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How Are Raspberry Ketones Good For You?

raspberry ketonesD How Are Raspberry Ketones Good For You?

Raspberry ketones are enzymes that are found only in raspberries.

Many people look at the diet products currently available on the health food market, and they wonder how many of these products are really a scam. The Brazilian Acai berry, the African mango, and the Tahitian Noni are all health products that claim to be miraculous, but the claims may seem unsubstantiated to those who have not done the research. Raspberry ketones are another one of these products that claim to be amazing, but many people don’t know the truth about how marvelous this raspberry enzyme truly is. In order to be certain that everyone knows the truth about raspberry ketones, below you will find all the information you need to know about this unique enzyme that is only found in the antioxidant rich raspberry.

What are Raspberry Ketones?

Raspberry ketones are enzymes that are found only in raspberries. Just as grapes and red wine contain resveratrol, so too raspberries are another of the superfruits that contain a unique enzyme that can provide an amazing number of health benefits to those who consume them. Raspberries have been eaten throughout history by people around the world, and many native cultures on every continent have used raspberries in remedies and treatments due to the fact that they are so beneficial to the body. Only recently was the enzyme Raspberry Ketone discovered, but the berries have been used for ages as a means of dealing with a host of disorders.

try it How Are Raspberry Ketones Good For You?

What do Raspberry Ketones Do?

Raspberry ketones are enzymes that help to promote weight loss by boosting the metabolism, and metabolism boosters are some of the most effective weight loss products. The reason for this is that the metabolism is the system that processes the food and converts it into energy, and boosting your metabolism is the best way to lose weight. The faster your metabolism runs, the more food it will be able to convert into energy in a single day. The more food that is converted into energy, the less food is stored around your body in the form of fat.

However, boosting your metabolism not only prevent fat storage and weight gain, but can actually promote healthy and effective weight loss. If your metabolism runs fast enough, it will burn all of the food that you have eaten. It will then look around to find more food or nutrients to burn as energy, and it will begin to burn away some of the fat that it had stored for just such an occasion. As days pass and your body continues to burn into its stores of fat, you will notice that you are beginning to lose weight. As time passes, your boosted metabolism will be enough to burn away all or nearly all of your fat, leaving you thin and svelte without the need for any weight loss surgery or drastic diets. In fact, taking the raspberry ketones is a great way to shed pounds without any rigorous diets, as the enzymes will boost your metabolism and will help you to lose weight as you alter your diet to avoid unhealthy food.

In reality, the Raspberry ketones diet is one of the most effective diets that you can try, as the enzymes will be effective in helping you lose all the extra fat that is causing you to feel overweight or obese. You will find that taking these enzymes will be an effective solution to weight loss, and you will be able to shed your unwanted pounds without the need to starve yourself or try a ridiculous low calorie diet.

Raspberry 3 300x225 How Are Raspberry Ketones Good For You?

In reality, the Raspberry ketone diet is one of the most effective diets that you can try, as the enzymes will be effective in helping you lose all the extra fat that is causing you to feel overweight or obese.

What Kind of Products are Made With Raspberry Ketones?

There is a host of products made with raspberry ketones, but the majority of the products come in the form of diet pills. These pills are made using the enzymes extracted from the raspberries, but it is essential that you find the diet products that are 100% natural. There are a number of products that are made artificially with ingredients designed to mimic the effect of the raspberry ketones, but in reality these products will not be as effective and may even cause harmful side effects to anyone who takes them. These imitation ketones are a poor choice, and you will find that your money will be wasted if you don’t buy the 100% natural products.

The reason that the 100% natural products are the best is due to the fact that the enzymes in raspberries are incredibly effective at helping you lose weight, and no artificial product will be nearly as effective as the raspberry ketones while being as safe. Seeing as raspberry ketones are simply extracted from the 100% natural raspberries, there is no risk of side effects. Unless you are one of the few people in the world who has an allergic reaction to raspberries, you will find that raspberry ketones are the perfect solution for you to lose weight.

Ketones on their own are incredibly effective, but you will find that your raspberry ketones are even more effective when mixed with other ingredients. The reason for this is that the other ingredients serve to boost the effectiveness of the raspberry ketones. You will find that juices or pills made with African mango, Acai berry, and other natural weight loss products mixed in with the raspberry ketones will be much more effective than just the ketones alone. By harnessing the many different weight loss products provided by nature, you will find that losing weight will be much easier and more painless than ever. The best thing about the raspberry ketones is that they taste great, and there is no need to suffer while you try to lose weight with the raspberry ketones.

raspberry ketone diet 1 How Are Raspberry Ketones Good For You?

