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How to Lower Blood Pressure Fast

How to Lower Blood Pressure Fast: 10 Tips Guaranteed to Lower Your Blood Pressure Fast!

Lower Blood Pressure Fast Female Doctor 199x300 How to Lower Blood Pressure Fast

Follow These Top 10 Doctor Recommended Tips to Lower Your Blood Pressure Fast & Safely.

Lowering your blood pressure is incredibly important if you, like so many others around the world, suffer from hypertension. Hypertension is common in people who are overweight, as the fat blocking the arteries forces the heart to work harder to pump blood. Hypertension can and often is fatal, and you will find that lowering your blood pressure as quickly as possible is incredibly important in order to enjoy your life to the full. Here are some of the best ways to lower your high blood pressure, ways that will enable you to do so as quickly and easily as possible without the need for medication:

Lose weight. Losing the excess pounds that are causing the blockages in your arteries is a great way to lower your high blood pressure, and you will find that shedding your extra pounds is actually one of the best things you can do for your overall health. Loosening up the blood vessels and emptying them of fat will take some of the strain off your heart, and you will find that your risk of hypertension is greatly reduced as you lose all the extra pounds you are carrying around with you.

Do moderate to vigorous exercise regularly to ensure that you can lose weight and promote healthy circulation. When you do exercise, your heart has to pump blood to fuel the muscles. Thus your body requires energy, which it obtains by burning calories and fat stored around your body. The more exercise you do, the more fat you can burn on a regular basis. The more fat you burn, the less there will be in your body to clog up your arteries and the stronger your heart and lungs will be.

Lower Blood Pressure Fast by Following a Healthy Diet.

Following a healthy diet is a good way to lower high blood pressure, as the foods you eat determine how your body functions. Eating plenty of fiber is directly related to cardiovascular health, and eating more potassium, calcium, and magnesium will also be beneficial to your health. The DASH Diet is designed to help lower your high blood pressure, and you will find that the foods included in the DASH diet plan will be the most effective at helping you lose weight, get in shape, and lower that blood pressure before it reaches dangerous levels.
Cut out any sodium from your diet. Surprisingly, this is much easier said than done, as nearly every product that has flavor contains sodium. You will find sodium in soups, sauces, dressings, flavorings, and everything else that you love to put on your food. The best solution to lower your sodium is to eat food that is all natural and only use natural seasonings to add flavor to your food. Adding lemon, vinegar, pepper, and cayenne pepper will ensure that you keep your sodium levels low, and only eat food that you buy raw and prepare for yourself. Make sure that you know which foods are high in sodium, and cut them out altogether.

Lower Blood Pressure Fast by Cutting Out Alcohol.

Cut down the amount of alcohol you drink every day. The more alcohol you drink, the more you will raise your blood pressure. It is best to keep your alcohol consumption lower than 1 drink per day, though you can cut it down even more if you want to lower your blood pressure that much more quickly.
Stop smoking. Smoke is directly related to high blood pressure, and you will find that quitting your bad habit will be one of the best ways to reduce your risk of hypertension. If you smoke more than just one cigarette per day, you may end up raising your blood pressure and keeping it elevated all day. Also, try to avoid being near those who smoke, as secondhand smoke is just as bad for you as if you were smoking a cigarette yourself.

Lower Blood Pressure Fast 300x286 How to Lower Blood Pressure Fast

Limit the amount of caffeine you consumer every day. Caffeine intake drastically increases your blood pressure.

Reduce the amount of caffeine you drink every day, as caffeine stimulates your body to work harder to provide you with more energy. While caffeine can be good for you in small quantities, it can raise your blood pressure if you consume too much. Check your blood pressure when you drink caffeine to determine if it elevates your blood pressure too much, and cut it out altogether if it is having a negative effect and raising your blood pressure beyond normal levels.
Cut back on the amount of stress you have in your life, as stress is directly related to increased blood pressure. The production of cortisol causes your heart to work harder to pump sufficient blood throughout your body, and you will find that having too much stress in your life can put a serious strain on your heart. Find a way to relax and enjoy yourself, or quit your job for one that is less stressful. Take up meditation, yoga, or some other hobby that gets you out into nature and relaxes you.

