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meet the staff

If your goal is to live a healthier life, then you came to the right place. The Healthier Post can help you start down the path of living a healthier life covering more than 25 categories of healthier living. Healthier Post is your one stop online resource for turning a new leaf. Professionals in every field have come together to offer expert advice and knowledge. Together, they have created a wealth of information and all of it is available to you here, at the Healthier Post for free.

On any given day, you’ll find all this on And it’s free:

  • Articles relating to healthier living.
  • Supportive live chat.
  • A place to share experiences and get feedback

Weight loss, detox, anti aging, acne, bad breath, hair loss or learn how to stop smoking…that’s just the beginning of the kind of advice and inspiration you can find at So join the thousands of people who visit us every month. You’ll be delighted to find the support you need to navigate through your day. Even better, you’ll love the sense of accomplishment you’ll feel when the day’s done.

100 2238 meet the staff

Andy Peloquin
I’ve always been a bit nerdy, and there’s something about a good book or comic that entices me to curl up on the sofa and pass the day away reading. One day at the ripe old age of 11, I thought I’d try my hand at writing.
The first pieces of prose that I wrote were actually quite awful, but that’s to be expected from a kid that age. Thankfully, I put down the pen for a few years, but I took it up again when I was 15. I started writing fiction and poetry, and I actually won a competition on a writing website for a piece that I wrote. “I could be good at this,” I thought. Turns out I wasn’t too far wrong! Since I started writing professionally, I’ve expanded my horizons and learned things that I never imagined. Writing for Healthier Post started out as a job, but it’s turned into a passion for me! I love writing about things that help me to lose weight, get in shape, detoxify my body, stop my hair from falling out (my Dad is bald, so it’s definitely a useful topic for me), and so much more! I am a writer at heart, and I love the freedom of being able to put pen to paper – or put finger to keyboard in this digital age. I hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as I enjoy writing them!
Bernice Medina meet the staff

Bernice Medina
I was 4 years old when my Nana taught me how to read. Now at 56, I see this as one of the most valuable things she could have ever given me. It was a crazy love affair for a 4 year old but I loved words more than the stories they told. By the time I entered Junior High the love affair turned into something torrid and I began to ‘write’. Poetry, short stories, even songs. As Mother of 6, and military wife; I found writing to be a catharsis. I could erase my troubles and look toward hope through my writing. It wasn’t until I turned 48 that I published my first book. This was a turning point for me in a very special way. In publishing the book, I thought to myself “Now I am a Writer!” The publication opened up new opportunities for me. Amazingly, there was an even greater discovery. I learned to use different mediums to express my thoughts. I began composing music, writing lyrics, and photography. I never thought someone would pay me for what I do as naturally as brushing my teeth. Once again I heard that voice “Now I am an Artist!” It wasn’t until I’d been working as a journalist, investigating potential health risks of things we consume daily, and ways to keep healthy through body, mind and spirit that I came face to face with a truth which has lead me to here…I ALWAYS WAS…what I thought I’d become. There was no ‘vision’ or driving force to pursue a career in writing. I’ve always written. I had no expectation that one day I’d be famous. I write as if it second-nature. The process of an opinion begins and soon I find myself writing. I WILL always WRITE; and sometimes, if I find the time, I will WRITE some more.
Daniel Webb meet the staff

Daniel Webb
I am the one of best U.S.-based web content writers you’ll ever find. I have developed that engaging, casual, talk-to-you style that makes the website visitor feel comfortable and invited. My entertaining writing style keeps website visitors chuckling while reading on, leading these viewers to answer whatever “Call to Action” is presented. And, no offense to my colleagues throughout the world who have worked really hard to learn English, but unless you grew up and were educated in the States, you’ll never capture the subtle nuances in language necessary to write successful American-style content. American-style web content is the most efficient writing method on the Internet today. Especially if you wish to market globally. There are more U.S.-based online “buyers” than anywhere else in the world. Logic dictates you should “talk” to them in a “voice” that is familiar, engaging and persuasive. That voice is mine. I launched a freelance career after more than (notice I do not use the directional preposition “over”)30 years as a newspaper/magazine professional. As an investigative reporter, I acquired highly-honed research and interview skills.
David Turner meet the staff

