says:

          Since this post, have you lost anymore weight? I lost 13 lbs on my own with diet and excersize, Now I have been taking 250mg Rasberry ketone in the mornings but I havent lost even 1/2 a pound! Should i take 2 a day like you? Do you think that would help? How long did it take to see the weight start coming off for you? Also, this is a gross question…but did it make your morning pee smell bad? Mine does and I am hoping this didnt give me a kidney problem…they said there was no side effects..maybe i need more water haha.. Please let me know if you have lost more weight and how long did it take for you to see weight start to come off. I started the ketones weighing 166lbs with no change after a week…Thanks

          • SP says:

            YES, I’m happy to say that I am now down to 137 and maintaining!!!!!!!!You should take 2 a day so the dose you are getting is 500 mg. That’s what I was taking. I don’t want to lose anymore so I am only taking 1 capsule a day. I’m SO happy with the results. This product has really changed my life and I’m glad I can share my success with friends and family :)

  9. Fran W. says:

    Dr. Oz featured it on his show this morning. It looks like a miracle weight loss pill! I’ve struggled with my weight all of my life, trying different diets. I’m successful at losing when I make up my mind to do so. My problem is keeping it off. I had never heard of this before today and definitely want to try it.

  10. Jennifer says:

    What happens when you stop taking them?

    • Martha says:

      I took these about 2 months ago and I lost 25 pounds total. I’ve been able to keep the weight off but I have stepped up my exercise and better eating habits. I’m thinking about starting them again just for the other health benefits because I had so much energy when I took them and they made me feel so good. I’ve read that a lot of people take it as a part of their daily supplement regimen. I’m going to start them again.

      • David says:

        Sound real good keep it martha

        • Martha says:

          Thanks David! Happy to report that I am still maintaining and taking half the dose daily for protection, just in case ;)

      • Boopay says:

        I need to loose about 150lb. Please tell what did you do to loose the 25 lb. I just got my pills. please help me

      • bride to be says:

        am getting marrried in july so i was looking for something to help me lose weight fast for my wedding ..i heard about this product does it really work? i want to lose about 25 pounds.. HELP ME.

    • Jerusha says:

      The nutritional expert on the dr Oz show said that the fat cells will grow back to their regular size if you stop taking them. All the rasberry ketone does us shrink the fat cells. It does not eliminate them. On the show they took a blown up balloon and put it in liquid nitrogen and it shriveled up, they then removed it from the solution and it expanded to its original size. That’s how they examplified it.

      • Sonny says:

        So it sounds like you have to keep taking them if you want to maintain your weight loss, unless you make drastic changes to your eating and exercise habit I assume..

        • Quincy says:

          Yeah, that’s what it sounds like but taking the supplement is also good for antioxidant support so it is something you should everyday anyways.

  11. Jessica arrieta says:

    I want to try it! I been trying to lose my baby weight… Its been really hard.. Which ones do u guys recomend me buy? And how much should i take??

  12. Lydia says:

    I just saw this on Dr. Oz today. I ordered some and I am so excited to try it!!! Dr. Oz know best! :)

  13. Nicole H. says:

    I’ve been taking these for 2 weeks now and I feel great. I have so much more energy and it’s really helped me get through my workouts. I’ve lost 3 pounds already so I cam very excited to see what’s to come. Thanks for the recommendation Dr. Oz!

    • diana says:

      where did you buy yours from? i am having a hard time finding who i should buuy from online. i don’t want to be scammed.

      • Norma says:

        I got mine from Healthier Post. It got here quickly, and for the price you get an amazing product. More energy, great weight loss, and over a happier way of living. I definitely recommend ordering from HP, I know when I run out, I will be again.

  14. Shelly!! says:

    I also seen this product on Dr Oz today and I’m very excited to start….For those of you who have had a “Kick start” and found out about this “wonder drug” before the rest of us; what would you recommend just the raspberry Ketone or the one with the mango extract? I value your advise so please give me a heads up! I really need to get started as I am feeling very sluggish, out of breathe and have absolutely no motivation, not to mention that I am over weight and don’t feel very good about myself…ugg

    • Shirley B. says:

      Hi Shelly, just wanted to reach out to you and let you know that I would definitely recommend the Raspberry Ketone over the African Mango. I’ve been on it for over a month and I’m down 19 pounds and I feel great! I have so much more energy and I’m no longer “sluggish” during my day. I would get so sleepy after lunch before I started taking this and now I just truck through my day and I still have energy when I get home to cook dinner and play with my kids. This has really changed my life and I plan on taking it long term for the additional health benefits. I ordered my through this website, Healthier Post. Best of luck to you :)

      • Mary A. says:

        Hi Shirley, I was just wondering how many miligrams of the rasberry ketone were you taking per day and did you do anything else along with it that helped you lose that much weight in one month.

        • Shirley B. says:

          This product is a “miracle in a bottle” but I made changes that I think really helped me lose more weight. I’ve been eating A LOT healthier and I try to cut sweets and sodas out of my diet entirely. I also am now going to a zumba class twice a week. Before taking these, I would have never thought that I could or would have the energy to do that. They really give me so much energy and I am thankful because I finally feel my life is going in the right direction.

