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How To Get Rid of A Yeast Infection

How To Get Rid of A Yeast Infection in Less Than 24 Hours, is it Possible?

How To Get Rid Of A Yeast Infection 188x300 How To Get Rid of A Yeast Infection

Yeast infections are completely preventable. Many of the times, women are not aware that recurrent yeast infections are not always a result of an underlying condition but are instead reoccurring due to improper knowledge on how to prevent yeast infections from happening in the first place.

Since a yeast infection is not a sexually transmitted infection, its validity as a serious issue is somewhat diminished. However, if you ask any woman suffering from a vaginal yeast infection if the infection is a serious problem, the answer will probably be yes in the firmest way. Yeast infections are often a woman’s worst nightmare as the symptoms are sometimes severe enough to interrupt daily activities including working or attending school. In either event, one of the most frequently asked yet often inadequately answered questions is : How do you get rid of a yeast infection? The answer is simple: in order to get rid of a yeast infection, you must first understand exactly what it is, where it comes from, how to prevent it and how to cure it to fully understand the scope of how to get rid of a yeast infection. Not understanding each facet in yeast infection knowledge only leads to repeat infections and less effective cures and remedies.

A yeast infection is fungal infection. Common misconception usually hints to a yeast infection as some sort of bacterial affliction. This is simply not true. Unlike other vaginal infections, yeast is not bacterial in origin. Yeast is a fungus. Understanding this is crucial for the approach to treatment. In either case, vaginal yeast infections are called Candida Albicans. This type of yeast is found in the vagina naturally. Another misconception is that you must rid all of the yeast in the vagina. Once again, this is simply not true. Removing all the yeast from the vagina will do more harm than good, believe it or not. Yeast is naturally present and in the proper quantities, regulates healthy vaginal PH. When the PH is disturbed through infection or an imbalance of agents like good bacteria and yeast, the chance of infection is increased and the amount of yeast and bad bacteria runs ramped.

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Yeast infection symptoms include the classic burning and itching that almost every woman is familiar with. Inner vaginal inflammation and vulva inflammation are also apparent yeast infection symptoms. A thick white discharge similar to cottage cheese is also a classic yeast infection symptom.

How To Get Rid of A Yeast Infection & Prevent a Re-occurrence.

Yeast infections are completely preventable. Many of the times, women are not aware that recurrent yeast infections are not always a result of an underlying condition but are instead reoccurring due to improper knowledge on how to prevent yeast infections from happening in the first place. Yeast infections are thrive in warm, wet conditions. Therefore, keep the vagina clean and dry at all times whether you are recovering from a yeast infection or even if you do not have a yeast infection. Warm wet conditions are a breathing ground for yeast production. Also, be aware that what you wear affects yeast growth as well. Tight clothing keeps the vaginal area damp and moist. Wear lose clothing and if you will be doing any swimming, take off all wet clothing immediately once you are finished. Don’t opt to take the car ride home with a wet bathing suit on. Yeast infections are also induced by douching or placing products like soap into the vagina. Soap, lotions, creams and even douches disturb normal vaginal PH.

How To Get Rid of A Yeast Infection & Misconceptions.

Another misconception in regards to men and yeast infections is that men cannot acquire yeast infections and this is simply not true. It is true that men are not able to produce yeast infections in the penis, but men are able to acquire yeast infections from a woman with a yeast infection. Men are also able to pass a yeast infection from one woman to the next. If you have  yeast infection, do not have sex with your partner until the infection is treated. If you partake in sexual intercourse with your partner and you have a vaginal yeast infection, you can in turn pass it to your male partner. If you continue to have sexual intercourse during the course of the infection, your male partner can harbor the infection and continually pass it back to you and you to him throughout the course of your sexual relationship. This continues the cycle of repeat infections.

Getting rid of a yeast infection is a somewhat simple affair. Since yeast infections are not considered sexually transmitted infections, many retailers and drug stores have over the counter treatment for yeast infections. Many of the treatments come in cream filled tubes or suppositories that are inserted into the vagina for one day to several days. Many of the treatments also contain creams for temporary external relief. The treatments are moderately priced but often at times, these treatments do not completely remedy the infection especially those who have recurrent yeast infections. Overtime, recurrent yeast infections become resistant to over the counter treatments.

Another setback in using over the counter treatments is the cost. Costs of yeast infection treatment kits are more expensive than other naturally remedies. Not only are these products contain chemicals, many women simply do not receive the relief they anticipated. With the severity of the symptoms, many women want instant relief and that is something that many of the over the counter medications do not offer.

If you have been searching for an in depth answer to how to get rid of a yeast infection, you have come to the right place. Here you will find all the knowledge, resources and treatment options available to you for How To Get Rid of A Yeast Infection to not only help remedy your yeast infection but to also prevent it from happening again.

yeast infection treatment How To Get Rid of A Yeast Infection
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287 Responses to “How To Get Rid of A Yeast Infection”
  1. Linsey says:

    Umm I’m Not Really Sure if I Got A Yeast Infection…I’m 16 yrs Old and I’m Still A Virgin…I Itch Once In A While and My Discharge Is Kinda Thick And My Vagina Gives Off A Yeasty Smell…. It Doesn’t Stink Until I Get Moist or Sweaty Down There When I Get Hot….Is This Normal…??? But These Are The Only Symptoms I Have So I’m UnSure…I’m Not Burning Or Anything Else…I Have Worn Tight Clothes And I Think I Use 2 Much Soap and I did The little Spit In a Glass Of Water Thing And It Came Up Positive….I didn’t want 2 buy Vag Wash just Yet..I Just Wanna Get Rid Of This…

    • Sarah says:

      Linsey, if you have a yeast infection you will KNOW it…!!!! It feels like you wiped downstairs with POISON IVY!!! It’s HORRIBLE!!! It doesn’t sound to me like you have a yeast infection, but I would encourage you to shower daily and you can also buy women’s deodorant for down stairs. You can find it in the like pad section/ condom section. Summer’s Eve is the name of it. Good luck!! Also, WAY TO GO for still being a virgin! :O) You hardly hear that anymore!! Save yourself for your husband! I did. He is my one and only and I don’t regret it at all!! :O)

      • heart says:

        You actually can have an infection and not have the itchy/burning sensation.. I know this because it happened to me. I had the discharge but couldn’t figure out why.. went in for my yearly exam and it was a yeast infection… now I think I have it again so I come to this site… but I do not see how to get rid of it other than the statements about over the counter stuff… not really helpful because i already knew about those..

        • Healthier Post says:

          Hi Heart, please see this post -> and read what melmel12005 has to say. Thanks! HP

        • May says:

          Heart, I hear you can use plain yogurt with no flavor to balance out the hp levels when having a yeast infection.

            • Raquel says:

              Yes, but it needs to be plain. Put some on the itchy parts for relief. To insert it, take a temping and dip it in the plain yogurt then insert it in the vagina overnight.

              You can also use fresh, peeled garlic cloves. Insert a clove in the vagina overnight, as well. It will fall out in its own eventually, but if you’re afraid of “losing” it inside you, try sewing a clean piece of thread to the middle of it so it hangs out like a tampon string. Or, put it in a cheese cloth and let some of it hang out.

              One last bit of info: for all you girls (especially those complaining of odor when not experiencing an infection–be sure to have your doc rule out serious issues) don’t wash your vagina with anything but water. Soaps (even Summer’s Eve stuff) upsets the pH balance in your vagina.

              The vagina is a self cleaning organ. It’s okay to wash the outside but leave the inside alone. I rinse it out with my shower head, but that’s it. If you have an odor problem (and you’re doctor has ruled out other things) stop using soaps down there, wear cotton panties and try to air it out at night when you sleep, and I promise you, after a week or two, you’ll start noticing a difference.

              And tell your friends! Girls oftentimes, don’t get taught how to care for their vagina. We need to help each other out.

              • Raquel says:

                *to insert take a tampon…
                Sorry for the typo.

                • Samantha says:

                  To get rid if it, do you insert the tampon dipped in yogurt everynight for a certain period of time or just once? I think I have one and I would really like to get rid of it ASAP.

      • Natalie says:

        Omg!! You are so right it is like
        Poisen ivy :( I can’t go to work for days because of this how long did you take to recover from this?? I’m so scared and I can’t stop crying it just makes me feel like it’s better to die:(

        • hannah says:

          I felt the same way! I cried all day. It makes you feel gross.. but I’m not gross.. ): I have never been this uncomfortable..

      • cece says:

        Ok my name is cecelia and I had sex with my boyfriend saturday and was out and didn’t have the time to shower till last night (thursday) D: my vagina has been itchy and today (friday) I peed and there was thick white discharge like really thick and a lot of it my vagina smella yucky like really bad and I like washed it and it just made it worse…I wore sweatpants today but my underwear was tight like it always is…I don’t know if its a yeist infection or not but if it is I don’t want anyone like my boyfriend or mom or siblings to know because its embaressing…I don’t have any money because I am out of work but if I do have one please tell me and if possible is there a cheaper way to get rid of a yeist infection

        • Ash says:

          dear cece,
          i no how u feel i have the same prob right now but its ok to talk to a parent they are only there to help. its embaressing but i promise its a heck of alot better then feeling icky. let your mom know. get your area cleaned up and try for some anti itch cream. and if your bf really cares then he will help you with your probs down there. :) being ope is the best way to keep your self happy and comfortable. trust me i had to go threw it too. :) and if he does care he wont have a prb with you telling him. :)

        • Sarah says:

          My younger sister just had her first yeast infection and was in tears. I’ve had them in the past so I knew exactly what she was going through, it sucks. The over-the-counter treatments like monistat took so long to work for me, that I eventually had to look into other options. What I found was AMAZING and CHEAP. I told my sister that the best cure was to go to the drug store (walmart, walgreens, or CVS) and get one bottle of odorless Garlic 1000mg, one bottle of Echinacea 125mg, and one bottle of Acidophilus (which is a probiotic that contains 2 billion active cultures). Taking these three NATURAL supplements together gives your own body the fighting power it needs to rebalance the normal yeast ratio that it’s supposed to have. They’re not very expensive at all and they will last and can be used again and again. After taking one of each capsule that morning, my sister’s yeast infection was gone by that night! This has saved me time and time again and works better and faster than anything else I’ve ever seen. I swear by this. I hope it helps!

          • Char W says:

            Quick question, if for some reason the first set of pills don’t clear it all the way up, can you continue to take a set of three pills daily until it is cleared up???

          • Question says:

            Does the acidophilus only come in one mg?

          • Cynthia says:

            Sara, I am definitely going to try this. I have been battling this infection for over three weeks..creams diflucan,,,take too long..i’m a diabetic so it takes longer to go away…thank you!

          • Erica says:

            When I took the three pills that you mention earlier, is it normal to feel the burning sensation to flairs up down there for a whole night and it stop by morning. I felt like i was on furnace. Because I have full blown yeast infection. How many time do I have to take the pills to get rid of this darn infection?

        • star stunned says:

          You will be just fine. the plain yogurt actually does work and it gets rid of the yeast infection very quickly. even if you are not burning or itching, understand there are more than just the basic symptoms. I wish you all well in the journey of getting well downstairs.

      • Acicia says:

        Thanks I really needed help. :o )

      • someone says:

        mine doesnt itch much but i have this discharge which is annoyingly disturbing, im 19 im a virgin aswell, i use soap..but how do i get rid of this? aaggghhh this is bad!! i cant sleep at night!!

        • angel says:

          hi. just to clear someething up on here stop using soap in that area of your body if you have bad yeast infections vecause it can be the soap that is causing it. my doctor told me that soap isnt required in the cleaning of the vaginal area that it naturally cleans itself out daily without your help all you need is water to and thats it. i learne this the hard way because turned out thats whats causing my yeat infections my doctor said.

    • Brenda says:

      Honey dont listen to that. You are not required to wait till your married. Your not gona die, get pregnant or stds. People will tell you anything to make you believe that you have to wait. Wrong. Sex is a natural urge. It is completely normal and healthy. What she should have said was make sure YOU are ready, and always use a condom. Though kids are amazing, trust me being 16 with a kid isnt a road you want to take. Again, make sure you are ready. And you will know when you are…

      • Anonymous says:

        You are retarded… Her advice was exactly that. Advice not to have sex before she gets married based on her experience of waiting.. You on the other hand should be ashamed for encouraging a SIXTEEN year old to have sex just because it’s a natural urge. Yeah it is a natural urge and it can also lead to pain unrelated to std’s or pregnancy.. Emotional pain when the 16 yr old boy she has sex with decides he doesn’t like her anymore… You should think before you go telling young women they should have sex just because it’s a natural urge… Seriously…

        • Wow says:

          Oh really?..well no one is telling the girl to pick anyone off the street now. Don’t you dare lecture anyone for your being close-minded. Sorry but times have changed, get over it. No one said GO JUMP IN BED WITH SOMEONE RIGHT NOW And it is a natural urge. Would you rather her be ignorant? Get over your pretended self righteous self…YOU should be ashamed..I bet YOU didn’t even think before typing this..Honesty..

