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Is Your Hair Falling Out? Here’s What to Do…

Is Your Hair Falling Out? Here’s What to Do…

533384 25716129 300x204 Is Your Hair Falling Out? Here’s What to Do…Is your hair falling out? Hair loss is a problem that many people around the world face, and it often has very little to do with baldness. Those that have dirty or unhealthy hair will find that it may begin to fall out, and those that use hard water for showers may have the same problem. Dealing with hair loss is possible, and here are a few things that you can do to stop your hair from falling out:

  1. Get lots of protein – Hair is made primarily from a nutrient called keratin, which is basically a form of protein that is very fibrous. Hair that is healthy is usually full of keratin, which helps to keep the hairs anchored securely in the follicles. If you find that your hair is falling out, it may be a good time to start eating a lot more protein in order to give your body more keratin for your hair. You will find that the protein will stop your hair from aging, drying, and breaking, and it will ensure that it stays strong. Tofu, beans, lentils, and whole wheat bread are some of the best foods that you can eat if you want to give your hair all the protein it needs, so add more of it to your diet.
  2. Keep your iron levels high – Iron is one of the most important minerals in your body, and you need to ensure that the levels of iron in your blood stay as balanced as possible. Iron is used by your body to transport the oxygen from your lungs to all of the organs, and the oxygen is needed by your scalp to keep the hair follicles healthy. You can add foods like lentils, bran, leafy greens, and nuts to your diet in order to increase your iron intake, or you may even want to consider taking an iron supplement.
  3. Drink water – One of the main causes of hair loss is toxins, which can cause all kinds of problems all over your body. If you want to ensure that the toxins aren’t going to cause problems in your hair, it’s important to drink no less than 3 liters of water a day. Seeing as the water will help to flush out the toxins, your body won’t have to focus on eliminating them – it can focus on balancing out all the levels of hormones and nutrients in your body. Your body can focus on promoting the growth of cells, particularly the cells of your skin and scalp.
  4. See if it’s a real problem – If you have hair falling out in large clumps, it is very different than your hair line receding or hairs falling out one or two at a time. If you want to be certain that you can know exactly what the problem with your hair is, you may want to take time to visit a dermatologist. They will be able to tell you if it is an infection on your skin, early stage balding, or just poor care of your hair. They can let you know what to do to deal with the problem – be it stress, early balding, or poor hair care – and you will be able to prevent your hair falling out.
  5. Get more Vitamin B6 – Vitamin B6 is one of the most important B vitamins around, especially when it comes to your hair and skin. You will find that this vitamin is essential to the health of your skin and hair, as well as your fingernails, as it is the nourishment that they need. Getting no less than 100 mg of the vitamin per day is recommended for those that want to have healthy hair, but you should avoid taking too much. Overdoses of this vitamin can be toxic and cause serious problems, so check with your doctor to find out how much to take.
  6. Avoid stress – Stress is actually known to be a major cause of hair loss, so it’s important to reduce stress as much as possible. Stress causes a hormone known as cortisol to be produced, and the flooding of your body by cortisol is responsible for hormonal imbalances. When your hormones are imbalanced, problems like hair loss are much more common. It’s important to reduce stress as much as you can, so find ways to take the pressure off yourself and relax more.
  7. Exercise regularly – Surprisingly, doing regular exercise is actually one of the best things that you can do to prevent your hair falling out. The pores of your scalp tend to get clogged with dirt and dead skin cells every day, but sweating will help to flush the pores out. Rather than allowing the clogs to cause problems with your hair falling out, make sure to do at least 4 or 5 hours of exercise per week.
  8. Quit bad habits – Smoking is terrible for your hair, and you will find that your hair will feel much drier and more brittle if you smoke a lot. It’s always a good idea to cut back on smoking if you want to keep your hair healthy, but it may be recommended that you reduce your drinking as well. Alcohol will stop your immune system from working properly, which can cause all kinds of problems – one of which is hair loss. Caffeine is also good to cut back if you find that your hair is falling out.
  9. Treat your hair properly – Gently brushing your hair will ensure that no more hair falls out than is absolutely necessary, as rough brushing will actually yank the hair out by its roots. Go easy on your hair, and make sure to take care of it with the right conditioner and shampoo. Get a hair cut or trim regularly, and ensure that the split ends are cut off. Use the right oils and lotions for your hair, as that will give it the nutrients that it needs.

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9 Responses to “Is Your Hair Falling Out? Here’s What to Do…”
  1. Blair Green likes Healthy Hair says:

    That’s very nice article,really these tips are very useful for me,thanks for the information.

  2. Godwin says:

    i am a 27 yr ol
    d man but before now i notice that my do not grow a certain hight instead spaces or even bald on my head and ever since i’ve been on low cut, to be honest i do not like it. Please can i get help?

  3. aleeya says:

    sorry to say but not a good advice :/

  4. Tajuddin says:

    My suggestion is that ,if you consult a doctor he/she will give you some tablets which contain many chemicals which may effect you in future in some way of other. So I suggest you to use some product which is made from Natural ingredients and which does not have any side effects in future also. Forever Living Products, is supplying remedies to stop hairfall from natural products such as Aloe Vera which is an excellent gift from nature to human kind. It has many benefits and no side effects. And there will be no disappointment through this product. If you are interested in getting it ill get it for you.
    let me tell you This is not a business skill I’m just suggesting u and trying to help you out.It truly works. if you are interested call me to +91 9059004272

  5. emad says:

    i am 29 years old and i think i am experiencing the problem of hair loss first of all i wanna thank u for that helpful article it graves more knowledge of why hair is lost but i wanna know what the normal rate of hair loss per day and since hair is getting less in the middle of the scalp what was called ” Androgenic alopecia” due to an underlying susceptibility of hair follicles to androgenic miniaturization like dht

    • emad says:

      i also wanna know what is the solution to the problem of scalp color change from the bright to the color of the skin as hair continue lost what to do and what nutrients or vitamins that helps to give the skin of the scalp the bright color of it again

  6. Gladys says:

    Omgee I have tge same problem :’(:’(:’(

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