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Pros and Cons of the Electronic Cigarette

Thinking of Trying an eCig? Here Are Some Pros and Cons of the Electronic Cigarette

electronic cigarette 542 300x212 Pros and Cons of the Electronic CigaretteSmoking is a pastime that many people enjoy, but the truth is that it can be something that’s both detrimental to your health and very unpleasant for the people around you. The electronic cigarette has been developed as a means of combatting the nicotine addiction, but it can replace cigarettes with a much cleaner alternative that’s much more enjoyable for both you and the people around you. There are many benefits to the electronic cigarettes, but there are also drawbacks that you need to know about. Here are the pros and cons of the e-cig:

Pros of the E-Cigarette

Makes it Easier to Quit – One thing that many studies have shown is that making the transition from regular cigarettes to e-cigarettes can make it a lot easier to quit smoking. Seeing as you are taking the mental action of switching to something that is less addictive, you will be making the first change that will help to lead you down the path to quitting. You will still be getting the nicotine, however, so you won’t feel the withdrawal symptoms. You can slowly go reducing your dosage until you’re smoking nothing more than flavored cartridges with absolutely no nicotine. Once you’ve gotten that far, quitting suddenly becomes a whole lot easier to do. If you use the e-cig to help you quit, you will be able to slowly reduce your nicotine consumption and wean yourself off the addiction much more easily over a period of time.

Fewer Health Risks – The one thing that causes most people to hesitate when it comes to smoking is the fact that smoking a cigarette can be a serious health risk. Smoking will fill your lungs with carcinogens, which can lead to cancer. However, with e-cigs, there is no smoke if you don’t want, and you will just get the nicotine rush that you want – but without all the harmful carcinogens. By smoking the e-cig, you are putting yourself at many fewer risks than when smoking regular cigarettes. There is less of an impact on your blood sugar, and you will find that these cigarettes are much safer and less likely to cause cancer and other health problems than their regular counterparts.

A Lot Cheaper – If there’s one thing that makes it an excellent idea for you to switch to these cigarettes, it’s the fact that it’s a lot cheaper than regular cigarettes. While a regular carton will cost you about $10 or so for a pack of 20, you will find that a cartridge that lasts as long as those 20 cigarettes will go for about half that price. You can save up to $2,000 per year if you’re a regular smoker, as the cost of buying regular cigarettes is very high in comparison to the cost of buying the e-cig cartridges. You can end up saving yourself a small fortune by making this change, and you will be pleased that you made this choice when you see how much extra money you have.

Much More Variety – Smokers are often the kind of people that stick with a single brand of cigarette, so it can be quite disconcerting when the store that you buy from doesn’t have your brand. The beauty of e-cigs is that there are so many different types to choose from, and you will be able to pick out the flavor, potency, and nicotine dosage of your choice when smoking with an e-cig. You will never run out of the liquid, as it can be ordered online and shipped right to your door. It will be a lot easier for you to get exactly the flavor and taste that you want, as the e-cigs will always be the way you want them.

No Smoke or Bad Breath – The health problems usually are considered negligible by those that smoke, but the smoke produced by the cigarettes and the bad breath and yellowed teeth that result are often the worst problems. Those that need to smoke will find that the e-cig will help them to replace their addiction with a much cleaner one, as there is no smoke produced by a good e-cig. You are able to choose cartridges and atomizers that will produce the smoke, but the basic e-cig won’t produce any smoke at all. This means that you can smoke anywhere you want – including inside banks, restaurants, etc. – and you will have much cleaner teeth and more pleasant breath.

Cons of the E-Cigarette

You Have to Order Online – This is only a problem for those that aren’t accustomed to buying things online, which is mainly the older generation. If you haven’t yet figured out how to buy stuff online, it can be quite a hassle to use your credit card to order these e-cigs from the many websites selling them. You may also be a bit hesitant to buy online, as you’ve no doubt heard bad things about the lack of security on the internet. If you’re worried about identity theft, buying online can be anathema to you.