        • sacks says:

          Okay.. you are a very close minded person. Calling people retarded is not the way to get your argument across either. If you were mature enough to be arguing a point you would have realized by this time that the only way to prove a point is to use your brain and factual information. Sex does not always result in stds or pregnancy. There are options such as birth control and condoms. I am 19 have been having sex since I was 16 and have never been pregnant or had an std. You just have to take care of yourself and be smart. Sex is a natural urge that you develop at a certain age. There is no harm in having sex or not having sex so long as the person having sex is being intelligent and utilizing their resources. If a child who grew up the way I did with noone around to help me figure this out, im sure she can figure out how to be not get pregnant or get an std. I would really reconsider your stance on whether 16 is a young age or not as well. I remember when I was 16 I was a very mature and Independent woman.

        • anon says:

          Look, if a young woman such as this 16 year old you are talking about really wants to have sex then most likely she will find a way to. A parent can only control so much so THE BEST advice is “only when you are ready”, “get check ups and have the dude get check ups before engaging in sex” and “Use safe sex aka birth control AND condoms”. SEX is a natural INSTINCT hence the “natural urge” Brenda was talking about. No one is ENCOURAGING sex at a a young age but because we can’t control what she does unless you lock her up then all we can do is preach the safe sex rules. You should really think things through before commenting because something like your comment could “emotionally” make someone want to just rebel against you and perhaps catch std’s. Not cool.

        • mo says:

          I agree you should always talk to a kid about sex before they make the mistake of doing it without knowing the risks, but its better if youu tell them to wait( whether they listen or not), its not that time has changed its that 16 year olds aren’t mature enough to know right from wrong yet and may think anny emotion is loove and that any boy might be “the one” and then get hurt along the way, so if anyhing its better for them to wait and learn thatnatural urges are a part of being human but its also good to be strong and be smart not just go with it cause its a natural feeling. Just my opinion and everyone is entitled to one.

      • Kaylee says:

        I understand that you see it that way, but it actually is an amazing thing when a girl is saving herself for her husband. you really don’t hear that From many 16 year olds. They talk about every guy they’ve screwed and what’s the best size in regards to a penis. I know, I’m 18 and just graduated high school. I’m still a virgin and it is my goal to stay one until I’m married. I grew up with a sister who shared her experiences and I personally seen the baggage she carried into every relationship. The safest sex is abstinence. It guards your heart, mind, and body. I apologize if any of this offends your opinion on the matter but I for one am VERY proud of her being a virgin still. Yes we have urges like any other human being, but those urges aren’t worth the baggage you carry after having sex with someone. Its not about giving yout body what it wants, if we all did that, the obesity rate for one would be higher than it. already is, but if we all did that
        there would be.

        • Kaylee says:

          No reason to even have a virginity. What’s the point if your just going to give it away to every man??

          • unknown says:

            This isn’t a site about whether or not you’re saving yourself for marriage. It’s a forum about yeast infections. Abstinence is fine. So is safe/protected sex. Let’s stick to helping girls/women stay healthy by sharing information pertinent to the topic. Speaking of which, you can be a virgin and still get yeast infections, it’s nothing to be ashamed of, just make sure you get it checked out so that you can feel better.

        • Holly says:

          Kaylee, I couldn’t have said it better myself. I just wish more people had your mindset about this. I am also 18 and waiting.

          • Honest says:

            Dear Holly and Kaylee,

            It makes me so happy to know that there are still young women out there “waiting”. I didn’t have sex until I got married and it was the best decision I’ve made in my life! My husband waited as well, so it was something very special for both of us! Good luck to you both! Don’t give up and keep strong :) It doesn’t matter what other people think!

            • Noone says:

              18 and waiting also! Along with my boyfriend of 2 years, we are waiting together. It is possible, and it’s the best decision I have ever made! I see all my friends being hurt through relationships, emotionally, physically, and it all somehow leads back to sex. It’s not worth it, and that’s from a girl living in today’s pear pressured world. I’ve had a few boyfriends before mine now and they broke up with me partly because I wouldn’t have sex with them, that’s when I truly knew that saving myself was doing everything right! Why give yourself away and not even know who truly cares? The fact that my boyfriend willingly is with me on my decision to wait shows true love! Stand your ground and don’t give in! :)

      • Ari says:

        Nobody said she was “required” to wait till she was married. The lady just said Congratulations…
        Just saying…

      • chic says:

        @ brenda what kind of advise you’re giving a child shame on u…

        • sacks says:

          Who said this girl was a child? You cant even back up that brenda was wrong? Your comment was completely unintelligent and unthought out before you posted it. Is Brenda wrong for telling the absolute truth? You do not have to die from an std or get pregnant from having sex anymore. There are options. Thewoman will probably have sex soon anyway. Sex is healthy it is natural and it keeps a woman happy. Why should a woman not have sex? Yes at 16 you should be a woman not a child. If a 16 year old still has the mindset of a child that is a parenting fault made by many Americans who stunt their children’s mental health. Think before you post.

          • china says:

            At 16 she don’t have to act like an adult. Sex may keep a woman happy, but it may hurt a 16 year old. You can’t die from an STD? who says? If you never get that STD treated you may end up with something more serious like pelvic inflammatory disease and never be able to bare children, which will ruin your life. No one here is telling her what to do. She is just still young and if she wants to be young let her!

      • china says:

        She was not telling her to never have sex until she is married in a bad way. She first said that she was proud to hear that. it is true that most girls these days don’t wait until they are even 13 before they are having sex now. it was great advice. Whether she take it or not, she learned that saving herself for her husband would be great. I was 14 when I first had sex. I am 19 now and I married the boy that I lost my virginity to. I wish I had waited until I was married. I am just writing this because she didn’t say anything wrong. This is the advice you are suppose to demonstrate to young girls even if you have not done so yourself, it saves a lot of girls from getting any source of vd or std.

      • Cotton says:

        Really, well how does everyone else get pregnant. That is very inconsiderate and foolish to tell a young woman to have sex and imply that she won’t get an std, or get pregnant, or be unhappy after she does it. I’m pretty sure she knows that she has that option to give up her virginity anyway! I will admit that I didn’t wait til I was married but now that I am married I wish that I had. I was so damaged from my past relationship and it wasn’t fair to my husband. So aside from it being the wrong answer to engage in sexual activity before marriage, it can also be very damaging to any young person. Male or female! Oh and someone please don’t let a 16 year old mom tell u that pregnancy won’t result from sex cause u the ink u are ready cause I’m sure God did just send the stork her way. Oh and Brenda no one was asking about staying a virgin anyway so that was completely useless info. This is suppose to be about Getting help with yeast infection.

      • kristi says:

        What is ur problem telling her to have sex don’t have respect

    • paola says:

      i get yeast infections due to my pH imbalance. i never get itchy when i get a yeast infection. just go get it checked out at a gynecologist so that way you know (:

    • esther says:

      yeast infections dont always have to be sexually transmitted, wearing tight jeans can do it too. i suggest going anti itch cream and they sell over the conner stuff too . other then that ive got nothing .

    • Kayla says:

      You will know, trust me. You stay wet down there, you ich and burn, very uncomfortable all the time, redness and heavy white discharge with a yeasty smell. Try baby powder when you sleep and sleeping without panties. If you take baths, leave out the bubbles. Don’t wash yourself with soap, simply rinse and make sure to rinse again with clean water before you get out. Be sure to fully dry the area before putting on tight clothing or panties.

    • Natalie says:

      I’ve been experiencing recurrent yeast infections for the last 5 years and I’ve never found anything that has helped clear them fully. I’ve tried everything- even garlic! I started taking the yeast infection treatment from this site about 2 weeks ago and it helped me treat the one I had and I haven’t had one since then. This stuff is really awesome and I hope it continues to work!!!!!!

      • Gillian says:

        What treatment?mine will not go away!

        • momof2inpa says:

          My nutritionalist who is amazing, said straight garlic supplements which are about $15 a bottle, Vicks vapor rub, and or plain, no sugar added cuz yeast feeds off sugars. Oh and peroxide. In the morning, after urinating, wipe then squirt hydrogen peroxide down there, yes it stings for a few, but that’s how you know its killing the infection, followed by rubbing Vicks only brand down there. It also (for the first 2 days,first3-4) minutes will sting but if you wasn’t something to work fast, believe me it does, I was given diflucasn which made me solo dizzy and I tried this (being skeptic) and it worked almosr immediately. Do it for a week though just to be sure you killed it all. forget all those chemical filled creams as and meds that our drs make tons of $ prescribing to you. And less embarrassing when you can buy all this yourself !! I just got over one and it DOES work.

      • china says:

        I am so happy for you! Five years with this?? Hop this continues to work for you.

    • Anna says:

      You definitely have a yeast infection, I get them all the time, just talk to you mom and get a pill from the doctor, I WANT TO GET RID OF MINE TOO!!!!!

    • Tabitha says:

      don’t worry bout it but keep yourself clean. Its part of puberty thou it wont hurt you but you should clean regularly (maybe more than usual).

    • Clara says:

      If it’s itchy enough to bother you, it’s a yeast infection. Even if you’re unsure, it’s super easy to cure without buying medication. I haven’t seen this anywhere online, but my mom taught it to me, and it’s worked every time. Simply drink ridiculous amounts of cranberry juice if you can get it, or water if you can’t. It will clear up within a week. I always do this if i suspect I have an infection, to get rid of it before it gets bad. If it does get bad though, I get itch relief and use it until it clears up.

    • tanya says:

      To all the teens asking about thick discharge with no itching or burning:

      Do not panic just yet, this holds especially true if you are still a virgin, because this can in no way be a std. It is VERY normal to have thick white to yellowish discharge during puberty. In fact, this continues through life as long as you have a period. I see a lot of advice to go see a doctor, but as the doctor will tell you, this is normal and I am surprised more women do not know this. We are not taught enough about our bodies.

      If you have not had your first period yet, this holds doubly true as your body will produce large amounts of this discharge for about a year or so before you get your period. (and I am paraphrasing from a puberty book I bought for my own daughter here) Anyway, even grown women have this…most women just do not notice because it does seem to become less and less over the years. During your cycle between periods, the thickness and consistency of your discharge changes day by day…in fact checking the consistency and texture of your discharge can help you figure out exactly where you are in the ovulation cycle between periods…this is one method that can be used to tell when you are ovulating in order to maximize your chances of getting pregnant (it is part of a method I used myself personally when I was trying to get pregnant with my second child and it worked the very first month I did it! Yea!)

      Just fyi for the non-puberty women who may be reading this…personally, I also used this method (along with knowing and checking the signs of my cervix) to avoid pregnancy (but I do not advise this unless you are okay with becoming pregnant in case you do not read your body properly, lol…I am married and would not flip out if I got pregnant again…but this method is part of a method I have used successfully for 9 years to avoid having more children as I can take precaution during my fertile days and the rest of the month I dont have to worry about it…at this point I can read my own body very well…but again, I would not flip out if I had another baby either.) In case you are wondering, I have medical conditions (and age) that prevent me from being a good candidate for most birth control and I do not like the side effects of the ones I can take…so this is the best option for myself aside from having to use condoms with my husband constantly…no thanks. Plus, it is free and it is natural. ;)

      Back to the subject at hand. Every single woman (already well past puberty) will notice, if she is paying enough attention to her body throughout her cycle between periods, that yes in fact at some point in the month she will notice at least a day or two of seemingly thicker than normal discharge on her underwear. Probably not much, but it is there if you look at the right time. ;)

      Now, if you are actively having sex…or have had sex, and the discharge is fishy smelling, greenish, or you have any other symptoms with the discharge like pain in the abdomen etc…GO SEE A DOCTOR as this can be an STD. (Though, it might just be another form of infection, but in any case these are signs you need a doc to find out what is wrong and help you get back in balance)

      Again, if you have not started your period yet, this is normal to have this EVERY day. If you are early on in puberty and have not already had your period for many years, it would be normal for you to have this more often than the average adult woman as well as your body is still in the growing period. It will lesson considerably by the time you are my age (38 lol) but even I still have this one or two days a month as it is very much a part of the normal cycle…so do not worry…and a for the record, a “yeasty bread smell” is probably yeast.