David Turner
Hi, my name is David and I am a Brit living and working full-time as a freelance writer out of Spain. Before I took up freelance writing I ran by own business for 17 years in the corporate identity arena. I recently joined Healthier Post as one of their team of writers and I am thoroughly enjoying the variety of regular work I am able to pick up. I am well traveled, and well read. I write well on most subjects, particularly, alternative medicine, diet, and health related issues. I have excellent researching skills to call upon when needed. Being a Brit, naturally my native language is English, but I am well used to writing American English. I employ correct grammatical construction and have excellent vocabulary skills, with appropriate punctuation knowledge. I’ve had some great feedback from many satisfied Healthier Post clients; please feel free to check it out, and next time you are looking for a freelance writer to lend quality copy and freshness to your work,
Judy Norman meet the staff

Judy Norman
Hi, my name is Judy. I am a 25 year old freelance writer based out of North Carolina and I have been freelance writing for most of my adult life. I am a versatile writer and have written on a variety of subjects throughout the years. Besides writing for Healthier Post, I articles for several other sites and regular clients. I also write under my full name through a variety of top content producing sites. Though I like writing on almost any subject, my favorites are related: to animals, the health care field, race, science, ancient history, weight loss, exercise, myths, legends, folk tales, holidays, children and families, fairy tales and dating. I love tackling challenging subjects and crafting well researched, factual articles. My writing background includes several years of freelance blogging, writing how-to articles, rewriting services, writing research reports and web site copy.Thank you for reading my profile, Judy
Myra Horton meet the staff

Myra Horton
I’ve been a professional writer for years, and writing is my sole source of income. I’m the experienced copywriter, editor, proofreader and re-writer. My creative approach and outstanding technical abilities will engage, educate and you. I write superior Internet content, and more than 3,500 of my articles and landing pages have been published. I also have several e-books under my belt. I consistently meet or beat my clients deadlines, and my work is right the first time, without needing any edits or corrections. The content I create is effective for any type of audience you might choose to target. Depending on the subject and intended audience, my writing style can be formal, folksy, playful, entertaining or educational. I deliver what my clients need – and more than they expect – with fluent, fluid writing. Whether you want articles with punchy promotional copy, precise technical writing or something in between. If you need content for search engine optimization, informational purposes, blogs or forums, I’m here for you. If your project involves rewriting, editing or proofreading, I do that too. Among others, my clients include several companies in the travel and tourism industry (including Travelocity), a time management specialist, an upscale cafe, a prominent London orthodontist and websites that offer golf clubs, militaria, antiques and collectibles for sale. I’m also a regular travel writer for Caribbean Junction Magazine, a monthly print publication. My undergraduate studies focused heavily in the sciences. I also have the honor of holding a law degree from a prestigious American law school. I mention these accomplishments solely to let you know I’m not afraid to tackle what some writers might consider to be difficult topics.
Russell Murrieta meet the staff

Russell Murrieta
With 3 degrees under my belt and a whole lot of living, I can write from experience and sift through research with an eye for the truth. I was a teacher then became stockbroker for almost thirty years until my retirement. I am an avid reader versed in way out subjects like conspiracy theories, alternative medicine, quantum physics and parapsychology, as well as more down to earth topics like finance and education. Brought up the daughter of a businessman, marketing became a strength as I reached adulthood. Let me conjure up some interest for your site with a few delightful prose. Clue me in on the style of writing that you like because I can be folksy or formal, it’s your choice. I love the competition and with a goal oriented background, work towards positive ratings. I want you, the reader, to be happy with your article or I’ll work until you are. My aim is always client service and giving a little extra. I write for several other websites and have a monthly column in a national magazine. No, it’s not about finance but casinos. Now you know where my writing money goes. As a member of the always learning team, I find that the readers provide great topics that give me a chance to delve into topics that are challenging and have a wow factor. I thank you ahead of time for the opportunity to serve your writing needs.
Ruth Costin meet the staff

