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How Using A Detox Foot Pad Can Cleanse Your Body

How Using a Detox Foot Pad Can Cleanse Your Body

Detox Foot Pad 300x200 How Using A Detox Foot Pad Can Cleanse Your Body

How Using A Detox Foot Pad Can Cleanse Your Body. The above photo was taken after using a detox foot pads for 1 night.

Your body is like a machine, and it needs to be well oiled to work well. All of the functions going on inside your body should work properly, and it is your job to keep them functioning smoothly. If you want to keep your body working well, you need to do your part to keep it in good working order by following a proper diet and doing regular exercise. If you let either one of these two elements slide, you may find that your body stops working as well as it has been designed to.

Many people find that their bodies end up becoming completely full of toxins, thanks to all of the food that we eat every day. The majority of the food consumed by the average person is filled with toxins, chemicals, preservatives, additives, and other synthetic substances that can actually end up being harmful for the human body. Seeing as the body is unable to process these artificial substances, it simply stores these toxins in the liver. If you want to remain healthy, it is vital that you detoxify your body to get rid of all of the toxins stored up inside your body.

One of the best ways to help your body get rid of the many toxins that it has stored up inside it is to use a method of detoxification. There are many methods of detoxification, of which the detox diet is the most common of all. However, the detox diet can be very rough on many people, and it is good to look into other ways to get rid of all of the toxins that you have stored inside your body without subjecting yourself to one of the many rigorous detox diets currently popular.

Detox foot pads have been proven to be very effective at getting rid of the many toxins in your body. These foot detox foot pads are based on Oriental natural healing techniques, and they are one of the best ways that you can naturally help your body return to full health.

How does the Detox Foot Pad work?

The feet pads contain water, as well as a number of other elements to help remove the toxins form the body. All of the impurities in the body are drawn down through the nerve endings in the feet, nerve endings that run from all of the organs in the body. These foot pads work to restore proper circulation to the body, as well as promoting the proper functioning of the different body processes.

Many people try wearing the foot pads on other parts of the body, but the feet has been proven to be the most effective place to wear the foot pads. Usually any parts of the body that have a good amount of blood flowing through them are the best places to adhere the foot pads, and they can even be worn over injured or bruised parts of the body.

How long does it take to detox using a detox foot pad?

Usually it will take you about 30 days for the full effect of the detox pads to kick in. Usually you will feel changes in your body within the first few days of using them, and you will notice the pads turn a dark brown for the first week or two. This dark coloration is due to the many toxins that are being absorbed by the foot pads, and in the beginning your body will be getting rid of high amounts of toxins which will be absorbed by the foot pads.

After a few weeks, you will begin to notice that the foot pads are less discolored in the morning, which means that the amount of toxins that you have in your body is beginning to decrease. Though it will take 30 days for you to obtain the full benefits of the detoxification, you will begin to notice immediate improvement in your body within the first few days or weeks.

It is nothing to be concerned about if you don’t see any noticeable change within the first few days or even weeks of using the foot pads. As long as the foot pads are colored a dark brown in the morning, you can be certain that your body is eliminating the toxins. By the time that the pad begins to turn a lighter brown, you will be certain to notice great improvement in your body.

Most people try the detox for two or three months, and they find that doing a detox that lasts that long is the best way to restore their body to its original condition. Doing a detox like this is the best way to hit the reset button on your body, and you may find that doing a longer detox using the foot pads is the best way to restore your body to full health and complete freedom from toxins.

The good thing about using the foot pads is that all of the ingredients and materials used to make the foot pads are completely natural. There are no synthetic or artificial ingredients in the foot pads, and all of the materials used are totally, 100% natural. You should check to make sure that the foot pads that you purchase do not contain any fillers, as these fillers are made from unnatural, synthetic ingredients and materials.

It is important for you to take care of your body, and you will find that using a detox foot pad is one of the best ways that you can do so. By detoxifying your body daily, you will notice great improvement in your overall condition. Getting rid of the toxins in your body by using a detox foot pad will help you to return to your full potential, and you will feel better and happier overall.

