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Is Hydrogen Peroxide Teeth Whitening Safe?

Is Hydrogen Peroxide Teeth Whitening Safe?

Hydrogen Peroxide Teeth Whitening 300x201 Is Hydrogen Peroxide Teeth Whitening Safe?

There are many things that you can do to contribute to your appearance, and one of them is ensuring that your smile is beautiful. Many people who smoke, neglect to brush their teeth, and eat lots of unhealthy foods often end up with rotten, dirty, or stained teeth.


There are many things that you can do to contribute to your appearance, and one of them is ensuring that your smile is beautiful. Many people who smoke, neglect to brush their teeth, and eat lots of unhealthy foods often end up with rotten, dirty, or stained teeth. Keeping your teeth in good shape is a vital part of keeping your level of appearance high, and you will find that caring for your teeth only involves making a few simple changes in your daily habits. Taking the time to look into ways to care for your teeth is a good way to show that you care about your appearance.

One of the methods that you can use to care for your teeth is by whitening them. Stained or discolored teeth can be fairly unpleasant, but keeping your teeth white can help to improve your overall appearance. If you want to ensure that your teeth are kept in good condition, teeth whitening is something that you should definitely look into. Not only can you keep your smile bright, but you can help to keep your teeth healthy through regular whitening.

One of the most common methods of teeth whitening is through the use of Hydrogen Peroxide. Many people wonder about whether or not hydrogen peroxide is considered safe to use, so they neglect to use it to whiten their teeth. If you want to find cheap and easy ways to keep your teeth white, you should definitely read on to find out about how you can use hydrogen peroxide to keep your teeth in good shape.

What is Hydrogen Peroxide Teeth Whitening?

Hydrogen Peroxide is actually an acid, though it is a weak one. Most dentists use hydrogen peroxide as a bleaching agent, and it can also be used to help kill germs that cause sore throats or to cleanse wounds. Hydrogen peroxide uses the acid to bleach the germs that discolor teeth, which is what causes the teeth to appear so white. You can easily find hydrogen peroxide for bleaching your teeth at nearly any pharmacy or drugstore, and it can be purchased as an over the counter treatment for keeping your teeth sparkling and white.

How to Use Hydrogen Peroxide Teeth Whitening:

Using hydrogen peroxide for bleaching is one of the best and safest ways to bleach your teeth, and you will find that most bleaching treatments actually utilize hydrogen peroxide as one of the main ingredients. Most dentists have been using hydrogen peroxide safely and habitually for decades, and it has been proven to be one of the most effective methods of keeping your teeth white. Usually dentists use a solution that contains between 2% and 10% to ensure that the hydrogen peroxide bleaches the teeth in a safe and effective way.

If you want to create a solution that you can use at home, you will need to buy some hydrogen peroxide bleaching agent. Rinsing your mouth with a solution of hydrogen peroxide helps to both kill the germs and bleach your teeth, which is why many dentists recommend it as a method of safely bleaching your teeth at home. If you use a solution that has three to five perfect hydrogen peroxide, you will find that you can get your teeth white with only a minimal amount of effort. By rinsing your mouth with this hydrogen peroxide and water solution every day, you can keep your teeth very white without the need to go visit your dentist to get your teeth whitened.

The American Dental Association has officially stated that using hydrogen peroxide to help whiten your teeth is a safe treatment. Using this hydrogen peroxide solution to rinse your mouth is a great way to keep your pearly white sparkling, and you can use the solution in conjunction with at home mouth whitening strips or a home teeth whitening kit to ensure maximum efficacy. You will find that using this hydrogen peroxide solution can be a cheap method of whitening your teeth, as a bottle of hydrogen peroxide is far cheaper than any home whitening kit, much less a trip to the dentist for whitening.

Hydrogen Peroxide Teeth 300x286 Is Hydrogen Peroxide Teeth Whitening Safe?

The downside to using hydrogen peroxide to whiten your teeth is mainly due to the fact that the hydrogen peroxide is an acid. Many people who have sensitive gums find that their gums get swollen or inflamed due to the acid in the hydrogen peroxide.