Ruth Costin
I have over 15 years worth of writing experience in a variety of genres everything from articles to ebooks and poetry to novels and have edited for academia. I have experience writing in both American and British English and can handle a number of writing citation formats such as MLA, APA and Chicago. I also have experience writing about legal and medical topics. Personally, I have a wide range of interests that serve me well when writing articles. I embroider and crochet, read everything from folk stories to legal dispositions as well as textbooks on numerous topics. I fill some of my spare time taking courses from MIT and Berkley’s online opencourseware options. I have experience writing about women’s issues, gardening, health, and education. I am a single parent and have experience writing about parenting topics. I enjoy helping out in the community and am both a Minister and Reiki Master. I excel at research and writing exceptional articles in casual, conversational, technical, formal and academic tones. I hold an Associate Degree in Business Management specializing in marketing and a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology specializing in Computer Science. I have worked in sales,academia, and office support and management positions in both for profit and non-profit businesses before becoming self employed and running a home based business.
Samuel Head meet the staff

Samuel Head
I’m Samuel. I’ve spent the last twelve years writing both offline and online. In addition to writing for websites such as and I do wildlife and weather photography and troubleshoot software and hardware. I’m a serious fan of technology and love to write about it. I’m an avid reader of nearly anything at all. Special talents are medical, fire and fire safety, as well as hunting and fishing, game preparation,(skinning and tanning)herbs, along with natural dyes and cosmetics and green cleaning methods. I’m also an avid student of history and love writing on ancient medicine and Brehon law. java. Subjects that I write particularly well are software and hardware, identity theft, computer troubleshooting, astronomy, astrology, biblical studies, world religions, sociology, Egyptian and Celtic history and medicine, as well as petroleum production-history of petroleum in the United States, and civil war history, telescopes, medical instruments, medical research. I am also a professional builder in WordPress CMS building and theme builds or edits. I’m a US traveler who loves to see new things and write about them. I’ve visited more than 35 of the 50 states. I spent more than 15 years in medical work, including a nurse in Pennsylvania, an EMT on a QRS, and a nursing assistant prior to beginning those two things. I’ve also given guided tours on a steam engine speaking daily on Petroleum history and lore, legendary people in Petroleum and an a nationally certified Firefighter I, as well as having studied Soren Eriksen directional falling methods.
Tom Mcclain meet the staff

Tom Mcclain
Hello and thanks for taking a minute to look at my profile! I am a business professional working in an upper Management position. While this is my day job, my passion is in writing. I am a very skilled technical writer who can write on nearly any business related topic. I have many other interests and hobbies and am able to communicate your message in a very unique and intriguing way. I have been writing for many years now and have gained much experience that leads to an excellent article that reads well and is full of information. I look forward to writing for you!
Yvette Sullivan meet the staff

Yvette Sullivan
Hello, my name is Yvette. I am a work at home mother of two children. I am the oldest of five. My father was in the service, I am an Army Brat, we have lived in many areas, in the US, Japan and Germany. I have enjoyed traveling to and learning from other cultures. I love to learn, and did well in school. My favorite subject was reading, and writing then came naturally. Although not published in my youth, other than school newspapers, numerous personal journals, and other scribbling I have enjoyed reading and writing for as long as I can remember. I have over 300 hours of cosmetology experience with a wealth of talent in the make-up and costuming field. I have performed on stage in Germany and in the US for a number of different productions. I also have a number of years of experience for other road shows and modeling. I am musically and comically talented. I am honest, hard working, and very detailed oriented. Before beginning to work from home as a freelance writer, I served the public for 27 years working in sales as well as entertainment, in home personal care, outdoor grooming and cataloging. If you need articles concerning congeniality and properly dealing with customers, dealing with clutter, and organizational skills I’m your girl. Personally, I have spent my time as a full-time mother, I have experience in various capacities concerning motherhood, from cloth diapers, homemade baby foods to breastfeeding and natural weaning. Parenting and childcare informational articles are right up my alley too. I can provide you with an excellent turn-around time on articles I submit for you. I am dependable, and I will work to complete and submit your requests promptly and with a smile. I have been writing online for several years, working with an online production company, a book publisher, various freelance clients, while writing freelance articles as well as endeavoring in several other writing and art projects including a illustration for a book for children. I demonstrate and enjoy considerable prowess in conducting online research and finding reference materials. I have good imagination and good receptivity to others, and a poetic other-worldliness, which can come out in some creative or idealistic channels. In addition, I have an artistic and much attenuated manner of communicating, and openness and can incorporate several points of view.
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