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5 Foods To NEVER Eat if You Want A Flat Stomach!

5 Foods To NEVER Eat if You Want A Flat Stomach!

flat stomach tape measure 200x300 5 Foods To NEVER Eat if You Want A Flat Stomach!

In reality, there are a few foods that you should never eat if you want to have a flat stomach.



Keeping a flat stomach may be hard, but you will find that losing belly fat and getting a flat stomach is even harder. Trying to work out and exercise day in and day out to lose belly fat and keep your stomach flat is exhausting, and you will find that you may want to take a break and quit your exercise program for occasions like your honeymoon, vacation, etc. If this is the case, you will find that you can actually prevent belly fat from ever accumulating by doing something as simple as avoiding eating a few foods.

In reality, there are a few foods that you should never eat if you want to have a flat stomach. These foods go directly to your hips and belly, and they add to the flab that accumulates there. If you can eliminate these foods from your diet, you will find that you can actually ease up on your exercise program a good deal. Thanks to the fact that most of the food that you eat is actually good for you, you will find avoiding these foods is the best way to ensure that you can take a break and enjoy your life without having to spend so much time exercising and trying to burn belly fat. If you want to enjoy a flat stomach without having to spend hours working out every day avoid the following 5 foods:

  1. If You Want a Flat Stomach Don’t Eat Meats with Lots of Fat

While there is nothing wrong with enjoying a juicy steak now and again, it is best to avoid fatty meats as much as possible. The reason for this is that your body is already working hard to process the meat that you are eating, and there is no way that it will be able to process the fat at the same time. Most of the fat that you eat is turned instantly into belly and hip flab, as the body cannot burn it fast enough to avoid it turning into fat. Try eating light means such as poultry, fish, and lean meat, and avoid red meat, pork, sausage, and many of the fatty cuts of lamb. The best proteins for your body are actually legumes such as lentils, beans, and chick peas, as they contain a host of minerals and fiber along with the protein that you are consuming.

  1. If You Want a Flat Stomach Don’t Eat Sugar

Foods that have sugar contain far more calories than the food that is low in sugar or only contains natural sugar, and you will be sad to hear that your favorite desserts qualify as being high in sugar. The reason that sugar is so fatty is due to the fact that the calories in sugar are the first to be stored as fat deposits around the body when they are consumed. Natural sugars found in fruit and natural fruit products are acceptable and actually beneficial for your body, but it is best to avoid sugars found in sodas, cookies, alcoholic beverages, cakes, ice cream, and sweets. These substances not only cause your immune system to break down, but they will actually be the main things that will cause you to gain weight and gain belly fat.

  1. If You Want a Flat Stomach Don’t Eat White or Processed Foods

There are few foods that are naturally white, with onions being one of the few white foods. All of the grains that grow naturally are full of fiber, but you will find that they are usually colored fairly darkly due to the nutrients that they contain. Any white flour, white rice, and white foods are usually refined to make the color more attractive, but the refining process removes all of the nutrients from the foods and leaves them with little to offer your body aside from empty calories. Those calories cannot be processed easily by the body, and thus they are turned to fat the minute you consume them.

kiwi fruit flat stomach 5 Foods To NEVER Eat if You Want A Flat Stomach!

Want to lower your chance of catching a cold or reduce the severity of one you already have? Eat some kiwis which contain more than a day worth of vitamin C. Each.

  1. If You Want a Flat Stomach Don’t Consume Alcohol

Alcohol is usually fairly high in calories, thanks to the fact that a lot of the alcohol commonly drunk is made from grain. Wine, brandy, rum, and mixed drinks all contain high amounts of sugar as well, and, as mentioned above, sugar is the first thing to be converted by the body into fat. If you want to avoid belly fat, you should seriously reduce your daily or weekly alcohol intake. While a glass of wine every day is good for the heath of your cardiovascular system, drinking more alcohol is actually contributing to the deterioration of your body due to the fact that the muscle tissue is broken down by alcohol. You will end up losing muscle and gaining fat from drinking alcohol, so drink as little as possible.