Healthier Comments
51 Responses to “How Are Raspberry Ketones Good For You?”
  1. Norma Jean says:

    I’ve been taking Raspberry Ketones for over 2 months now after I saw it on Dr. Oz. I have;t had any side effects besides indigestion but I normally get that anyways. It just seems a little more intensified with the Raspberry Ketones. I’ve lost 21 pounds so far and I haven;t changed anything drastic in my lifestyle. I eat the same foods I used to eat and I just walk more often. I am 60 pounds overweight so it;’s hard for me to walk too long because my ankles and knees hurt. I’m really happy I found this product that is helping me lose the weight.I hope to lose another 45 pounds and I will be happy!

  2. cindy says:

    does this diet have a meal plan you have to follow? or can you just take the pills an you will lose weight?

    • Lorena says:

      No, you just take the pills and if you exercise and eat better, you will definitely lose the weight. There is no specific meal plan though. I took these for 2 months and lost 24 pounds. I did rumba 3 times a week and stuck to my normal diet.

  3. Halley says:

    What brand is the best? I went to all the health food stores in my neighborhood and they are all sold out!

  4. doug says:

    Can my wife take this if she is 60 pounds overweight? Do you have to exercise with these? Just trying to research to see if these are better for her or if she should try the african mango pills.

    • caroline says:

      @doug, I’ve taken both of these supplements and I had better success with the Raspberry Ketones. I did not have any side effects on them and I lost 15 pounds. I felt nauseous on African Mango if I did not eat with them and I only lost 5 pounds on those. Get the Raspberry Ketones for her and she will love you for it! Oh, and I bought them here from Healthier post :)

    • Donovan says:

      I’ve taken both supplements and I recommend the raspberry ketones over the mango. They give you energy without the side effects and you don’t have to exercise with either but if you do, you will see rests a lot sooner. Hope that helps you out with your wife.

    • David says:

      Definitely get her the raspberry ketone pills. She will not have to exercise and she will lose weight.

  5. Rob says:

    Raspberry Ketones is a great product…

  6. Sandra says:

    Has anyone tried “pure raspberry ketones” from ketonics lab? I took them and they gave me horrible headaches and blood in my urine! I stopped them already and I am demanding a full refund of my $49. They do give you side effects and horrible ones at that!

    • Tammy K. says:

      Yes, I took them for 2 months with no results and tons of side effects. So not worth it. Getting a refund was a pain but I did get my money back. Make sure you do research before you buy and only buy from a reputable company!!!

      • Brenda says:

        Tammy…I believe your comment on “do the research” is imperative. Everyone is soooo ready to jump on any bandwagon when it comes to weight loss and sadly there are many people who purchase and try the product as you did with no results and do not seek a refund. That is how these companies get us to spend our money. People want a quick fix for weight loss and it just comes down to eating the right foods and exercise.

    • Brenda says:

      Good for you for demanding the full refund! So sick of these claims for miracles and it just comes down to eating the right foods and exercise…

    • al1ce says:

      IMPORTANT – you have to make sure you buy correct ones, lots of fakes about, the real ones have no caffine in them, so if there is caffiene in the ingredients they are fake, i use holland and barrats 200mg of raspberry ketones, never buy them from china if they say manufactured china they are fake and contain harmful ingredients, they should be manufactured in USA

    • lauren says:

      How long did it take for the blood in your urine to clear up? I have the same problem and it’s been months.

  7. keisha says:

    i’ve been taking theses for a month and i really like them. the only thing i don’t like is the heartburn i get on them. i’m down 5 pounds so far.

  8. rebecca says:

    Can i ask, i am 35 pounds overweight and have tried every diet with no luck. What do i need to order one of each ie ketone and cleanser and what foods can i eat on a normal day? any help or advice appreciated.x

    • Olivia says:

      Hi Rebecca, I’ve been taking Raspberry Ketones over a month now and I’ve had amazing results so far. I take them with the super colon cleanser that I got for free with my order. I take 2 of the cleanser and 2 of the raspberry ketones in the morning everyday and I try to eat healthier by cutting fried foods and sugary drinks from my diet. I normally eat a ham and spinach omelet for breakfast, a turkey sandwich for lunch with some baked chips and then salmon with veggies and brown rice for dinner. I’ve lost 15 pounds so far and I am so happy with the results! Here is where you can order what I ordered from Healthier Post.

      I ordered the 4 pack and got the cleanser for free. Best of luck to you!!!!!!!

      • DD says:

        Olivia – you should talk to a gastro doctor. Any good one or research will tell you that your colon will keep itself clean and that falling prey to the colon cleanser products is also a waste of money. Another scam to make us think that our body needs us to spend more money on it instead of just eating properly and exercising.