The downside to using hydrogen peroxide to whiten your teeth is mainly due to the fact that the hydrogen peroxide is an acid. Many people who have sensitive gums find that their gums get swollen or inflamed due to the acid in the hydrogen peroxide. If you feel that your gums are hurting as you rinse your mouth with hydrogen peroxide every day, you may be making the solution too concentrated and adding too much hydrogen peroxide. You should also consult a dentist to see if the acid in the hydrogen peroxide is irritating your gums too much, and your dentist can tell you if you should stop the home whitening treatment or not.

Despite this single downside, using hydrogen peroxide as a teeth whitening solution is 100% safe. The hydrogen peroxide solution that you mix with water has enough water to dilute the acid, making it safe to use in your mouth. You will find that this is one of the best and cheapest methods of whitening your teeth at home, and you can save yourself a good deal of money by using this simple trick for whitening your teeth.

If you want to get your teeth in good shape, then make sure to use teeth whitening to get your pearly whites sparkling. You will find that Hydrogen Peroxide Teeth Whitening is a safe and effective method of keeping your teeth white, and you will be able to have beautiful teeth to complement a beautiful appearance.

Healthier Comments
98 Responses to “Is Hydrogen Peroxide Teeth Whitening Safe?”
  1. Cinthya says:

    is it true that if you use hydrogen peroxide too often you might get Black hairy tongue?
    I started to brush my teeth with 1 tsp of baking soda and couple drops of H2O2 for 1-2 min every other day.
    I’m scare to get a nasty looking tongue!! :(

    • Annie says:

      You are right actually there is a possibility of hydrogen peroxide causing a blackish looking bacteria to grow on your tongue. The best way to prevent this is to eat a lemon; but try to ‘chew’ the lemon with your tongue – the acids from the lemon are what kill the bacteria. Then you want to slowly drink a 4oz glass of white vinegar, making sure to swish it around between your teeth before swallowing – this is because the lemon is too acidic to apply to teeth and gumline and this bacteria may grow in places other than your tongue. You want to take your time doing these steps to make sure you kill all of the bacteria.

      • Ian says:

        Actually, this was my friends idea back in high school. I have this ugly looking tongue which perfectly contrasts the shiny teeth. I like eating lemon, although I never knew that it may be a kind of treatment, but I has never been different for me. May be I should try it the way you describe and see the outcome. But the truth is that there is a side effect to using peroxide for teeth whitening. However, these effects could be controlled if the usage and application is from a professional source.
        Anyway, if I can get rid of this soot I will be complete. For the time being, I eat colored things in order to conceal the effect. For instance, a lot of kids think I like chocolate and so I carry them around even though I am not that much into them. Good advice.

      • Jeroen says:

        using Hydrogen peroxide is great, BUT !
        for people who have mercury based fillings it may not be such good idea
        the mercury will oxidate with the H2o2 and form mercury oxide
        wich is very harmfull for your health.
        so please get those mercury fillings removed anyway
        as they are a serious health threat anyway, and then use the h2o2.

        • Rick says:

          I had used 3% drug store H2O2 as an oral rinse for over a year.
          Took me a long time to associate the onset of a number of health problems with mercury toxicity from the use of H2O2. It’s been a month since I’ve stopped using H2O2 as a mouth wash. Symptoms are very slowly reversing. Be careful with this stuff if you have dental amalgams.

    • cindy says:

      Yes, but you won’t if you keep it off your tongue and only let it get on your teeth and gums.

  2. Amanda says:


    You’re an idiot.

  3. Amber says:

    You’re all idiots! And for the record, there will only be good consiquinces for using hydrogen peroxide.

  4. Vickie says:

    I got this idea from a nurse that works in my doctor’s office. She’s been swishing with Hydro. Perox. for years and has the most brilliant white smile. I even asked if she had just had her teeth professionally bleached when she shared her secret with me.

    I only forgot to ask her how often, how long, and what diluted mixture I needed to use.

    Does anyone know?


    • Karen says:

      Yeah right Vickie, can someone tell us how often we will be using this stuff and for how long. I just hope it is not for a lifetime, as soon as they get white then you stop the treatment. That brings the other question, just how soon will the results start being noticed? Please, let someone who has used this formula enlighten us.

      • Chrisi says:

        You’ll notice immediately if you do it right… and yes, use it till you’re satisfied with results… I do not do it every day though. I think that’s a little much. I just do it every now and then.. If my smile starts to look dull, I do it.