Lower Blood Pressure Fast Chart 212x300 How to Lower Blood Pressure Fast

Use this chart to gauge where your blood pressure currently is and what you can do to lower your blood pressure fast.

Check your blood pressure at home and make sure to visit your doctor regularly. Having a doctor help you with advice and counsel on how to lower your heart rate, as well as helping your monitor your blood pressure, can be the best way to ensure that you take good care of yourself and avoid problems with hypertension.
Have your family and friends help you take care of yourself. Get your family to help you watch your diet, do regular exercise, and avoid stress. The more you can do to reduce the risks in your life, the more likely you will be to keep your blood pressure low. What better way to do so than to get the help of those who love you? They can definitely help you lower blood pressure fast.

hlc high blood pressure How to Lower Blood Pressure Fast
Healthier Comments
58 Responses to “How to Lower Blood Pressure Fast”
  1. Aidan Bertie says:

    Really interesting. You tell about alcohol, I agree with all things about that.
    Really alcohol is very harmful for our body. Reduce alcohol increase life.
    Thanks For sharing.

    • Madan says:

      Really Alcohol is very very harmful to our body. I experienced it as whenever I consume alcohol, I get High Blood Pressure during mid night. When I don’t take it, I doesn’t get High BP. So, Please please Guys! Stop Alcohol/Smoking. Enjoy life peacefully and happily. There are so many ways to reduce stress, hypertension due to problems like Yoga, Meditation, Exercise etc. Don’t depend on Alcohol/ Smoke.

      Thanks Aidan for sharing.

  2. Ed says:

    Lifestyle change and modification can be a great part in lowering blood pressure thus cutting off alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking are among the predisposing factors of high blood pressure.

    • Paulo says:

      How does cigarette smoking increase the propensity to high blood pressure? I know of unhealthy eating habit and lack of exercise but smoking I do not know. I am a smoker and I do not know how to quite though this issue of it being an accelerator to high blood pressure disturbs me. Or does the smoke also deposit and block the arteries?

      • helen says:

        lol i hear you paulo they always say smoking causes everything

      • Elkan says:

        A doctor that I spoke to said that smoking, over time, hardens the arteries to the heart. Nicotine is a stimulant to it makes the heart work harder. Both of these side effects increase blood pressure. Sadly, nicotine is very addictive, and that makes it problematic.

  3. yasin umar says:

    i just need to get lower my blood pressure fast because for my work on monday jun 7 20013

  4. John says:

    You nailed it on the head, telling it as it is. I have had relatives with risky levels of blood pressure but they do not want to quit their alcoholic lifestyles. This is worsened by frequent cigarette smoking besides unhealthy eating habits since their appetites are controlled by these substances. I think it is no rocket science when it comes to mitigating the body blood pressure. All it takes is to be dietary conscious and quit drinking and smoking. Period!

  5. Glenna says:

    I have had a relative dying as a result of high blood pressure. In the process of us trying to help him, we took him to numerous health institutions and experts warned him on his persistent use consumption of alcohol. He never heeded to their warnings and just last year, he passed on. To me, it seems as though there is a very strong relationship between alcohol and high blood pressure. I therefore shout an advice to you guys out there, if you consume alcohol, I have seen a relative die because of it, Please avoid it. This is genuine and this article hits the point head on.

    • Madan says:

      Thanks Glenna for sharing your information. My Father also died due to High Blood Pressure and he never quit smoke and alcohol. besides doctor advice, he continued consuming smoke. Even though after getting heart attack, he had smoke. he died badly as his veins bursted due to high blood pressure. I too consumed alcohol for few days and had High Blood Pressure. But now I stopped and started Exercise like walking 30mins / day, Green veggies and a fruit per day.

      thanks again for sharing

  6. shaun says:

    After celebrating with too much alcohol over the holidays, I was alarmed to see my BP as high as 163/101 on New Years Day. I felt terrible. Immediately set about to reduce it. I took a very lengthy shower as hot as I could possible stand it. I dressed quickly and then went on a very brisk walk for about 30 mins. I checked my BP after a few minutes rest and it dropped down to 133/86 and held steady around there. Still higher than I like it but I immediately felt so much better.