  1. If You Want a Flat Stomach Don’t Eat Fried Foods

Potato chips are the worst of the fried foods, as they are usually deep fried and rolled in MSG and other artificial flavorings as well. This doubles the damage to your body, as the artificial substances fill your body with toxins while the oil in the potato chips add fat to your body. It is best to avoid fried foods as much as possible, as they usually contain massive amounts of calories that your body is completely unable to process. Unless you are planning to do intense exercise for the next few days or weeks to burn all of the calories you just consumed, avoid eating potato chips, French fries, and pretty much anything else that is fried. Not only will add to your belly fat, but these foods will also increase your risk of heart problems by blocking your blood vessels and impeding your body’s blood flow. Stay away from these 5 types of foods if YOU want a flat stomach.

raspberry ketone diet 1 5 Foods To NEVER Eat if You Want A Flat Stomach!

Healthier Comments
113 Responses to “5 Foods To NEVER Eat if You Want A Flat Stomach!”
  1. Julia says:

    pffft that just sucked the fun out of my weekend lol.

  2. Laura says:

    Wow potato chips?I never knew it can make a Flat Stomach!

    • William says:

      Laura, how do you think potato chips can make a flat stomach, unless you’re joking? The author stated, “Potato chips are the worst of the fried foods”.

    • genevive azeh says:

      when u talk of exercise for flat stomach, which is the best ?is it running or which

  3. Gwen says:

    Don’t “eat” alcohol… you mean “drink” right? LOL…

    • Allie says:

      dumbass, it said “consume”

      • Katt says:

        Uh…, read the title of the article before you cast the first stone, Allie. Now go take your medication….

      • Becky. says:

        Yeah! The rules of equilibrium are so simple; consume and be consumed. All your choice but what is factual, it is. This post is purposed to help you as one helped me a year ago. I was chubby and bumpy. Huh! Right now I am amazing with a beautiful flat stomach. Tell you what, it was now an easy ride to achieve this. Do you want to know what is easy? It is avoiding the above mentioned five but the easiest of all is to “consume”. It is your choice still. Being wise means knowing what is good for you. Read this post once again and be wise for yourself because folly destroys.

  4. Charm says:

    Potatoe chips make for a FAT stomach NOT a FLAT stomach!!!

  5. alice says:

    These are common sense except don’t eat white foods.

  6. Britt says:

    Wow potoae chips….awh man

  7. Sharon says:

    Well ther goes my appetite.

  8. Taylor says:

    I think I’ll die of hunger!

  9. bernard says:

    eating sugar will prevent some one from flat stomach.what should one use as an alternative?

    • Harley says:

      Agave syrup, Stevia or honey

      • Sarah says:

        NEVER EVER EVER EVER EAT ANY OF THOSE SWEETENERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They all contain high amounts of sugar. They are not an alternative!!!!! Sugar is sugar, some good some bad. Natural sugars mentioned above, fruits and the like, are good for you and, when eaten, are basically cancelled out/ the rate at which the glucose enters your blood stream is lessened by the fact that the fruit has natural fiber in it to slow digestion. This stops the horrible effects of a blood sugar spike you would get from consuming stevia, agave, or honey.

        • k says:

          Stevia is naturally occuring and contains no sugar/calories.

          • shirley says:

            It is also important to consume sugars and work out. These two should complement each other in ones lifestyle. By the way, you can avoid the ‘NEVER EATS’ but still grow a tummy. Sugars vary whereby some are complex or poly sugar. Unsaturated fats on the other hand bring with them more than a FAT stomach but also chronic diseases. Dudes, this article is a life saver. You better think of it that way instead of just FLAT tummy thing.

        • Dinks says:

          Pity that all of this is directly contradicted by facts. Try Wikipedia. Sweetners either contain less or no sugar. However new research shows they increase the craving for sweet food and fullness. “Natural” is a marketing term, and the body doesn’t read advertising hype or housewives’ tales! Fibre does not prevent the sugars from being released and absorbed. Sugars are highly soluble…

    • JUSTIN says:


    • Agnes says:

      Eat fruits they contain natural sugar.Carrots also do.

  10. Meghan says:

    Um, i can deal not eating food all high in sugar, but i cannot go without my diet coke! Nope, i’ve been drinking soda and i’ve lost about 5 pounds!

    • William says:

      Diet soda contains more “nasty for you’ preservatives than regular soda with sugar. So you avoid sugar, but poison yourself anyways. I suppose ‘pick your poison” applies here. Kinda like cigarette smokers who smoke becuase nicotene is a hunger suppressent. So good that they don’t blow up their weight, but now they have heart and lung issues.

    • teenysquirrel says:

      You are so addicted to diet coke ’cause it has all the chemical crap that also causes brain cancer. Yuck.