      • Teresa says:

        I have been thinking about this site for a couple of days and thought what the heck order it Teresa…I keep going back to the thing that you said, take the Raspberry Ketone over the African Mango…The site shows Raspberry Ketone lean with African Mango…Is that the one that you are taking???

  15. Killie says:

    I just saw this on Dr. Oz and I’m so anxious to try it! He called it a miracle pill and I can sure use it. Hope I get the same results as the guest!!!

  16. Glenda says:

    I read all your coments and am very encourage after watching Dr Oz. Thanks Guys

  17. John says:

    Does Raspberry Ketone prevent your birth control from working???

    • Laura MTK says:

      No, I have not seen anything about it effecting birth control. I think you may be thinking about Raspberry leaves that women use to control menopause sytmtoms or heavy menses.

  18. Nancy says:

    I just heard about this on Dr. Oz!! I would like to know if, you can take, just the rasberry ketones, or should you take the
    other two products, this website suggests? Money is kinda tight for me, but would really like to try it. Can anybody help me find the best price & still get a good product?

  19. carol says:

    can people with diabetes take these raspberry ketone pills

    • bonnie says:

      i read somewhere ( think it was on Dr. Oz’s site) that you should not take this if you have diabetes or blood sugar problems.

  20. Michele says:

    Do this have any side effects? Does it work like a cleanser? I work fulltime and I cannot spend my days in the bathroom. I know, gross, but I want to know what to expect before taking them. I don’t want it to work like a laxative.

    • Kayo says:

      No it’s supplement so it’s just like taking a vitamin. It’s all natural and doesn’t have any laxative ingredients so you will not be going. I’ve been taking it and I just feel I have a lot more energy. I do drink a lot of water as well so I think that helps.

  21. Joyce Shalette says:

    I am not overweight but would like information about this as a healthy supplement and I also have a a tummy I would like to get rid of even though I exercise…could someone tell me if it is alright to take raspberry ketome? thank you

    • Joy Anna says:

      @Joyce, I’ve been taking these for over a month now and I have had no side effects. Just have a lot more energy and some weight loss already. I exercise 5 days a week for an hour so this is really helping me get through my workouts. I’m also not eating big portions like I use to so I think that’s helping with my weight loss. This supplement is all natural and it a good find in my book.

  22. Cheryl says:

    Just heard about it on Dr. Oz is one brand of Raspberry Ketone better then another?

  23. Mabel Johnsson says:

    Couldn’t find this amazing product in health food stores so bought online from a website. Google “Raspberry Ketone” it’s about $40 and so far, in 2 weeks, I have lost about 12lbs. Give it a try! :)

    • Sam says:

      12lbs in two weeks, that’s great!!! Have you been excersising as well? What else have you been doing? Please explain, I am eager to hear your process because I want to buy the product.

  24. Linda says:

    I take RX for other things. Just wondering if this is safe to take with RX.

    • David says:

      I believe it’s all natural ingredient. Only thing to look at this other ingredient, like Magnesium stearate. I read it compromises your immune system. Google Magnesium stearate.

  25. amy says:

    I just started taking it today after watching Dr. Oz yesterday! I have over 30lbs of baby weight left to lose. Im keeping my fingers crossed.

  26. Patricia says:

    Watched this on Dr. Oz yesterday and was wondering if anyone knows if it is available in Ontario Canada. I would be very interested in trying this if I can find a way to get it, if it is not available here.

  27. GJ says:

    Re: Red Raspberry Ketones?

    My supplement says it is Red Raspberry Leaves,
    am I getting the ketones from this product?

    What are the ketones?
    What part of the fruit and/or plant are the ketones in?


    • B says:

      I was looking on line for raspberry ketones and one of the searches I ended up reading review for the product and realized the product I’d clicked on was the red raspberry leaves instead of the ketones. I think they address different issues, but I’m only going by the comments I saw. Comments for raspberry ketones indicated weight loss, comments for raspberry leaves indicated help with hot flashes and cramping during periods. Hopefully someone with more information about the two products can post additional clarification.

    • Linda says:

      I believe raspberry leaves are for menopausal issues like light or heavy mensuration and hot flashes. The raspberry ketones are the ones for weight loss.

  28. Pam says:

    Can you still take this if you have more than 10-15 lbs to lose? Does anybody know if the ingredients would have any effect on Coumadin, blood thinner?

  29. wondering says:

    Something on Dr. Oz show Monday had me wondering about the Raspberry Keytone. Once I start taking the Raspberry Keytone and I start losing weight… Do I have to keep taking it because I was under the impression (from the balloon display) if I stop, I will gain my weight back and possibly more….. Can someone answer that?

    • Kat says:

      I got the same impression…I think you will probably want to continue taking this as a daily regimen. maybe only one pill instead of ? Thats my guess

    • maria says:

      my guess is if you eat the right amount of calories you shouldn’t gain back the weight. if you eat more than you should, then you’ll gain back.

    • Stephanie says:

      Yeah, that’s what I do. I took them and lost 15 pounds taking 2 capsules a day and now that I have reached my goal, I just take 1 capsule a day. It’s been working out great so far and I still get a ton of energy from it.