      If you notice no smell or only a mild scent…this is most likely nothing more than normal cycle. A bad smell…will smell REALLY bad…think rotting fish. I have never had that smell myself, but from what I have been told, you will know it when you smell it as it smells very clearly like something is horribly wrong.

      Anyway, I hope this helps! ;)

  2. leah kipht says:

    i have an yeat infection

    • leah kipht says:

      me to

      • Claire says:

        Duh, I think we all have a yeaster, or why else would we be on this site. God.

        • Sandy says:

          Lol Claire you’re funny xD But that is true. Why wouldn’t we be here? I get itchy every once in awhile and it SUCKS! My mom barely knows anything about this since her mom NEVER taught her anything, she had to teach herself. Summer’s Eve does sound like a good idea!:) And I’m 16 and I don”t have a baby. And I have never lost my virginity. I have never had the urge to have sex anyways. I’m trying to be a teenager while I still can..

          • Paff says:

            HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA….I came on to this page thinking it would be very in depth with information about yeast infection. These comments were entertaining.

            • Kalyn says:

              Lol paff true! They were entertaining! I am 14 and I’m sure I have a yeast infection. Ugh! It’s terrible! And yes it feels like u wiped your downstairs with poison ivy! Every time you use the bathroom you can’t help but (wipe) 15 times! I came to this website to find out how to get rid of it but instead I got some entertainment!

          • lola says:


            BE A TENNAGER WHILE U CAN!!!!


            STAY IN SCHOOL

  3. suzanne says:

    I’m 15, still a virgin and I don’t think I have a yeast infection, I don’t seem to be burning or itching down there, but my problem is, I have thick discharge, it can sometimes be a lightish yellow in my underwear, I’ve also caught an unpleasent smell at times, it makes me feel uncomfortable and I just want something easy to get rid of it instead of going to the doctors, it’s embaressing:/..?

    • Peyton says:

      Tell your mom and go to the gyno, it sounds to me like you have a yeast infection. You can get it from taking antibiotics and other ways too. So don’t be afraid to tell her, it’s perfectly normal and needs to get cleared up because that’s not normal.

  4. Leann says:

    Im 13 and been having this for almost 2 years i went to the doctor but still hasnt been cleared i cry myself to sleep every other night because its nasty when i wake up it feels as if i were bitt by a thousand red ants what i have leeks out at anytime it wants its yellow and white sometimes i couldnt have caught it from anyone because im 13 and still a vergin !! I need help and not from a doctor im about to be 14 and been had this scence i was 10 or 11

    • Monique says:

      I don’t want to scare you but if your yeast infections are occurring on a regular basis, it could be an indication of abnormal sugar levels or diabetes. Make sure to ask a medical professional to test your sugar level. Doesn’t mean you have diabetes but during a period of time your body ingested too much sugar and caused change in ph. Easy natural cure for yeast infections is eating a yogurt for a few days; however, if this is a blood sugar issue (which usually cause long term/ frequent yeast infections) medical treatment such as, insuline is needed.

    • Kalyn says:

      Leann, it’s ok.. I’m 14 and’s terrible helps to shower everyday and change your underwear frequently. Make sure that area is clean always!

  5. Kennedy says:

    Hey, I’m 13 and obviously a virgin. If you look at my downstairs, theirs little clumps of like white powdery stuff. Its like a wet -powder consistency. Um What is this? Its smells pretty nasty and there’s just a tiny bit burning. Help?

  6. Destiny says:

    Hi I’m 15 and not a virgin, but Ive had a white thick discharge for almost 2 years now. It burns and itches really bad. Also it hurts really bad during intercourse, like a burning sensation. I’m not sure if this is a yeast infection or not. I’ve had it before I had sex so it can’t be that. And a unpleasant odor along with itching, burning, discomfort, thick white discharge and burning of urination. What is this??? HELLPPP MEEE :(

    • Jamie says:

      Hun, you most likely have a yeast infection(Candidiasis), but it is also possible you have something else. These symptoms that you are having are also common for Cervicitis, and Gonorrhea. My advice to you is to go to the doctor and get this checked out. It’s best to do that anyways if it is your first yeast infection. Or if you are extremely uncomfortable with going to the doctor right away get a Vagisil screening kit. It will tell you if you have a yeast infection or if it is something more serious that you need to see the doctor for. Good luck :)

    • Michelle says:

      Destiny, Yes it’s a yeast infection before and after you started having sex. #1 Don’t have sex when you have a YI you can pass it to your partner. He will not get a YI but can hold the infection in his penis and pass it to another girl and or pass back to you and it’s an endless cycle. So please make sure to clear it up before resuming sex. Also if you choose to have sex use a condom and go to the Gyno you need to have a check up. TALK TO YOUR MOM OR A TRUSTED MOTHER FIGURE TO TAKE YOU TO THE GYNO, please.

    • china says:

      First, Destiny don’t have sex until it is cured. Your partner can hold the yeast infection and pass it back and foward from him to you. That is probably the reason you are still having it. You should go to the doctor to get a pap done. Also, Monistat cream will make it go away. Do not use soap to wash your vaginal area. The best thing to do is keep your vagina clean with water and be sure that it stays dry. I have had one yeast infection in my 19 years of living and I had to suffer with it until the Monistat clears it up. When you have sex (after you are treated) be sure to use a condom. Hope this works for you.

  7. maria says:

    Im 13 and have been having white/ clear clumpy stuff coming out of my vagin asince i was about 10 and i don’t know if this is a yeast infection and it doesn’t smell

    • lovergirl says:

      ammmmmmmm this is normal when you are at the age of do not worry hunnie its nt a yeast infection

      • areproc says:

        i’m 11 and i have had white sticky stuff coming out of mine ever since the beggining of the year, when i was 10. it only stinks when i haven’t tooken a shower for a ew hours, but when it does it smells like fish. i doesn’t itch either.

  8. maria says:

    Well im 14 & a virgin but ive been having clear and somtimes white clumpy stuff coming out of my vagina for about 4 years now ive been having this since i was about 10 and i dont really know what to do it doesnt itch or burn and im to embarresed to tell anyone. I dot know if its a yeast infection or something else.

  9. jordan says:

    Umm im 14 and ive been having clear discharge coming out of my vagina and sometimes its whit but it haznt been itching or burning i havent had sex and i have been having this ever since i was about 10 nd i havent told anyone because it is really embarrassing

    • smiley says:

      Hey that is just the norm during puberty! dont worry about that :) your fine. You can get that a lot especially before your period when your older too. When you have a yeast infection you will know they are very painful.

      • christine says:

        I wanted to reply to you telling these young ladies that just because its not burning and itching its not a yeast infection. That is so so not true. I am 32 years old and have had one yeast infection my entire life. There was no burning or itching and really no smell but just noticed it was a thicker discharge than usually and it was a yeast infection. I read tea tree oil applied to area will remedy along with drinking water to cleanse your body of the excess sugar which causes yeast infections in the first place work well.

        • china says:

          Well they are very young and may be just going through puberty. I have went through the same thing at their age. I am sure they would now if it were a yeast infection or something worst.

  10. tiara says:

    Hey I’m 15 && not a virgin and I have white discharge && itchin && burning down stairs && somtimes it even has a smell to it ; is this a yeast infection ? && wat can I do about it ?

    • LAUREN says:

      If you aren’t a virgin you should go to planned parenthood or your doctor and get tested. If you were a virgin it would probably just be a yeast infection since you wouldn’t be at risk of getting an STD. There are STDs with symptoms that match your symptoms so go get tested. If it is a yeast infection your doctor will give you something for it or you can go to any grocery store or drug store and pick up an over the counter cure. When you are sexually active at such a young age it is good to get tested regularly. You may only have one sexual partner but God only knows what that sexual partner has done or is still doing. I’ve been with the same person for 12 years (my husband) but before we got together I would get tested regularly so if any dirty boys ever gave me anything I would know which one it was and I could kick them super hard in the dick.

      • Ashleigh says:

        I wish there was a like button for your comment Lauren

      • Mckenzie says:

        I jave had sex before several times and I just resently have had sex with another guy and I wasnt ablto take a shower right away and several days later my vagina lip got swollen and I have had a itchy burning whenever I pee and ill be 15 in a few months and I really just dont know what to do please help

  11. Distressed says:

    Hey I am only 12 an I have this white stuff that if I scratch downstairs
    It would like gather in my nails and now my bagina hurts and burns and itches
    But I really don’t want to tell my mom so if this is a yeast infection can u please give me
    A treatment the I can do at home

    • Monique says:

      Eating yogurt usually balances ph- may cure your yeast infection. Have no embarrassment telling your mother yeast infection are very common; your mom may have had one in her lifetime.

    • Madi says:

      I have a white lumpy discharge and it stinks , I am a virgin and I don’t know what to do about it I just want it to go away :( I can even smell it through my pants it doesn’t hurt to pee and it doesn’t reAlly burn but sometimes it itches I have told my mom but we don’t know what to do .

  12. shana says:

    hey i’m 13 and a virgin. it has been itching and makes me uncomfortable. my discharge is clear and smelly. does it sound like yeast infection?

  13. Jessica says:

    I’m 24 and I just read this entire article & it says nowhere how to get rid of a yeast infection other than buying over the counter products which you said doesn’t work well for most woman

  14. Bella says:

    Hi, I’m 15 and I’ve been feeling a sort of itchyness down there lately… I get slightly clumpy white discharge and I’ve always had sort of heavy discharge but now that I’m getting itchy, I’m getting paranoid. I ride horses and i wear tight pants all day on weekends. Not to mention I’m riding a horse and when its hot it can get a bit moist down there… I’ve never felt this before and its not major itch but I’m a bit scared. I dont really know what to do and I’m too embarrassed to ask my mom or go and buy over the counter treatment. Is there anyway i can rid of this at home?

    • LAUREN says:

      I have heard that yogurt helps. I have also hear that yeast feeds on sugar so lay off the sweets. Nobody wants to buy yeast infection medication but if you have to, go to a drug store you don’t usually go to. Nobody knows you and they have probably seen like 50 other people that day buy way more embarrassing stuff. I once saw a lady buy douche and a roll of paper towels and she had the biggest grin on her face while doing it. If she can be happy about that purchase you can live through your purchase.

  15. Shelby says:

    Im 19 and I’ve recently been getting uncontrollable urges to itch my vagina, it seems to be external most of the time. Nothing too deep in my body. My mom tells me it’s because I don’t exactly drink water all the time and my clothes are pretty tight, I’ve had this terrible pain and itchiness for a few days now and I can’t even sit still in my classes for more than 10 minutes without almost crying. Please help )*x

  16. sugar says:

    Hey, I’m 20 and have experienced my first yeast infection. So along with the itching, burning and general madness, I’ve tried a couple of things that work. I’ve tried creams, and well for me, it just makes me feel dirty downstairs, however it does soothe itching for a while. I’ve also tried placing a clove of garlic in there overnight- garlic is a natural yeast killer, so that worked well for two days. I havent got rid of it yet though and am trying everything, but i think the best thing to do is wiping th vagina clean everytime you feel moist.

    • christine says:

      Too much wiping can cause a yeast infection to get worse. Soaps and other things cause the Ph balance downstairs to be off and kills the good bacteria which keeps u normal. Lay off the sugar and drink water to cleanse your system. I also heard many praises about tea tree oil being applied to the area. Diluted a little cause it is strong. But if nothing else go see a doctor

  17. Sune lube says:

    I am 15 and I don’t know if I have a yeast infection for sure as I have no pain or itching or anything like that at all but when I was fingering myself I noticed my discharge was a little different I kind of have little white bits but there not huge, thick or really white like cottage cheese like web sites say it is usually like? Oh and my smell has changed a little, I can’t really explain it.. It’s just different to usual.. Not as strong as usual actually… But yeah what can I do? I can’t get any medication because I’m to young and can’t afford it myself and me and my mum hardly speak so I would feel very uncomfortable talking to her about it so is there anyway I can make it go away by myself? Home remedies? If it even is a yeast infection that is…

    • christine says:

      When i had a yeast infection it did not burn or itch either. So you probably do have one that is the only sign i had also. I heard tea tree oil diluted cause u don’t want to kill off the good bacteria. Works well applied to the area but also drink water to cleanse of body of the sugar which is what causes yeast infections in the first place. If nothing else. See a doctor.

  18. lily says:

    Over the counter AZO yeast usually always helps me and eating a lot of yogurt!! I’ve had yeast infections all my life, I\m 18 now and have had them since I was 1 year old. I used to have to go to a specialist. So I have been through it all. I used to take baths in apple cider vineger (just put a cup of it into a tub and soak). I would do those about once a week to keep them away. Also taking acidophilus pills (I would take the chewy ones that tatse like strawberries) a lot of the time. acidophilus is the good stuff for you in yogurt so either one really helps. When I was younger like 12 I would just eat a ton of yogurt when i got them and I was good in about a day or so.