      • majyck says:

        Aspartame = multiple degenerative disorders
        Phenylananine = multiple degenerative disorders

        link probably been removed, google Aspartame and educate yourselves and your families

    • James says:

      you could try swapping diet coke for carbonated water with a slice of lemon or lime in

      you’d be surprised how quickly you forget about diet coke and its synthetic taste

      aspartame meant to be very bad for us

  11. natasha says:

    Just when I think life couldn’t get worse! STRESS!!!

    • John says:

      You can imagine the thought of having to go through a whole weekend just watching your friends gulp down liquor without having to indulge. Did the article say no foods with fats? I f I am not mistaken meat falls under this category. Now alcohol one can temporarily quit, but meat is another different story altogether. And where do I need this flat stomach anyway? Cannnot help but laugh quietly to myself knowing quite well I cannot survive this ‘ordeal’.

      • Tonya says:

        John ur a man after my own heart. what is life without wine for me? oh, that’s right— BORING! Well this i know, whenever I drink i can just go walking to burn the extra calories; that is if I can stand up lol

      • Sandy Falk says:

        It does not say to not eat meat, it says do not eat fatty meat, big difference! Trim the fat off, eat the meats that contain the least amount of fat, if any. Any process meat is not good for you either. There are a lot of good choices left.

  12. Kevin says:

    No wonder my belly is fat, I eat all of these, will give all up except for the alcohol otherwise what’s the point!!!!

  13. Toni says:

    I agree with Kevin…I need to have my drink on Friday/Saturday…the rest can go :-)

  14. emily says:

    Well, without all these food then might as well just die…lol

  15. MDL says:

    This article is really for those who are seriously considering living a healty lifestyle, to live happy, with much admiration to oneself. You can cheat ever now and then…. you know your body….. you know what your wants and needs… either you live by it or you dont!

    • fungo says:

      All glory to our great revolutionary leaders of communist party. Great leaders teach us to eat vegetables from the far. We ship grain to evil capitalist countries to make fat and health is decreased by belly size increasing.

    • Carl says:

      I support it, it is a matter of personal health and never about opinions or what you want others to hear. Sedentary lifestyle plus these junky food stuff are but a health hazard. No one said that happiness and satisfaction are drawn from sugary and fatty foods only. They are yummy and delicious, fine, but their outcome reckon much later. This is fact and the victims always abhor their current life of trying to reverse situations they would rather have avoided earlier. It is simple as MDL says, you either live by these facts or do not. Your choice.

      • Bridget says:

        The difficulty and pain I am undergoing today is an aftermath of consuming red meat. This has been our family’s lifestyle all the through and not one has been able to quit. We live in a ranch and rear a lot of livestock. Meat therefore became staple such that not any meal was ‘meal’ without steaks. I mean real fatty steaks of meat. I cannot lie about being fun pouncing on them but being obesity is not fun. Please, if you have the chance to set your eyes on this post, get the best out of it. Precaution is better always.

  16. Surfchica says:

    Eat anything you like , just do it in moderation but avoid fatty foods and have junk food once a month (in moderation) and workout for 2hours at the gym for 5 days a week.

    • Posh says:

      Haha5days a week god you must be a fit person I went to the gym 3times a week but could keep it up didn’t like it got a flat tummy and did my back in is it worth it .now I don’t our eat .but I still have a little bit of a tummy okay I am a size 10 ..but it shows hate it I like a drink but not every week .but have started drinking tonic water while out like lunch time weekends …but never thought to look what’s in it .i eat healthy ..but I eat chips steak not pastry now nuts don’t eat much chocolate as it giues me bad heads .but if you can’t eat what u like now and then well what’s life worth nothing in my books .

  17. Terioke says:

    Check out DR.OZ Spet. 27, 2012 GLUTEN-FREE …
    You can have all fruits veggires, chiken, fish, nuts, dairy, CHOCOLATE, wine..
    I’ve lost 30#’s and cannot excercise…think of what I coul have lost if I could!!!

