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Dr Simeons HCG Drops

Dr Simeons HCG Drops: Healthier Post Gives YOU the Skinny.

Dr. Simeons HCG Drops Dr Simeons HCG Drops

Dr. Albert T. W. Simeons was the leading exponent of a weight-loss scheme based on human chorionic gonadotropin. In 1954, he published a book called “Pounds and Inches”, and a paper in the Lancet on his theories.

Dr Simeons HCG Drops have made a splash on the world in the last few years, and the truth is that the diet created by this good doctor in the 1950s has become one of the most popular of the weight loss diets for those that need to lose a whole lot of weight. Understanding the HCG diet is important, and you need to know as much as possible in order to be certain that your body really can handle the strict diet. Here you will learn more about the diet itself, what some of the side effects are, and some great tips that will help you to diet as effectively as possible.

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Dr Simeons HCG Drops: What is the HCG Diet?

The HCG diet is one of the most effective weight loss diets, but it is also one of the most drastic and potentially dangerous (see the side effects below). The diet is broken up into two aspects:

The HCG Diet

The HCG diet involves three stages: the Loading Phase, the Maintenance Phase, and the Stabilization Phase.

The Loading Phase is two days of eating as much fatty food as possible, thereby loading your body with a lot of fat. This part of the diet is imperative in order to give your body a chance to stockpile some fat, making the first few days of the next phase a bit easier.

The Maintenance Phase is 23 to 40 days long, during which time you will eat 500 calories or less per day. This is a very low calorie diet, and this low calorie diet is where the weight loss will happen. Your body will need to supplement the food you aren’t eating in order to have enough energy, and therefore fat is burned.

The Stabilization Phase is the final phase, and it is 3 weeks of eating 800 to 1000 calories per day. This will help your body accustom itself to eating more, and will prevent the weight you have lost from being regained. This is a very important part of the diet, as it will ensure that your metabolism isn’t drastically affected as you go from eating next to nothing back to eating normally.

The HCG Drops

Your daily dose of HCG drops is a very essential part of your diet protocol, as without them the body would be seriously affected by the VLCD. Already you are going to be feeling the changes, but the HCG drops prevent them from getting out of hand. It does so in two ways:

  1. It tells your body that you are pregnant. HCG is a hormone produced by pregnant women’s bodies, and getting the HCG ensures that your body continues to run more or less normally even while you are on the very low calorie diet.
  2. It helps to promote fat burning, including the fat that is stored very deep in your body. Seeing as you aren’t eating enough to have sufficient energy for your daily need, the HCG will help your body to burn up all the fat possible in order to have enough energy to continue functioning.

As you can see, the combination of the HCG drops and the HCG diet will be very effective, as the HCG drops will keep your body burning fat while your diet barely gives your body enough energy to keep running. The result is amazing fat burning, which will result in weight loss over the 40 or so days of the diet.

Dr Simeons HCG Drops: HCG Side Effects

Now, don’t think for a minute that you will get away with trying this diet with no side effects. The truth is that your body is going to be undergoing a LOT of stress during the very low calorie diet phase, as you will only be eating a fraction of the nutrients that your body is accustomed to obtaining. Many doctors will recommend vitamin and mineral supplements during the HCG diet, as that will ensure that you get all the nutrients your body needs.

Here are some of the side effects that you can expect when going through the HCG diet:

  • Depression – This is one that results from not getting enough of the nutrients that your brain needs to make neurochemicals. Neurochemical imbalances can lead to certain parts of the brain not getting enough nutrients, such as the parts of the brain that control the emotions. Insufficient nourishment can lead to depression.
  • Slower Metabolism – This is to be expected whenever you eat less food, as your body thinks “Food consumption reduced equals lower energy requirements”. The less you eat, the less your body feels it needs to produce. It is not unexpected that your metabolism will slow down, which is why the Stabilization phase is so important—it gives your body time to recover.
  • Binge Eating – This is not uncommon for those that feel the hunger pangs very strongly, as they are tempted to eat and eat – but they can’t thanks to the strict diet protocol. If your willpower cracks, you may end up eating all the wrong foods just because they taste so good!
  • Headaches and Dizziness – When your blood sugar gets too low, you may find that you will feel dizzy or get strong headaches. The blood sugar levels in your body will always get low while on a diet that involves very little sugar, so you should be prepared for this. If you can eat something containing sugar – such as a fruit – you can restore your blood sugar levels to normal. If this happens often, you may need to check with a doctor.
  • Weight Yo-Yoing – After you eat a very small amount of food for a period of time, your metabolism will slow down and process food very slowly. If you start eating more food, you will be putting more in your body than it can handle, and the result will be food stored as fat. It is important to be wary of your food intake once you are done with the diet, as you may end up regaining a lot of the weight you have lost if you eat too much too quickly.
  • Mood Swings – This is not uncommon in those that are very sensitive to the HCG hormones. Remember that the hormones are found in the bodies of pregnant women, and these hormones can throw off the balance in your body. Emotional changes are to be expected with pregnancy, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself experiencing these mood swings.
  • Irritability – Those that are accustomed to eating a certain amount of food will find that they get very irritable when they can only eat a very limited amount of food. There is something about being hungry that makes everyone irritable, and irritability is one of the most common side effects of the HCG diet.
  • Muscle Mass Decrease – When your body is getting almost no nutrients, it will turn to all its stored energy to get what it needs. This includes water, fat, AND muscle, and you may find that your body will burn a lot of your muscle mass just to have energy. It is very common for those going through the HCG diet to lose muscle mass.
  • Fatigue – You are only going to be putting 500 calories in your body on a daily basis, and that is barely enough to keep your organs running. Your body supplements its energy needs by burning fat, but it won’t be a whole lot of energy. You are probably going to feel very tired during the first few days of the HCG diet, and don’t be surprised if you sleep more than normal. You won’t be able to do much exercise, which will make the muscle mass loss even more noticeable.