    I know how embarrasing it is to get a yeast infection when you are younger, not wanting to go to your parents or to a doctor because you are afriad they might thnk you’re gross. Believe me, I know! However, the doctor is the best way to go.. Once you go to your doctor and they have seen you once for a yeast infection and you tell them you get them often they will likely be able to just call in a percription for you next time it happens for this one time medicine.

    BUT if you are hell bent on not going or telling anyone, theres no shame in that either. There are a lot of over the counter ways to get rid of them. A cup of apple cider vinegar in a tub really help with burning, yogurt and acidophilus help to get rid of it and keep it away, cleaning your vagina with water (NO SOAP) and keeping it dry speeds up the process, and drinking a lot of water too!

    PLEASE GIRLS!!!–if you are young girls who are reading this don’t try stupid things like shoving garlic or potatoes up there, I’ve heard it all. Truthfully, its a lot less embarassing to go to the doctor for a yeast infection than it is to go because you need foreign pieces of food removed from your vagina.

  19. Jillian says:

    I went to the beach a few days ago and I had to ride home in my bathing suit, I was in a gas station bathroom when I realized there was a whole bunch of sand in the bottom of my bathing suit. I started to panic and I got it all out but now my vag is burning when I pee and when I don’t pee and it itches like nobodies bisnuess. I’m 15 and I’m not a virgin I was wondering if this is a yeast infection because I have only the burning and itching no discharge and no smell. I don’t want to tell my mom and I’m stuck with her till the weekend is over. I don’t want to tell my dad because he will think I was messing around with my boyfriend behind his back ( even if it’s not sexually transmitted it’s something to do with my vag so my dad will instantly think its my boyfriends fault) and I don’t want to Telly my step mom because he will tell my dad … What do I do I’m sure I can’t afford the treatments at the drug store and I’m too embarased to tell anyone!! Please help me >~<

  20. Molly says:

    So I’m 17 years old, and I’ve had sex once. Ever since I’ve had itching, and white discharge that is a lot like cottage cheese. It itches/burns like hell and I can’t take it. Now I am AGAINST asking my mom to get me anything to deal with it, so any tips for me to personally use things at home myself without buying anything or asking momma for things. Help please, I hate it so much.

    • LAUREN says:

      AD ointment can provide some relief to the burning. Yogurt and cutting back on sweets should help but it would really be best to go see your doctor or go to planned parenthood to get tested and get medication for whatever you may have.

  21. Meka-242 says:

    I am 17 years old and I have itching , it burns when I scratch it hurts when I pee I have the yellowish white stuff on my boyshorts I wear alot of tights clothes I remember to going to the beach and not changing out of those wet clothes for like 9 hrs I am scared to go to the doctor because I don’t know if it is STD someone please tell me what is it I really need to know

  22. Natalie says:

    Hey has any if you ever recovered from severe yeast infection because it hurts Burns abs itches like hell all at the same time Omg!!i feel like dying right now I can’t go to work for days and it looks like this will take a while but I need some hope of anyone recovering maybe it will stop me from feeling so depressed about this :-(

  23. Sarah says:

    I am 14 and virgin. For like years pretty much I have had discharge thats like whitish.. it used to be clearer i think.. it smells… I never even thought that it could be a yeast infection but I found out that my mom has them a lot and I was like maybe that made me more prone to them.. It doesn’t burn but sometimes it itches and it doesn’t stop and I have to try to wait for it to go away.. Does any one know what this is?

  24. Mary says:

    Im 13 and have white stuff in my underwear and i itch a few times , is it an infection ???

  25. Jessy says:

    Hey I’m 15 years old I’m not a virgin and recently it’s been starting to really hurt down there and it hurts to pee and like sometimes I can only pee a little at a time does anyone know what it could be and if there’s a treatment for it without going to the doctor

  26. Nadia says:

    Well guess what I have the infection….. I have gotten like rubbing sores before I found out or got all the signs from sex and it is only getting worse from the cream…. The itching isnt as bad but the sores are only getting worse……. what should I do?

  27. Jessie says:

    Shuld you be embarrased from this?

  28. Cali says:

    I’m 13 and a virgin of course, but there is this whiteish discharge that’s always coming out of my vagina, unless I’m on my period. I itch occasionaly but not often…this has been happening for maybe about a year or so. Is it a yeast infection or something else??? Please help

  29. nicole says:

    well im 18 years old and above my clit, im itching there and i keep itching and its bleeding cause im itching so bad… i have had chylmenta in the past but hopefully i dont have it again… it dont smell or anything and its just at the top but inside it… someone out there please help me!!!

  30. Andi1771 says:

    Hi. I’m 15 years old, and still a virgin. And I think I might have a yeast infection. I don’t show a lot of symptoms, but I do get really itchy down there, and when I just can’t handle the itch anymore, I scratch it and it just starts burning. My vagina doesn’t smell funny, nor does it have a weird discharge or anything. I do shave down there, because I sweat a lot, and its I didn’t really like the idea of the hair absorbing the sweat. I also have SUPER heavy periods, I have to wear 2 pads at a time for 10 days. And I can’t wear tampons because I’d have to change those every hour. (That’s how heavy my periods are) my mom took me to put that birth control in me.. I think its called Marina. And it stopped my periods completely. But I don’t really know how I got my yeast infection. My friend said that it could be the soap I’m using, or because I am sweating a lot but I don’t know…

  31. Taylor says:

    Hey everyone! So I’ve had really really bad burning/itching for about a year now. I’m only 12 and I’m still a virgin and I’ve already gone thought puberty cuz I was a really early bloomer so I know it’s not that. I bought cream at the store and I didn’t notice it said does not treat yeast infection! What do I do? I DO NOT want to tell my mom cuz she will post it on facebook and tell all her friends. Please help!!!!

  32. Alexa89 says:

    I’m 15 and living with my father b/c my mom ran off with another guy and she doesnt talk to me or answer my calls/messages/texts etc and its really too embarrassing to tell my dad that i need something for a yeast infection. So any advice would be great! :)

    • becca says:

      if you have an aunt you can talk to she can help you because its best to call your doctor and get the right medications to help as for me i cant take over the counter medications im 20 pregnant and have a yeast infection it sucks i had to call my doctor and tell her what was wrong so she could order me the right medicines. i have to go to walmart pharmacy today and pick up my medication to start taking it. i wish all you girls luck on this please take everyones advice on calling your doctor.

  33. kathy says:

    im 16 and a virgin, my inner thighs and vagina are cracking a peeling, it itches pretty badly and the dry skin comes off. I dont know if this is anyhthing I should go to the gyno over or just buy a ph balancer?

  34. Chickadee says:

    Hello I am 19. A Virgin. In no way shape or for sexually active but i decided to get a pap smear and my doctor said nothing was wrong.
    Since I was 12 I’ve have a cottage cheese looking discharge appear in my underwear. Its not thick but is off white and is noticeable on any type of undies.
    It does not itch below, nor do I feel it.
    Also I have a stringy discharge that comes out usually after I pee or when I wipe below,
    I dont know what is wrong with me Ive been told by doctors my body is just going through changes but no one else seems to have these promblems around me.
    Please Help

    • Mrs. H says:

      Ladies, if you are at anytime unsure of what you have, please see a doctor ASAP. Sometimes untreated conditions can affect fertility and other aread of your body. Never let anything go on for a long time. If you are under age, talk to someone about it who will help you get to a doctor as soon as you can. Don’t be afraid, part of growing and becoming a woman is recognizing your body’s signals – when your body is doing something strange, it means go to a doctor. Too many times health conditions are ignored and turn into something worse, when it doesn’t have to be. Your health should always come first, because without that, you don’t have anything. Yeast infections are treatable over the counter, but make sure you have one first before you buy any product. It took me 2 visits to the doctor, on 2 seperate occasions to finally realize what a “normal” yeast infection feels like for my body. Because of this past experience, I can now safely recognize what they are and what they feel like. Through experience, you gain knowledge and knowledge is power. Empower yourself and find out from a trained professional what your body is really saying to you. Good luck ladies and stay healthy! Mrs. H.

  35. Faith says:

    I’m 16 years old never had sex(thought about but never did)
    I ddont know what the hell is wrong with me. Down stairs burns,itches, an there is this thick white discharge a little smell i dont now what it smells like but its not a cute smell. Can anyone help me? (please dont think im dirty i take 2 or 3 showers a day)

  36. Angela says:

    Im 15 years and im not a virgin. I have been really itchy down there for a couple days. It started after my boyfriend ate me out and fingered me. Do i have a yeast infection ? If i do, is there anyway of getting rid of it at home without buying anything at the store. My parents do not im not a virgin and i dont want them to know anytime soon. Please help!

  37. Lexy says:

    I’m 15 I’m a virgin but I do masturbate some times for the past week or so my kitchen has been itching and burning but I shower everyday my discharge is whitish yellowish & thick it smells a lil but not a lot. I wear tight clothes a lot. Idk what it is so could u help me?

  38. lilly says:

    Im 15, vergin, and when i get this white sometimes thick stuff from my area, i very rarely need to itch but i do sometimes have à slight burning. Help?

  39. Amber says:

    I am 15 and i feel a horrible burning, itching feeling. I need help to get rid of the feelings because I do think I have a yeast infection.

  40. phil says:

    im a guy , i think i have a yeast infection because my penis was red and i was wondering its been a little itchy under my penis like on the sack .Im only 15 and i dont know wat the probelom is ima virgi and have type 1 diabetes and im not sure if my diabetes is causing the yeast infection if thts wat it is.

  41. Nicole56 says:

    What does Summers eve do for a yeast infection??

  42. Danielle says:

    I’m 16 and I’m struggling with a very bad odor from my vagina also. I’m embarassed when around family and also in school. When my vagina starts to release discharge, it does smell pretty funny and I sometimes have to bring an extra pair of panties because the smell gets pretty awful. Ive had it for a while and I don’t know what to do. Please give me some advice. No teenage girl wants to smell like this. Its so embarassing with the itchiness and odor.

    • Sammi says:

      I have the same problem but I’m not sure hat causes it. It helps to keep yourself clean and dry. I like to use super thin liners in my underwear, they are easy to change and bring to school. I like the always brand the best. I hope this helps!

  43. doesitmatterwhatmynameis? says:

    guys please oh please help, i honestly have no clue whats goin on, i am only 14 and im itchy and it so irritating down there, iv felt this for AGESSS but thought it was normal? then i took a look, is that weird?lol. anyways its white on alot of areas and pink on other and its so annoying in school!, im a virgin, and i dont wana tell my mum this mainly because i have a bf and she would obviously jump conclusions and would think i am having sex, and its just an embarrassing thing to talk about! how does all this happen? how do i get rid of it without telling my mum, i havnt the guts to tell her:( help guys!

  44. Madyson says:

    I’m 14 and I’m not a virgan and I have this burning and itching feeling but I don’t know if I have a yeast infection. If I do I don’t know how to tell my mom. Will she know that I’m not a virgan if I say something? If I don’t say anything will it just go away so I can have sex again? I don’t know how I got it in the first place and I don’t know how to get rid of it. I don’t know what to do please help.

    • Ginny says:

      Madyson, since you are having sex you need to go see a doctor, because the first time you think you might have a yeast infection you need to have a doctor confirm it, And if you are having unprotected sex you should be checked for STD’s and you need to get on birth control so you don’t end up pregnant. A yeast infection don’t go away on its own, you can get over the counter creams, you can also eat yogart to help prevent a yeast infection. And to answer your question about if your mom will know you are having sex because of a yeast infection, the answer is no.
      But if I were you, I would tell your mom you are having sex because then you can get proper doctors care for yearly pap smears. You can always go the health department on your own to get birth control and to get your yeast infection checked out.

  45. sue says:

    I read this whole post trying to find the remedy only to have it end with “you have come to the right place”!!! Whats the solution?? I hate when Im misled like this.

  46. Trinity says:

    I have a comment towards not getting rid of the yeast infection but to ease the itch while in the process of getting rid of the yeast infection. I am a 15 year old girl and I had a yeast infection and my mother told me to wet the hand that I wipe with and put a few drops of tea tree oil on my hand, put a max of three drops and while your hand is still wet with the tea tree in it go the the restroom and wipe the vagina with yor hand and it will instantly cool and relieve the itching . When you do this make sure your cloths are still loose and you are not wet in the infected area before you put the tea tree if you feel itching again within the next few hours repeat the process and this will help with the itching and burning. Yeast infection relieving products are found over the counter at local drug stores but if it is your first yeast infection consult a doctor before you make any final decisions about the product you are going to use. It is also good to use a douch to clean and rinse out the vagina before during and after you are treating the infection. Again this is found in a local drug or pharmaceutical store in the feminin section along with tampons pads and other feminin hygiene products. Another great thing to use to get rid of a yeast infection is the most simple thing in the world. Nice clean water, drink lots of water while in the process of healing the yeast infection, it can make the process a lot quicker.