  18. Terioke says:

    BTW, you CAN use OAT flour products!!! (Oatmeal etc.)
    CHECK your LABELS! ;)

  19. PaleozoicChris says:

    You don’t have to eliminate everything. Over the past 14 months, I have eliminated everything suggested in the article except for vodka with sugarfree lemonade. I have one drink every night. Helps with appetite control. I allow myself one splurge one day a month when I eat anything I want for one meal only. Pizza, ice cream, chocolate cake, potato chips, Cheetos – anything – but ONLY ONE DAY A MONTH for one meal. I’ve lost 75 pounds since July of 2011. My eating plan is also high in fats: monosaturated fats. Very little animal fat. Lots of protein. Very little dairy. Almond milk mixed with whey protein powder every morning for breakfast with 1/2 cup of frozen blueberries. (Nature’s little “srub-brushes.”) Lots of dark-colored veggie salad with FULL-FAT dressing and crushed almonds. I roast my own almonds. Edgar Cayce used to counsel people that 20 almonds a day kept cancer away.) I also take a host of supplements. Green tea extract, selenium, milk thistle, B complex, 1000 mgs. Vit. C., 5000 ius Vit. D., Fish oil, probiotics, resveratrol, Co-Q-10, just to name a few. I also drink unpasteurized apple cider vinegar every morning with 12 oz of water to balance my body’s pH. I run/walk 5 times a week for 2 miles. I’ve never felt or looked better in my life.

    • Karan says:

      Kudos to you,
      It a dream diet I hope you have an ideal weight now.

      The most important point is your last line that you never felt better, the essence of life is in this only.
      I don’t follow such rigorous regime do few things but if that makes you happy along with feeling fit then we dont need anything alse.

    • majyck says:

      I take my hat off to you Chris, be proud of yourself

      best wishes

  20. PaleozoicChris says:

    I meant to say “Nature’s little SCRUB-brushes” – not “srub-brushes.” Sorry about that.

  21. Fooooodeee says:

    In my Teens I was Happy and Thin, throughout my 20′s I was Happy and Fat at 246lbs LOL. Now in my 30′s I don’t wanna be fat I started eating healthy 3weeks ago scored some African mango and a pedometer and got my walk on even started Zumba and got me an Ab circle, my legs were f***ken sore for the first 2weeks but 3 weeks later and they are alllll good, I eat small meals from 730am to 730pm and I’ve lost 24.2lbs in 3 weeks but that’s my commitment to myself, you gotta do this stuff for your self aye and commitment to yourself is key, love it then lose it.

  22. Kait says:

    I don’t really eat any of these things, minus the occasional sugar or white food like rice. Being in college makes finding healthy food difficult. I’ve realized just cutting down on carbs and working out (I joined the rowing team) has made the largest difference in my body as a whole. Losing the last 5-10 pounds is very difficult :( but worth it. I wish everyone all the luck in the world as you continue on your weight loss journeys. Join a team, get a trainer, have fun! Working out is much more fun with a partner :)

  23. paryss says:

    oohh i can’t stop eating potato chips

  24. MaMEL says:

    Beige is Bad…
    and Whites a Fright!
    Eat Red and Green
    to your delight!

  25. Inv225 says:

    Serious about loosing weight? Download the MyFitnessPal app to easily keep track of the calories you consume. Then, buy a good bathroom scale and step on it once a week. Lastly, hit the pavement or treadmill and walk the pounds off. I hate diets, and this system really works. I’ve lost 25 pounds in about six weeks.

    • wesley says:

      Many people think that when we are talking of sugary food we mean the sweet food. They actually look like they mean the same thing but they are very different. Many carbohydrates are not that sweet but they contain a lot of sugar. This excess sugar is the one that is the one that is converted to fat.

  26. Salim says:

    Probably, the writer of this article purely suggests we stop eating. I guess he/she implied that one eats controlled quantities of the said food. At times, stopping eating all the foods mentioned by this writer can lead to the emergence of new problems than the need of a ‘flat stomach’. However, most of what the article talks about happens to be very true and factual. Most people, who do counseling regarding weight and tummy control, would always insist that one desist from these foods. Therefore, if you yearn for the flat stomach, as the one the writer suggest, then work hard in restraining yourself from these foods.

  27. carson says:

    To kill that tummy and heavy bust, you actually do no not necessarily eat like a rabbit. It takes proper organization and determination. Regardless of the food you take, what matters most is the composition of that food. You again need to be active in exercises. May be, you should consider joining a yoga class. The article however gives an outline of the foods you should avoid or you should consume in limited proportions if you are to attain flat stomach you yearn for. Therefore, there is great need for one to avoid them if at all the flat stomach is to be attained.

  28. Hemed says:

    Seriously, 5 foods never to eat yet the most delicious. Then we talk of more GMO foods that are presumed to be bad too. Can somebody tell me what is safe for consumption nowadays? Seems like everything we are eating is bad. LOL. Somebody take me to Mars before this apocalypse finally dawns on us.

