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Deer Antler Velvet

How Deer Antler Velvet Gives YOU Huge Gains

25709 300x187 Deer Antler VelvetDeer antler velvet is one of the many new supplements currently very popular on the market, and it has generated a lot of buzz in the last few years thanks to the fact that many athletes have used it to see huge gains in their physical conditioning. If you’re looking for a supplement to help you bulk up and pack on those pounds of muscle, this may be just the thing for you! It can be an effective supplement that will yield very real results, so it’s important to understand as much as possible about it.

Deer Antler Velvet: Where Does it Come From?

Deer, moose, caribou, elk, and other animals all grow antlers when they reach maturity. However, when their antlers are still young and growing, they are covered in a soft, downy substance that is called deer antler velvet. The young antler is made up mostly of cartilage and blood vessels, and it grows a lot more quickly than the mature antler. In fact, the young antlers are very healthy, as they have to keep growing. Mature antler has hardened into bone, and the growth stops once the antlers reach maturity.

The reason that deer antler velvet is so effective is due to the antioxidants in the velvet. These antioxidants work to boost your immune system, and you’ll find that your body will be much more easily able to fight off disease and viruses thanks to the antioxidants in the deer antler velvet. Taking the supplement is known to boost your cardiac health, which means that you’ll be able to improve your heart’s overall function thanks to this amazing supplement. The supplement is also known to be an effective muscle builder and fat blocker, and you’ll find that you can lose weight and sculpt your body much more easily thanks to the supplement.

Deer Antler Velvet: What’s In It?

There are a number of amazing nutrients found in deer antler velvet:

Minerals – Wide range of minerals can be obtained from this velvet, including zinc, copper, magnesium, cobalt, and iron. All of these minerals will contribute to a healthy body, and will ensure that you can see good weight loss and muscle gain results.

Collagen – Collagen is one of the nutrients needed by your skin and hair, as it keeps them young and fresh. Collagen helps to keep the fibers in your muscles and skin together, but it also ensures that your joints stay strong and healthy.

Glucosamine Sulfate – This nutrient is one that will help to repair the connective tissue in your body. The velvet will help to keep this tissue working properly, and will make repairs to the tissue after you’ve ripped it during your workout

Chondroitin Sulfate –This is a nutrient that’s needed by your body in order to keep your joints working properly, as it helps to maintain and repair the cartilage between your joints. It will help not only those who have injured their joints during workout, but it can help to repair damage done to the body by arthritis and other problems.

Phospholipids – Phospholipids are a form of fat, and they’ll needed by your body to make up the cellular membranes that protect the cells. They’ll ensure that the cells of your body can rebuild themselves.

Growth Factors and Growth Hormones – Seeing as the antlers are constantly growing, the velvet is rich in the hormones that help to keep them expanding and branching out. There are factors named IGF-1 and IGF-2 in the deer antler velvet, and these factors help to increase the amount of hormones your body can produce. The result of this increase will be muscle growth, fat reduction, and improved health.


Deer Antler Velvet: Using It For Huge Gains

Deer antler velvet has been used by many athletes as a means of improving their physical conditioning, and you may find that it will be just what you need for your workouts if you want to see the same amazing results.

But how does it work to help you gain muscle?

Deer antler velvet contains a number of healthy nutrients, among which are certain amino acids. One in particular –  glycine — is important for those who are trying to bulk up, as it’s used by the body to produce creatine. Creatine is needed by your body to make your muscle contractions stronger, and it will help to improve the results that you get from your weight training. Just a few grams of glycine can help to boost your strength significantly, and you’ll find that taking it via the deer antler velvet for just 10 weeks can do amazing things for your body.

One great thing about this supplement is that it contains a lot of collagen and other nutrients that will help to repair your muscles. When you lift weights, you’re really tearing the muscle fibers with the exercises you do. Your body has to repair the torn muscle fibers, and it ensures that the muscles have extra fiber for the next time you’re going to strain them to the same extent. This is why muscles grow when you work them out regularly.

The deer antler velvet help to ensure that your muscles repair themselves quickly and effectively after your workout. The nutrients in the velvet will go straight to the muscle fibers, and it will speed up the repair process. This will help your body to see more gains from your workouts, and your muscles will grow much faster than they would without the supplement. This is the reason that the supplement is becoming so popular, and more and more people are seeing amazing results by using it!


Now you know about this amazing supplement, and you can see why it’s such an awesome choice if you’re looking for a healthy way to make huge gains in your workout. You’ll find that deer antler velvet may be just the thing that your workouts have been missing!

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