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detox cleansing How Using A Detox Foot Pad Can Cleanse Your Body

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32 Responses to “How Using A Detox Foot Pad Can Cleanse Your Body”
  1. Julie says:

    Detox foot pads are a must. It is incredible to see all of the gunk that comes off of your foot! It’s weird but the used pads have a horrible smell after they are used. The smell is always different but sometimes it smells like rotting food and sometimes even like garlic. I’ve been using them now for over a year and I will never go back. It took me 2 months for the color on them to tun light yellow instead of dark brown. Glad all that gunk is out, yuck!

    • TokiPop says:

      The pads are supposed to remove things like dirt and other impurities, various toxins and chemicals, heavy metals (mercury, excess iron stored in the liver that we don’t need, etc), and the waste product naturally produced when you burn fat and eat various foods. Because not all of that junk is excreted from the body through urine and bowel movements, some of it builds up in the liver and kidneys and such.

    • Paula says:

      How do you feel from energy, health, skin and weight after all those dirt come out? How long do you feel different after you use that pad?

  2. britney says:

    how can something pull toxins from your organs from your feet?

    • Matthew says:

      It’s shown through the study of reflexology that our bodies are more connected that you think. The Chinese culture has been using acupuncture and reflexology to treat many conditions for centuries. They have figured out which organ is linked to which part of your foot and doing the detox or acupuncture on these spots have helped many people. You can research this online.

    • Caitlin says:

      Traditional Chinese Medicine would say that it is pulled from your chi through the meridian lines…or something like that. Chinese medicine doesnt always match up to western medicine and anatomy as we would understand it. But most likely it is pulled from blood or lymph circulation, that’s my best guess. Western medicine probably wouldnt give credit to this and cant truly be explained in ways you are looking for, so tokipop gave you about the best answer you may ever get. To understand it you’d have to believe in TCM and their science, which shouldn’t be discounted bc the stuff works whether you understand it or not. Just try it for yourself and if you like the results and you start to feel better then you will know they are working. You can find them in most dollar stores so they arent very exspensive and worth a try. I have used them(the foot pads) and I have been happy with the results. If you use them for several nights in a row…I usually do it every other night, you will see that the pads get lighter as less toxins are in your body and you will feel better. Probably bad form, but I use them after occations when I’ve had several drinks and find that I dont get a hangover the next day. But of course I dont drink more than 5 or 6 drinks at the most if I do splurge which doesnt happen very often so if you drink like a fish then it may not save you from a hangover, but idk.

    • Ashely says:

      SKIN IS AN ORGAN. Duh. It’s not that unfathomable.

  3. fiona says:

    You should definitely detox monthly if not daily. There are so many toxins and chemicals in what we drink and eat everyday. I do a cleanse once a month, sometimes for a specific organ and sometimes an overall cleanse. I also do a heavy metal cleanse because I love and eat a lot of shellfish. There is so much mercury in the ocean now. These detox pads help pull the toxins out of your system and they also help pull the heavy metals out as well. I use them daily until the pads are a light yellow and then I do them once a week. Once you get rid of the toxins/metals in your system, you can maintain and do them once a week instead of everyday.

  4. Heidi says:

    I suffer from MS and I have always sought holistic treatments for my condition. I do natural cleanses often and I swear by these detox food pads. They make me feel so much better when I use them because I take over 8 meds a day. You don’t realize this but when you take medications, there are toxins from them that build up in your liver. With these pads, I am able to remove the toxins and maintain at a light yellow color which tells me that the toxins are being removed daily. I can never go back to not using these detox pads or cleanses.

  5. Joy says:

    What exactly are these pads pulling out form your system? I’d like to learn more about these and try some.

  6. lakeisha says:

    why do you only wear them at bedtime

    • Iris says:

      You wear the pads at night so you are not on your feet and smushing the pads around while you walk. When you wear them at night undisturbed, they are able to pull the toxins out of your system effectively through the night. Most say to wear them for at least 8 hours for best results. I wear them sometime while I am working (I work from home and I am pretty much at my computer all day) and that seems to work well also. But remember after you are done, you have to take them off and wash all of the excess gunk off of your feet so it may not be a good idea to wear them at work if you do not work from home.