    • Daniel says:

      Shop the outer walls of the super market and buy from the bulk section, buy from fresh produce, and eat beans.

      Vegetables like kale, carrots, onions, garlic, brussel sprouts, cabbage, potatoes, beets, turnips, kohlrabi, celery…

      Fruits like tomatoes, peppers, squash, apples, oranges, cherries, apricots, coconut…

      Grains like oats (no fat) and seeds like almonds, walnuts…

      Stay away from the freezer aisle and any processed foods. Eat foods that will start to decompose if left out for a day or two because if environmental factors can consume it easily, so will you.

      • JUSTIN says:


  29. H G says:

    Tough love I tell you. This is for those that are serious they want a flat belly, for the faint hearted, am sorry there is no redemption for you and it is worse for those with a fat belly already, man you are done. Should have read this post first (:-

  30. Karen says:

    Anyone who would like to get hooked up with me better read this post first ha ha. But seriously, for your own benefit, stay away from those foodstuffs, they may be your favorite but they are extremely harmful. Eat right and live longer.

  31. Ibrah says:

    Yeah guys, let’s go to Mars. The beauty of life is the aspect of freedom to munch all kinds of foods as God authorised Adam and Hawa. There is life there and probably better foods there. And the best thing is that we will not have anybody to tell us what not to eat, at least not on the first days. Well, I do not know what to believe anymore, these restrictions are so many, damn!

  32. Jakom says:

    Once you get that fat belly there’s no going back no matter how much you exercise. Yeah HG, this is tough love, if you cannot accept this then you are doomed. Prevention is better than cure; just make sure not to get that fat belly instead of being at pains trying to make it flat. The unfortunate bit is that most of us ignore these facts and thereafter get themselves on a steep road and acceleration hard to retard. Watch out.

    • Collins says:

      As has been said in the article above, grain is one of the biggest factors that contribute to a big belly. If you want a flat stomach, you have to be ready to forego some of the best foods and drinks that you are used. This includes porridge which is made from grain. However, it is important to note that foregoing does not mean stopping consuming some of these foods or drinks as they are an important aspect needed in our diets. It is therefore advisable to consume such foods in their right quantities so as to live healthily.

      • Daniel says:

        That’s not what the article is stating. It talks about how the body processes certain “white” grains like white rice and white bread. These are turned into sugar.

        Where as sprouted grains are subsequently different in that they have a “growing energy” to them. Seeds that are sprouted have a small life force whose energy is more valuable than that from bleached white flour – which is dead.

        Wheat and oats and other whole grains are good for you – however, wheat and corn should be consumed with mindfulness as they are used in so many processed foods nowadays that our bodies are beginning to develop allergies to them (or better said, our digestive system is out of balance and is unable to process so much gmo corn and wheat products).

        Difference between Organic and GMO? Organic produce has no synthetic chemicals in it’s cellular structure. Both organic and gmo produce has the same kind of vitamins and nutrients.

  33. jane T says:

    Keeping a flat stomach is quite a challenging job. One of the challenges that you come across are trying to keep up to the diet since there are some types of food that you are not allowed to consume if you want a flat belly. One of them are alcoholic beverages. Any drink that contains alcohol is an enemy to getting a flat stomach. A friend of mine used to consume alcohol daily but once she stopped she was able to get a flat belly. However, this is a difficult task and it requires a lot of discipline.

  34. Abigael M says:

    Foods that contain a lot fats are an enemy to any person that wants to have a flat belly. This is because there are a lot of fats that accumulate around the belly region. The fact is that those foods that we love to eat the most are the ones that have a negative effect to our health. Most ladies love to eat chips or what many people cal fries. However, what they do not know is that if you are working to getting a flat belly and you keep on eating fatty foods, your dream to getting a flat stomach will be far from reality.

  35. Namonya N says:

    Everyone loves to have a bite of anything that is sweet and sugary. However, this habit makes most of us happy but in adverse it destroys our ability into getting into the right shape. If you want to achieve the perfect body shape which is accompanied by a flat belly, then you need a lot of discipline in watching out on what you eat. A lot of sugar found in snacks or drinks that we consume daily make ones dream of getting a flat belly become far from reality and thus it is wise to watch what you eat.