Potential Health Risks – A number of studies have been done into the health risks that can be caused by using an e-cig, and one study showed that there were a few potential health risks – though none as serious as those caused by smoking real cigarettes. The studies showed that acute pulmonary effects were possible after smoking these cigarettes for just 5 minutes or more, including impedance, oxidative stress, and airway flow resistance. This is only the case for those smoking for longer periods of time, but it could lead to more potential health risks if people spend a lot of time smoking each day. The cartridges have also been known to leak occasionally, which can expose their user to direct contact with the nicotine – which can be toxic. There is also no labels or warnings on the cigarettes, and there are no instructions on how to use the cigarettes or dispose of them once you have finished using them.

Healthier Comments
45 Responses to “Pros and Cons of the Electronic Cigarette”
  1. Vaping Liquid says:

    The pros certainly outweigh the cons here. The cons above that ‘you have to order online’ shouldn’t even be an issue when taking into consideration the price difference. And not only that, but health is priceless. The fact that you’ll smell better is a bonus!

    • Lesese says:

      The thing I have never been able to comprehend fully is: why do people turn into smoking? Of all the possible reasons I have thought of, the fact that most smokers do smoke to air off the stressful thoughts running through their minds outweighs them all and bears more statistical evidence than all the others as per my small personal observations and study.

    • Malik says:

      There has never been a good thing from smoking. So, whether it is the e-cigs or the normal cig; smoking has the same bad effects to the health. |It causes several types of lung cancers, esophageal cancers and practically any other cancers. The chemical agents in the cigarette are the most versatile morbidity enhancing agents you can ever come across

      • Chelsea says:

        Research before you comment. Esmokers do are not a cause of cancer, nor do they come close to similar in the negative effects that a cigarette would give. Studies have even shown that they do not even raise the blood pressure when using them. So no, smoking either does not have the same bad effects to health. Research before looking ignorant and laughable.

  2. Ged Online says:

    My friends daughter, who started smoking by sneaking around and picking up her dad’s butts when she was just a teenager, quit smoking using Chantix after she saw her own daughter doing what she used to do! Now, at age 47, she is a healthy and happy non-smoker!

  3. Janet says:

    My mother, a smoker of 30+ years, had tried everything in the past to shake the habit but nothing worked. She recently purchased an electronic cigarette and it has helped curve her cravings for real cigarettes. I am very happy that she finally found something that works and I hope that others will take after her and try an e cig to quit smoking. They are healthier for you then real cigarettes and they are less addictive in my opinion.

    • Major HJ says:

      Did u know that smoking amongst women cause problems with their reproductive health? Smoking in women is linked to recurrent miscarriages. It is also a causative factor of ectopic pregnancies and an environmental causative agent of most genital tract cancers. It also causes fetal malformations. Women please keep off smoking, whether e-cigs or the normal cigarette.

  4. Euka says:

    This article is a big help for me since I have been using an E-cigar. I have read the cons in which it can possibly be harmful than the real cigarette when the cartridge leaks. Thanks for the info! Kudos!

    • Malik says:

      I don’t smoke, I hate smoking and will do anything to get those near me top quit smoking. First of all the smoke itself is a bad smell. It makers the clothes smell, and the smell of it is nauseatic to me. I even wonder how people cope with it and seem so cool with it. Then there is the health risk that comes with it. Ooh! God, the inventor of the e-cig must have had me in mind.

    • Japhet says:

      I recommend psychotherapy to most of these smokers. They are so helpless, visionless and have practically nothing to live for. Worst is that they have nothing to show off about rather than the smoking. So as much as e-cigs could help some of the most self-controlled of them, a majority of the wreckless smokers need psychotherapy.

      • Chelsea says:

        And so do you for making mass judgement and assumptions. That’s like saying that people with brown hair are hopeless. Smoking doesn’t define who a person is, it’s just a very bad habit they’ve picked up. How many countless writers, inventors, actors, teachers, etc are smokers? Pretty sure they ALL have quite a vision. SO perhaps it is YOU who needs psychotherapy for your superiority complex.