    • Trish says:

      I actually had the same the question. If you watch it again she says something about letting the fat come out. I guess you are able to then burn that off as well. I believe this is what makes it better and different from other weight loss products. The study done on mice/rats was on a fatty diet and they still lost weight. I think if you lose the weight it would be smart to not come off of raspberry ketones and then go and pig out. I believe this is where everything with modiration comes in. I also think some kind of exercise, even just walking will help maintain your weight. I have been on it for one day and I feel amazing and my stomach looks a little different. I will say I watched what I ate and walk regularly. I also have 4 kids that keep me busy. Fingers crossed!

  30. Monique says:

    I have hypothyroidism, does anyone know if you can take this pill with this?

    • Helen says:

      Dear Monique,

      I too have hypothyroidism and take synthroid daily. Did you find out if it’s okay to use this product with this type of ailment?

  31. mimi says:

    Can this be taken if I’m breastfeeding?

  32. Ivettecan2 says:

    I started mine yesturday…. So excited, have about 30 pnds to get rid of.

  33. Kasey says:

    Does anyone know what the mg per pill is on this particular bottle, by this website?

  34. David Smith says:

    These people who ask the question is this product safe didn’t read when you come to the section click here and has a picture of the product. CLICK THERE more information about this product healthful of knowledge. And your fear will leave you. I has a 100% money back 30-60 . What do you have to lose but weight? Good Luck
    God bless

  35. crystal says:

    Ok if one could help please……I am only 4’10 and weigh bout 100lbs, my body type is very small
    Frame from the waist up. However after having 2 kids I have some extra fat from the waist down
    I would very much like to get rid of. I just started excersing 3wks ago. Would taking rasberry
    Keytones be right for me? Would you recommed anything else? thks so much

    • Yessi says:

      Yes, they would be good for you. You do not need anything drastic like HCG which is to help obese people all their weight. You will lose the unwanted weight you need on the raspberry ketones.

  36. Laura says:

    I read that it’s not recommended for pregnant women and women that are beast feedng.

  37. Raspberry K says:

    In fact i was expecting this thing happening with raspberry ketone.
    i loved raspberries since i was a kid so i have been eating all day long and never had enough.

  38. Jan says:

    I was very interested in Dr. Oz’s Raspberry Ketones program. I went online to read side effects etc. Thought it was just the boost I needed to jump start weight loss. Now after I was able to purchase the product am reading more things about it. I remember it was mentioned to take a 100 mg or 200 mg Raspberry Ketone supplement. The only one I could find was 500mg…man at the store seemed to be very smart about his products and recommended a few other things with this that would help (all things I had heard at 2 other stores so I knew he wasn’t just giving me a “salesman pitch”). All those were out of my price range. Told me the 500 mg amount was what I should be taking. Now I am reading a lot more on it and am scared to take it. Have slightly high blood pressure and am a diabetic..not a real bad one. I guess I will be checking my sugar all the time and put on my blood pressure wrist monitor and be checking that all the time. Blood pressure is not bad even though I drink a lot of coffee to get moving in the a.m. Now I can cut that down if I have more energy from raspberry ketones. Still a little scared to start taking it!

    • David says:

      You need to go to GNC and purchase Kaffree ROMA ROASTED GRAIN BEVERAGE no caffeine all natural. Better taste then coffee with no acid beans. All tap water in acidic, try distilled water. This will lower your blood pressure
      GOD Bless

    • Cheryl says:

      I am in the same boat. I don’t have to check my blood sugar levels. I’m just on a small dose for borderline
      diabetes, and have been on bl. pressure medication for awhile. It doesn’t seem to affect that. I’m just a little
      concerned about the effects on other medication with it. Will it screw up my diabetes medication. I am also
      taking 500mg. Yesterday (day 3) I had a better feeling about it. It definately gave me more energy. I was told
      by the store that sold me mine, to take it 2 hrs. either before or after my medication. I’ve been taking it at lunch, because I’m not so tired in the morning…and I have more energy after dinner at night than I did before. Instead
      of being too tired to do anything, I seem to be a bit more wide awake. (but I can sleep at night)
      Would be nice to hear the side effects with medication. Everything online says there are no side effects because it is all natural.

    • Bernadette says:

      Just did more research on this product…… careful if you have high blood pressure, over active thyroid, asthma, sulfite allergy or any reason you are on anti-depressants. This product is a natural thermogenic due to the release of Norephinprine. It is similar to Adrenaline and will narrow the blood vessels ans cause a blood pressure to rise, cause a change in emotions. I never have high blood pressure but I have it now… I feel different, funny, unusual in the head. Have not felt good for a week….couldn’t explain why, no real symptoms, until I took my B/P. Now I know.!! Drops you blood sugar…be careful if you are diabetic. If you are healthy and not on medication…..Enjoy!

  39. Tammy says:

    Does anyone know how long it takes to get them? I just ordered tonight and can’t wait to get started!!!!02/09/12

  40. Juanita says:


    Started taking the pill on Tuesday (2 a day with food). First of January I changed my eating habits 100% so lets see if the Raspberry Ketones wil help with this. I would love to take off 130 lbs within time.

    I will keep everyone posted!

  41. rose says:

    I don’t really need to lose weight,I’m pretty thin but just have some fat on.stomach. I would like to try these and wonder if it will burn fat. I do exercise everyday and also try to eat right but just can’t get rid of that part. And I also wanna,buy some at whole foods market because I try to eat organic. What are your oppinions?