    Of course, the true moral of the story is to cut back on the alcohol.

  7. Jem says:

    I have never smoked, never had more than one alcoholic drink a week and sometimes have gone months without drinking at all. I don’t buy/eat chips or hardly anything with salt and eat a salad each day. Today I get diagnosed with vertigo and find out instead of my normal low 125 blood pressure it is at 160. Thinking I am very worried it has jumped. All because of stress and thinking too much about things that are beyond my control, even though I need them to be in control so I can see my family and have a life. When you try and be careful, as in my case, you end up a wreck anyways. I think I should just give up.

    • Ray says:

      Hi Jem, I was in the same condition.
      Don’t give up . Stress is very bad in general and also elevate your blood pressure , so take it easy ,exercise and try to stay away from anything that stresses you. My condition has Improved greatly .

    • Richard S. says:

      Please don’t give up. I have two recommendations for you. ONE – one way that I have found to naturally reduce the results of stress in my life is by taking Protandim. You can order it at It naturally reduces the amount of oxidative stress in your body by 40% in 30 days guaranteed. TWO – get into meditation or Yoga. You should read the book called “the New Science of Meditation” and can be found at the authors website at . I hope this helps you as they have both helped me.

    • Pam says:

      PLEASE. . . . .DON’T GIVE UP!

  8. nancy W says:

    Blood pressure is one of the most dreaded diseases that affect quit a number of people. This disease is known to have caused quite a number of deaths in most countries. One way to curb this could be an increase in activity as this reduces stress. Most people that live a stress free life have reduced rate of acquiring high blood pressure. It is advisable for one to avoid situations that may cause stress as this helps reduce occurrence of high blood pressure.

    • urramoor says:

      Hypertension (high blood pressure) is not a disease, it is a symptom. Doctors see high blood pressure as risk indicator for future illnesses such as a stroke or heart attack.

  9. nancy W says:

    Most people who are known to have problems with their weight are prone to getting high blood pressure. Those who are obese are mostly affected since they have problems with their breathing rates and this affects the body functioning. This tends to tire not only the heart but also the muscles and this increases the heart beat beyond the normal rate. This makes the heart to overdo the work its supposed to do and thus leading to high blood pressure.

  10. nancy W says:

    A friend of mine told me that most people who are rich are most likely prone to getting high blood pressure. I laughed off the idea but in reality these people need to put up measures that reduce high blood pressure. One of the ways could be eating healthily as it is known that rich people indulge themselves in bad eating habits. Thus they should avoid eating junk food and instead eat a well balanced diet. This in turn reduces their high blood pressure.

    • Mark says:

      Mostly untrue! More wealthy people (what you call rich) are generally better educated people. Better education also leads to better health choices and access to medical treatment and medications. Your comment is uninformed and misleading, and maybe a little jealous sounding? Be happy for those who have had opportunities and work hard to get get something better than the rest of us, they are our employers and the reason we have income and they fund the charities that feed the world.

      • sophie malador says:

        Your comment is ignorant and untrue and a little bit of an angry response for some reason. It doesn’t necessarily follow that rich people are better educated. Does that mean poor people aren’t very well educated? I’m poor and have A levels and an honours degree. Before you make a rude response to somebody maybe you should look at your own uniformed and misleading comment.

    • Mike says:

      It is always the poor that have things to say about the wealthy. It is always the poor ones who claim they have all the degrees in the world but are still poor. So before you poor people sit there opening your pie holes showing the jealousy because the wealthy…who actually go out and work hard at a good job, get off your butts and stop claiming benefits that the wealthy actually provided you with through the high taxes paid and get a proper job.

      • Bo says:

        Give me a break. Not everyone who is rich works hard and some poor people are very hard workers. There are so many factors at work. It is not as simplistic as you would like to believe.