  9. HELEN SHUEY says:

    my husband is on dialysis at home can he take raspberry keytones

    • June says:

      Hi Helen, I would probably check with his doctor before you start him on any supplement. It may effect his dialysis and that will not be worth it.

  10. Sarah D says:

    Just now started looking into these pills. How many mgs are recommended daily?

  11. raspberry ketones says:

    Great post about raspberry ketones definitely will share it on Twitter

  12. says:

    Is Raspberry Ketone safe for men and women.

  13. Brenda says:

    Where are your professional citations regarding raspberry ketones? This is all just hearsay. Prove it through medical journal citations.

  14. chris says:

    Wouldn’t it be cheaper to just eat rasberries?…

  15. Annie says:

    I just bought some raspberry ketones with the afican mango will those help me loose weight as well or should I get the pure raspberry ketones?

  16. Syreeta says:

    Hi I’m Syreeta an I love the Dr. OZ show. I started taking the raspberry Ketones from Wal-Mart today are they the same thing or am I missing an ingredient. When I took it about twenty min. later I had the run off. It wasn’t that bad.

  17. Georgia says:

    Can you take raspberry ketone and the bodycleanse at the same time????

  18. Raspberry King says:


  19. connie says:

    After 5 days if takin them I had a little blood in my urine which the next day progressed to only blood and a trip to the ER. Sadly I didn’t think this was the cause..I have had UTIs in the past when drinking a lot of soft drinks. So a few weeks later when healty I resumed and in 3 days I was back to having blood in my urine and incredible pain. Take with cautiadon if your going to take it. I might be an exception but it is still dangerous and should be thought of like a drug.

    • lauren says:

      I had the same thing happen to me but after 2 months of not taking them . .. I still have blood in my urine. How long did it take for your to clear up? Is there anything the doctor did? I’m being referred to a urologist now.
      This can be dangerous.

  20. connie says:

    Posted by phone….sorry for typos

  21. Julie says:

    I’ve been taking these Raspberry Ketones for about four months now and i only lost about ten pounds….. Am I doing something wrong? When should i take them, before or after eating? I exercise and I am on a diet. Nothing seems to work. Can someone help me out? I’m 35 pounds overweight.

  22. L says:

    hi if i want bigger results should i eat less fat or less carbs with r-ketone?

  23. Lisa A. says:

    I am currently taking hormones. I wanted to know if I am still able to take these without getting sick or too many side affects??? I also have Thyroid and Anemia. ????

  24. Shonda says:

    Lisa A.
    I have both hypothyroidism and anemia and have been taking the raspberry ketone supplements. I have noticed a drastic improvement in my energy level as a result of the raspberry ketones and am hopeful about weigh loss results. I would caution you to read the labels of any product(s) you choose. I came across a brand of raspberry ketones (unfortunately I forgot the name) which put out a cautionary statement to individuals with thyroid disorders. All told, raspberry ketones, being that it’s natural, won’t counteract with your medications. Best of luck on your health journey!

  25. dazler says:

    can maen take this product

  26. Lauren says:

    Are these good for people that only want to lose 5-10lbs?

  27. kaitlyn says:

    im 14 yrs old and i weigh 155 lbs. im 5’0. if i take thse can i lose 40 pounds in 3 months? im also on a diet and i exercise and do kickboxing and zumba

  28. Roxy says:

    Surely if they are “pure” raspberry then it wouldn’t matter if you have thyroid or any other medical condition? Unless its not 100% and has other rubbish in ingredients? Ive just ordered some, so lets see what all the hypes about…..

  29. Raspberry Ketones Fan says:

    I love Raspberry Ketones. It worked for me.

  30. Susan Edwards says:

    I have purchased raspberry ketones myself. If taken correctly, you can burn fat and loose weight.

    • Melissa says:

      Hi Hun what did you do to get the best results as I am doin the raspberry ketones and the colon cleanse together?? How many should I be taking and when??

      • k says:

        Hi my brother took 100 mg a day and changed nothing in his diet or exercise, he has only lost about 10 lbs. In the last month but the little belly he had has totally flattened out!

  31. sam G says:

    I am starting taking my RK and CC tomorrow. I will keep you updated of any success or failures.

  32. Kimberly says:

    Okay i just bought this product from walgreen its called phytogenix ultimate raspberry ketone lose weight and its 2 bottles in one pack. I bought them but havent taking it because the things I hear about different raspberry ketones. What should i do? and is a good raspberry ketone?

  33. Susan Miller says:

    Will Raspberry Ketone cause constipation?

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