    • jamella says:

      YES, Dr. Oz said on his show that these burn fat cells, that’s why they work for weight loss! He showed the fat as a balloon and how the ketones will shrink the cells so your body can burn them. Good luck!

  42. tifftiff says:

    I ordered my Raspberry Ketones about 2 minutes after they discussed it on Dr. Oz. BTW I’m down 10 lbs (no joke since 2/11 when I actually recvd them and began taking them). It might also help that I’m really monitoring what I eat. I can tell you it definitely decreases your appetite, my biggest test of Valentine’s day, got loads of candy and from the moment I saw it I only felt like….ok, don’t really want that, :) . So for me, so far it’s working.

    • Terri says:

      I just received my order of Rasberry Ketones and it just says to take two pills a day. Do you just take them both in the AM or one before lunch and one before dinner? Do you need to take them a certian amount of minutes before you eat? Any info would be appreciated.

  43. allie says:

    I am on the raspberry ketone diet. I have been varying in weight. But yesterday I was 141 pounds. And this morning I am 137. I did not do anything different yesterday. So how is this possible?

  44. Darrin Taylor says:

    Is there a money back guaruntee?

  45. Yvonne says:

    Hello everyone,
    I am so excited to try this! I received my raspberry ketone today so hopefully this works. I have 30 lbs to fey rid of!! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!

  46. Bank says:

    buy rapsberry ketones pills

  47. Amber says:

    Just got my raspberry ketone in the mail today! After taking them when I woke up I feel very optimistic, and full! I’m very excited after reading these reviews too! I have about 30 lbs to lose an wish everyone luck!

  48. Ana says:

    I started staking this pills and they are really good………….I’ve always wanted to take something not to make me feel sick and I can say I finally found the perfect pills. I started on Monday at 198.5 and this morning I weight myself and I was at 194.6…..for real it really works and it gives you alot of energy but not the one that makes you sick or you can’t sleep at night. Must try……………….

    • Meima says:

      Hi Ana, Thats great which brand did you buy did u change anthing in you normal habits. (Ex: Diet, Exercise anything different?) how much did u take at what intervals thank you and good luck in your journey.

      • Ana says:

        Today, I’m down to 192.5. It self the pills will make you cut down on eating and exercise (gives you energy). I’m so impressed how the pills have helped me with my allergies. If people suffer from frequent constipation these pills also help you to be regular. Couple of years back I tried different natural diet pills (well that is what they would tell me NATURAL – no side effects including Herbalife) and just taking for a day or two, I would get very sick (no sleep, anxiety and depressed). I must say I found the right pills. My goal is 160. I got my mine at CVS Raspberry Slim but I’ve read that people say Raspberry Keytones Lean and I want to try later….

  49. raspberry ketone says:

    raspberry ketone weight loss as seen on dr oz?

  50. Sandi says:

    I have been taking Rasberry Keytone Lean for 3 weeks and have not lost any weight nor any inches. How long does it take before you start seeing results? Some day it takes awhile. How long before I start seeing results?

  51. Mido says:

    I’ve been taking it for almost a month. I noticed a little difference. I don’t have a lot to loose but I have a tendency to stock fat in my butt. I do not understand why you guys are taking more than one per day though. I only have one at breakfast as it is prescribed and it does the job well. No wonder why you guys have stomach aches.
    I’m 31 and I have about 5 kilos to loose but I think RK helped me so far
    Good luck to you all!

  52. Bruna says:

    I’m 53 and gained 30 pounds do to medication and menopause. I’m no longer taking that medication. I’ve never been a big eater so over eating isn’t my problem. I’ve tried every thing you can imagine and nothing has worked. I eat the right foods ( lots of protein) I drink tea with no milk or sugar and water. I started exercising, something I haven’t done in years and I did buy Raspberry Ketones) about 3 weeks ago. I take one pill very morning and I haven’t lost anything.
    Does anyone have any reasons why I haven’t been able to lose weight with Raspberry Ketones and exercising.

    If anyone can help me please let me know


    • Karen says:

      Hi Bruna,
      My sister in law had some serious issues with thyroid and as a result, she gained a lot of weight. She struggled for years just the same. She recently lost about 60 pounds. As it turned out, she was very sensitive to carbs. When she cut out breads, pastas and starchy vegetables, she immediately started to lose weight. Perhaps this could wotk for you. Good luck!

    • Reed says:

      I had my thyroid removed 12 years ago, I’m 41 (& maybe pre-meno). After my surgery I just kept putting on weight and I worked out daily (I was an Law Enforcement Officer), 6 hours a day at the gym 6 days a week. Finally a couple of years ago I got lipo on my belly because nothing worked. I cycle 3-5 times a week to and from work (almost 30miles) and strength train. NOTHING worked on my belly fat. I started with the ketones about 1 -2 weeks ago. I take 2 in the morning prior to eating & my workout 9on an empty stomach) 2 @ lunch time and 1 at night. I don’t like to equate personal value with the numbers on a scale BUT I wanted to track any success with this. So far it has been 4lbs down on the scale BUT my belly is smaller. I was not a big eater either and loathe carbs. this seemed to increase my appetite and now I actualyl sweat when I cycle. Being older and not having balanced hormones can kick us in the rear, right? Eat fruits only in the morning, do green smoothies, no refined sugars, dark chocolate 75% or greater, workout twice a day even if it is just walking, NO white foods or potatoes. If you have a gym membership try this routine. 3-5mins HARD cardio then a circuit machine. remember your body has muscle memory so you have to trick it by mixing up your workout. best cardio: running (which I don’t do), swimming, row machine, row machine and cycling!!!