        While some governments may provide benefits too generously to able bodied poor, these same governments take many opportunities away from those poor at the same time thru practices that benefit the wealthy. Inflationary monetary policy that benefits stockholders but raises consumer prices comes to mind.

        Call it redistribution of wealth (from the poor to the rich).

  11. nancy W says:

    High Blood Pressure is known to pose risks to quite a number of people. However, there are well known and tested way of lowering the occurrence rate. One way is a lot of exercising and especially to those people who spend most of their time seated in offices. This could range from a morning walk, a morning jog to a work out in the morning in the gym. Those people who have private cars are advised to walk a few minutes per day. You could park a few miles from the office and this could improve your health and lower Blood Pressure at a faster rate.

  12. nancy W says:

    High Blood Pressure can be reduced at a faster rate through healthy habits. Eating a lot of fruits on a daily basis improves adversely the immune and body system such that the body functions normally without strain. A friend of mine used to have a high blood pressure but through a lot of exercises she was able to lower this rate at a very fast rate. Drinking lots of water is also a good and effective way of reducing blood pressure because it helps clean up the body and the toxins are removed.

  13. crispin says:

    High blood pressure is one of the many serious conditions that affect many people. This is usually caused by stress which can in turn be fatal leading to death. It is always advisable to avoid situations that lead to stress by working out through a number of exercises. In addition this improves the body functioning through an efficient circulation and removal of wastes. concurrently, the body toxins are removed and it is therefore wise to make it a habit of working out. You could park a few miles from your office and you never know; that walk could turn to be a life saver and a great improvement for your health, so guys give it a try.

  14. Raymond says:

    I have been a victim of alcohol abuse for quite a long time and this has increased my Blood Pressure to very high levels. I have struggled with this condition and after i succeeded to stop abusing alcohol my blood pressure has reduced to a very low rate. I would advise all those abusing alcohol to make an effort to stop as this will lower their blood pressures to the required level. However, nothing comes for free without any hardwork and as such you need to make an effort towards achieving your goal. In addition, you need to exercise a lot of patience as you do not expect to get positive results overnight.

  15. Betty says:

    As time passes by i have realized that eating the right diet and the correct amount of food has drastic effects in reducing the blood pressure to a very minimal level. In effect to this it is advisable to include the proper foods that range from fruits, proteins, vitamins and many others. In addition, water is very important in any diet. This is because it helps the body in removal of wastes and toxins that are harmful to the body and therefore it ensures that the body functions run normaly. Once said, therefore the cases of high blood pressure will be history.

  16. John says:

    A lot of fats and sugar can adversely lead to high blood pressure as has been said from the article above. Eating a lot of fats in food leads to accumulation of fats around the heart. This in turn strains the heart muscles which have to use extra energy than required in order to carry out the body functions. Once the muscles are straining the heart is also straining leading to an increment of blood pressure. To avoid this and to consequently lower the blood pressure at a faster rate, it is advisable to avoid consumption of foods or snacks that have high contents of fats in them. Once everything is said, its up to an individual to make the right choice.

  17. John says:

    Lifestyle change as has been seen in the article above can be very much helpful in lowering the high blood pressure. It has been known over time that living in the right environment which is favorable for survival leads to a lowered blood pressure. However, those that live in poor environments that are not favourable for survival tend to have problems in lowering the blood pressure to the required level. As such it is advisable to expose yourself to environments favorable for survival and those that do not expose you to diseases that encourage occurrence of high blood pressure.

  18. Mariam says:

    Really, someone please explain it to me why only the rich are prone to these conditions because honestly I cannot understand. You will find for example, those people who live in the posh estates, when they take water that has yet to be treated then their stomach keep rumbling and even aches, but when a slum dweller takes the same then it does not or barely has the same effect. Could this whole thing be pinned on someone’s attitude? Does one’s thinking determine whether one contracts a disease or not?