  36. kaari J says:

    A friend of mine used to take a lot of porridge and has never known why her dream of getting a flat stomach was far from reality. Little did she know that a little cut on her consumption of porridge would bring out the results she longed so much for. After quite some time, she stopped taking porridge an today she is proud to have a flat belly. However, to stop habits like this requires a lot of discipline and patience. You do not expect to get results immediately as it takes time for your body to adjust.

  37. Preity says:

    There is a person who asked just how sugary food can make you fat. Just like someone tried to explain later, the body takes in fats, proteins and carbohydrates. The body will start to utilize the proteins; if they provide the required energy then the carbohydrates are converted to fats and are stored. So if you take a lot of red meat with a lot of proteins and fats then not all of it is burnt and utilized and so you end up with not only a fat belly but also a fat body.

  38. Nikki says:

    Potatoes chips are my favorites but this article really scares me. Now, I tend to believe what it says and that is why I want to ask whether if I continue to take the chips but do the exercises I may not grow fat. If the issue is to burn the excess fats then I think that solves it. Are there any like-minded people in this forum? It is so hard to quit now that I am kind of addicted to it.

  39. Donald says:

    So alcohol makes one fat, I did not know. I detest alcohol, primarily because it makes one drunk and loses control of oneself but I did not know that they make one fat. Now I know why most drinkers have pot bellies, it is not because of drinking a lot of it quantity wise but it is because it has a lot of sugar that is not utilized and so is converted into fat and deposited at the belly. Thanks for enlightening me Healthier post.

  40. Peter says:

    Keeping the right body shape is quite a daunting experience that requires a lot of sacrifices and patience. I have been struggling with a big stomach and have been finding it difficult to stop taking alcohol which is one of the reasons contributing to my big belly. However, with a lot of patience and support from my friends and family, i have been able to stop taking alcohol and this has reduced my big stomach to a flat belly. Alcohol is produced from grains and has very high contents of sugar which are an enemy to the body and if you want a flat belly you have to be ready to give up some of the luxuries you are used to.

  41. Alice says:

    Foods and snacks that contain a lot of fats and sugars in them are factors hindering you from getting the flat belly that you long for so much. Fats take long to be processed in the body and as such they tend to accumulate around the belly. Therefore, if you want to achieve a flat belly you need to avoid those foods that have high contents of fats like chips, fried foods and red meat. Instead you could opt for foods with lesser amounts of fats such as white meat like fish and sources of proteins like beans. This requires a lot of dedication and discipline in order to get results not forgetting that it will not happen overnight.

  42. Dominic says:

    High levels of sugar in the body can lead to a huge stomach. If you want to possess a flat belly you have to be ready to give up some of the sugary foods that you consume. It is widely known that the best things in terms of food are sweet to eat but these too are the most dangerous in terms of what they do to our bodies. I have realized that after reducing my high level consumption of sugars ranging from sugary snacks, i have a great improvement on achieving a flat belly. However, it took me time and patience to achieve this.

  43. Mobinga says:

    You guys will be surprised to hear that actually there are people who would like to have that fat belly. They see it as a symbol of richness. But they do have a point, most of the people with that fat barely are the haves, the have nots barely get to grow that fat belly. But it is quite stupid to put your health at risk only so that you may look like a tycoon. Someone should give them hard talk.

  44. Patrick says:

    Those who are saying that once you get that fat belly then there is no going back have minimal exposure and/or experience in this topic. I have seen people undergo tremendous transformation, a middle ged man with that fat belly looking like a granny and then this metamorphosis happen and now the guy looks like a teen. Who says there is no going back?

  45. Peter foy says:

    Yeah I agree with you, anyone saying that there is no going back is thoroughly misinformed. There is nothing that cannot be achieved. There are people who were looking like those sumo guys and now they look quite normal. But this should not encourage you to tread down that road just because you hear that the principle of reversibility applies. If it fails in your particular case you will only have yourself to blame.

  46. Moura says:

    The idea of having a flat belly so that you can look like a tycoon is really foolish. First, the whole idea is unfounded. There are many very rich people who do not have those fat bellies. So that would just be a naïve assumption and which is wrong too. Wish we could be told just where in the world people have these notions. This is unbelievable and incredible.

  47. Rey says:

    Who in this world really desire a fat belly? Surely, I wouldn’t even walk down the street if I have such a stomach. Steven Seagal used to be my favorite actor but I stooped watching him the moment he started getting other ideas about his belly. Right now he looks awkward, damn! Hope he reads this post, might help him get more fans and put some of us out of misery.