      NEVER START YOUR ROUTINE THE SAME!!! (then do some llight walking at night before bedtime)

      3-5 rotating stairmaster
      3 sets 15 reps of arms/abs/legs (take your pick)
      3-5 mins treadmill (if you can’t run then walk at a steep incline)
      3 sets of 15 reps of arms/abs/legs (take your pick)

      I hope this works for you. This is my routine and a lot of athletes train this way. GOOD LUCK!! and always remember “KEEP THAT BODY MOVIN’! KEEP THAT BODY MOVIN’! KEEP THAT BODY MOVIN’!!

  53. Lena says:

    just bought mine, ready to start good luck to everyone who tries the Rasberry Ketone

  54. missdash says:

    I have been using these since March 5th 2012. I have not seen weight loss but lord I feel a lot different. I can go to the gym work out. come home and stillhave the urge to do push ups…At the gym im lifting more than ever. Even my cardio time is up. Im not a gimmic , im not a company person, im just a regular woman trying to get summer cute. I do have to admitt i did see the Dr. oz show, and went out and bought the kidney bean abstract the tea and the ketones, womans vitamins and b12. which in high doses is also a ,mirical weight loss . I just take b12 pills though. I am going to acctually start keeping track starting Sunday 3/25/12. I have to admitt i also completly changed my diet. I eat very low carbs really high protien. I miminize the carb intake to 50 carbs a day.

  55. michelle says:

    Can the raspberry ketone lean be bought in a store, if so which ones?

  56. Kerstin says:

    Hi All,
    I have taken Rasberry K-Tones now for three weeks and did not loose weight! I m wondering if other people have experienced the same and what the reason is for not loosing the weight. I do exercise sometimes, do not eat or drink more then before taken the K-Tones. What Am I doing wrong???

    • Reed says:

      Sounds like you’re not eating enough or exercising enough to me. 3-5 days a week you should be working out…5day cardio and 3 day encorporate strength training. Maybe you haven’t found the right workout program for your body type.

  57. Sandy says:

    Is this safe to use if you’re on high blood pressure meds and cholestrol meds?

  58. J Moffa says:

    Is it safe to take while breastfeeding?

  59. lydia g says:

    im having mixed thought about rasberry ketones im in desperate need to loose 40 lbs and it has been hard for a couple of years now dont know what to do….. im gonna try this product and if it doesnt work im giving up on dieting…

  60. Amy says:

    Eating right and exercise are VERY important. I have recently changed my life style but decided to also start taking Raspberry Ketones. Within a week I already started to feel more energized. It also seems to curb my cravings. I seem to eat less since taking these and find that I am more inspired to work out longer. Though I do not take these specifically for weight loss, I do take them because I find them to be a beneficial aid in the weight loss process. Again, diet and exercise are always going to be key… raspberry ketones are just an added benefit. Good luck!

  61. lydia g says:

    im so confused i dont know which ones to buy, they have ketones 1200mgs and 100 and 200 mgs which ones r the right ones to buy….. what does the label say rasberry ketones plus or rasberry ketones lean the lean ones r 1200mgs and the others r low mgs……..please someone please clarify this for me thank you

    • JD says:

      Did anyone answer you? I am interested in the 1200mg – but it is confusing, on the video the woman said take one pill – 100mg at breakfast and another at lunch. If you want more she said to take 2 that would bring you up to 400mg a day – i wonder if the 1200 mg for $100 is dangerous for health and pocketbook – &/or unnecessary????

  62. anne says:

    im 18 and i need to loose 40 ibs how long will it take if i use this? or would hcg work better?

  63. Mike Henkle says:

    These pills are a staple in my diet right now and I love them. I decided after looking at my belly that I need to do something about it. The 3 things every dieter should be using a good multi-vitamin, Raspberry Keystone and Whey Protein.

    If you want to lose weight you want to take in half your body weight in grams of protein and getting there can be difficult. That’s why whey protein is so effective 20 grams of protein 110 calories only 1 gram of fat no other protein comes close. You can pick up a 5 pound bag at Sams for around 30 dollars. I mix one scoop of whey protein into my oatmeal every morning. If you have not tried whey protein you are missing out, plus the taste has improved by leaps and bounds since the 90′s.

    Whole grains, you should be taking in around 45 grams of whole grains and the nature valley bars (Green Box)16 grams per package. Not to mention fiber and healthy carbs.

    Lots of water as much as you can drink will make you lose weight quickly. Cut soda out of your diet, even diet soda max of two cans per day.

    Plenty of fruits and vegetables, I like to use these as snacks to curve hunger during the day.

    Walking, yes walking not only can burn up to 500 calories per hour it also lowers cholesterol and is easy on the joints in comparison to running. Currently, I try to make sure I walk at least 5-8 miles 4-5 a week.