      • Susan says:

        ….they are helpless, visionless and have ….nothing to live for….worst is that they have nothing to ‘show off about rather??? than the smoking…’…..your statement doesn’t make sense. Maybe a course in the English language is in order.

    • Rapunzle says:

      Did you miss the part where it says that the pros outweigh the cons?!

  5. Leighton says:

    I have been using Electronic cigarette. Thanks for the information about the pros and cons of this.

    • Jack says:

      It is true the pros are more than the cons with the e-cig. But lets remember that the pros in this case are only in comparison to the normal cigarette. Otherwise when health is considered, there is not a single pro that comes with smoking the e-cig. So guys, lets promote the e-cig but have in mind the basic mission of completely eradicating the smoking habit.

  6. Dina says:

    E-cigarette make you have no more bad breath. So thankful for the innovation.

    • Jakestar says:

      Think about this…Take gansters-smoking for example, how can gangsters smoke an e-cig? To them the smoke is a symbol of unity, a sign that they are roughriders and naughty people who don’t give a damn about any shit.They will smoke ion their regular meeting s for this reason and they will feel pretty cool about it. In fact the uprising/junior gangsters could still be in the stage where individuals boast about the number of packs their lungs can have a taste of or can withstand.

    • Major HJ says:

      While the e-cig has many pros, I think its advent is also a negative thing. I mean starters would want to start smoking the e-cig given its pros over the other. With time they could get the nicotine addiction and craving and switch to a more satisfactory product-the normal cigarette. Therefore much as it serves to help curb addiction, it also has a big potential to cause the addiction.

      • Chelsea says:

        Doubtful. You make an case that could sound real, but honestly so many smokers have switched to ecigs and find them more than satisfying. If someone starts on an ecig because it is healthier then I doubt they would worry about moving to the real thing simply for more satisfaction (and seriously one try of the real thing after an ecig can be painful by comparison lol). Good thought to mull over though.

      • unknown teen says:

        I agree, because E-cigsare what i started with. The idea of flavored cartridges, and no smell appealed to me. This means no risk of getting caught and easily having access to it. The problem, is that they’re are no instructions. I think i may have over done it at first, because i was nauseous and had headaches. If i hadn’t stopped when i did, it could have lead to nicotine poisoning i believe. As many fellow teens as i see with them, some could end up with serious problems if they were messing with one (as i was) and gave themselves nicotine poisoning. I don’t beleive i will ever switch to traditional cigarettes, but at the same time if i become addicted instead of just playing with the smoke. who knows. Despite not feeling well afterewards, i wasn’t even intentionall inhaling. Just sucking it into my mouth and blowing it out. My body still managed to feel like crud afterwards, and i only accidentally inhaled a few times. It’s dangerous and appealing to people who don’t smoke. I never thought i’d smoke, yet here i am with an E-Cig.

  7. Villah says:

    I had no idea there is an electronic cigarette. This is a very cool article and it gives a lot of hope to chronic smokers who have time and again found it so hard to overcome the withdrawal symptoms. I think it’s a worthy cause to spread information about the e-cig and even more importantly is the necessity to encourage more nations to make laws that favor manufacturing of the e-cigs rather than the normal cigarette.

  8. lenna says:

    The reason why the e-cig is not as popular as the regular cigarette is because many smokers like the natural feel of smoking. This means them being able to see the smoke and play around with it, for example releasing it through the nostrils. My guess is that being able to see and manipulate the smoke gives them a sense of power and control over their action-smoking.

    • J.Brown says:

      Most smokers know the risks of smoking. The question that has perpetually been bothering me is why do they keep smoking even when they fully comprehend the risks of it? I now have two theories to this; 1. Smokers can’t quit simply because they cannot handle the addiction and the withdrawal symptoms or 2. They can’t quit because the act of smoking somehow complements their sense of being whole and powerful.

    • Caroline says:

      Most e cigarettes are smokeless smoke. You can blow rings, french inhale, whatever you normally do with the smoke from a regular square. It’s just my smelly or bad and taste great!