  5. Angela says:

    “Many people who smoke, neglect to brush their teeth, and eat lots of unhealthy foods often end up with rotten, dirty, or stained teeth” UH……citation needed, this is an idiotic and sweeping generalization. Get a grip!

    • Alli says:

      oh, you poor sweet thing… it sounds like you misread that line. they aren’t saying that people who smoke do the following things; they’re listing several possible reasons that teeth are nasty. there’s no citation necessary to know that people who don’t brush their teeth will have bad teeth. that’s just common sense. reread it and you’ll understand what they were saying.

      • John says:

        It is interesting to see people believing that hydrogen peroxide is all pros without a con. As a matter of fact, hydrogen peroxide may lead to bacteria growing underneath the tongue. To avert this, one should have a lemon, squeezing out lime preferably;y with the tongue. The citric acid eliminates the bacteria. Alternatively, a glass of vinegar will do just fine in reaching the areas not accessed by the lime juice from a lemon. The vinegar a bit effective than lime in my opinion. Do this and wait to enjoy the results.

    • Molly says:

      Hey Angela, get a life girl. Why are you that edgy? That “idiotic and sweeping generalization” happens to be the truth. It is right, those causes mentioned are the main reason why people have stained or discolored teeth. The faster you realize this, the better for you.

    • Major H says:

      I think if you are brushing your teeth and they are still discoloring then it is probably caused by the water you are using. Hard water makes your teeth brown. This is because it is rich in minerals especially the magnesium and the calcium ions. I suggest that you use a water softener, that way you will kill two birds with one stone.

    • Terry says:

      Angela, I saw the same thing. I believe it is just bad grammar.

  6. bertin says:

    Y’all are all dumb, shut up and go comment your stupid things some where els!!!

  7. Kimberly says:

    Nobody is here is dumb, so let’s stop calling random people on the internet names.

  8. seth says:

    This article could be a little more accurate. Here is what the American dental association says about it.

  9. ramah says:

    You guys should learn to be respectful when you post comments online. You should understand that there people who rely on articles like this to heal the problems. In most instances, the use of hydrogen peroxide is mostly recommended in the whitening of teeth. It is considered safe and most dental health officials disclaim any information citing the negatives of hydrogen peroxide in teeth cleaning. However, one should chew a piece of lemon or sip some fresh milk once through with the teeth cleaning action every time. This will help you prevent any reaction that might occur in your mouth due to contact with hydrogen peroxide which is an acid.

  10. mara says:

    Hydrogen peroxide is one of the safest methods to whiten brown teeth. Before its approval, examinations were conducted and it was ascertained that it can be used by dental health experts to whiten brown teeth. Therefore, it is a wrong assumption that this chemical has any negative effect on the tongue or anywhere else in the body. However, to minimize chances of corrosion minimized amounts of this H2O2 should be used. After use, one should thoroughly rinse the mouth with clean water and if swallowed by accident, take a glass full of milk to neutralize it. If there is a black element substance developing on your tongue, please rush for medical attention.

  11. CIK says:

    I suspect a lot of dentists dont like this info given out and find all excuses to scare people off…. i used this method for over 3 yrs with no side effects at all

    • hana says:

      You are so so so so so right! I am using it for a long time, no side effects!!! In addition I moisture my gums with pure aloe gel! Goood results! Try it!

  12. Kim J says:

    You guys just be brushing your teeth everyday and stop debating on this hydro peroxide thing. Why you wanna get that discolored tooth in the first place? Keep your teeth white, that way you will not have to use this and will not have to know whether the peroxide has side effects or not.

  13. Kelly Brown says:

    Most people think that not brushing your teeth is the primary cause of staining or discoloring teeth, but hard water also does the same in the same measure. The calcium and magnesium ions, among the many other minerals present, are responsible for the discoloring of your teeth.

  14. Brown says:

    I would rather go for the home whitening kit or get the many trips to my dentist instead of mixing; I do not know what percentage of what with what, and then ending up looking like an alien from Mars with a black hairy tongue. Nay!

  15. Bonface says:

    All those who are skeptical are bad losers. For goodness sake, this method has been proven and certified by the American Dental Association, what more do you want, global organization? Take them for their word, it is safe for use and you are good to go. Hydrogen peroxide is as good as it can get.