    Oatmeal with one scoop whey protein and a banana

    Tuna sandwich with light mayo, natural valley bar and an apple

    Whey protein shake with skim milk, and a fruit

    I tend to mix dinner up, but look for a lean protein and vegetables or fruits

    Nature Valley bar and a fruit

    Right before bed
    Whey protein shake with skim milk, milk actually helps us sleep and the nice thing about this shake is it helps you entire body recover while you sleep.

    Using this strategy, I have lost 4 inches to my waist in a little over a month. You will build muscle, lose fat and have more energy. I hope this helps anyone who is looking to lose weight.

    • Diane says:

      Thank you for this. I order the pill but have not got them yet hope that I get them this. Whey protein what do i put in it. And do I have to take it every day and how many time of day do i take it. Thank you again

    • Reed says:

      It’s good that this diet works for you BUT you’re a man and it is different for women. Also people who have dietery issues should NOT use whey protien. I suggest a Glowing Green Smoothie. Dark green leafy vegetables carry high amounts of protien and tofu can be added in the blender. Also I would never ever suggest milk or diet soda due to the sugars (fake or refined). My smoothies I use Coconut water, organic fruit and Vega (great protein product) yet I only do fruit in the morning because our bodies can digest it faster on an empty stomache. Smoothies at night should be 3 vegetables to 1 fruit. And I would stay away from processed foods. They have an all natural RAW protien bar that can be picked up at any WHS (fresh n easy, Trader Joes, Sprouts etc) . Also women who have thyroid issues should be weary of anything hormone injected 9and some of us have no thyroid)…chances are if you have had children then you MIGHT have to get a thryoid check. and for goodness sake women EAT FOOD!!! If you don’t sweat when you work out then your hormone levels are not on par. The more you eat the more you burn the more you lose…

      Cardio is the best way to help burn belly fat but you need to couple it with weights to help your body continue to burn. Even 5lbs-8lbs with higher reps is better than no weights at all. Get ankle/wrist weights (2lbs) and wear them all day, encorporate leg lifts while standing and doing dishes, do butt clenches while driving etc…stop and do squats when you’re in long lines or showering. KEEP THAT BODY MOVIN’!! KEEP THAT BODY MOVIN’!!!

  64. Maria says:

    I am 18 years old, and i weight 56kgs. i love going to the gym, love working out and doing cardio. I sometimes have lots of work and have no time for gym.. I LOVE food, and tried lots of diets, but never works out for me. I’d rather have something im craving for and work it off at the gym tomorrow! I was wondering if these Raspberry ketones would be good for me?? i use to weight 52kgs and that was perfect for me. I do lots of modeling, and need to always stay fit!! I need something that would keep my body balanced and that would help me drop down to 52 again. Someone who has already taken them advice would be really appreciated! thanks x

  65. Stephanie says:

    I found a brand of raspberry keytones that also have green tea extract in them (the vitamin shop) i always eat a couple bites of something before i take one. No hunger pains and lots of energy! Dont know if I lost weight yet but I’ll post on Sunday and let you all know! I love them!!

  66. Mary says:

    I’m 18 years old and I been taking this product and it hasn’t worked for me,It’s been 3 weeks and no luck yet.I don’t know but I think this product makes me much hungry then I already
    am I don’t have much energy I’m always starving and low energy,I don’t eat very Heath though,but sometimes I do.
    What do u guys think? Any answers?!

    • Kim says:

      You need to eat healthy, like a plant based highs protein diet low in sugars and preservatives, and exersize to see results. Otherwise it won’t do much.

  67. NG says:

    Will taking respberry ketones affect birth control pills from working?
    Does anyone know?

  68. Judy says:

    I have almost 100 pounds to lose. My husband has about 50 to lose. We just took our first RK pills today! We are optimistic, but also realistic. I’ll update on our progress every couple of weeks. I am 49 and my husband is 55. We are both healthy, other than being overweight.

    • Judy says:

      We have been taking the pills for two weeks today. I have lost 2 pounds and my hubby nothing! In fairness, we have not changed our diet or exercise habits at all. We just wanted to take the pills for a couple of weeks to see if it made a difference. We do feel that we have more energy and less food cravings. We’re going to continue taking the RK even though the weight loss is disappointing. For the next two weeks we’re going to try to eat less and exercise more and see what happens. I’ll let you know!

  69. Kim says:

    I love this supplement. I’ve been eating clean foe the last 8 months and I’ve always been active. I lost 20lbs without the RKs but then plateaued. I decided to try them after seeing Dr.Oz. the weight has started to come off nicely again and I’m now only 10 lbs away from my goal weight! I feel amazing and very healthy.

  70. vivian says:

    does anyone know how to take the dosage for these pills? i have some that have 200 mg of raspberry ketones and 300 mg of green tea?

  71. LOUISE says:

    My son gave me raspberry ketone lean, CLA he heard on Dr. Oz. At the age of 81 and don’t work out. My weight was 170 in 2 months I now weigh 150.5. I stopped taking then and see what will happen.

  72. Mary says:

    The guy at our GNC recommended I take Mangodrin with the Rasberry Ketones, has anyone tried this?