      Smokeless smoking has shops around Minnesota and maybe other places so I don’t have to order online . I love mine (:

  9. lenna says:

    Wouldn’t it be so boring and senseless that we gather together as the county smokers in a smoking zone and yet there is no evidence that we are smoking? I think smoke when in a group of smokers serves to bond the smokers. It confers comradeship and trust to see another smoker like you manipulate the smoke through the mouth and nostrils just like you.

  10. Jerry says:

    There is no doubt that the e-cig has been existing for quite some time now. But why is not as popular? Why do most smokers prefer the normal cigarette? Why aren’t there enough awareness campaigns to promote the electronic cigarette against the normal cigarette? Are the e-cig manufacturing and sales agents not yet convinced that it is a more salable idea?

    • Leighnton says:

      It is a wonderful discovery and quite a consumable and appealing product this e-cig. However, only the literate middle-class and first-class citizens of a nation can appreciate these facts and opt for the e-cig. My Take would be that the e-cigs needs a lot more promotions. And in this sense I thank the writer of this article and all you guys who are putting up comments here.

  11. Dickson says:

    Aaargh! My friend’s girlfriend is one of them-those heavy chronic naughty smoking chicks who can do anything to any Dick and Tom to have a feel of it. They smoke cigarettes, bangs and some awkward leaves unfamiliar to me. I do wonder how my friend is able to pull off a 1 minute kiss with this chic. I mean her mouth is quite a dandoras box

  12. Lastay says:

    I have never smoked. I wonder which of these two cigarettes would give me satisfaction. Is the e-cig a good one to start with? All along I have never given smoking a thought except that it is a useless health hazard not worth trying out. But now with the advent of the e-cig, should I think twice?

  13. Major HJ says:

    Some people have no reason for smoking. They just do it as a pastime. It helps carry away their boredom. I don’t know if the e-cigs would give such people a reason to go for it because they are not addicted but smoke just at will. They don’t have the crave for nicotine either…I don’t know, but I would be glad if such people were convinced to just quit rather than be given the option of an e-cig

  14. Kassim says:

    How comes most cigarette smokers also smoke bhang? Also a noticeable fact is that most smokers also take alcohol. By the way another big con of both kinds of cigarettes is petty crimes. A chronic smoker will steal some cash to get a pack of it. In fact the fact that e-cigs as are cheaper encourages this habit of petty cash theft.

    • Cheyenne says:

      Well now this is one of the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read! And no, I’m not a smoker or an e-smoker. I don’t know where you get your information from, but for the love of God give people credit.

  15. Bronx26 says:

    Ok first the E cig is a great idean for some but not for everyone . Smoking is no different than drinking or doing drugs. It’s an addition and if you don’t do it great for you but don’t judge those of us who do. @ Kassim I smoke i don’t drink at all i do No drugs and guess what I work 72 hrs a week and don’t need to steal. CHECK YOUR FACTS NEXT TIME or better yet keep your comments to yourself

  16. Sandy says:

    Help full web site

  17. zohrab says:

    I am a chain smoker from last 10 years and very much worried because of serious health problems which can be created by cigarettes, So I am planning to quite smoke from last months but I am still unable to quite, I am very much addicted to you but I want to say them Good Bye .. So I will use E-cig .. let see what happens If it helps me Its a gift for me and many smokers of the world, As related to cons, I don’t think it matters because a chain smoker like me is suffering from many deceases because of real cigarettes ,, So E-cig is much more better and good for people like me..
    Thanks for post

  18. Simul says:

    E cigarettes are the answer to all the health complications caused by conventional tobacco cigarettes. Deceptively the easy availability of the regular cigarettes at every corner shop, gas station and supermarket led to the increased consumption of the tobacco cigarettes despite of the fact that they were even priced at an unreasonably high price.