  48. shely says:

    A lot of people imagine that when we are talking of avoiding sugary foods we refer to the sweet foods. They literary seem to be meaning the same thing but they are actually very different. Not all carbohydrates are that sweet but they contain a lot of sugars. This excess sugar is the one that is the one that is converted to fat. Most of these sugars of interest are polysugars like sucrose and fructose. Eat them at a controlled gear and work out to burn them.

  49. Betty says:

    Could the doctor please expound more on how eating of dried food is going to hinder someone from having a flat stomach? I have tried to drive the point home but it seem like I am not convinced as in the case of fatty foods and alcohols. I would use more examples on this topic for clarity. Thank you so much.

  50. Zack says:

    I concur with the point that one should avoid eating white processed foods. The concept underlying is so much clear and in agreement with other literatures that I have read before. Personally, I quit using these white processed foods due to the reason of cutting of weight and keeping fit. Guess what? It worked. I do not eat white breads and other similar products and by products. I take browns, they are rich in fibre and they do not give me an extra belly I have not signed up for.

  51. Brown says:

    There is a fallacy going round that consumption of alcohol is prone to giving someone a fat belly as opposed to flat. There are some elements of significance but the resultant effect is usually due to a collection of factors and not solely alcohol. For this I am sure because I take alcohol and I do have a sensual flat tummy. However, if you are a drunkard there is a very high possibility that you are going to develop a potty.

  52. wala says:

    lol i actually ate meat and lost fat… theres something called working out… i dont eat too much sugar so yup

  53. ryan says:

    is it true?

  54. hugh robson says:

    Yes. All the ‘foods’ mentioned are crap foods (pardon me). Avoid them like the plague, exercise, mediate and you have a good chance.

  55. Emma says:

    I like this website and the comments are funny!

  56. kitan says:

    speaking of processed food, over 80% of Nigeria foods are processed. i see me dead right now,all for flat stomach?. hmmmmmmmmm

  57. Anshita says:

    I was aware of d rest. but white food oh. ur knowledge will really help me out! Thanks.

  58. jeffrey doss says:

    Here is fat foods.

  59. Suhai Sanchez says:

    Ugh This website makes me hungry …
    I want potatoes chips and A chill coke to go please :D

  60. Milly says:

    Might work, only starting secondary school, tried everything, sick of being the fat kid at school.

  61. Ryan says:

    The first item is just silly. Fatty meats don’t make you fat… Fat is slowly burned energy… For those of us who work out, eat the fatty meats! It will help you lose fat and gain muscle!

    When you eat sugars, they are converted very quickly into fat on the body; however, when you eat fats, it is a slow conversion allowing more time to be burned. If you are lazy and do not workout, then don’t eat much of anything… Everything will make you fat!

  62. Spattle says:

    It’s SO easy to lose weight
    If people actually try. Portion size is a massive factor,
    People are so used to dishing themselves huge portions! Small things can help, such as veg before main meal to reduce the amount you eat.
    Waiting a good 20 mins after you’ve eaten to decipher whether your full and whether you actually need a 2nd helping, drinking plenty of water, taking the stairs instead of elevator. I don’t understand how anyone can be truly happy and fat, I think it’s just a front. There are so many pathetic excuses for it. I am 5″2 and size 6-8, I eat whatever I want controlling my portions, plenty of fruit an veg, alcohol only on a weekend, plenty of water, and excersize for 1 hour 4-5 times a week.

  63. kaytlyn says:

    awe this sucks :( on the other hand read some comments and some of you are bitch you come on here to loose weight and all so the same thing so please shut the hell up and lets get along

  64. Yovela Anderson says:

    Wtf, comments?? NO PAIN NO GAIN

  65. Larry Martin says:

    I am 100 lbs overweight. I can’t loose weight even with the suggested tips. I am really fat unfortunately.

  66. moipone says:

    wow, that will be hard. i just had a small pack of LAYS CHIPS AND TEMPO CHOCOLATE.

  67. Jack says:

    This pretty much eliminates anything I planned to eat today…

  68. Agnes says:

    Fruits and carrots can help u get natural sugar!!

  69. Ant says:

    The problem with overweight/fat people is their hand to mouth coordination is highly developed but they lack discipline and self control.

    It doesn’t take much to watch what you eat, how much you eat and do a little exercise to keep relatively fit and healthy.

    Life’s too short, enjoy it, don’t destroy it

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