  73. Reed says:

    After 2 C-sections, constant exercise (3-5 days a week) and a plant based diet and no success on losing my belly fat I started taking the Ketones & L-Carnitine (bought @ vitamin Shoppe) together. I have lost 4lbs (which isn’t my concern since I’m a weight lifter and cycler) but I can tell my belly is smaller. My co-workers have even commented how I look slimmer. I just ordered 2 bottles of the ketones alone no jittery side effects or sleepless nights

  74. KEM says:


  75. RICK says:


  76. Stacey says:

    I just started taking raspberry ketones, but they are 250 mg pure raspberry ketone. I do zumba and i have starte to eat a lot healthier, im 135 and id like to get down to 120. Ill update in a few weeks!

  77. Chrissy says:

    I’m 16 can I take these supplements?? I just want to lose about 15 pounds! I know some people might think thats ridiculous because i am not overweight but j really want to do this for me! So i was just wondering if i can take these supplements.

  78. Aaron says:

    ( For the people who have used this for round 1 or more weeks) What happens if youstop taking this or if you run out and can’t get the store ( GNC) ,will your fat expand again??

  79. Ariel says:

    I’m 16 and im going to be getting some raspberry ketone soon, i think ill be able to lose weight considering i work out an hour to 2 hours a day, and i watch what i eat, what do ya’lll think?
    (Don’t tell me not to take them, because money has already been set aside for them)

  80. Pam says:

    Hello. Does anyone drink coffee with raspberry ketones? I only drink usually one cup/day. Just started taking yesterday (1 capsule of 125mg) from Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals (GNC).

  81. T says:

    Hi. I’m interested in taking the raspberry ketone, but my main concern is if it affects my birth control pills? I’ve heard many diet pills interferes with bc pills. Can someone please let me know if it affects it? I also did some research and the most purchased brand is raspberry ketone burn and each pill is 500mg? I need to make sure it’s from a reputable company and is 100% natural.

    • Melissa says:

      Every post I’ve read online says it doesn’t affect it but I’m worried about that to do if u find a answe please let me know I asked my obgyn she sai it should be fine

      • T says:

        Hey Melissa, I read online also that’s what it said. I asked my obgyn and a pharmacist and they said it should be fine as well. They just told me the only things that really interfere with BC pills are pain killers, ibuprofen, and diet pills but since raspberry ketones are all natural they said it should be okay. I’m going to bring my bottle of RK to show them the ingredients and see what they say.

  82. Jamie says:

    I’m 36 yrs old and weight 180 I’m really wanting to lose some weight so I can be around for my kids. I have been taking the raspberry ketones from a health store it says take 2 a day but everyone I see on here says to take them 2 time one for breakfast and 1 for lunch. But this bottle just says take 2 sure I take one 2 times a day and not 2 one time a day. Plus haves anyone taken natural sport raspberry ketones? It says 250 mg

    • Sarah says:

      Jamie, I buy mine from the Vitamin shop it just increases your energy it’s no different. You are suppose to take 1 with breakfast and one at dinner to see the change faster, remember it’s speeding up your metabolism so it makes sense to take them at the to larges meals. Congrats on a new road I wish you a lot of luck.

  83. Heather says:

    I just started 4 days ago, with no diet or exercise and lost 5lbs already. Also, I am a diabetic and so far everything has been fine.

    • Sarah says:

      Heather it does work like you say, This is for people that can’t maintain that special diet or able to get to the gym or exercise each day. It’s actually great for diabetics because raspberries are actually a protein that some one like a diabetic can have. I’m glad to see it’s working for you.

  84. Tracie says:

    i got mine from a dr’s office. it says physicians vita nutrients, rasberry keytones with green tea and african black mango on the bottle, its not giving me the mgs on the bottle

  85. Kat says:

    Well, nothing happens overnight and if it does that is way too fast. I have been on the raspberry keytones for a week and havent seen much of a weight loss yet. But I also started going the gym 4 times a week and eating right for two months so not sure if it is that or the pills yet. I sure hope it helps! They say you wont see any real loss for 2 months..uggh!

  86. Shelby says:

    I am 16 and my mom just bought some and I’m 170 lbs. and 5,3 I need to lose about 30 pounds to be in a healthy weight range but don’t know if I should try this stuff.

  87. BARBARA WASH says:

    I tried raspberry ketones after seeing the Dr Oz clip,so far 3 weeks 9 pounds,I’m so happy. I take 250m twice a day,I think it really helps curb the urge to eat. I have to make sure I eat 3 meals,because somethings I’m just not hungry. One the Dr Oz clip it was mentioned some people never want to stop taking the Raspberry kentones,I can see why with success like this,I will not stop eithe,9 down and 39 more to go. I’m 60 years and have tried every diet you can name This little pill seems to do the trick,along with eating balanced meals and 30mins a day 4-5 times a week exercise..

  88. MARLENE says:


  89. Jessica says:

    I want to try Raspberry Keytone to try to lose the stubborn fat around my middle (belly, love handles, back) but I just want to make sure that it’s okay for me to take it. I am 21 years old, about 5’4 and weigh somewhere between 135-140. Is this a safe thing to try, and if so, what dosage is best?