All of these side effects can be expected when you are going through the HCG diet, but the truth is that they may be as nothing when you compare them to the amazing weight loss that you will experience. The good Dr. Simeons knew what he was doing when he created this diet, as it has proven to be one of the best diets to help you to get rid of all kinds of fat very, very quickly. It will put your body through a pretty tough time, but that is worth it in order to lose weight!

Dr Simeons HCG Drops: HCG Diet Tips

Dieting is never fun, and the HCG diet is going to be one of the least fun of all the diets. However, the results are worth it!

Going through your HCG diet can be a challenge, but it can be a bit easier if you will use the tips below to help you:

  • Take Vitamins –There are all kinds of vitamin supplements that you can take, and these supplements will help to give your body many of the nutrients that it isn’t getting. While you normally get most of the nutrients needed from the food you eat, you will need to supplement your vitamin intake using these supplements.
  • Drink Water –Water is an important thing to get a lot of on a daily basis, even when you aren’t going through a diet like the HCG diet. However, as you are dieting, you will find that water is even more important. Getting enough water will ensure that your body continues to function as close to normal as possible, will prevent water retention, and will help your digestive system to continue running well. Drink at least 3 quarts of water per day, though 4 is better during your very low calorie diet. If you carry a water bottle around with you, you can drink whenever you feel hungry.
  • Drink Tea and Coffee – During the HCG diet, you are going to be hungry pretty much all the time. If you only eat the limited amount of food you are allowed, you will feel the hunger pangs all day long. Instead, drink a lot of tea, and add a bit more coffee to your day. Coffee will give you a bit of energy, and tea will help to stifle your hunger. Green tea is particularly effective for getting rid of those hunger pangs, and can give you lots of important nutrients.
  • Shop Beforehand –There is nothing more painful than walking through the supermarkets and seeing all the delicious foods that you can’t eat. Rather than having to subject yourself to this, why not stock up on everything that you are going to need during your diet. You can buy all the proteins ahead of time, as well as all the coffee and tea that you will drink. It will help you to avoid temptation, making it easier for you to avoid cheating on your diet.
  • Shop Smart – If you do have to buy stuff while dieting, the supermarket is not the place to go. Instead, find an open air market or a farmer’s market where you can shop for just fresh produce, and where there will be no tasty scents that will tempt you or set off your cravings. You can even order food online, and have it sent to your house. This can make it easier for you to avoid temptation, making it easier on your willpower.
  • Get Help ­– It can be hard to diet all alone, so you may want to consider getting someone to go through the diet along with you. If you don’t know anyone who will go through the diet, at least get your spouse or a friend to help you. The more help you get, the more likely you will be to succeed.
  • Find Distractions – There are so many things that can take your mind off the hunger pangs that you are feeling, and you need to use these distractions to help you. They can make it easier for you to stay true to your diet, as they will help you to ignore those hunger pangs that are making it very hard for you to be a good dieter.

Dr Simeons HCG Drops



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  1. Frenz says:

    The tips are very useful for me. Hydration is a must in whatever diet plan you are into.

  2. Mariz says:

    Hunger pangs is what I am not comfortable speaking of my diet plan. Good thing I have read about this article which suggest to find distractions when this “phenomenon” exist.

  3. Stan says:

    What is the effects oh this HCG Drops? I have been hearing this but I have not heard of it’s pros and cons.

  4. Riza says:

    Thanks for the information about the possible side effects of HCG drops. I now understand and not wonder why I have these weird feelings.

  5. Diane says:

    How many drops do I take and what does it taste like? Do I take them in the morning before breakfast?

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