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Detoxing Like the Celebrities

World Rights gwyn 8422903x4 225x300 Detoxing Like the CelebritiesDetoxing Like the Celebrities – How Gwyneth Paltrow’s Detox Diet Can Help You Lose Weight!

Detoxing has become very popular, not only among people like you and me – but also among the celebrities. Detoxing like the celebrities can be a good idea, as many celebs have excellent remedies for detoxing. You may find that doing a good detox can help you to look as good as they do, and your skin will have that healthy glow that makes you look your very best!

Detoxing Like the Celebrities: The Gwyneth Paltrow Detox

Everyone knows just how beautiful Gwyneth Paltrow can be, and her skin shines with a natural glow that you just know comes from a detoxified body. Do you want to have her natural appearance? You may find that the Gwyneth Paltrow Detox Diet can be a good solution to help you to lose a few pounds while flushing all the junk out of her body.

So what does she do?

Detoxing Like the Celebrities: Cut Dairy

Gwyneth Paltrow’s doctor told her that cutting dairy was a good way to detox, and it’s a great way to lose weight as well. While dairy is excellent in terms of protein, calcium, and other minerals, you’ll find that it usually has a bit more fat than is good for you. If you want to detox your body, cutting back on fat is important. After all, fat is what is used by the body to store the toxins, as it neutralizes the effects of the toxins. When you burn fat, the toxins are released into your body once more – ready to be eliminated. Cutting back on the fat in dairy will help you to get rid of the toxins stored in the fat cells around your body.

Detoxing Like the Celebrities: Ditch Gluten

Many people have gluten sensitivities, and this protein is one that many digestive systems just can’t handle. Ms. Paltrow’s doctor recommended avoiding gluten, even though she isn’t sensitive to the substance. It just makes sense to avoid something that has the potential to cause harm in the body, as often our bodies treat gluten like an invader. The wheat that is rich in gluten is also very rich in carbs, which your body turns into sugar. You want to cut back on sugar during your detox diet, as less sugar in your body means fat is the only thing your body can burn for energy.

Detoxing Like the Celebrities: Avoid Processed Food

Processed foods are always loaded down with chemicals, and any healthy detox diet will get rid of processed food immediately. The process the food has to go through in order to be packaged and prepared is quite lengthy, and it involves chemicals that will dry the food out, preserve it for longer, or add the flavor to it. Processed food is loaded with these chemicals, and your body just can’t handle the chemicals properly. This means that the chemicals end up floating around your body, and they will turn into toxins and start causing problems in your body. The gorgeous celeb definitely has it right, and cutting out processed food will reduce toxins drastically.

Detoxing Like the Celebrities: Abstain from Red Meat and Shellfish

Red meat has certain minerals and proteins that your body absolutely must have in order to function, but cutting it out for a short detox diet like the one Ms. Paltrow enjoys will not do your body harm. Red meat has a lot of fat in it, which means that you’ll be adding more fat into your body – preventing it from getting rid of the fat already present and storing toxins. Shellfish also contains a lot of purines, which can lead to problems like gout. It just makes sense to cut these two foods out while on a detox diet, as the point of the diet is to give your body a break!

Detoxing Like the Celebrities: Go Easy on Carb-Heavy Vegetables and Fruits

Carbs are present in just about every food on the planet, but some have more than other. Potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants, and peppers tend to be very heavy in starch, and starch is just a form of carbs. Fruits like apples and strawberries are also very high in sugar, and this sugar is processed by the body and turned into carbs as well. The point of the detox diet is to drop a couple of pounds, as well as reset your body. By cutting out a lot of starch and sugar, you give your body a break.

Detoxing Like the Celebrities: Ban Sugar and Soda

Sugar and soda are two more no-no’s while on the detox diet. Soda isn’t only loaded down with sugar, but it almost always have artificial sweeteners, colorings, and chemicals. Even brown sugar has been treated in some way, and you’ll find that white sugar is refined to the point of completely eliminating any beneficial nutrients. Basically, you’ll be putting junk into your body, so cut it out if you want to look as good as Gwyneth.

Detoxing Like the Celebrities: Skip Caffeine and Alcohol

Caffeine isn’t going to harm your body in itself, but the creamer and sugar you put in it will have unhealthy fats, chemicals, and sugar. Cutting caffeine just gives your body a break, and helps you to restore a natural balance in your system. Alcohol is just poison for your body – aside from a glass of wine every day – so give your body a rest and quit alcohol for a week or two as you detox.

Detoxing Like the Celebrities: So What Can I Eat?

Don’t worry if this seems like a very restrictive diet – that’s the whole point! Focus on the salads, the whole grains that are gluten-free, the low carb fruits, the high fiber foods, and anything that’s natural and healthy. Lean proteins will do wonders for your body, and soup will be a delicious food that you can enjoy at any time of the year. Detoxing like the celebrities can be a very effective way to lose weight and detox your body, and the radiant Gwyneth Paltrow is proof of just how great you can look if you detox.

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2 Responses to “Detoxing Like the Celebrities”
  1. Donna says:

    I tried the water, lemon juice and keyanne pepper detox and it really worked. I drank that for 2 days and it cleansed my system and I also felt more rejuvenated. I drink that at least once every month to clear my system. It was a great find!

  2. Zach says:

    Detoxes are good but just make sure you are not doing them as a part of a crash diet. You should always try to eat healthy and do a cleanse once a month or every two months. They really do help with removing the toxins built up in your system.

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