  7. Krista says:

    A lot of people think these foot pads are scams but they are not. There are many studies out there that PROVE your blood circulation improves after you use these pads and that the liquid pulled out of your system are toxins. I read one study where used pads were tested and some had very high levels of mercury that was detected in it. There are many imitators out there so just make sure you read the reviews and get your foot pads from a reputable company.

    • Jim says:

      Useless. Let’s see a few references to reviewed scientific studies and not just useless anecdotal claims which are routinely proved to be worthless. Anecdotal is the standard gateway to misrepresentation of information. Blood letting was “proven” to work for years based on anecdotal evidence until it was shown to be worse than useless by a scientific study.

      Save your money. Exercise and eat right.


  8. Donna says:

    Hi there, I have just tried the detox foot patched for the first time and they are a charcoal colour not brown like the other comments. Why would thid be please? Thanks

    • Clyde Moore says:

      Mine turn a charcoal grey color too. It depends on the types and amounts of different toxins in your system . I take a lot of painkillers like Morphine . When I wasn’t on medication, my patches turned a brown color.

  9. bry says:

    i have alot of pause clugging on the top of my fett will placing them on top make any difference, or do they have to go on the bottom of foot?

  10. DG says:

    What’s a good brand?

    • sammie says:

      Hello I find them a the dollar store lol do not use them from there .I used them yes the the pads where brown the next day but then I got a rash that will not go away I have seen tbe doctor skin doctor no knows what it is I have had the rash for 3 yrs now …does anyone else have this

  11. Micah says:

    I read another post where the person tested a very cheap version of the detox pads and they would turn brown even when moisture alone was introduced to the pads. I can believe that these pads help draw out toxins, but the color doesn’t seem to be a proper indicator at least from the cheap ones from Dollar Tree. Is there a particular brand that people have heard reports to show work when used over time?

  12. Heidi M says:

    I have Fibromaylgia, nerve damage from my last career, and herniated disks in my cervical and thoracic spine. When I first experienced all these things (they came on at the same time/related) the doctors didn’t want to give me an MRI. It took me 4 years to convince them to give me one and they were appalled at the amount of damage they saw when they finally did give me the MRIs. During that 4 years, they threw all kind of pills at me and all they ever did to me was: burn holes in my stomach, cause acid reflux and stomach bacteria, caused blood clots, I had a mini stoke thanks to Lyrica and I was 32 years old. The Lyrica was the last straw and I decided to take my mother’s advice and try homeopathic healing. I feel better than I have in 5 years thanks to the foot patches and all the herbs and roots I take orally every day. I feel like RX drugs have held me back for a large part of my life and I will never go back to taking a pill to take a pill to take a pill to take a pill…….and so on. Only to develop more incurable issues. I believe that all the pills the docs gave me when I initially sustained my neck injuries is what brought on the Fibromyalgia. Be care with the RXs you take folks. They can trigger a plethora of genetic diseases that you could have lived without had you not taken all those synthetic drugs.

  13. SuzB says:

    I tried some, and they were discolored in the morning as they said they would be. Not sure if it is actually toxins being pulled from your body or a reaction from your sweat mixing with the different (gray looking) ingredients in the foot pad. It would be easier for me to believe your body was absorbing something from the pads, than to believe the ingredients were pulling things out of your system. I suppose a good test would be to see how long it takes for the pads to be clear. Because if they never get to the point of being clear I would say what I’m thinking is probably true, (or you are an extremely toxic person), but if they do indeed clear up after a while there may be some validity to their detox claims. Since the pharmeceutecial “scientists” aren’t going to spend valuable time & resources to prove or disprove something they are not making money on, I’d say give it a try and do your own experimentation. That’s what I’m doing.

  14. Doc. Johnson says:

    They DO NOT work!!!! We (my practice) have conducted many tests on the food pads.
    After 25 tests on 25 different people, we did not find ANY toxins, lead,or mercury in the pads. We poured distilled water (you can try this yourself) on the pads, and don’t get too surprised, they turned brown and blackish as they claim they will.
    10 people tried the pads for 60 days and the color never changed from the brown color. If the pads claim to pull toxins from the body, why are there no toxins left behind in the pad? Simple answer, they are a scam!!!!

  15. Cole says:

    Hey, they are a pretty inexpensive way of trying something different that just may make you feel better so why not…..??

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