    • Hemed says:

      No way am I using that stuff, I would rather stick to my brush and home whitening kit. First of all, I do not want my tongue colored especially when it is not red. Then this hydrogen peroxide has this form in the mouth, makes one feel like it is time they leave the world. Thanks but No!

  16. wesley says:

    I fell in love with my girlfriend because of her charming and beautiful smile. It is the first thing that I noticed with her; she had these gorgeous white teeth. But she wasn’t treating them with peroxide; she just was not letting them get discolored. My point is that white teeth give you that beautiful smile which is dented by brown teeth. So use whatever means you have to keep them white.

  17. Major H says:

    I brush my teeth every day, several times a day actually, but they still are getting brown. Can someone explain to me what I happening? I cannot laugh the way I used to, may be just around my closest friends who understand the plight I am in. I feel terrible that there is nothing that I can do, to the best of my knowledge, to salvage the situation.

    • Chrisi says:

      Brushing your teeth doesn’t necessarily whiten them… If you’re afraid to use the Peroxide as a mouth wash, add some to your toothbrush when you brush and see if that helps… My teeth weren’t bad, I’m just very picky about them and wanted them as white as possible without paying an arm and a leg… But the peroxide works immediately… I used it as a mouthwash, let it set for a few seconds/minute and let the air cause it to react and work its magic. Then I brushed and rinsed and Voila! They’re white! :) Good Luck! :)

  18. nancy W says:

    Hydrogen peroxide is such a good product to use. My friend told me that she has been using it to clean her teeth for almost six months and the results are a marvel to look at. I almost thought that she had gone for a tooth clean up which seems not to be he case. However, the good effect of using hydrogen peroxide to clean teeth is that you do the cleaning yourself such that you do not need the services of a trained professionals. This in addition helps you to save on costs that you may incur when you want a professional to do the work for you.

  19. Jakom says:

    I think one of the ways of preventing the discoloring of your teeth is to soften the water you are using. There are so many water softening brands and they go for around $1000 only. If you opt for salt based softeners, they are cheaper and the only maintenance that they require is for you to add a bag of salt at regular intervals, mainly monthly. The resin that is regenerated by this salt lasts for longer periods, like 20 years before it needs to be replaced, so it is an economical investment which among other things reduces the chances of you having those discolored teeth.

  20. Eunice pen says:

    My teeth are white; I believe I have the best teeth around ha ha. I will post their picture so that you guys can verify and confirm. But what did I use to achieve this prestigious status? Nothing; I just brush my teeth regularly, thrice a day to be exact. My point is simple, dedicated brushing of your teeth is all you need to avoid discolored teeth. I think about the taste and feel of hydrogen peroxide and vinegar in my mouth and I opt for toothpaste instead.

    • hana says:

      ha ha, guess what? I brush mine only once a day, at night, with Hydrogen Peroxide. Less work, best results… Brushing so often, even a baby would know is not ok for teeth enamel!

  21. Danilo says:

    There is nothing inviting than a smile or anything exciting than watching people burst in laughter. But you just know how hard that is if your teeth are discolored or stained. One quickly loses confidence in front of other people. So you better prioritize keeping your teeth white and healthy. Someone asked about just how much one should use this hydrogen peroxide, I do not know the answer, but since it is not harmful then there is no harm using it for as long as you have it.

  22. Perm nasor says:

    Personally, I have been using hydrogen peroxide for the past eight years, that is the time I got to know about it, and I haven’t seen any side effects whatsoever. So I can recommend and vouch for this treatment for anyone. Of course as the article sys people are different, there are some, few of them, who feel irritated or even allergic to it but to the vast majority it is the best and inexpensive way to keep your teeth white.

  23. Princess says:

    Who said hydrogen peroxide is not harmful? If it has the ability to bleach the teeth at such a weak percentage of solution, what else can it do to the softer tissues in the body? We all know that the teeth’s enamel is one of the hardest substances in the body; they are even stronger than bones. But a weak solution of hydrogen peroxide can bleach it. What effects does it have on the softer gums? Someone please explain because I think that we are being duped here.

    • Chrisi says:

      You just rinse with it and then spit it out… then rinse your mouth. It isn’t hurting anything because your teeth aren’t getting long exposure to it..