  19. Humphrey says:

    Yeah Nancy what you have said is quite right. Most people with blood pressure are the wealthy in the society. I am yet to witness any pauper that I have known get diagnosed with high blood pressure. May be they are, but I am yet to see one and I could use some help on that. Though as the article has explained the factors that cause this condition then it is quite understandable why those with a lot to choose from are the ones having this condition.

  20. Georgina says:

    High blood pressure kills and should be taken seriously in the society. Contrary to what many people believe or what it may look like, anyone in the society can have this condition. Even the less privileged n the society can. Why shouldn’t they, don’t they smoke, or drink alcohol, or take food high in fat content or more fitting; don’t they have stress, may be even more than the privileged? So that is just a blanket assumption which some of us just cannot allow passing.

  21. George says:

    This is an interesting topic. I have heard people talking about blood pressure and such but honestly I have never even visited a health facility to have mine checked. Now I know better, I will go and have it checked. I may be having a high one and I am oblivious of that fact. So this is my plea to others like me, let’s go have our pressure checked for our own good.

    • Diablito says:

      Health facility=ripoff. Just go to a drug store or rescue squad. They’ll check it out right quick. the EMT’s might even give you a free ECG to take by a GP instead of some thief cardiologist.

  22. Edwin T says:

    High blood pressure is one of those conditions brought about by the lifestyle one leads. Because of this reason then they are easily evaded. One should not take for granted this post, I have learnt a lot in the few minutes that I have taken to read this post and I am determined not to suffer from this condition. The only thing that might be worrisome to me is the caffeine bit. I feel that if I am to get this condition then it will be from it?

  23. Edgar says:

    Now, my friend, why will you let yourself get such a condition while you know just what you need to avoid? From what I gather, you are not likely to get it from alcohol, you don’t drink you don’t smoke and you trust your times not to be stressful! Ha ha. Then the caffeine bit shouldn’t be hard to manage. Just take other drinks and leave the ones that have caffeine. Also remember that it is addictive.

  24. Esther says:

    Doing exercise will reduce the chances of one having blood pressure. Exercises not only increase your fitness it also burns the excess fat and helps you not to grow fat. Most of young people who have a high blood pressure are overweight. It is this excess fat that settles around the heart and logs the arteries making it inefficient. Once the heart starts struggling to pump blood then that is the start of your dying.

  25. Nancy says:

    I have heard from my friends that the common salt causes high blood pressure. So it is true that any product with sodium may cause your pressure to increase drastically, I had no idea. I used t take so much of salt, in fact I couldn’t take any food with no salt. But now, thanks to Healthier post, I understand and will be cautious of what I take. This is an informative post and all people should read this.

  26. Neto says:

    It is odd for young people to suffer or die from high blood pressure. Usually it is the old people and the overweight. The old since they rarely move around and so they do not burn a lot of calories hence having a lot of fat in their blood. The overweight on their part have excess fat all over their bodies, the effect is the same; blocking the arteries and this gets the heart ‘tired’.

  27. Brian says:

    Visit your doctor regularly. Having a doctor help you with advice and counsel on how to lower your heart rate is advisable, as well as helping you monitor your blood pressure. Take good care of yourself and avoid problems with hypertension.
    You can also have your family and friends help you take care of yourself by reminding you when are going down the wrong way. Get them to help you watch your diet, do regular exercise, and avoid stress. The more you can do to reduce the risks in your life, the more likely you will be to keep your blood pressure low.

  28. Jerry n says:

    Doing exercises reduces your chances of having a high blood pressure. The exercises increase the blood flow and this helps clear the arteries. It also helps burn the excess fat that may be in the body. Excess fat settles around the heart and also in the arteries, when they block the arteries the heart struggles to pump the blood and when it gives up you are dead. So it is very important that you exercise

  29. effie says:

    Hypertension is a serious situation. Being cause by a lot of fat deposits in the blood vessels that lead to narrowing or blockage of blood vessels is fatal. This condition has claimed a lot of obese vitims’ lives including people that I knew. Seeing this articles is a hope to me that people are going to be careful and develop a competitive edge in fighting this high blood pressure condition. Wish you good health.