  19. Shelly says:

    I started smoking at the age of 12. My Mom And Dad both smoke after being told to light them a cigarette. I would sneak into the rest room with my own and started to smoke. I became hook . It all stop after playing sports Thank for sharing

  20. Beth says:

    My husband was a pack a day smoker for 18 years, I was a 5-10 cigarette a day smoker for 12 years. I started smoking to fit in with my friends in junior high, and continued through high school and college. We both decided to switch to E – cigs this year as a New Year’s resolution. Happy to report that we have both quit real cigarettes completely and now are on the lowest dosage of nicotine in our E – cigs. We both went through withdrawn of the chemicals, headaches, etc. for about a week, but now we wouldn’t think of going back to real cigarettes. We didn’t realize what a health stress it was on our bodies. I can’t hardly stand to be around smokers because of the smell, etc. There’s a shop about 2 blocks from my house that sales everything I need, so I don’t have to order online. It’s definitely cheaper than smoking real cigarettes, and my doctor is in my corner, cheering me on to continue to work towards quitting everything. It’s a work in progress, but it’s worth it for someone that hasn’t had an easy time quitting cold turkey, with Chantix or any other quit smoking products.

  21. Aaron says:

    I would like to sit here and think the electronic cigarette companies aren’t sending a bunch of their drones to post in this comment section, but I can’t. Electronic cigarettes are great… For a smoker. They are not healthy. People need to realize that electronic cigarettes are just the lesser of two evils. I’ve been a smoker for four years now and am going to try to quit using an electronic cigarette, with the intention in mind to quit.

    • skye says:

      I love what you wrote here. It really is the lesser of two evils and I really think that e cigs should be used to help quit smoking rather than just replacing one habit for another. From what I heard, I haven’t seen it directly and ill admit that, people will switch to e cigs for a little while but when the battery dies or they lose it or whatever else happens, they suddenly turn back to real cigarettes and smoke twice as much as they did before just to fill that craving. I just feel that if you’re going to switch to e cigs, it should be with the intention to quit. Kudos to you my friend! I hope its going well! :)

  22. Dave says:

    As a hardened smoker for 40+ plus years I am well aware of the health risks and social objections to smoking. I have no reason to object to the objections of non smokers or the cautions from health advisors. I do object to stupid comment from some observers as to the reasons or supposed reasons people smoke. I have started to use an e cigarette in an attempt to pacify the social critics of my addiction now deemed a dangerous antisocial habit. I am not going to pretend the e cigarette is healthy or even healthier. But at least it may help take the focus off. Perhaps the anti brigade can move on to a new campaign over an issue like vehicle exhaust fumes or microwave splatter from mobile telephone towers. Or is that too big to handle????

  23. Sarah says:

    All of these comments have been very helpful apart from the negative ones. I have been a smoker for 15 years, 10 a day and at 29 i fell pregnant and quit smoking cold turkey.all throughout my pregnancy i didnt smoke then unfortuneatly my baby was born asleep and so i suffered with bad depression and trauma i started smoking again. my son would have been 2 years old now and i thought to myself if i want children i need to be healthy and so i decided to try the ibreathe E Cig only 3 days ago but i think they are fab. im getting the nicotine with no cravings and i didnt even plan it i just bought one without a thought. i am now getting sum headaches which must be from the bad chemicals my body is used to and its a new change for my body. but its deffinately worth it. im looking forward to the new healthy, glowing me.
    Good luck everyone and keep positive

  24. Anna says:

    With many smokers, the act of smoking is an oral fixation. When they resit this urge, (of hand-to-mouth) the complaint is weight gain. Hence, they return to smoking, seen (to them) as a weight loss aide. I fall within this category. With my vapor utensil, when the urge to snack arises (usually at the end of the day in front of the TV), the flavorful vapor pipe fulfills the craving for snacking, and satisfies the hand to mouth situation. Also, I..and you, may utilize this fine invention WITHOUT nicotine! In least many cases, the nicotine will not even be missed. Seriously. Just order your flavor nicotine-free. After reading about all the pros outweighing the cons, I hope simply having ‘the action’ of smoking, using a safer method, will encourage others to lose the cons and test the pros as needed. A big ‘MAHALO’ to the inventors of this innovation for helping to sweeten the air without irritating others.

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