  47. Jennifer says:

    Eat yogurt or go to a obgyn

  48. tiffany says:

    Ive had a yeast infection for about 3 years and ive been wondering why no serious symptoms have been occurring… should I be worried

  49. jen says:

    im 16 and im not a virgin i only been with one and we are still together but ever since i was 12 i had a white cloudy discharge i read its normal but idk if thats true but i do itch down there but its not a lot i was wondering if this is a yeast infection or is it normal?

  50. Jessica says:

    I am 15 and my vagina is very swollen and super sensitive and it has white/yellow discharge coming out of it…..?

  51. Jenni says:

    hey umm, i had chlamydia & i got treated . & aftr some time went by i started to get discharges,, white & clear ,, milky like cotton cheese discharges & i get really bad pains & itching . so i thought it was still chlamydia so i went and got tested & i was clean . but these discharges still continue & i don’t know what this is.? people i’ve asked say tht its an yeast infection . how do i get rid of it?

  52. annonymous says:

    so im 15 &not a virgin and my vagina is swollen and sensitive and i am itchy burning and it smells at times and it irritating me and i was wondering if this could be a yeast infection?? its not stds bc i have already got tested for that!! help!!!! i dont want to tell my mom b it embarrassing!!!

  53. May says:

    Alright, so, I’m pretty positive what i have is a yeast infection. Now I used a clove of garlic and that was pretty effective for the most part, for now I still lightly have it and I have been using this cream by the creators of Monistat, and that too has cut down on the sores and itching, but I was wondering which Monistat would be the best for me to get? Like 1-day, 3-day, etc? I’m 17, I have sex, and I have MRKH, which pretty much means I was born without a uterus, my vagina cuts off half-way and is essentially stretched skin. I’m still 100% woman, and I was wondering if anyone knows if that happens to put me at an advantage to getting rid of the infection?

  54. Kay says: 13 and still a virgin.ever since I was like 10 I have been getting a white sort of clumpy vaginal discharge. It’s sort of itchy sometimes and can smell fishy.i don’t know if this is yeast too embarrassed to tell my mom or a doctor so is there a home remedy or something??

    • Kaylee says:

      I’m the exact same as you! I’m 13 and think I have this…I’m too embarrassed to tell anyone..even my mum! Hopefully someone can help us! :’( :’( xxx

  55. Haley Kimmle says:

    Hi I am 12 and I am still a virgin I have had a white clumpy stuff coming out of my Virginia and it burns and I am afraid to tell my mom so can you please help me! Thanks

  56. Kirsten says:

    I’m only 11 and I think I have a yeast infection. My vagina is really sore and really itchy. I’ve never had sex and I don’t have my period yet. It hurts so much! I cry about it often too. I’m too scared to tell my mum or my big sister. Can somebody please help me? :’(

  57. Lyss says:

    I’m 16 and a virgin still. I’m completely positive I have a yeast infection and I really just wanna get rid of it but I’m embarrassed to tell my mom. What’s a quick way to get rid of it?

    • Sammi says:

      Don’t be embarrassed to tell your mom. It happens to many girls and she may have had one herself. She might even have an awesome home remedy!

  58. Ashley says:

    Ok, I have hypoglycemia and I have recurring yeast infections. I’m 19 and I do have sex with my fiancé. I still live with my parents and will until next year when I get my associates degree and move out of junior college. My mo tells me she has had them frequently and I have kept this one for around a year and a half. It hurts and I want to continue to have sex with my fiancé, but sometimes this keeps me from being able to do that. I don’t want to go to a doctor because my mother will come in with me and I don’t want her to know that I lost my virginity to my fiancé because she told me they will cut me off if I lost my virginity before our wedding night…my parents have the money and last time i went to a doctor about some female issues my mom insisted to come in with me and wouldn’t take no for an answer. I need to know how to clear this up if I have hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and recurring yeast infections..I just want this gone and want to feel normal :/ please help!

    • SBG says:

      Hi I am experiencing what I think is a yeast infection. Burns and itches. Kinda dry feeling like I guess from where I have itched so much I am raw. It has been going on for a week now. I thougjt it would go away and guess not. My boyfriend and I was trying to have sex and it was painful. Is yhis common when having a yeast infection?

  59. Brittany says:

    I just got over a UTI and I am still taking antibiotics for it so it doesn’t come back. I am extremely itchy down there and the right side, towards the back of my vagina is extremely swollen and painful. Someone please help me.

    • Brittany says:

      I just don’t understand the swollen part and it’s worrying me and no matter what I’m doing this is staying on my mind. I’m miserable :(

      • miah says:

        once the antibiotics kick in the swelling will eventually go away…. if it gets to bad ice is always the answer when anything is swollen. wrap a few ice cubes in a towel and hold it against the swollen area

  60. C.J says:

    what should i do ? i think i have a yeast infection but im not really itchy or have any of the condition but i do have a rash down stais. i dont want to tell my mom because im to scared and its akward, so is there any things i can do at home to get rid of this?

    • miah says:

      its really hard to tell you what to do if you dont know what it is. all i can say is suck it up and tell your mother. yes it will be weird but she is a woman too so im pretty sure she can help. if not consult advice from another woman who you can trust. good luck

  61. Ashton says:

    I’m 15 nd I’m pretty sure I have a yeast infection…. But I’m not able to buy the very exspensive medicine due to lack of money. It hurts just sittin there with my legs crosses I feel as if my vagina has something pressed on it or that its uncomfortable to be in underwear very heavy thick discharge itching sensations BADLY that I have itched till I bled nd then didn’t wanna go pee cause it burned sooo bad….. I have had sex but it has been almost 3yrs so there’s no chances it’s from that. I need a way that gets rid of this problem like yesterday nd that REALLY REALLY works my moms tired of me complaining nd I’m tired of the itchy burning sensations I have…..

  62. Ams says:

    I’m 13 and I have a yeaste infection what do I say to my mom? Is this cuz I’m taking to much bubble bathes? Not getting anofe sleep? Or is it cuz of stress how do I get rid of it I hate it is it normal for me to have this I need help ASAP It’s not bad it runs out like syrupy and it crusts onto my underwear what do I do?

  63. Sara says:

    Who cares if your a virgin or not! It’s your body & you know what you want to do with it! The choices you make will not affect anyone else but you, so Any way if you have an infection just say it don’t write a whole bio about if you’ve have sex or not.

  64. Kaylea says:

    Ok Im 16 And I Think I Have A Yeast Infection Im Burning,Itching And I Have A White Discharge That Smells Like Bread Is There Anything I Can Buy Like A Cream Or Something That Will Get RId Of It Pretty Quick, Im Almost 5 Months Pregnant And Im Scared To Take Anything Not Prescribed By My Ob Doctor For The Baby’s Sake So Is There Anything Besides A Pill That Will Get Rid Of It ??

    • miah says:

      since ur pregnant a yeast infection is typical to have because ur ph balance is all out of wack. plain yogurt helps, drink lots of water. use anti itch cream and i have heard that lining your pad with olive oil helps the itching and inflammation. another remedy is garlic but the smell might make u pass out.

  65. miah says:

    i have a yeast infection. it has been a horrible bother. i am twenty years old and yes i am sexually active with my boyfriend of 7 years. i thought i was very serious so he and i both went to the doctor. i got treated and he was fine. its a year later and the mean yeasty beasty has returned. this time its itching like i have a bunch of ant bites in my pants. i can tolerate it but its really irritating. i need a home remedy and fast because cash is not looking so good right now.

  66. Emmy says:

    Hello. I’m 19. I have had experienced itchiness down there quite some time ago, a few months ago to be specific. And then it started swelling. Eventually, the swelling disappeared, but now just a part of my vagina is swollen. The swelling is on the outside. It does smell bad, and I’ve had some white discharge. I’m not sure if it’s an yeast infection, but I am someone who sweats a lot, so I do sweat down there quite often. I am planning to get tea tree oil, but I’m afraid that if I do NOT have yeast infection and I use the oil, the problem might become worse?

    P.S. I’m a virgin, if that information would help in answering me.

  67. Goog says:

    I had a yeast infection in gastronomical proportions years ago after finishing breastfeeding. It came on 2 weeks after finishing actually. I’d only had a minor yeast inf. once with my first child but never in my whole life. It was that bad that after battling it with creams/pills/washing/cotton clothes – I finally went slightly insane and went to the doctors. She decided to try and combat the infection (3 times) with antibiotics which actually made it worse in the end. After many more months and being told that I had it all through my body, and I mean everywhere, I decided to take matters into my own hands after the doctor told me there was nothing more she could do and that I would have to live with it. I asked her if it was related to food or my hormones in any way to which she responded with a definite no. I totally disagree. Not only is it related to food allergies, but also hormones and STRESS. I went on a 6 month sabbatical after reading a really good book called “It Could be an Allergy and it can be Cured”. I noticed that it got worse in the lead up to ovulating and my period when my hormones were on a roller coaster (thus the finishing of breastfeeding). I was bloated and had a very low tolerance to wheat and/or sugar. This was my easy peasy procedure which might not sound so easy to some but when you’re desperate you’ll do anything. EVERY morning, as soon as I woke, before I ate and drank I had a warm glass of water with a squeeze from a 1/4 lemon (balances acids & alkalines). Then I cut wheat, sugar & dairy completely out of my diet. I even cut out onions & garlic. That’s everything. No fruit, no bread, no pasta, no alcohol, no sauces, no milk cheese yoghurt, just sensible salads, chicken (Woolworths love them) yeast free bread which is more like cake, ryvitas, cruskits, etc etc. I also had 1 inner health plus every night before I went to bed. I actually cheated 2 times a week and had my tea & toast for brekkie which I love. But this was still ok. After 2 months, I added some fruit in occassionally, and a pasta meal once a week. I had soups crackers for dinner and brekkie was toasted yeast free bread and sometimes a cuppa. I had lots of tinned salmon sandwiches with salad. Whatever your imagination can come up with that doesn’t include the bad food. It’s gone & it’s never come back.
    Strangely my daughter who I was carrying at the time of my minor bout of yeast, has had thrush a couple of times as I’ve heard that babies can intake thrush on their way through the canal. Will have to monitor that, but we eat very healthy. Hope this has helped. Oh lost stacks of weight too.

  68. Anonymous says:

    EVeryone LISTEN VERY CAREFULLY The quickest way to get rid of a yeast infection is to get a bottle of white distilled vinegar pour it over the affected area and leave it there until the pain goes away it will burn like hell butt keep your legs open until the pain stops pat it dry do not rinse and you should wear loose clothing and try to wear guy boxers until the infection goes away do this every time you go to the bathroom and it should be gone within 2-3 days. Many over the counter ointments get rid of the symptoms but don’t get rid of the bacteria this is the most effective way to do it

  69. Bea says:

    ladies and gentlemen, I’m glad that you are all searching for answers and doing what you can to educate yourselves on the down low, but please please please!!!! take the time to visit an doctor to get some professional help so that you get to know your sexual reproductive system AKA your body! Even if your not having sex. You need to know what your body is going through to understand the changes. Plannedparenthood is a good safe place to start even if you havent had sex. Your school and or city should have phone numbers you can call for discrete info. Good luck to you all!

  70. lucy says:

    hi. i went in the shower one day and the next day im vagina hurt so i took the day of. then i went to school the next day it still hurt. so today i research it and it said put ice on it so i did then i went on this website and im doing everything right but how long will it take to get ride of it? because it hurts and its red?

  71. Aria says:

    Hi I’m aria and I’m pretty sure I have a yeast infection but I don’t know I’m only 15 and I’m still a virgin though my boyfriend does want to do stuff but I don’t thank I can. I have allot if the symptoms like itching and there’s these little bumps on the walls of my vagina and it looks like the inside of it is coming out and I don’t think tht is normal my discharge is think and white and it’s weird I just don’t know what to do… Help!!