  24. Billy says:

    Yeah I think I agree with that opinion. If enamel is one of the hardest substance and it gets bleached then what can it do to the softer substances. We have already been told that although it looks alkaline that it is actually an acid and we all know just what acids are capable of especially when they are in a higher concentration. So I think I will just stick to the toothpaste.

    • Chrisi says:

      You just rinse with it and then spit it out… then rinse your mouth. It isn’t hurting anything because your teeth aren’t getting long exposure to it..
      Like many other things… A short exposure to something isn’t going to hurt you, but yes, if you put peroxide in your mouth and somehow make it stay there for days/weeks or whatever, it will damage the surrounding matter.

  25. Jackson says:

    Can someone please enlighten me on this? Can I use this hydrogen peroxide to whiten my dog’s teeth? I usually brush them but they are becoming brownish so if there is anyone who has used it on dogs and its working just fine can let us know so that we can use the same. The tartar is irremovable and the only remaining option is to bleach them.

    • DP says:

      I have been looking at a site called Petzlife. They guarantee (from testimonial) that their spray and gel will get rid of tartar and help gums, etc. for dogs. Pricey at $24.99 a shot but if it works a lot less money and less trauma than having teeth cleaning done under anesthesia! I orderd some and cant wait to try it on my 3 dogs! Good luck!

    • Ms. Smarty Pants says:

      It works great on my dog’s teeth he just gargles with it once a day and after he spits it out he swirls a little vinegar through to get the places that the peroxide might have missed. Then he likes to have just a little goats milk to top it off. (He’s allergic to cows milk and doesnt like the flavor of soy or almond) Of course, my dog is of far superior intelligence than most people I know (yes, I mean smarter than people) in fact, often, he’ll even give me advice.

  26. Evans says:

    Guys, the use of hydrogen peroxide are certified worldwide. It is not a thing that has started just yesterday just like it is not rocket science. People world over have embraced this technique for whitening their teeth and the few who are skeptical are only stressing themselves. Do you think that it would have been this popular if it was harmful? Please come off it.

  27. Bellick says:

    Could someone tell me how often i will have to be using this peroxide in order to realize the postulated results? It is my hope that it is not for eternity. I have read that as soon as they get white then you stop the treatment but this does not have the precision I seek. Therefore a question shapes, ‘just how soon will the results start being noticed?’ Please, let someone with a significant confidence level and precision plus one who has used this formula explain to me. Do not forget to mention about side effects.

    • Chrisi says:

      You’ll notice immediately after you rinse with it.. Use it just like mouthwash and you’ll notice a difference. It blew me away… But it really works. And no side effects. People love to scare others…. I don’t use it every day, or even every week. I just use it when I start to notice my teeth coloring again.. Maybe every 2-3 weeks or something. But it’s not as big a deal as everyone is making it out to be. Pour it over your toothbrush to test it out of you’re unsure.

  28. Diana says:

    Teeth are noticed very much and in most cases are used to define a sketch of individual perceptions. Due to this reasons, one has to be conscious about the shape and color of one’s teeth. However, this does not mean that one has to be edgy in the quest to realizing white or extra whitened teeth. It is right, those causes mentioned above are the major reason why people have stained or discolored teeth. Precaution is always better than peroxide thing, the faster you realize this, the better for you.

  29. Ken says:

    The beauty of white and shiny teeth is usually reflected through charming and beautiful smile. It is the first thing that gets noticed if she has these dazzling white teeth. This does not mean that everyone with beautiful teeth is subject to treating them with peroxide. Some people won’t just let their teeth get discolored when they knew both the value of glossy teeth and the means to get there. My point is that white teeth give you that beautiful smile and a status. So you better use whatever means at your disposal to keep them white.

  30. June says:

    Some individuals complain that they brush their teeth every day but they still discolor or brown. No one has explained to them what is happening but what I can refer to is the kind of foods that one eats. The post has an explanation of some while one should research on the possible cause due to ingestion or simply consult with dentist. Discoloring of teeth is not a simple case to overlook, there is need to do something about it. However, be careful with the steps you take to cure your situation or else you might end up with a discolored tongue too.

  31. June says:

    I strongly assume that if someone’s teeth continue to discolor despite the fact that the individual constantly cleanse his or her teeth at the recommended intervals, then the most viable cause could be the type of water that the person uses. Hard water discolors or makes your teeth brown. I read that this is a resultant effect to the action of the magnesium and the calcium ions present in the hard water. I propose the use of a water softener, but if this does not work then a dentist is to answer.