  90. Jill Johnson says:

    So, everyone who has had success has also been on a low calorie diet…. I was on raspberry ketones, and reduced calorie diet for a month. I lost a whopping 2 pounds. Not exactly a miracle. Not impressed. The upside- it won’t hurt you.

  91. Cicely says:

    I have tried to lose weight the old fashioned way, and I find that I need a LITTLE HELP and it seems that Rasberry
    Ketones are the way to go. I am optimistic that they will work in my situation.

    • Uncle J says:

      By the way, Raspberry is one of less famous berries yet very important. The first time I heard about Raspberry I thought that it was one of ugly fruits due to its medicinal value. However, reading has convinced me that they are truly valuable. I have read the Japanese research on these berries and found them to have some credibility. I would support this post and recommend that people who want to achieve weight loss should try them and they are not going to regret any bit apart from the fact that they took long to learn their value. Great!

  92. Rachel says:

    I just bought my raspberry ketone pills online from evolution slimming. Anyone got their pills or any other products from there before?
    Is it trustable?
    Please help!

    • Veronica says:

      I got them from evolution too and have no problem at all, they are the real ones and have lost half a stone in a week

  93. Liz says:

    Just wondering, but the raspberry ultra drops also seen on Doctor Oz, would it be healthy for a teen to take them?

  94. Karen says:

    I wont re-order cant find out how to take them!

  95. SUE says:


  96. Martha says:

    I haven’t seen any comments on whether it effects high blood pressure. Any comments?

  97. Dan says:

    how long should someone continue to take the Keytones for? I heard you should stop taking them after 90 days?

    • Ivan says:

      I do not know but could someone explain to me how this thing works. I have been eating raspberries for a long time now but I am still growing fatter and am adding weight. Some people tell me that it is genetic but I can not that explanation. I am weight conscious and I get frustrated with prolonged emptiness of my efforts. Let me try to combine this with African mango and hope for a visible change

  98. collins says:

    I think I should take this advice and start using this novel method to achieve what I have been spending the major part of my life trying- loosing weight. I cannot lie that I have a very poor eating habit but this was as a result of working out and using a number of supplements to loose weight with no success. This post gives hope of achieving that sizable weight and shape. I have read about mangoes too and I believe that the duo will yield a tangible results.

  99. Asha says:

    There is nothing like taking pills and raspberry extracts and then continues living unhealthy. This prescription works for the dedicated individuals alone. Loosing weight calls for both physical and mental commitment primarily. One can not be expecting to loose weight while seated on the couch watching television all day long with a bowl of potato chips by his or her side. It is very unlikely and unrealistic to think that pills plus raspberries are going to cater for excess weight without working out substantially. You can either choose to follow the above mentioned facts on the article or cumulated unnecessary weight.

  100. Jahim says:

    Raspberries are one of the most precious berries in the world when viewed in terms of immunity and general contribution to our health. As seen from this post, raspberries play a vital role in medicinal supplement industries. Although I have not used these supplements, I am thinking of starting to after a careful study and review of this article and other supportive sources. I fully believe that this will work. For those with excess fat to burn, here you have the solution.

  101. kia says:

    hi guys i just bought this product when is the best time to take them, i was planning on taking them before lunch and supper? and after u take them should u eat right away or wait about 30 mins then eat?

  102. Greg says:

    Ive been on it for 2 weeks and i have lost 3 pounds. I don’t need to loose a lot (only 20 pounds) so I expect my weight loss will be less impressive than those who are obese…but I am loosing. When i bought them I was told that the best raspberry KT are the ones that are NOT extracted using chemical means. You want to buy the ones where they extract the raspberry KT via a hot water press. And also stay away from anything made in china — its packed with caffeine. Made in USA only.

    Good Luck!

  103. Bree says:

    How old should i be to take raspberry ketones? Can i take them at 13?

  104. Veronica says:

    I started using mine on monday and also bought zero noodles, i have special k for breakfast, banana at half day, for linch a chicken wrap woth no mayo, for dinner zero noodles with veggies and chicken quorn that is low fat, one ketone pill woth breakfast and one with lunch, I lost 7 pound since monday :) ))

  105. Ellen says:

    Hey I’m an extremely active 15 year old girl and I exercise for over an hour and a half every day, but my weight doesn’t ever drop. I eat fairly healthy with the exception of a treat or two every day. I’m 5’6 and 166 pounds. I know a lot of it is muscle but a lot of it isn’t. So anyways, how many mg should I take per day? I don’t want to over do it and hurt myself, so what would y’all recommend? Thanks!

  106. Nicole says:

    to everybody saying you have to take like 300mg’s a day or more im taking 1 200mg pill a day and its working for me :) i have only been using them 4 days and have lost 2 pound

  107. kay says:

    I’m 14 can I take them ?

  108. Emma says:

    In my first week of two capsules a day and all healthy diet 3 meals a day amounting to 1000 calories and gym twice a week I lost 7lbs with one colon cleanse before bed, so it works but can I just say to the person say healthy eating is expensive and so on, believe me if you added up all the crappy take aways and the stuff you go out and buy at lunchtime the amount you spend on that will be nothing to the amount for a weekly shop of all the healthy stuff you need because you will be preps preparing all your meals so Won’t be spending any extra and you’ll know exactly what’s in your meals hope this helps

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