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Is Green Coffee Bean Extract Safe?

Is Green Coffee Bean Extract Safe?

9842768 green unroasted coffee beans 300x215 Is Green Coffee Bean Extract Safe? Is green coffee bean extract safe?” This is the million dollar question that everyone is asking as this fascinating new supplement has begun to take the market by storm. All those trying to lose weight want to find a supplement that will promote rapid, effective weight loss, but they want one that will be free of negative side effects. After all, if you’re trying to get healthy, why would you take something that impacts your general health negatively?

Let’s take a look at this amazing coffee bean, as well as just how safe it can be…

Is Green Coffee Bean Extract Safe for Pregnant Women?

For pregnant women, there are very few supplements that are considered ‘safe’. The reason for this is that it isn’t just their body that is being impacted, but it’s the bodies of their unborn child that will also be affected by the nutrients, chemicals, and effects of the supplements. Pregnant women are not recommended to take this supplement, and the same goes for nursing mothers. It isn’t because the supplement isn’t safe for the women, but because it may cause negative reactions in their little one.

Is Green Coffee Bean Extract Safe for Children?

The supplement is formulated for adults, which means that it’s not good for children to take it. While the side effects of the supplement won’t be worse for the children than they would be for adults, the supplement will be much stronger in the children’s smaller and weaker bodies. It’s designed to be used by adults, so it’s made to be as strong as necessary to promote weight loss and fat burning in adults.

Is Green Coffee Bean Extract Safe for Those on Medication?

For those on medication, it’s always important to understand that any supplement you take can have a negative impact on your body when it interacts with the medications that you are already taking. While the green coffee bean extract isn’t known to have any negative interactions with medication, there are a few things to watch out for. Those with bleeding disorders may find that the extract makes it worse, while caffeine is known to stimulate anxiety – meaning it’s not recommended for those with anxiety disorders.

For those with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, the caffeine can make the problem worse and cause painful diarrhea. Coffee can make your body process sugar differently, so it’s best for those with diabetes to be careful when taking the supplement. The pressure inside your eyes can increase thanks to the caffeine, so those with glaucoma can be negatively affected. It may cause your hypertension to get out of control, and can cause the calcium in your bones to be flushed out of your body – thereby causing osteoporosis to worsen.

If you’re taking medication for any of the above conditions, it’s not so much the negative interactions you need to worry about – but the negative effects the caffeine may have on the disorder itself.

Is Green Coffee Bean Extract Safe: A Look at the Benefits!

So, we’ve gotten all the negative stuff out of the way. Now it’s time to take a look at what makes the green coffee bean extract such a great choice for your weight loss program.

One of the reasons that these coffee beans are so awesome is due to the fact that they are high in chlorogenic acid. While you may think that just drinking coffee will have the same result, that is not the case. There’s nothing better than a good cup of coffee in the morning, but the process of toasting the coffee beans kills off the chlorogenic acid. The only way to ensure that you get plenty of this amazing acid is to extract it from the beans while they’re still green – hence “green” coffee bean extract.

Chlorogenic acid is useful for helping your body process the fat that you consume. While it won’t burn the fat on its own, the acid works with your body to make your weight loss efforts more effective. A low fat diet will already have less fat than normal, and combining your exercise program to burn fat with a supplement that makes fat easier to burn will be the key to targeting fat deposits. If you want to burn that belly fat, trim those thighs, and tone your arms, doing exercise after taking the supplement will be a great way to go.

Not only will it help to stimulate your body to burn fat more easily, but it will give you a bit of a boost. There is still caffeine in the green coffee beans, even though there’s not as much as you’d get from the roasted and brewed beans. The caffeine will stimulate your nervous system, which will in turn kick your metabolism into high gear.

By boosting your metabolism, you’ll produce more energy – which can only be produced when fat and glucose is burned. The supplement will ensure that your body uses the fat rather than the glucose, and you’ll find that your body fat will slowly be eaten away by your metabolism as it produces energy. Within a few short months of regular exercise and healthy dieting, you’ll find that you can get rid of a whole lot of weight. You won’t get fit and in fighting shape overnight, but with a bit of hard work and plenty of exercise and dieting, you’ll be able to get in the shape that you want.

Don’t think that the supplement will be the panacea to promote miraculous weight loss, but keep in mind that it will only work if you work as well. It will make it easier for your body to burn fat, but you have to do something that will require energy burned. This means that you have to do regular exercise, and the more vigorous the exercise the better!


Green coffee bean is a handy supplement to try, and now you know the answer to the question, “Is green coffee bean extract safe?”

Healthier Comments
6 Responses to “Is Green Coffee Bean Extract Safe?”
  1. F.Moore says:

    Anyone use any of these?? Does it make you jittery, like you just had an energy drink?? Someone please let me know.

  2. ray001 says:

    Green coffee is definitely worth trying. It has some research backing to it on its weight loss effects. It has very little caffeine unlike regular black coffee. So no jitters unless you are extremely sensitive to any amount of caffeine/stimulants. Personally I feel you should combine it with a few other effective weight loss supplements like green tea, African mango and caralluma fimbriata to get better results.

    Try the green coffee that has 50% chlorogenic acid content. The normal green coffee product out in the market may containupto 40% chlorogenic acid.

    check it out…Good Luck!

  3. Dorothy Burris says:

    So it goes to show that this supplement is best taken when you are in a proper state of health, meaning that you don’t have any illnesses or not taking any medications so that the effect of the supplement will be in full bloom. No interaction will take place it you are not taking any other medication. I have heard of this product countless times and all the positives that it promises. I have to try it some time.

  4. healthier24/7 says:

    I think the chlorogenic acid content in the Green Coffee bean is very beneficial
    for those looking truly lose weight along with sticking to a healthy diet plan.

  5. Arlyne says:

    Hey. I just wanted to share my personal experience. I started taking GCBE along with African Mango (my African Mango also has green tea in it) on Saturday June 29th. My start weight was 195 pounds. I just got through my fourth day, and I weighed 187. I lost 8 pounds in 4 days. I’ve been working out & eating well for the past 3 weeks, but I didn’t change anything in my routine since I started the pills. Without them, I was loosing about 2 pounds per week, and I’m now down 8 pounds in just 4 days !!! :-D
    Good luck to all. xoxo

  6. Vicky says:

    Hi Arlyne,
    Your results are amazing, how have you got on since? I have both products but how did you take them? Together? Or one morning and evening? On an empty stomach? Please reply :) xxx

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