    • Honest says:

      Drink lots of water and eat yogurt! If I were you, I wouldn’t have sex with my boyfriend at 15. You will regret this, and there is no coming back to it. If he cannot respect your decision is because he doesn’t care about you and just wanted to have sex with you in the first place. I am horrified to see how many girls start having sex at such young age! Don’t be like many others! Guys usually just want to have sex and then marry a girl who is a virgin! Several of my guy friends told me this and it is true! Good luck to you :)

  72. Madison says:

    Im 13 and I can’t tell if I have a yeast infection ima virgin
    I itch a lot in my vagina area and I video taped my self down
    There once to see what it looked like I am red and have small bumps
    Is that a yeast infection I don’t want to talk to anyone about this it’s embarrassing
    If I do have one how do I get rid of it???

  73. Ashley says:

    ok im 18 years old, not a virgin, this has happen before with another person i have had sex with but i cant handle it and hasnt been like this i have a yellowish sometimes whiteish color coming out but just today it started burning but on the other hand before it started burning it just comes out n smell ughh please help

  74. Keke says:

    Is it suppose to be whiteish inside ur vagina ?

  75. kate says:

    i itch like crazy but it doesn’t burn and its not on the inside its on the out so idk if its a yeast infection i talked to my mom and she said it is but i just don’t know can any one help me i want this GONE

  76. The guy says:

    I am a 14 yeah old male and am uncircumcised and have had a white sometimes yellow substance under my foreskin since forever and the end of my penis itches and it also smells most of the time I am a virgin and don’t feel like talkin about it with my parents I am kinda hoping my doctor will find it which will equal less talking and just a prescription but that’s plan b I just want to self treat under the radar and stop it myself if I can please help

    • kennedy says:

      How is it possible that men do not manifest with symptoms of yeast infection? Is it to say they are carriers? Or does it mean that men have a stronger immune system than women? Does it have any variation in morbidity in regard to race ?I just want to know more 

  77. monique says:

    I’m 16 and I been with my boyfriend for 5 years, but since I was 12 I had a discharge a smell too it but it’s not that bad of a smell too it don’t burn or itch. But my sweet six-teen we did it raw and it got worst.Help?

    • Jose` says:

      Indeed yeast infections can be quite adamant. I have a friend who has had this infection for three years. She always tells me how she feels very uncomfortable when the sensations come while she is seats with her boyfriend in public. She has never told her boyfriend about it. She keeps assuring me that she goes to hospital, gets some creams which she uses. The symptoms disappear for some months and then reoccur.

  78. mitchel says:

    I suffered from yeast infection, and it was the worst experience I have ever undergone. I had never suffered from any vaginal infection before and according to what I had always heard people say, I took it I had a sexually transmitted disease, an issue that generated immense pressure between my boyfriend and I. As the issue persisted, I had to visit a doctor and after an injection, she advised that I always ensure I conduct myself in a way that discourages any breeding of fungi on my body. She advised loose clothing and that I always remain dry. This probably my worst ever experience.

    • Beryl says:

      I am a medical student. I see so many of candida infections in women in hospitals. Truth be said , candidiasis is very common infection and is nothing to be ashamed of. The earlier you report it to a doctor or a gynecologist the better. Am saying this because I have seen many patients who have stayed with the infection for so long having shied away from disclosure. It just ends up discomforting you for nothing yet it can easily be managed. Ladies please report these symptoms asap when you experience them.

    • Purity says:

      I am wondering, what is the most effective treatment for yeast infections? Are there any other medications apart from the creams? Are there any tablets or injections that can cause an instant remedy of these symptoms? Truly said, the symptoms are a big nuisance and am hoping there can be a medication to provide instant healing 

  79. Mike says:

    Yeast infections are truly a common occurrence in women especially of reproductive ages.Infact medically a woman MUST suffer from a yeast infection at least once in her reproductive age period.Candidiasis is also very common in pregnancy due to the suppressive effect of pregnancy on the immune system of the mother.

  80. Erika says:

    Indeed yeast infection is a menace to many women. There is practically none or very few women today who have reached puberty and yet have never heard of candidiasis. Candidiasis is a pruritic condition caused by Candida species. There are more species that cause candidiasis but Candida albicans is the commonest.

    • Jane L says:

      Candidiasis presents with a feeling of itch over the vulva and in the vagina.It is a very severe itch that makes a woman very uncomfortable and is aggravated by a burning sensation .Apart from the itch, it is marked by non-smelly cheese like whitish discharge from the vagina.If you notice these symptoms it is advisable to see a doctor/gynecologist for diagnosis and confirmation .

  81. Beryl says:

    Candidiasis is a skin infection. Therefore as most skin fungal infections it is treated by a application of a topical antifungal. There are many brands of these topical antifungal creams but the composition in most of them is almost always clotrimazole or miconazole.

  82. Jose` says:

    You are right. Yeast infections only manifest when the immune system is suppressed. Otherwise the vagina especially is infested with so many bacteria and fungi but they do not cause any symptoms unless there is an interference with the vaginal pH. In pregnancy for example,candiasis is very common.

  83. Nelly O'Brian says:

    Hi people, I have learnt a lot from this article and even more from you guys. You are all very well informed just like me. I wish every woman had a chance to read this article and the comments especially those from the unfortunate backgrounds. I only urge that you guys spread this knowledge. Lets all improve the status of women across the world.

  84. Brooke says:

    Okay so im 13 i haven’t even startedmy period yet!! But lately, down there has been like itchy a lot! And also it sometimes rarely burns and my discharge is thick and every day i have it. also its thick and sometimes white andgreen and i feel weird talking to my parents about this… First thing I thought of was a yeast infection and im completely lost…

  85. sammie says:

    so im not sure if i have it. i’ve been off my period for about a week and a half. but my discharge smells by the middle of the day and i make sure i wash down there very good! i dont understand why it smells by the middle of the day. i dont itch or burn and my discharge does not look like cottage cheese. But for two days (yesterday and today) my discharge looks like blood. what kind of infection is this? how can i stop it with out going to the doctor?

  86. Lillie says:

    Hi, Im 13 years old and I think I have a yeast infection… Its really embarassing. It is like a thick discharge thats smells really bad. It does not itch or burn. I use pantie liners a lot, but its really embarassing. I dont wanna tell my parents. I was wondering if there was a way I could get rid of the infection fast. PLEASE tell me if you know of anyway you could help me. Thanks so much.

  87. donya says:

    hi .. a few months ago i had a surgery and i had to take antibiotics .. a few days after taking it , i started to get a thick Secretions(white) and it caused itching ! i went to a doctor that gave me some kind of cream it was gone but not completely .. now these days im starting to see the whiteSecretions again but without itching or any pain ! what should i do ??

  88. shanie says:

    hi im shanie and i have a itch and it doesnt burn when i pee or anything i told my sister and she said that i have to go get checked out to see if its a yeast infection or something else when i pee its kinda clear and cloudy all at the same time i wash with detol sometimes and i didnt tell my mom what should i do some one please give give me advise

  89. shanie says:

    can some one please tell me how to get rid of this yeast infection please?

  90. Laycee says:

    Hey guys, I’ve had this burning and frequently needing to pee for a few days. At first I though that the liners I had gotten because of excess discharge had just caused some irritation. Also, I normally get kinda swollen in there before I start my period, but it was so swollen that I couldn’t even really get my pinky finger in there and I’m a really petite person. Also it kinda seems like the discharge isn’t really there much anymore and its more I guess warm/dry down there. Also, me and my bf tried to have sex 2 nights ago and it burned so bad I made him stop before it even started. I was almost in tears.

    I’ve also been extremely irritable lately and I’m a passive person. I also normally eat like a freaking sumo wrestler but the past few days my appetite has been non existant and I’ve nausea off and on. Could this mean I have a severe YI?

    One last thing – if sugar can have something to do with it does that mean all the freaing chocolate and sweets I ate during the holidays and my birthday right after have somethingto do with it???

  91. Kayla says:

    so i can have a yeast infection with just a white discharge and not have a burning sensation ?

  92. Lisa says:

    Im 14, but I got these little Red bumps, & they occur at least twice a month… I told my mom but she said shell take me to the hospital. I get discharge its kinda thick sometimes there is a lot, other times there is only a little!! HELP, do I have a yeast infection? It also itches, It burned one time, a while back tho. I wear skinny jeans & they are TIGHT, so help me please.

  93. Lin says:

    Hi, I am definitely sure that this isn’t due to puberty because I went through it in 4th grade (those were rough years btw) and I am 17. I have a very thick white discharge that has been coming from my vaginal area for about 3 years now. It does not have a burning or itching feeling and it has absolutely no odor. I am not sexually active but I am not a virgin. I have been having this discharge before I was a virgin and the male partner did not have any stds (we got checked and neither do I) . So I got curious and this may sound really fucking disgusting, but I knew what semen tasted like and honestly after 3 years of this I’m bound to taste this shit (it was salty just like semen) and now I’m starting to wonder if I’m a hermaphrodite…

  94. Alyshia says:

    im 21 & engaged and i have been dealing with a YI since i could remember is there a way to get rid of it naturally? i have over a month before i start working (as i am a seasonal employee for an amusement park and just started) and i am currently broke and my fiance is in college and i am not having him spend anymore money cause he needs it for his books but would like a natural way to get rid of the YI

  95. cai anders says:

    You really should have someone proof read your ad. The mistakes are very annoying and make it hard to take you seriously. I chose not to look at the rest of your ad because of it.

  96. jerikka says:

    Im 19 just lost it been with three guys i was at nmybiyfriends for four days we had sex alot maybe three times day or more for two days kinda it ichin n burnin n when i pee i felt like i needed bad n when i did it was a little then stiped last night n today came out white thick im kinda scared idj is it this

  97. jerikka says:

    Sorry my phone is acting up im 18 i just lost it

    I spent the night with my boyfriend for three days we had sex alot maybe five four times after it kinda burned lil n iched but it stoped now thick whit stuff comes out idk what it is cnt go doc right now mom thinks its this but wanna make sure ya know

  98. Scared... says:

    I’m 14.. I have had none sexual intercourse.. I don’t know if I have a yeast infection or not? I itch a lot down there..I don’t have that much discharge, and it doesn’t burn. But it is a bit redder than usual..I sometimes use soap in my downstairs. I’ve told my boyfriend but i’m too embarrased to tell anyone else. What do I do?

  99. Aly says:

    Hey, I’m 14 and I have experienced everything described for the symptoms but I’m too embarrassed to tell my mom. I hate waking up in the morning and feeling gross… I really just need some way to get rid of it that doesn’t involve buying anything. I don’t have any garlic, oil, or yogurt just Fyi. Already considered that….

  100. Anonymous says:

    I’m 14…I don’t have sexual intercourse. I’m pretty sure I have a yeast infection from reading the symptoms. It’s been going on for almost a week now. It itches a lot downstairs and I’ve had some white discharge. I do wear tight underwear and jeans like everday. i change my underwear often, though. i wear loose underwear to bed. i was wondering….i dont know if anyone else does this but i use baby wipes like twice a day to clean up down there. is that bad? and Are there any homemade remedies? I would prefer not telling my mom but I probably will.

  101. AuburnGrl says:

    Hello Everyone. 21 Year Old Virgin Here, Believe It Or Not. I Think I Have A YI. Severe Itching Burning Scabby Looking Marks Near Vagina, And Thick White Discharge. Can’t Go To The Doctor Due To No Insurance. I’ve been on multiple websites and seen everything from only wearing white cotton underwear to inserting yogurt into the vagina. I have plans on trying these, but there’s one problem. I know there should be an airflow to the vagina, but i come from a loooong family line of women with huge thighs. i haven’t seen anyone else say how to keep an airflow for someone with huge thighs. Any suggestions? They will be GREATLY APPRECIATED!

  102. Kitty says:

    Help! So, I’m 13 and I’ve been having this gross, almost snot-like discharge for about a year now. It stinks and it’s horribly uncomfortable. Just last week, it turned white and clumpy and gross. I’m really worried. I know discharge is a part of puberty but it this white stuff normal?

  103. Rachael says:

    I am 13 years old and I have a Yeast Infection and I told my mom that I had a yeast infection and she just got me itching cream that doesn’t even work. I also told my mom to take me to the doctors cause I’m so young and she said “no” I really want tk get rid of this thing Please HELP!!!!!

  104. help says:

    Is it ok to use a tampon during the day when I have a yeast infection to help keep it dry? Or will that only make it worse?

  105. Tina Boyer says:

    I’m 12 and I think I have a Yeast Infection.I Have already hit puberty an have never had sex, It’s been really itchy and it burns when I pee an I have this white discharge also it’s really red and bumpy. Also I always where tight skinnys.Help!