  32. mathewwad says:

    I would rather stick to my brush and home whitening kit. Then this hydrogen peroxide has this form in the mouth, makes one feel like it is time they leave the world.Thanks you so much

  33. scott says:

    I live in a soft water area, but my teeth are distinctly yellow. I believe it’s down to tea and coffee being drunk. It doesn’t matter whether you brush three times a day, the colour remains. I’m going to give the Hydrogen Peroxide a try. If I don’t try, I’ll never know if it works. If it doesn’t work, then I’ll stop. I have tried those teeth whitening systems but they have little effect. I’ll let you know the results.

  34. Matt says:

    Well, I didn’t know anything about diluting it before this article, and used it for three consecutive days straight from the bottle like mouth wash. Brushed for 3 minuets, peroxide 5-6 minuets, brushed again, and mouth washed 60 sec, my teeth were whiter the first day, and now they’re pearl white. I’m gonna start diluting it and using it more long term now, but I have a question. At the risk of being called an idiot by a total faceless stranger, I’m allergic to citrus, and can’t stand sour like vinegar, is there another way to kill that bacteria if it pops up than torturing yourself with neutralizing bases like lime?

    • Chrisi says:

      I researched it and there is no proof that a bacteria will develop when using peroxide…. Therefore, I believe it’s one of those online “eRumors”

  35. fabi says:

    I have been using hydrogen peroxide to whiten my teeth for a couple of weeks now and I am quite impressed with the results. I use a cotton swap dipped in the solution (pure, the 3%), rub it on my teeth and gums and let it sit there for a minute or two and then brush my teeth as normally. It’s not like my teeth are extremely white now, but it’s getting better every day. I used to have very sensitive gums, often bleeding when brushing my teeth, well that is a thing of the past now. My dentist commented just yesterday that my gums never looked this good, he had to do a filling near the gums and before it would bleed and now it didn’t at all. Just saying, for all the people concerned about the acid hurting the gums. I do it every day, and as soon as I get the whiteness I hope for, I will only do it bi-weekly as a maintenance as my sin is diet coke.

    • EJMP says:

      I suppose this is in conjunction with my question – so you don’t swish the solution into your mouth but use the cotton swabs on your teeth. And your gums have stayed okay? Thanks.

  36. EJMP says:

    Actually I have a question – has anyone used q-tips to apply the hydrogen peroxide/water solution onto the teeth in order to prevent aggravating already sensitive gums from swishing the mouth with the solution? I’d appreciate any feedback that you have. Thank you.

    • Kathy says:

      Hi, I currently use q-tips to apply hydrogen peroxide directly to my teeth before brushing. I do it once a day or less. I don’t notice any pain in my gums or teeth, and I brush right after so that the H2O2 isn’t on for too long.

  37. Hello says:

    Used to date a dentist who completely changed around my smile for the better. Thanks to her! I likely had the worse mouth you’d ever see. Dentists would ask me ‘so how long have you been using crystal meth?’, yes it was that bad and embarrassing. For the note, I had never used crystal meth but I’ve mushed my jaw/teeth and knocked out all my teeth on motorcycles in a bad way..

    Living in embarrassment of your yellow teeth and hiding them, or not laughing cause of the way you look is terrible for your person. Change that part of yourself pronto!

    Regarding bleaching, do it. It may sting your gums for a few hours during/after depending on the concentration of the peroxide. I’ve always used the highest concentration strength, cause it works, but I was sensitive to the hydrogen peroxide likely because my teeth and gums were in such a bad state. In my case, my teeth would ache a little for a few hours afterwords, but it goes away quickly. I’ve been told that the discomfort is due to the dehydrating of liquid inside of the tooth. The saliva eventually repenetrates the tooth and even that very minor discomfort fades in a few short hours.