  30. Jannice says:

    What is that recommended diet that one can assume in order to lower blood pressure fast enough. This condition has chained me down for long now. I sometimes think of it as a curse from being in a well of family since I am not the only one with this kind of condition at our home. However, I want to liberate myself from this situation even though I know that the fight is not going to be easy. I weight 210 pounds and I also want to cut it down half way in the shortest time possible. Help!

  31. Paulo says:

    This post is very informative and realistic. In this generation that we are living in with a lot of fast foods put us in a very vulnerable position to contracting a lot of heart related complications. These fast foods that we take in order to save time in this world of today where time is equally valued as money tends to bring us more harm than good. We need to adapt a new diet that is healthier in order to avert these cases of blood pressure. Thumbs up.

  32. Shelly says:

    This post has been a life saver to me. Ever since I quite alcohol and red meat I have been doing great with my health. I do morning runs and evening strolls plus eating healthy and the results have been amazing. I do not have to worry about my blood pressure shooting up abnormally at workplace or at home. Thank you so much life savers.

  33. Debbi says:

    I found GREAT info and The biggest reason for Hypertension (High.Blood Pressure) is accidental dehydration. This article explains what kind of water to drink, what to take with your water, how much water to drink, very importantly as well is how much at a time to drink, is a lengthy article but a MUST read…then bookmark it, print it etc so that you can use it AS you CURE your hypertension…just to get it under Control is incredible…BUT it can be cured in many if not most cases. ..This is so important for all ages..and it is full if info on other things caused by dehydration….you are not as smart as you could be if you were properly hydrated…DEATH can result from dehydration. THIS page is regarding high blood pressure and how to lower it.. please, please read the info on these links…you won’t be sorry.

  34. su shaolin says:

    All you have said are right. Need positive and undercontrol your bp. I have just knew that I face it now. Thx you all to share such valuable experiences and opinions.

  35. K. J. Haroon Basha says:

    Very informative article indeed. Yesterday I was having high blood pressure, I got a lot of relief after reading and adopting the suggested steps. Thank you very much for your valuable guidance.

  36. William G says:

    I’ve just had a pre op assessment and was informed my blood pressure was too high – if I can’t get it down by Monday then the op will be cancelled- I desperately wish to have the op. Without taking any medication what can I do?

    • Tracy says:

      HEY! If you want to lower your BP fast without any meds & in a healthy way try doing this… eating only fruits especially bananas, raw green veggies, baked/grill fish & apple cidar vinegar for a week or two & watch how quiclky it drops! I do this right before I take a physical because my BP is kinda tied to my job… took my physical last week & BP dropped to 112/76… its now 120/78

  37. Syed J says:

    I’m in the same boat. Eat 4 cloves of Garlic a day and go for long walks. Hopefully this will help.

  38. dominique says:

    Thanks. For the advice it was good reading an I will try every thing an see if it helps lower my b/p.

  39. Roger S says:

    Interesting reading, it suggests that it is fairly easy to lower systolic pressure by 20%, with wine and salt being the main culprit. Think that I will try that, my last reading was 156/88 ….bit to high. I am within my weight limit and do excercise regularly quite hard as I do capoeira at 65. I would ask what % reduction is possible over the long term and what is the effect of diet? does it thin the blood or does it help prevent dilation of the vessels?

  40. Bobby says:

    I’m 33 and just got put on Bp meds..I’m new to this and I got back to the dr Tuesday for a follow up.ive lost ten lbs in one week by changing my eating habit…today my pressure was 142 over I’m lost on this whole thing…he’ll I’m scared to eat anything

  41. Wayne says:

    so everyone on this board is telling me to get a divorce? My wife is the center of my stress after 15 years of marriage and has been for the past 15 years. I can handle the kids, it’s my wife always thinking her was is the right way and will never meet 50% in between. I keep telling her I told you so and it does”n’t help. She will not budge. I guess this is what you get when you marry someone who never had a father in her life. I will try everything you say on this board to see if it helps me deal with the stress from my relationship.

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