  106. Claire Ghoust says:

    Hi i’m 13, i’ve hit puberty, and i’m pretty sure i have a yeast infection. I have thick discharge, it has this fishy smell. I can’t tell my mom because she would murder me, LITERALLY!!!!!!! so buying over the counter stuff, going to the doctor and stuff are ruled out. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!! god because of this i’ve been so stressed, my health is going down!!!!! help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  107. Rose Anne says:

    What can I eat to get rid of my yeast infection? I’ve had it for four day and I’ve been taking monistat 3, today’s my last day but I don’t think it’s doing anything for me. Is there anything else I can take? What can I do for my itchy anus?

  108. Stephanie says:

    I don’t know if I have a yeast infection.My area itches like almost everyday.But it doesn’t hurt.An I have this white clear stuff that ends up in my panties everyday.Help me please?? :/

  109. Nick says:

    Hi, im a guy..
    I think i got a yeast infection from my girlfriend.. Ive been slightly sick (cold) i think thats a reason i cought it..

    Anyway i was just wondering if this stuff works for men as well? yogurt, garlic, tea tree oil…

  110. Lilly says:

    Ok, I’m 11 I’m still a virgin and I’ve been having this white gooey stuff come out of you know where and it’s itchy sometimes, but never burns. It gets all over my underwear and stuff. I’m way to scared to tell my mom, so I’m kinda wondering if there’s and thing I could do at home. This white stuff has been going on for months and it’s really bothers me.

  111. Anonymous says:

    Im 14 and my problem is that it gets itchy at times and there is a white discharge, I would like to know if there is anything I can get from home that is quick to cure it.

  112. Daniella says:

    Ok well this is kinda embaressing…
    Well it started about 3 to 4 days ago and i think i have a yeast infection but im not really sure.
    See im only 14 and i havent had oral or even regular sex (P.s. i am saving myself).
    And i am very high on my Christianity and i feel that i am being punished by God
    because i have been lusting after alot of guys (I know this isnt a religious site im just telling you how i feel).
    So my mom call a woman doctor or my pediatrition I dont know which because i wasnt there.
    And she didnt actually talk to the doctor she spoke to the secratery and told her my symtoms
    and she sayed it sounded like a yeast infection but i dont think my mother described it right so here it is:
    On the left inside lip on my vagina the first day it was bumpy alittle and in the middle on top of
    the bladder thing there was this bump like pimple with this white thing in it,
    and when i touch that part it feels sore and i shiver on how uncomfortble it is,
    and when i scatch those bumps (on the left side i spoke about earlier) these white things pop out of them
    you know like when your pours are dirty those white things are on them
    and this brow liquid comes out is not so much like the white jelly i use to get when i was 11 years old,
    its more like you know when you pour that last pot of coffee and you see that left over coffee
    its like that and when i take a shower i open myself up to clean it out and these brown things come pouring out
    and i asked my sister and she said the things that are pouring out are blood clots
    and she said they are usually red but in some situations they are brown.
    So i know this is wierd but its like a week until my apointment and im alittle scared that when i grow up
    i cant have children because i looked on google images what a yeast infection looks like and it looks
    nothing like mine.Oh and it it ok that i put toilet paper down there to stop the liquid.
    So can someone tell me whats going on here?

    P.s. I have some questions that are unrelated to a yeast infection but they are about my vagina.
    its nothing serious, just questions.
    So i have these little kinda like white creamy dots growing in my citorisand everytime i take them out my clitoris hurts bad. Can someone tell me what they are?
    And on my top right lip there is this really loose like saggy skin and on the edge of it the is this little
    pimple can you tell me what that is also?
    oh and why do i have such thick pubic hair (P.S. My father is arib and my mother is romanian)
    and everytime I shave the top it bleeds and when i rub that part it feels like spikes and it grows
    really fast.
    And a week before my yeast infection i cut my skin on the inside…Can that be the cause of the yeast infection?

  113. Buddha says:

    Hi I am 29 and a black single mother should a problem. I know that have a yeast infection when was pregnant andnever one again but 8months ago I .had some bleeding during sex and after sex it went away. It happen 2 time. About 5months ago I had some burning during sex it so was bad that I couldn’t take it. A week later I found that I have a yeast infection again. I used the creams and pills. 3 months ago while having sex I started to bleed and yesterday I had sex for the first time in 3 months and I started to bleed as soon as his penis touched insides of me. I want to know what to do.

  114. silver says:

    Hey, I’m 19 and not a virgin, getting married, and I’ve had a YI for a week now and it got a lot better but my period just started before the Monistat was done and I have no clue what to do now. My fiance is just as confused as is his mom. Any advice is apprieciated, I’m just a bit concerned at the moment that it’ll come right back.

    • china says:

      Just continue to use the monistat. I had a yeast infection while on my period. It is not as bad as it seems. Continue to drink plenty of water. Also wash your area with water and no soap. Don’t worry about it smelling, it won’t. Don’t have sex with your fiance until it is treated because he can pass it back to you again. I am also 19 and married. Congrats to your engagement!

  115. china says:

    Girls, don’t be afraid to tell your mother if you are having yeast infection symptoms. They don’t just come from having sex. I just wanted to write this to let the younger ladies know that you don’t have to be embarrassed. Your mother understands, trust me she has had one in her life. This is my second time having a yeast infection and I believe it is because my husband and I have been trying to have a child and the sperm is just breating tha fungas. Im not sure. I am sure that it is a yeast infection though. I just buy Monistat and wash my vaginal area with water. It itches and burns badly but I rather not scratch or try any garlic or anything else. The garlic is to kill bacteria and a yeast infection is fungas, Big Difference! Plus, we need bacteriadown their.

  116. Leilani says:

    I constantly have to itch down “there” it even hurts to itch. I read websites and tried to get my private area cool and clean. I try not to itch it most but it gets irritated.

  117. No one says:

    Ok I’m only ten years old, so obviously I haven’t had you know what, and I’m not having my periods yet but I’m close,
    I wasn’t sure what was happening at first, so I tried to ignore it, I think my causes of a yeast infection is probably bad personal hygiene, and getting soap in it, and I’m really embarrassed! My vag itches ALOT and this white stuff is in it as well, but also, part of it is really red and enflamed, please help! I don’t wanna live this way!!!

  118. Kayleigh says:

    I get recurring yeast problems….I use natural yogurt for the itchy bits overnight….just like a cream. Cut down on sugars! !!. Acidophilus is great. All of these things help massively. Hope this helps.

  119. maria says:

    onqq i was so reading dhis okay im 20 yrs old and i have my boyfriend so last week which was on a thursday we was having sex so he fibished an i had cleaned myself out and i found dhis white discharged but has no smell well it does it kinda smells like clorox and i obly comes out when my partner and i hve sex at first i was worried which i still am i googled it up and it came out sayn it was a yeast infection but i doubt it because it doesnt burn or itch at all i really dobt kbow what it is and am afraid it might be a yeast infectioncan some ine please help me out

  120. lydia says:

    I’m pretty sure I got a yeast infection … I am bigg girl so it seems to be really hard to keep it dry … my vagina is raw where to the point I can hardly wipe… it itching at night can’t sleep at all … I have white stuff.. does taking odorless Garlic 1000mg, one bottle of Echinacea 125mg, and one bottle of Acidophilus really work .. I thought about taking them if not to expensive.. and putting plain white yogurt in me … I want this gone its driving me crazy and very uncomfortable.. my husband wants sex but I know I can’t … he don’t understand lol …. I got a gyno appt for ties but what can I do now … that well stop it fast .. i dobt have alot of money .. I know i wontbe using soap anymore .. being big is hard … when u have this…

  121. marina says:

    Hi! Im 15 years old, im not a virgin and i had sex with this guy a few days ago. The next morning my vagina was really itchy and so i kept scratching. That led to burning and swelling and i read online salt water helps! So ive been dabbing salt water onto my vagina and it stings like hell but the burning went away just for about 30 mins. It is red, itchy, swollen and there are bumps near my clitorius, it is currently 2am and i cant sleep because of this. Im crying myself to sleep because the pain is too much to handle. Please let me know what i should do, i dont want my family knowing i had sex.

  122. maria says:

    Ive had a yeast infection for 3 days but I didn’t know what to do. I figured it was going to go away by itself but it didint go away and I got my period yesterday. Its really itchy and I think its spreading, if that’s possible. PLEASE HELP ME. omg i cant stand it anymore. It’s the most uncomfortable feeling ever
    I’ve been considering doing the yogurt method, which is where you smear plain yogurt on your downstairs but im scared it might make it worse.
    Any advice? my period isn’t ending anytime soon, please i need relief from this!!! preferably something homemade, im not a big fan of taking pills

  123. Kayla says:

    I have this on again off again itch on the inside && outside of my downstairs &&I do have adischarge . I’m still a virgin(18).&& it has a smell too. I want to get rid of the smell bad & the itch! Help!

  124. valeria says:

    im 16 years old and i alredy got an yeast infection and it hurts to pee and to stand up or things like that how can i get rid of this and i thing is getting worse do i go to a dorctor or is somethibg that wual help me easly plz i need help it really hirts and i dont feel contobal plzz

  125. sandy says:

    last time i had sex with my bf, and the next day we went at the beach.. After that day i experienced vaginal pain during and even if im not urinating,. there is also a yellowish fluids that comes out in my vagina.. what should i do? i need help

  126. Eve says:

    I am a virgin and have a discharge and occasional itch. Which would you say is the better way to cure it, the natural substances or the over the counter medicines? My sister had a yeast infection and she told me it took a long time for hers to finally heal and go away.

  127. Quencie says:

    Hi my name is Quencie, and I think I have a yeast infection, I and 17 and still a virgin.. Is this even possible? , I take two showers daily, and I do have a bf who I’ve done some things with. I have inching and burning and a little pain around the entry way, as of the discharge it’s kinda thick and smells funny.there is also a small cut where the lips part that hurts when I pee and wipe.. I’m so scared to tell my dad that I have these symptoms. Is there anyway to be sure what this is?.. Is there a way I can get rid of it fastly and at home but also safely?… Please help I’m freaking out.

  128. Emma says:

    I’m 15, I’m a virgin too, and for some reason my clitoris started feeling sore after I went to have a wee in the toilet, I wiped it and it stung quite bad and I have school tomorrow but it feels really bad and I can’t sleep.
    I don’t know what I should do and I don’t know if it’s a yeast infection or not.
    I think it is so and I don’t want to tell my mum.
    I need a very EASY method to naturally get rid of a yeast infection, something that won’t make my mum suspicious.

  129. Belle says:

    hi im 14 and i just finished my period. I’ve noticed that my vagina lips are red and swollen. It sometimes hurts and bothers me when i walk. This is my first time having it and I do not want to go see a doctor because i can too embarrased. what should i do about this?

  130. Amanda says:

    I’ve have a yeast infection for 4 years. I’m 14 and when I first got it I was really afraid and embarassed to tell my mom. I told her last year and she said I might of had a UTI. She just told me to drink water and cranberry juice. I’m pretty sure I have a yeast infection but I know I don’t have a UTI. I want to finally try to get rid of it myself. I really don’t want to tell my mom again because I don’t want her to think that I’ve been doing other stuff to get infections so often even though I’m a virgin. I was wondering about how to cure yeast infections with garlic. I read that you can eat it and insert it vaginally. I just want to learn more about it and other easy cures that I can do with things at home. Thank you:)

  131. Bailey says:

    Hi, i’m fourteen & confused. . (Virgin)
    i’m not sure if I have the yeast infection or not? I have like bits of white stuff in my vagina & I also get a lot of thick discharge, but that is not the issue, I want to know if I should get this checked out or not or get some kind of wash because I feel weird having it & dirty, but I wash that area well so..

  132. Bailey says:

    im only twelve and im not sure if i have a yeast infection it might just be swolen.
    i was riding a horse a few weeks ago and when i hoped off i didnt feel normal and my pants keept stiking to it and now im always getting a slimey white past when i go to the toilet and i have told my mum and she said if it was swolen it would go down in about one week its been over one week and getting very annoying and i dont know what to do can someone help.

  133. Jasmine says:

    Ive had a yeast infection for 5 months!! Why? IDK! And as much as my husband and I would like to have sex, we can’t. I don’t wanna give it to him. I’ve been to two doctors and had all the perscription meds in the world. NONE Have worked. I switched to unscented body wash, unscented Tide, and I’ve been wearing cotton underwear since I was like 10. This is ridiculous. I need something that will really work! please help me.

    • Megan says:

      I’m almost 13. And I have a yeast infection, my vagina is burning and itching. I also have thick white discharge coming out of my vagina. I have tried natural yoghurt, I have also tried non itching cream but that did not work. I have told my mum but she hadn’t heard about yeast infections before I told her. I can’t even walk around the house without it hurting, and going to school is one of the worst things possible. I also have swimming every Tuesday for physical education. I am crying in pain most nights and I am getting about 2 hours sleep each night. This is hurting me so much someone please help me.
      Megan xxx

  134. Sujith Fonseka says:

    For most healthy people, physicians can diagnose a Candida infection without performing yeast infection tests. In cases where a patient has not a previous yeast infection, a test may be required for accurate diagnosis. If the infection does not go away after a normal course of treatment or if involves more than one area of the body, more extensive tests may needed.