    The sheer volume of brushing your teeth has absolutely no relation to the whiteness of a persons tooth (assuming the tooth is healthy and not decayed). You can not brush your teeth to change the whiteness. So that advice is bunk. Genetics and age are hugely responsible. Genetics play a hand at how hard or dense the individuals teeth are. Some people have lower density teeth and they are much more prone to discoloration. Some have a higher density tooth and are very resistant to discoloration. Also, the persons intake of things like coffee, tea and smoking stain teeth, particularly those with a softer density tooth. Its that simple. Age also plays into the discoloration of a persons teeth. My teeth are absolutely perfect for many years now, but they do stain easy. Its just the way it is. Hydrogen Peroxide 12% or greater works quite well to bleach the teeth with very acceptable side affects (little discomfort for me when I first do a cycle of bleaching). The results for me last about 2 years, and again Im prone to picking up discoloration. I’ve never had any black tongue problems or anything else. Just white teeth.

  38. shahadat hossain says:

    I had used 3% drug store H2O2 as an oral rinse for over a year.

  39. Emily says:

    ARE YOU JOKING ME! Just because someone smokes does not mean they have bad hygiene and unhealthy eating habits. I am a social smoker (when i’m having a cocktail with friends). I brush my teeth at least twice a day and eat clean foods such as meats, vegetables and fruits, NOTHING PROCESSED. . How can one trust the legitimacy of an article or a website when they’re opening line is as ridiculous as this articles… I mean REALLY!?

  40. Chrisi says:

    Teeth whitening is not permanent… Your teeth fade over time and they yellow or brown as they are exposed to food/drinks, hard water, candy, bacteria/disease, etc.

  41. Troy says:

    Hydrogen peroxide is not an acid. It’s a base. It’s in fact considered “the most typical” base. How about the rest of the article? As accurate as that statement?
    The responsibility of telling your readers it’s an acid is that, unlike an acid, corrosion by a base doesn’t cause pain. It can eat away at a human tissue without the victim knowing.

    • Jim says:


      Hydrogen peroxide is a weak acid. Generally, acids distinguishable by the hydrogen proton, while bases are generally anything with a hydroxide.

      Do some research first, kthxbye

  42. Experience says:


  43. Kate says:

    This article and its responses are quite entertaining! I have been using H2O2 for a few weeks so thought I would add my experience.

    I have been experiencing gradual discolouration for a few years now, especially in my lower teeth. I drink espresso and red wine, I also love tomatoes and frozen bluberries. All very staining!! I find the home whitening kits to be tedious, expensive and time consuming. Rinsing with H2O2 has been a God send.

    I actually got turned on to H2O2 because I started using it for my skin. I have adult acne and read that it helped clear up skin. It definitely helped clear up my skin. In fact, my skin hasn’t been this clear in a long time, save the occasional hormonal breakout. It did, however, begin to bleach my eyebrows and my hairline around my face. I dye my hair blonde anyway, natural colour is mousy brown, so not a big deal for me.

    I saw my dentist today and told her I was using H202 mouthwash. She said it’s OK, but as it is indeed an acid (pH just over 6, not sure why the person above thought it was alkaline), and can therefore causes some breakdown of enamel if overused or left on the teeth. She recommended paring it with a pro-enamel toothpaste, which I will do.

    My teeth are remarkably whiter after only 10-14 days of use every other day. I mix with some water and rinse for about a minute. Then I rinse my mouth with straight water.

    I am a RN and we still use H2O2 for wound care and to remove protein build up on some instruments, as H2O2 is a strong oxidizer. I love the stuff, and will continue to use it. I think the take home message is:

    - dilute the H2O2, I do 1 part H2O, 1 part H2O2
    - don’t use it every day, or at least take a break if your gums and mouth become irritated
    - rinse your mouth with water after using H2O2

    Good luck!

  44. greg says:

    so actually it work or no ?

  45. Doodlebutt says:

    Wtf is wrong with this comment thread? I’m looking to douche my bush with peroxide for my backside and no where is there a brown bear in despair.

  46. farah says:

    AOA!im currently doing research article regarding bleaching,problem is i cant understand how to evaluate safety after post bleaching treatment on extracted bleached teeth,i just found few points at ADA journals but they are not clear,can anyone here help me with any definate guilines internationaly acceptable according to which i can rate safety of bleaching products after seeing its effect on teeth

  47. Jerry John Ehuron says:

    Yes the hydrogen peroxide helps a lot in the whiting of teeth.
    Try it there is no effect.

  48. Brick says:

    I love lamp

  49. Whatever says:

    Don’t you people brush your tongue at all?

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