  135. womens health says:

    Yeast infections are mainly caused by a fungus known as Candida Albicans. These tiny organisms normally grow on the skin or inside and around the vagina. A yeast infection occurs as a result of the overgrowth of Candida Albicans in the vagina. There are many possible causes of yeast infection (candidiasis).

  136. Sierra says:

    okay, well I’m a 15 year old virgin, NOTHING has been down there except a tamp. I think I have a yeast infection but I RARELY itch & I have a watery discharge instead of a creamy one & I’ve had it forever it seems. I’ve treated it server so times & it’s failed to go away once. it’s gotten worse, everyday i can feel it coming out constantly & it’s so gross. but I dunno if it’s a yeast infection because it doesn’t really contain the symptoms of one but I wear tight clothes like crazy but can you help me?

    • Amy says:

      I don’t think you have a yeast infection. Normally if you did you’d be itching like crazy and the discharge is super thick. I also have watery discharge that I can feel when it comes put and it’s not a yeast infection. You may just be over ovulating. I have it too.

      • Julia says:

        Reading your comment made me feel relived. I’m a little itchy, but that might be because I shave occasionally.

  137. Tera says:

    Hi.. I think I have yeast infection but yet I’m still a virgin but I itch so bad and it burns but not often and I don’t want to tell my dad he might just make fun of me and I’m only fourteen i don’t k ow what to do I’m scared and I have discharge really bad I’ve Ben wearing a pad but that cause of the discharge what do I do I need the help

  138. Amy says:

    I also think I have a yeast infection, I’ve had one before. And this time I have thick cottage cheese like discharge, horrible itchiness, and burning. I was reading articles and ways to treat yeast infections online and I found that if you take a bath with a cup of salt added to it, it will help to get rid of a yeast infection. So I did that and I also douched with salt water. It’s been a day and it already feels alot better and I’m not noticing much discharge now. Does this mean my infection is gone?

  139. a says:

    I have had a infection before and it was terrible so I went to the doctor and all but I think I have another one…. except this time it just burns like crazy and it just really hurts… have some discharge like cottage cheese but no smell…. I really don’t want to go to the doctor again… do you think I can just clean with water and keep it clean and it will go away?

  140. Anna says:

    Ok I’m thirteen I think I have it. I’m not sure like it itches but then it burns like it still burns. Idk if it can be caused by mess but I’m a virgin all the way. I don’t want my mom to know. Because that’s my area Down There and it’s mine like I don’t want them to give me a lectiure. What do I do!!!!!!

  141. Whitney says:

    I think I have a yeast infection my Discharge is a yellowish color it hurts when I use the bathroom and there is an Order after a while of taking a shower. I don’t have any Insurance to get a check up I’m only 18teen and I don’t want to wait for a hole Another month to get a check I wanted to know if I have a yeast infection and should I use Monistat or should I just wait I want the yeast infection gone.

  142. Cohrtney says:

    Umm, I don’t know if I have a yeast infection or not but I discharge more than regularly and I start to itch in the vaginal area occasionally. I’m 15 and I’m still a virgin, I haven’t done anything. I am active so I could have a yeast infection but I’m not sure because reading these comments, I must be in pain to have it. I just want to be able to not have to wear a liner everyday because I’m not on my period even though it feels like it…I just want this to stop .-.

  143. Dorissa Williams says:

    Ummm.. I’m not sure if I have yeast infection I’m 13 and I itch and burn but not really smelly well sorta a sticky smell.. it feels like I wiped downstairs in poison ivy… :(

  144. Dorissa Williams says:

    Might have a yeatsb infection but I don’t want to ask my mom for creams or anything and I was wondering if there was anyway I could take care of it at home with out buying crams and stuff like that…

  145. Anonymous says:

    Im 22 , this is my second time having a Yeast Infection but this time its worse. its to the point i feel like i want to rip my vagina off, I Have Very thick cottage cheese like discharge , itchy inside & out , feel as dry as sand paper after i clean myself. Where i made mistakes is that i used Different soaps & body washes when cleaning myself , i didnt notice i was cleaning as deep. & One STUPID thing i did was wash myself with antibacterial soap -___- Now im afraid this may never go away. I am still a virgin [Yes 7 very proud of it] but im sexually active with women.i know this does not exclude me from STD’s or viruses but im extremely careful about what i do with my body.. ive tryed to insert the cream but it hurts too much. i need another way. Ive taken a fluorense tablet in the mean time. sorry for soo much writing but im starting to feel worse everyday. i need a secondary treatment besides these creams.

  146. Katie algarin says:

    After i had my period i have been having a unuseal smell and i dont know how to get rid of it my friends tell me its a yeast infection and i dont have a gyno appt until the end of this month its really freaking me out i am sexually active and tryed douching but it didnt do anything. My discharge is like yellowish. And i just want it gone! Help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Please :)

  147. Jesse says:

    I haven’t had that much luck trying to clear an infection in less than 24 hours. I have luckily been able to start seeing great improvements in less than 24 hours though! Natural remedies are the best, and more specifically natural spray remedies are the best of the best. Regular drug store brands never worked for me until I found Yeastrol (which is only sold online). Although it may be a little more expensive than generic stuff, it’s more likely to work.

  148. Leigh says:

    I’m 18 and I think I might have a yeast infection but I’m unsure because I have never had one before but it itches and kind of hurts so I’m pretty positive I have one, but I am a virgin if that helps, but mostly I was just wondering what the best home remedy would be for this? I don’t mind going to the doctor but I would just rather try something at home first.

  149. Ashley says:

    so i’m 13 years old and i have a yeast infection. i had it a long time ago and i told my mum and she bought me an antifungal cream i didnt know how to apply it so i just put it around my vagina not inside so i continually did it but it hasnt gone. i’m scared to tell my mum since it hasnt gone since so how can i get rid of it without telling my mum. (PS i heard about a garlic remedy but i dont know how to apply it) SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME I WANT TO GET RID OF IT!!

  150. key says:

    im 15 i expierenced buring when i went to pee and there was swelling. discharge was thick and whit but then became runny. discharge stop and now theres only discomfort every now and then…did it go away? could it still be there?

  151. Summer says:

    I’m 16 and I think I have yeast infection as my down there is quite irratating/itchy and I have discharge but it’s not too thick. But I don’t have any other symptoms and I’m not too sure that it is yeast infection. (Also I am a virgin, planning on being one for much longer too) is there a way that I can possibly get around it without telling my parents??
    And does it also affect the period? I think I was meant to have mine a couple of days ago but when the “yeast infection” came, it hasn’t come yet. Idk what to do, someone help me?

    • Nicole says:

      Yah oh my gosh i was meant to have my period too!! But then this happened!! HELP PLEASE?!?!? (without talking to my parent!)

  152. Summer says:

    Also I would prefer not having to go to the store and buy things as I would then have to tell my parents…

  153. rose says:

    I’m 13 and not too sure if I do have a yeast infection or not. The only things that I’ve experienced so far are:

    • slight uncomfortable itching(may be from hair?)
    • burning following the scratching (to remove the itch)

    The articule said that those are common symtoms, but I’m not sure if it is a yeast infection or not since there isn’t any discharge. And all this is happening right above my clitoris. I’ve talked to my Mom about it some time ago and she thought this was what it was, so if anyone can help with some advice, I’d be very much obliged.

  154. kerstin says:

    im 14 and im a virgin. my area has been itchy for a while but there hasnt been any weird gunk or anything coming out of it. also it does smell sometimes but its been that way for a while. i alao play sports and it gets pretty sweety. once i was at camp and i wrnt to the bathroom and it burned really bad and every time i had to go for 2 days it burned but then it stopped burning since now its just itchy on one side. i havent yold my parents but when i asked my consler at my camp she said i might have a yeast infection. so im getti g pretty annoyed with it an i just want it to go away so im just wanna make sure is it or is it not a yeast infection?? please help me

  155. Alex says:

    Hi, I am 13 years old and I think I have a yeast infection. I get white discharge down there but that’s all! No burning and sometimes it will itch but not a lot. I haven’t had sex or my period yet. I haven’t told anyone but its been going on for awhile. So what should I do? I need help!

  156. @dolphinfood on Instagram says:

    Okay I’m like crying with frustration now I’m pretty sure I have a yeast infections. I’ve had horrible symptoms over the last three months and have been so uncomfortable. I told my mom and she gave me some cansten or something and I put it on but my vagina still itches SO MUCH! It burns a lot! I’m going to camp in a week an I don’t want this to ruin it! I’m going to the doctor tomorrow but I’m really uncomfortable with him “checking me out”. Also, I was putting the stuff on when I noticed some blood on my hands. I’ve never had my period before and I got some toilet paper and dabbed it and the blood was bright red. Is this my period or a result of the infection? Please help I’m crying now! I’m only 13 and a virgin! I AM SO ITCHY! Btw I wash myself with soap so that’s probably why…

  157. Nicole says:

    I am almost 14 and i get itchy sometimes and it doesn’t really burn but i am scared that i might have one i mean i am having a lot of discharge and everyday it smells really bad:( I clean myself and take a shower everyday so idk what to do or what is going on and i am not comfortable talking to my step mom about that…. so please help?!!?

    • Helper says:

      Okay when you take a shower dont use sented soap. If you have a yeast infection it will only make it worse. And just because it dosent burn dosent mean you dont have a yest infection. If the dicharge is a white yellowish color and thick then yes you do have a yeast infection. But dont worry there are some easy ways to take care of it. one thing you can do is eat yogurt. Because the bacterial will help get rid of it. Another way is to where loose clothing because oxgenin kills the yeast infection. And also putting some apple cider viniger in warm bath water could hlep but done sit in it for hours because the moist can make the yeast infection worst.

  158. Nicole says:

    Hey i am 14 and i think i might have a yeast infection:( it scares me a lot!! Well i sometime itch, but idk if that is from shaving, also my discharge is weird like i can’t tell if it is creamy but it has been super heavy lately:( it makes me feel disgusting also i always have this odor! I take showers everyday and clean it everyday. so i honestly don’t know what is wrong. It isn’t inflamed or anything. Also i really don’t want to tell my step mom……. so please Help!!!?!?!!

    • Helper says:

      Okay when you take a shower dont use sented soap. If you have a yeast infection it will only make it worse. And just because it dosent burn dosent mean you dont have a yest infection. If the dicharge is a white yellowish color and thick then yes you do have a yeast infection. But dont worry there are some easy ways to take care of it. one thing you can do is eat yogurt. Because the bacterial will help get rid of it. Another way is to where loose clothing because oxgenin kills the yeast infection. And also putting some apple cider viniger in warm bath water could hlep but done sit in it for hours because the moist can make the yeast infection worst.

  159. Cassidy says:

    I have this ichyness sometimes down there, and it stinky too! Also i have white thick discharge. I really want this gone! I i haven’t had any sex or anything inside of me. Someone please help me,

  160. joanna says:

    Hello i’m joanna, i just turned 18 and i am 6 months pregnant. About 2a days ago i felt an itch and burning sensation downstairs and i didn’t really pay attention to it until last 3 night. The itching has gotten worse and my discharge isn’t really thick but for everyday that goes by it feels worse and worse. This morning i took a look down there and it is really red and i have tiny little dots wich by the way i think that’s what itches. Idk if that’s a yeast infection but i want to get rid of it ASAP cause it bothers me and i get no sleep at night. Does anyone know how i can get rid of it naturally?

  161. Me. says:

    I think I have yeast infection, I am using the cream because I figured it can’t hurt to use it. I don’t want to use the external cream I just wanna use the inserter. Will this cause problems and it won’t harm me to bad if I don’t have yeast infection and use the cream will it? I’m 17 years old and a virgin. I don’t really want to go to the doctor with this because I will feel embarrassed so I feel I’ll use the cream and if I still feel a tad itch down there after then its life. But I can’t be harmed correct? Already started using the cream and it kinda burns. That’s good right? HELP PLEASE :/

  162. brooke says:

    Well um, “downstairs” I have this really bad burning and itching sensation. I can’t sit, lay down or even pee without wanting to die. I don’t have clumpy discharge but I have a lot more discharge then usual. Is it a yeast infection or UTI?

  163. alina says:

    I really don’t know is it an infection or not..few days back my boyfrnd fingrd and sucked a lot …im having itching and also I had noticed some white portion in that yest infection…

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